Frequencies and vibrations and the higher octaves of being…

Since I have been seriously reconnecting with the frequencies and vibrations and understanding dimensions and the octaves of BEING, I have been inspired.  I cannot help but get up every morning with the idea, that  I have to consciously fine tune myself for the day ahead, and then, when I get a bit upset, like today, to start fine-tuning myself, take a deep breath and then get myself back into equilibrium once again.

I was thinking of it this morning.  There are so many options awaiting mankind to tune into, once he and she has stepped past the portal of 2012 and then into the new possibilities of life unfolding beyond all of that.

When I opened a massive portal about three years ago, it was the first time ever that I came into SEEING what the powers are of inter-dimensional shifts. 

I was, while I was at that place, immediately in contact with the wild horses.  I have the ability to tune into animals, since I was a child.  I am not scared of them, and maybe because of my family having a proverbial zoo.  Also, growing up in Africa, does that to one – you cannot live in nature and wide open spaces, without coming into contact with animals, in one form or another.  In a higher sense, animals were and are my best friends – they often come to guide me, and I have been told by those who can see, that I have quite a zoo looking after me too.  

Anyhow, my soul has strong connection to horses, as in previous lifetime I used to be able to ride them bareback and could outride anyone.  These however were wild horses, and there was a filly that simply came and greeted me, kissing my nose.  Since that day, she and I became great friends and these horses, would simply appear through the mist and then guard me.  When the mist got too heavy, they would gently guide my steps, until I could see where I was going once more.  The locals in the hotel were warning me constantly to not wander alone in the mist as this was a strange place, with huge caverns underneath, and if you fell into once of holes between the massive rocks, you could disappear forever.  Yet, I knew no fear – for I knew I was there for a higher reason and I was protected too.

It was through these horses, that I was shown where the portal was.  Horses come from Lukuna and they have always been gentle and beautiful creatures, and there to be mankind’s companions and friends.  I first had to get permission from the Keeper of the Place and the chief horse guardian, before I could gain entry there.  I saw steps coming out of the mist, and the Eye of HORUS, which is everywhere there and then I knew that I was in the correct place.

Then I was totally alone and shrouded by the mist, which now became and swirling and twirling vortex-like energy.  The next minute I was told where to stand, and having my walking stick in my hand, I was told to sit-lean on a massive boulder and then this stick became like wand.   I first had to call in all the stuck souls at that portal, and then there were masses of them….. Some were half-human and half-animal, some were the slave species created by the Nabiru, some were very tall, spanning 12 foot giants, and then some very small, pigmy like.  They all knelt in a circle there, surrounded by this massive vortex-like energy.

I was then told to stand in my HIGHEST MASTERY.  It was strange, for I knew then that this was my HIGHER AND IMMORTAL SELF – the one that had no years, but was there from the very beginning of all time.  I somehow was much taller than I am and I shone – and then I asked these souls if they wished to be released.  They all started crying and asking to be released.  Then the angels and Archangels surrounded us, and the great craft from the Mothership above started beaming in masses and masses of blinding white golden light.  The whole scene became this – white golden twirling swirling vortex-like energy, yet just outside that circle, there was heavy mist and it was raining. 

Then, when the whole souls had been sucked into this energy vortex, the sun appeared, and the whole scene was lit up – and where-as total silence had reigned before, suddenly the birds were there singing, the elementals were dancing with joy and the horses were there, frolicking and neighing…. It was the most amazing scene….

It took me a while to adjust to my lower self again and my denser frequencies, and then I was accompanied home by the horses.

By this happening to me, I finally understood, that we all have this capacity to step totally into our HIGHEST MASTERY – into that SOUL-SELF which is ageless and has all the abilities, the power and the immense knowing that comes from many lifetimes.  When we start going up in dimensions, in frequencies, then we start tapping more and more into the vast Library of our soul and into the Halls of Records of our own SOUL GROUP.  We then have the ability to TRANSCEND our own limited scope that we have on this planet, and step INTO THE TRUTH of who and what we ARE!

Merlin had this ability and so had Thoth and all the great Masters who ever walked this earth.  When you stand in your highest MASTERY, that is when you can literally create miracles, for you are then stepping out of this limited form and into the immensity of BEING that you truly ARE!

This is what is awaiting us with the shift in consciousness.  We then move up in the octaves of BEING and the more we do that, the more the veils start lifting form our eyes and our inner seeing and knowing increases.  When we step into the higher vibrations of LOVE and LIGHT, there is a type of frequency switch, which enables us to then BECOME one with all and everything.  We can tap into the higher frequency bands and we can access to information we cannot have access to in limited form.

