Twin Flame Reunion: The Sacred Fire 2015 to 2025


I greet you on this the 24 December 2014, with all my heart, soul and Being and may your heart and soul be open to receive this message with great love.

For we are standing on the threshold of an immense change in the way life is going to lived as the New Age truly is not only dawning, but has been birthed.  It is not something in the far distant anymore – it is here and now and with us every single breathing moment of the day and night.  We are already LIVING it, whether we are conscious of this of not.

I have been called upon in the last few years to do Twin Flame Soul Readings, and I do believe that this has something to do with my own soul and what I have retrieve from the Ancient Memory banks, and from the what has been lost to mankind, with my Twin Flame in a lot of ways, the import of which will only truly reveal itself in the next years.

For I have been shown again last night, of how important the next ten years will be, in our whole human development, and nowhere will this be more felt than in the relationship areas.  For the old way of relating will dissolve, as these old patterns, the way we behaved and lived since the fall of Atlantis, is leaving us now.

It is no accident that so many of us, have created patterns with our Twin Flames and those whom we had relationships with,  that come back to haunt us in this lifetime.

Not all relationships were ever forged in love – some were forged in times where dowry agreements were considered more important than anything else, and women became bargaining tools for political and other alliances.  It goes without saying that a lot of women were literally sold into slavery, into harems, as mere chattels, vessels to be used and discarded at will.

So, all of these relationships,  then coming to haunt us, as has happened and will happen more and more in the next few years, as we have to heal deep inside of ourselves:  – it is not only the women who have to find the deep love and forgiveness inside of themselves for the men who took away their dignity, their right to be the Goddess of their own bodies and their own lives, but also the men – for in that the old control mechanisms fall away, some kind of balance has to be reached, where we can relate at deep and profound soul level again and understand, that when we love at soul level, then the physical love has to manifest into form in the same way.  For the soul is Divine in itself, and is innocent and pure.  It can be no other in the sight of the Divine, who created the soul in perfection.

Mostly it is the deep shame and guilt that we all felt at some stage, when we incarnated onto planet earth.  Most often we tended to be ashamed at what happened to us, whether we were responsible for what happened, or not.  We tended to beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives, because we felt that should have had a better deal in life.  Shame and guilt can be carried over, over many lifetimes, as the old negative patterns, the negative cords, attachments, and hooks that are there in our sexual area, and still keep us tied to those who entered there, even from lifetimes ago.

I believe that higher healing is now going to become the norm, as balance and sanity returns to mankind.  For one moment, in Atlantis, insanity reigned – now sanity is returning and with it these deep soul wounds and scars will have to be cleaved open to the very core in order for us all to heal: – men and women.

We are all one and the same, whether we were the ones who abused their power, or who were abused …..

The true and deep lesson for the whole of humanity lies in the correct use of power – for all power at its core is neutral, it has no negative nor positive charges.  It is what we do with the energy of power  that has brought the destruction of mankind time and again.

We now will be forced to delve ever deeper into our relationships, not only with our Twin Flames, or other souls, but with ourselves and the Divine, we will be cleaved open to the very core.  It means shedding skin after skin after skin – until there is just the naked soul in all its glory and innocence and in its true Son- and Daughtership of God and in the role of co-creator.

What is it that we wish to create with our relationships?

What is that we wish to create with our love for each other?

How is our love relationship going to serve the rest of humanity and the cosmos at large?

How are we both going to serve our highest soul purpose and calling, and still find that deep love for each other, and serve by loving each other in new and sacred ways?

How are we going to use the sexual fire for the greater good of all and in higher service?

In the Ancient Mystery Schools the soul had to go through stringent initiations into the rites of Love and the Sexual Energy.  It was no joke.  Both were considered the most powerful gifts that the Creator God bestowed upon his/her creation!!!!  Read this again:  the most powerful gifts bestowed!

It is what we do with these most powerful gifts that make or break us!

The Ancients knew this!

That is why one had to go through initiations, so that the inner strength, the inner fortitude, that inner soul self, could be trained to find that deep love inside themselves, in such a way, that that love would sustain them through life, no matter what life brought in both challenges and support.  For once the soul was deeply anchored in the LOVE DIVINE, it would be able to deeply love itself, and when it deeply loved itself, it could then love the other, in the same measure as the love for self was there and the love for the Divine.  The sacred Trinity!

For in any relationship there are not just two souls involved – there is the third force, and that third force is the governing force, the POWER itself.

For in true and deep union, there is a deep and profound honoring of the other.  There is a deep and profound understanding that the Divine lives within that soul as it lives in the body, the mind, and spirit.  With it a deep respect for the power of the sexual energy, for when it is used in the correct way, then egos have to get out of the way, and a sacred flame/fire is ignited, which will singe and burn and harm if not understood fully.

