Wildly Feminine: Reconnecting with your feminine root….

Finding your root voice:

Since the beginning of all time, she has stood, waiting for force within her to take shape and form.  She is the birther of all life… and within herself she hold the keys to creation and the Creative Force….  It is here that she experiences life, in its many fascited forms… and it is here, that she takes in the seed of her male counterpart, and in that moment of utter union and bliss, her energy fields expand, and mingles with his…. so that, combined then becomes the powerful force to re-shape and re-connect to the very essence of all that is life and love….

Within herself, in her womb and in her own pelvic bowl, she stores the feelings and emotions,  that form the wisdom and epicentre of womenhood.  It is here, at her root that she connects to the root of the planet, and reconnects to the cosmic root of all….

Within this centre, when properly nurtured, her exuberance, joy and simple love of life finds expression.  Her greatest creations stem from this source and it is here that she gives the innermost self of herself, to reconnect via her own sexual energies, to the core of manhood and life-giving seed. 

When she finds herself truly loved and nurtured from this centre she sprouts into blossom like a beautiful flame and then truly sparkles to life those feelings of bliss, of exuberance and most of all – the out-flowing and out-pouring of love….

There is a wildness, an exuberant expression of life, a joie-de-vivre, that is best reflected by the full flight of blossoming womanhood – enticing, enchanting, alluring, sensuous and full-flowing force of sheer radiance and delight.

 It is there in the depths of her body, the sacred spac, where she meets with soul, spirit, mind, heart, expression of life…. a  fertile sprouting ground of the creative spirit and force that is hers.

Women are the weavers of our cosmic inheritance: through their bodies they take in the pure creative essence of the Feminine Divine, and then actively create a dynamic form.  It through this centre that sexual power is held…. and it is through this centre that women have the ability to transcend time and space and truly become part of cosmic whole…. and thus then, able to re-birth, re-charge and re-create all that is. 

This is also where they tap into their own inner Knowing, Wisdom, Strength and Psychic Abilities…..  It is here that she reconnects with her own wild side… the side that is totally free to roam where she wills….

For a woman to re-establish her own relationship with the Feminine Divine, she must find and re-connect with her ROOT VOICE.   This is the clear and honest voice of a woman’s core Feminine Self.  When she focuses her attention the root of her body, a woman will often hear this voice that reflects her maternal and creative wisdom.  This inner voice will always acknowledge the places where the woman has relinquished her own power, forgotten her creative dreams… or tens to forgo her own well-being.

We as women have forgotten to value our core… our own centre, which is the pelvic bowl.  We have forgotten to attune ourselves to this core, and so many of us have ended up pleasing others and the outer world – yet never ourselves.  With too much emphasis on the OUTSIDE VALUE, a woman is unable to hear what lies at her root.  Her creations may be attempts to give herself a sense of worth, by giving too much of herself, and not receiving enough in return.  She tries to fit into norms and boxes she does not belong into… and often is pressurized to conform to the notions and whims of the outside world – and not her own inner core self – THE TRUTH OF WHO AND WHAT SHE REALLY IS!

In the womb, our pelvic bowl, our bodies take shape: spirit first becomes body.  If we understand this potential in the root, of bringing spirit into form, we recognize the this energy as essential for infusing our lives with joy and building our creative dreams.

We perceive life greater than the situations we encounter and allow this energy to flow through the core of our Being…. All our beingness, our relationships, creative designs, partnerships, or structures, become alive, responsive, vibrant, radiant – in other words: – wild, an outer expression of our full and finest creative selves!

When a woman learns to come from her own centre, her own core Being, then she knows her inherent value and she brings this as beautiful and powerful gifts to the world!  She creates and lives not from THE VOID: – BUT FROM THE ABUNDANT BEAUTY THAT ARISES FROM HER VERY OWN CORE!







When we as women learn to do the pelvic bowl exercises and meditations, we learn to use the creative energy flow, in the female pelvis…. including the flow of each ovary, uterus and the vagina, and we learn to bring this energy into its full and potent vibrancy.  Even if these parts were removed with surgery, we can still do this, and feel the benefits of using this life-force.

We start truly celebrating our womanhood, and we start to step into our  highest power and potential. 

We love and embrace the fact that we are women and that we have a unique creative force to bring to this planet.  Whatever we then do, we do with exuberance, and joy… a vibrant aliveness that simply radiates out! We truly start shining, and become a life-enhancing force….

The well-being of a woman’s pelvic muscles impacts her level of sensation and plays a vital role in her sexual pleasure.