This is the most amazing thing.  When I do soul readings for instance, I step into my HIGHER SOUL SELF, and then I ask that I be used as a crystal clear channel of the Divine and then in HIGHER SERVICE.  I cannot do this in my normal state, only in my Higher STATE switching frequencies and then another aspect, which is that my SOUL WORKS at these RECORDS.  In other words, the soul part of me NOT incarnated works there fulltime. 

Once we start understanding this, we start truly becoming MASTERS.  Like the MASTER MUSICIAN is then able to tap into the HALLS OF MUSIC and MUSICAL SCALES and then start creating music, from the cosmic music of the spheres… ALL IS THERE – waiting for us to step up in frequencies and vibrations and start understanding that we are far MORE than we ever were giving ourselves credit for.

Such is the amazing time we are living now and stepping through the portal of 2012, will activate these abilities more and more.

Heart opening energies…. Dramatic shift – opening up of the Epicenter – the Core…

There has been a dramatic shift and the opening up of the Earth’s heart centers since the last full moon and this is opening up of new energies, amazingly potent, in a vast forward thrust…

Yet, at the same time, these are FEMININE DIVINE energies and thus have a vulnerability about them, which always comes with the true opening up of the heart… Those first moment when love for another makes us open the secret and sacred places of our hearts… that inner sanctuary that we only allow those in, whom we truly trust….

This is gentle, yet so very sensitive, so vulnerable, strong with fragility… and it is the opening up of the very core of the most exquisite rose…

So often we wish for dramatic life changes, and then, when they come, they seem like a tidal wave hitting us, when in truth we have been prepared for this all along…

So expect things to start moving and changing… and as you open your heart centre more and more, expect the old simply fall away and find that the new  seems to sprout from the wisps’ of the wind and blossom in the most amazing spring-time of your life…

For see, it is only with the heart we can see clearly…. what is essential is invisible to the eye…

And we are being brought back to the heart… we are being brought back to feel… and we are being brought back to very womb of the Mother and there, safely cradled in her innermost self, we are re-birthed into the inner sacred sanctuary of the heart energies, that stem from the Great Mother herself…

It is here, cradled and safe, that we start relearning to become AS ONE with all else…. with the Earth and the Sky… the Cosmic Heaven above… and the innermost sacred centres and spaces of the Mother Earth….  The Magnetic pull from our heart reconnecting us with the magnetic heart of the Gaia, and with it, the epicentre of all life in and on Planet Earth…

Here we are expanding into something more than we even can comprehend…

So many of us had to leave so many aspects of self behind us…. More than this… we seemed to lose so much in process, as all started falling away.  We have shed skin after skin, and we were opened up to the core… There is nothing left to cut open… we are cleaved open to the core of our very sensitive and vulnerable selves…

Yet, in the same instance, we have found that inner strength, that inner resilience, which we never would have found, if all this had not happened… we have found the pure gold mines deep within ourselves….

We are like the rarest and most precious of diamonds, honed and nurtured into Beingness deep within Mother Earth…. formed from the severest pressures and then simply sparkling and shining beyond what is found here on Earth…

We have lost it all… yet have found ourselves… and beyond that our infinite connection to the Divine…

We have shrunk, and then expanded until we are infinitely more beautiful and more exquisite a soul than ever before…

Now, we are being pulled into action… we are asked to bring these beautiful soul gifts to the world…

We are asked to render the Highest Service and to simply do this from the heart… and let love overflow…

We are asked to heal Mother Earth by learning to nurture her heart and her soul and to send healing energies from our heart centre into hers…

We are asked to simply allow ourselves to be used, by the loving HANDS of the Mother who whispers her love and who holds us in her womb and her heart….

This Flame of LOVE is burning inside us… and is extending from our own inner core… and it will not only light up our selves… but also the world… and then even beyond that…

New Life has sprung into COSMIC BEINGNESS..

Rejoice!  The Time of the great Age has begun!

A Miracle…. Lili, my Airedale Terrier and Angels…

She came into my life unexpectedly.  At a time when I had two pets, one old Dachshund and one young male Airedale Terrier – Max, who was a handful.

A lovely dog, with a twinkle in his eye, boundless energy, and for ever up to mischief.  If he was not digging holes in my garden when I was at work – the minute I got home all he wanted to do was play ball – me throwing the ball, and he running to fetch it!