It was no accident that those men who truly had powerful life’s missions to fulfill always had a twin flame with whom to perform these ancient Sexual rites, because of the fire of the sacred flame – for the woman is the transmitter of this energy more than the man, and he can only step into his fullness of his own power and higher maturity of his mission, with her being empowered totally within.  Read that again:  SHE HAS TO BE TOTALLY EMPOWERED FROM DEEP WITHIN AND AT SOUL LEVEL.

With this is also no accident that true maturity, the true wisdom, and the true initiations were only considered to be fully activated at the age of 60!

Yes, 60, for then one was considered to have finally come of age, to understand the deeper Mystery and to use its power with responsibility.  So all the other years were spent in initiations, so that one could then step into full power at the age of 60!  If was also accident that when these sexual rites were performed within that maturity that the next fire was ignited – the fire of longevity!    One literally could expand the life span, by finally understanding the deeper mystery of Twin Flame union – and all the energies involved.

If there is not balance within the male, and balance within the female, then there is imbalance, and imbalance creates immense pain and suffering in any form!

It means that he stands in his full power – but this is not brute force, but it is tempered by love, deep and abiding love and a deep understanding of the Mystery of Love and Life to which even he most bow and bend to, and be flexible within.

It means that she stand in her full power – which is there in her womb, her sacred soul self, her emotional center.  She has to fully empowered by the mystery of the Spirit and Soul, and all that is Love at its deepest mystery.  She can only transmit the sacred fire via her womb, if she is firmly anchored into the Mystery of the Goddess herself, for she BECOMES the Goddess in the sexual act!  If she is not thus empowered, she will go off kilter and then will withdraw from the male because she is not within the supreme balance of life itself!

See, then how much of this mankind has lost.

See, then how much we have to re-member and re-learn.

Only when we truly seek with all our hearts and soul to love another, as we love ourselves, and then the Divine above all, can we experience the very depth of the Mystery of the Sacred Fire itself.

Such is cosmic law.

If one does not honor cosmic law, one will reap what one has sown, and that is pain and suffering, and destruction.

Inherently the greater return to the higher state of Balance, lies in the understanding of soul relationships and in the higher understanding of the sexual energy, as in the Sacred Fire.

Without that we cannot truly find a new and higher ways of loving each other, and finding that beautiful sacred union, that is the ultimate gift from God.

May 2015 bring this understanding to all who read this now.

This is an adventure and a deep unfolding in itself and only those who seek, truly seek with an honest and open heart, will find the keys and codes given to them to unlock the sacred fire.

Such is the importance of this time!

Let those who have ears listen and those who hear, hear!

(Judith Kusel)

Celebrating the Rites of Womanhood

We as woman have forgotten the Ancient Rites of Passage – the rites of the celebration of life in all its form.

In a society which worships the teenager and youth – in form and being, it is worshipping but a minute timeframe of life, which is but a puff in the wind.  As teenager, you have not even moved past the first threshold of life (as much as they might protest otherwise and think they know it all).

True maturity in astrological term only comes at the age of 60!  When an astrologer once told me this, I had one of those AHA! Moments, and I looked back on my life and the I thought: “Yes, the rest of life is but the university, the training ground, for the true LOVE, POWER, AND WISDOM which comes when one has reached that blossoming maturity, which has experienced it all, and at last has found that inner peace, contentment and basic KNOWING, which spans time and space.”

There has a lot been written about women in later life, and what is called “mid-like crises” or the menopausal state.  I remember my mom saying to me, that she never had time for all the nonsense, because she never had time to feel sorry for herself.   Later on I researched this topic for someone and then found an interesting article by a woman doctor, where she reckoned that menopause, since it was labeled, has become a psychological label and something that the pharmaceutical companies have honed into.

That made me sit and think:  “What is it that we, as women, then have lost, or are not seeing?”

What we have lost is the celebration of life itself, in all its forms and expressions – most of all its seasons, of birth and rebirth.

Life does not just go and stand still with 17 years, which seems to be the age which some of the media adore – and which seems to be the “ideal” when the physical female form is at its most luscious and hormone active phase of life.

All of this is but another illusion spun on this planet – the illusion of eternal youth.

If you are totally honest with yourself – would you like to be 17 years old again?

We have forgotten how to celebrate life in all its forms and disguises, its waxing and waning.  We have forgotten to celebrate our womanhood – through all its expressions and life forms…. Indeed all its forms!

I have sat in the company of women where their total conversation went around how they could not do this or that, because the man in their life demanded that they be like this – not like that.  Deep down was the fear, that is they did not comply with this, the man would dump them for a much younger woman, and a more beautiful, perfect and sexier one. 