When she has rid herself of all those emotional blocks, the emotional pain, she has stored in her pelvic region and her cell memory banks there, she becomes radiant from her centre… she carries herself with an inner sense of peace that increases her access to joyful energy.

 A vibrant pelvic bowl makes a vibrant woman, and taking care of the root supports its vitality.


To begin pelvic self-care, it is helpful to visualize your pelvic bowl.  At first this might be daunting and unchartered territory.  Simply imagine yourself exploring a unique and largely undiscovered part of your female body,  that belongs to you alone.

The pelvic bowl is your ROOT PLACE in your female body.  Bring your attention here when you want to know more about your own creative potential or feel the grounding of your core.

  1. 1.       First locate the landmarks of your pelvis on your body.  Place your hands on the UPPER boundary of your pelvic bowl, the pelvic crest, sometimes referred to incorrectly as your hips.  Move your hands toward the front of your bowl to find your pubic bone (the bony region in front of your uterus or bladder opening, where the two halves of the pelvis meet.  Move your awareness there, and let yourself wonder about this area.  Now move back over the tops of your pelvic bowl and feel how the bones clip down in the back.  Here the pelvic bones connect with the sacrum, a beautiful triangle-shaped bone that is about the size of your hand and whose tip ends at the coccyx (the tailbone between your buttocks.)  Place one of your palms over the sacrum and feel the vibrant energy here (there are many nerve endings and blood vessels that weave through the sacrum and nourish the pelvic bowl.)  These landmarks define the shape of your pelvic bowl.  Think about the inner curve of your pelvis and how if forms a protective bowl around your creative centre.  Rest there for a moment, simply reflecting, sensing, feeling and recording whatever it is you find there.  It could come as pictures, memory banks being opened, a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, etc.  Don’t analyze simply acknowledge whatever comes and let go.


  1. 2.      Close your eyes and imagine your pelvic bowl.  Sense the spaciousness within your bowl and notice your inner awareness of this space.  You may feel a boundary marked by the bones of your pelvis, but the energy of the bowl is broader than this boundary.  Trace the bony boundaries of your pelvis again and sense both the physical and energetic shape of your pelvic bowl.  Start visualizing this, as you would, holding a bowl in your hands….


  1. 3.      Bring awareness to the deep centre of your pelvic bowl, to your uterus.  Notice this creative well in your core, a denser energy in the centre.  What is your connection to this profoundly feminine place and your own internal creative flow?  Sense, on either side of your uterus, the radiance of your ovaries ( as light energy or warmth), shining on each side of your bowl.  Have you ever noticed this source of inner fire, your own creative sparks?  Record what you are feeling, sensing, seeing, and then let go.


  1. 4.      Focus on the base of the pelvis, the pelvic ring.  The central structure here, located just below your uterus, is your vagina – a passageway.  The lovemaking that you take into yourself, the blood of your fertility cycle, and any babies you bring vaginally pass through this gateway.  Even with caesarean births, energy still releases from the vagina too and can be consciously accessed by breathing and visualizing the birth energy moving through your root.  How does your inner vision imagine your vagina?  What are you presently releasing or bringing in for your creative core?  Is there tension?  Pain? Whatever comes up, acknowledge and release.


  1. 5.      Picture the base and front of your bowl.  On either side of your vaginal opening, lie the lips, or labia.  Toward the front of your body, as a palpable place of pleasure, is your clitoris.  Between your clitoris and vaginal opening is your urethra, and just above the uterus is your bladder.  What do you notice in front of your bowl?


  1. 6.      Picture the back of your bowl.  Toward the back of your root, below your vaginal opening, lies your rectal opening.  Between these two opening is your perineum, a dynamic place where many muscle fibres come together.  Touching this area provides an immediate sense of grounding, as a place of connection to the earth’s energy, and it is involved in the profound expansion that occurs with childbirth.  This is also the area that often sustains tears during childbirth, and any scars will benefit from perineal and vaginal massage.  Is that dynamic point holding tension and grounding your root?


  1. 7.      Locate your pubic bone and your coccyx again to mark the front and back of your pelvic ring.  Envision a group of muscles covering this entire ring at the base of the pelvis.  These vibrant muscles are your pelvic floor, and they provide support to your female organs, maintain your core balance and stability, and play a key role in your sexual pleasure.  Your uterus, vaginal and rectal openings all pass through your pelvic floor.  Make a connection with this base of your pelvis.  What pictures, feelings etc. come to the fore.  Take note and let go.