A phone call changed it all.  Heidi, my cousin, from the farm, who was breeding Airedale Terriers.   “Judi, my Airedale has ten pups.  I want you to have one of them – for I know you will love her, give her a good home!  As this is her first litter, I want to know that the pups all get good, caring homes.”

No matter how much I protested, that two dogs were already a handful, my protests fell on deaf ears! -(and mindful of my father – because I have such a great love for animalsand they for me – always told me, never to end up marrying a farmer, for I would end up with a Zoo!  That I grew up in one never crossed his mind! We had the proverbial zoo: – There were six of us, and our huge yard was filled  to the brim – animals of all shapes and sizes – from snakes (my brothers), to iguanas, to monkeys, pigs, sheep, cattle, doves, chickens, tame hadidah’s – it never ended!)

(My parents though were adamant  – they did not mind the pets, but we had to take responsibility for their care – feeding them, caring for them – and making sure they were happy!   My father, though had a point – whenever I was anywhere I wanted baby lions, elephant, antelope, and anything on four legs!  I had a Great Dane and two Dachshund – the latter were my dolls – I dressed them in my doll’s clothes and put them in my pram.  Invariably people would asked to look at my dolls – only to find two Dachshund dressed in frilly clothes looking up at them!)

Heidi was adamant – eventually I relented, if I could get a female.  Heidi phoned and said that she had found the perfect one for me – a quiet, and gentle pup – who would be the opposite of Max.  So off I went to the farm, and after playing with all 10 pups on the lawn, I had Lili (I called her after one of my favourite flowers, the lily, for she reminded my of them), on the seat beside me.  When I got home, Max immediately adopted her, as if she belonged to him!

I lost my Dachshund, Fritz, shortly afterwards, so Lili proved to be a blessing in disguise.  Two years later, I lost Max too – to a cancerous growth on the brain, and so another dachshund came into my life, with the name of Petzi -after a German cartoon character who always got herself into trouble -a more apt name for this one could not be found!

 A few weeks ago, after making a life-changing decision, to follow the call of my soul – I was asked by my brother, to move to the city.  I am by nature, not a city person.  I love the open skies, space, mountains, lots of greenery, water, and watching sunrises and sunsets in peace and quiet.

After some pressure by my siblings, who all ended up living in the city, I decided to take the plunge.  So, there I was, trying to get used to living in the city again, trying to get my bearings, (luckily I have a finely tuned sense of direction) and the endless traffic – it has not been easy!

When I thus discovered, after accepting a dinner invitation, that my beloved Lili, had disappeared, I was devastated.   All I could think about is my poor pet, trying to find her way back in this vast city – and my prayers went up, that whatever happened, that she would not have to suffer in any way – especially being hit by a car, or train.

I spent half the night looking for her, only to be told the next morning, that someone, who lived on the property, had opened the remote-controlled gate and she had slipped past them.  The next door neighbour confirmed this saying that they had run after these people and begged them to follow the dog – which they did not bother to do – and neither had alerted any other person, who could have informed me.

So, the rest of that Saturday, I searched high and low for my dog.  I phonedthe S.P.C.A. and all the animal clinics in the area to alert them to my missing dog.  Yet after two days, I sat down and worked my way through all of this – and was just grateful that she had given me so much love and devotion allher life.  She was there in those dark nights of the soul, when I had no-whereelse to turn to, and literally cried into her coat.  She would cuddle up asclose to me as she could, and I always felt the healing energy coming from her.

My best friend always said that Lili had such a beautiful aura about her – that she was sure that in her next life she would come back as a person!

I sat down and worked through the Demartini Breakthrough Experience Method, and eventually made piece with all of it…. Which was a great help and blessing to me – I had tears of gratitude in my eyes at the end -it took me hours, but it helped!

I went on with my life as best I could.  Within this time I was blessed by a lot of inspired writing – almost as a compensation for losing her.  My connection to the Divine Source, my inner SEEING, increased to such an extend, that I was literally spanning dimensions – and hardly could keep myself grounded. I had amazing visions – and I had insight into quantum physics and the workings of Creation, such as I had never experienced before.

Thus it came about that I was helping my brother with extra work (he owns his own business) – my sister-in-law having breast cancer and going for chemotherapy – the workload was increasing considerably – so I jumped in to help with the administrative work.