In essence these woman, allowed the men to control them and take their power away – yet, most of all it was not the men, but the women themselves, who allowed FEAR to manage their lives.  If a man did not honor the heart and soul of the woman he was with, he would not do that with the next or the next or the next.  Such is fact.

Women are their own worst enemies.  How often are other women judges because they do have the perfect figure – or because of not measuring up to the standards and norms of what a woman should look like, dress like, be like.  There is sharper tongue than that of a woman, and most of all she employs that most often with her own sisters, because she uses this to either feel superior or inferior – both of which feed the negative ego – and not the heart and soul.

The Goddess energies come back the heart and soul.  It is that wide opening of the compassionate heart, which embraces life in ALL its forms – not just the perfection, but also the perceived flaws.  Some women have taken on a heavier form in this lifetime.  I know this from myself, for I have often wondered why I was not born rake thin and I was told that I needed the heavier form otherwise, with my having such high energy fields, I literally would float in the air. 

To embrace womanhood, it means to celebrate this state of BEING in all and every single form and expression – in all her bodies and embodiments and in all of life as she expresses herself.

The Triple Goddess has THREE faces, the Virgin, the Mother and the Crone – yet the crone comes to a stage of in the rites of passage where she becomes the virgin again: – symbolizing the passage of life itself, the birth and rebirth and the cycles of the seasons.

First of all, we have to learn to move into the center of our heart and being, and start to learn to embrace ALL of our womanhood and all of our expressions of life.  This means embracing ourselves, body, mind, spirit and soul – and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, indeed all our 12 bodies.  When we embrace ALL of us, and celebrate each moment of being alive and well and on planet earth, then we will start to celebrate the passage of life itself.

I have had a relatively early dying of myself at the age of 36, when I had to have an emergency hysterectomy.  Something deep inside of me died then, but what died what the knowledge that I would never have children in this lifetime.  It took me some years to understand, that this merely meant a type of dying of the old, and the rebirthing of another me.

I am mentioning this in the sense, that I finally started to understand, that when one part of me dies, another me is born somewhere along the way.  That me then could channel the energy which used to be in the womb area, into a different kind of conception and way of life, which would give birth to bringing something greater and more profound into the world and gift the world with, than any physical birth of a child could do.

We, as we get older, need to understand this concept.  Instead of mourning the loss of the teenager, and the loss of youth, we should embrace the exuberant freedom which maturity brings!  We grow in wisdom, in understanding, and we have immense gifts to bring into this world.  Life does not stop at 40 or 45, or 50 or 55 or 60 or 65 – indeed LIFE STARTS FOR WOMEN IN MATURITY!

At last she gains the freedom to BE – just to be herself and to explore all those aspects deep inside of herself she could never be and do before.

She is like the eagle rising and flying higher than ever before.  She can inspire others and she can be that leader, that Elder of Excellence, who shows others the way.

Finally she has shed all those masks, those skins, and all that fear, which kept her prisoner for long.  She blossoms into Beingness: – indeed she is greater and more powerful than ever before!

She is not here to please any man and she is not here to be just a mother, or grandmother – or to be there just for her family: – she is meant to move the whole earth into a higher state of Being.

She is that catalyst for change.  She brings with her a life force which is greater than that of the virgin, or the mother – it is the energy of the Goddess itself, in all her power and glory!

She has been through the mill.  She has been through all the initiations and the passages of life, and now at last learns to love herself totally, and to claim her right to be.

She has gained insight and wisdom and this is the time for her to share this with the world, and not to shrink from doing just that.

She has stopped to blame, for she is embracing the responsibility to be the change she seeks to see in the world.

When a woman has reached that inner maturity, which is firmly anchored in love and acceptance of self, and firmly anchored in the wisdom, power, and love of the Goddess herself, she becomes this most powerful force on earth. 

She does not need to go to war nor fight battles.  She stands there in the immensity of being itself, and it is the LOVE, pure Love and wisdom – the SOPHIA itself.

She embodies the SHEKINAH; she embodies all the faces, the forms and the expression of womanhood itself.  She has been it all, she has seen it all; she has experienced it all, for she is life itself.

She has been into the Underworld of Hades, she has been to the Sun itself, she had experienced the moon in all its waxing and waning and the fullness of force….. She has felt every emotion, she has been through all the birth and rebirthing of the rites of the passage of life itself, and she stand tall in the knowing that she come through it all, with love, grace and wisdom, which is greater than anything else

Yes, she feels, she feel from the open heart and because she feels she knows that the older she gets, the more the world needs her to lead from the front and anchor in the  New Golden Age.  That is why she is here.  She chose to be the forerunner, the one who comes into maturity, as the New Golden Age, has already dawned, and now it means all hands of deck, so that tomorrow children, can experienced the depths, breadth of love, compassion, harmony and peace. 

This is what she brings.