  1. 8.      Find the top of your pubic bone in the front of your pelvis again.  Imagine a place just behind it that can be felt through your vagina.  This is the famed G-spot, a physical and energy centre that can be touched to enhance the sensations of lovemaking.  What do you notice when you focus your attention there?


  1. 9.      Close your visualization and reflect on your observations.  Give thanks for this, your precious pelvic bowl.

 Meditation for cleansing and HONOURING YOUR PELVIC BOWL:

Take deep breaths and relaxed your whole body.

Bring awareness to your pelvic bowl and reflect on your relationship to your feminine core.  Where did you feel tension… pain… emotional shrinking?  Notice how it feels to spend time in your creative centre.  Acknowledge places in need of healing or celebration.

In meditation go into your pelvic bowl, visualizing it filled with beautiful, soft pink, white and golden energy.  If you feel peaceful or at ease in your centre, the energy is clear.  If you feel agitated, negative, tense, or had difficulty keeping your focus, it is time to clear the energy.

Walk the edges of your bowl, imagining yourself carrying a golden broom. Start systematically sweeping your bowl, cleaning those areas where you sense pain, or see debris… lightly sweeping and touching each place.  Where do you get stuck, like in nookies and crannies where the dirt has accumulated.  Sweep until clearn and sweep this through the opening at the bottom of your pelvic bowl…. Keep doing this…

Pay particular attention to any areas of your bowl that you might tend to avoid and work in those areas with focussed intent.  Your bowl is not dirty, but simply in need of attention.  Clarify your bowl with love and respect, using gentle and thoughtful movements.

 Visualize an element (like air, water, or fire) cleansing your bowl, balancing the energy and assisting the movement of stagnant energy down through your root and into the earth.  Using water, for instance, simply keep washing it, or like in a shower simply rinsing and rinsing until crystal clear and beautifully clean….

When you are finished, bless you pelvic bowl by calling in the radiant energy of the Divine Mother.  Imagine the golden warmth of sunlight touching, healing, energizing and filling your centre.

You can do this three or four times a week.

Best is to bring your awareness to your root, a few times a day.  Simply visualizing beautiful golden/white/pink light flooding the area…. and putting your hands, around that area.  If you know Reiki you can simply send in energy into that area, via your hands….


It is the pelvic bowl that all our sexual encounters and memory banks are housed.  Everytime we engage in sexual intercourse with another, whether willingly or unwillingly, conscious, or unconscious, they hook into this area… and an exchange of potent energy occurs.

 Some people are like ENERGY VAMPIRES and they hook into this force and then steal our energy away.  Long after we have moved on, the hooks and tentacles remain in our pelvic bowl, often clogging up the whole area.  This may lead to depression, illness or dis-ease in this area, or a feeling of void.  It can also lead to excess in the form of addiction or excess and the feeling of never really being able to connect to the other during sexual intercourse (like with the heart and soul).

Do the same visualization as above, this time calling in Archangel Michael with his flaming sword of light, and Archangel Raphael and his Angels of Healing, and the Divine Mother.  Now, see this whole area flooded with green and golden light… Ask Archangel Michael and Raphael to cleanse and heal… to cut off all sexual ties, cords, hooks, and whatever else there might be.  You might see tremendous hooks being removed, huge strands of dark and mushy tentacles, like an octopus, and funny things…. 

They will work on this area until it is clean and then give the muck and dirt to the angels who will call in the Violet Flame of Transmutation to transmute this….

Once they are finished, visualize your whole pelvic bowl being cleansed with a beautiful emerald green energy… and then a golden one… and lastly, call in Archangel Gabriel, to flood that whole area with a beautiful soft pink and white light….

Close the visualization.

You will have to do this exercise every time that someone has entered your sexual space without loving intentions – and when you sever ties with a lover, or take a new sexual partner.

You may wish to do this exercise by taking a cleansing salt bath, then draining the water and then having a shower with fresh water, or fresh water bath.

I will not record the vaginal massage here, that you can give to yourself three or four times week.  If you are interested in this, please send me a mail.  All I can say is that it is amazingly healing, and it helps to identify, where your physical ailments are: – for instance digestion, menstrual blocks, etc.   It is in fact a recording system and thus needs attention and clearing regularly.

With this you are also taught to draw a map of your pelvic bowl, and to record the tender or painful areas…. In this then you can also learn which areas of your life you are empowering, and which areas you are disempowering.  All in all, this is a tool for life…..

(For Further reading:  “Wild Feminine:  Finding Power, Spirit and Joy in the Female Body” by Tami Lynn Kent)