My phone rang, and as I was in the middle of typing a financial report on the computer I was distracted.   To my utter amazement it was the S.P.C.A. -the Police’s dog unit had delivered a Airedale Terrier to them that exactly matched my dog’s description!  Could I please come as soon as possible to identify her, as she needed treatment.

I was in tears!  How I ever got through the heavy traffic, and onto roads in the city that I did not know – that was a miracle in itself!  I just prayed for guidance and asked for help driving through tears!  I got there inone piece – it was quite a distance from my brother’s home!

I was greeted by one of the attendants in charge of the animal hospital at the S.P.C.A. clinic.  She took me to the hospital clinic – and there huddled in a corner – a mere shadow of the lovely dog I knew – was my Lili!

I crawled into the cage on all fours – never-mind my smart outfit – and I took her face in my hands.  At first she whimpered – then both of us were crying!  She let out a howl – and there we were – in tears and the attendant as well!

When I got to the counter, I could barely fill in the release forms through my tears, and the attendants at the desk were all sniffing as well – telling me that it was very rare to find someone who loved animals so much – as they so often see the dark side of human beings’ relationship and treatment of animals.  They told me that a lot of people, when their animals werefound, never bothered to come and fetch them!

The nurse then came and told me that Lili’s front leg had been broken – that she had probably been hit by a car.  The doctor at the S.P.C.A. clinic could fix the leg by putting steel braces on the outside of the leg.  Yet, there was ONE veterinary doctor in the whole of Pretoria who could help here, by placing a plague INSIDE her leg – so she would then never have trouble walking again.

So I had a choice – actually I had none!   When I thought of how much unconditional love and devotion this dog had given me – how could I desert her in her hour of need?

This time the nurse had tears in her eyes – and even the attendant who helped me to put Lili into the back-seat of my car.

By this time I was in a state.  Now I had to make my way to the other side of the city AGAIN – and to another destination I had never been to.I called in my helpers again.   One hand on the steering wheel, the other patting Lili – who now that she had found me, was crying -and navigating my way through heavy traffic and looking for road signs!

After, what seemed like ages, I finally got to the animal hospital -and THIS IS WHERE THE MIRACLE REALLY STARTS:

When I got into the surgery, it turned out the this doctor was GERMAN and had a heart of gold!   He immediately wanted to see Lili, and spoke to her in German!  She took an immediate liking to him – as I did – and I knew she would be in good hands!  When he took me into his surgery and the kennels, I saw the place was spotless and had the very best equipment.

What was even MORE amazing is, that his assistant, was BORN INthe town I had just COME FROM AND WOULD BE RETURNING THERE, ONCE SHE HAD QUALIFIED AS A VET!   She came from a family that I knew well!   So, there she was, so thrilled to be able to help someone from her home town – and she immediately took care of Lili as if it were her own!

I left Lili there to be operated on later that same day, and knew that she would be allright – although my it took a lot of convincing to leaveher – after I had just found her again!

That night I recorded all in my diary as a miracle!  I had expected to never see her again – and there she was – in a sorry state – but alive!!!!

When I went to fetch her the next afternoon, I was surprised.  MORE MIRACLES: The doctor had come down with his original quote by more than R1000-00! When I produced Lili’s medical record, he told me THAT THE VET WHOHAD TREATED HER SINCE BEING A PUPPY, AND WHOSE RECORD THATWAS, HAD VISITED HIS HOSPITAL THE SAME AFTERNOON THAT LILI HAD BEEN OPERATED ON – TO SEE HIS HOSPITAL AND THE EQUIPMENTHE USED – AND HAD WITNESSED THE OPERATION.


My head was spinning!  Here I was witnessing something so AMAZING, that it boggled my mind!

That the Divine Source was looking after Lili and me – in such a way, that not only was she REFERRED to the ONLY doctor who could HELP her – but THE SAME DOCTOR, would HAVE HER EX-DOCTOR, WHOM SHE LOVED AND TRUSTED WITH HIM IN THE THEATER, PLUS A NURSE WHO CAME FROM THE SAME TOWN AS WE HAD JUST COME FROM in a huge city, such as this,  this spanned all dimensions of TIME AND SPACE!!!!!

I took her home, a walking (yet limping slightly) on all fours, Lili, and she is busy recovering remarkably!

As I write this, tears of wonder and gratitude are running down my cheeks – and I know that whatever happens – wherever life leads us – we will always be watched over and cared for byunseen forces  and a DIVINE SOURCE that is beyond comprehension:


(Written in 2008, and will be published in a British Book on Animal Angels and Miracles via Diana Cooper)