Soul Special Assignment

3d-earth-1-16-s-307x512As we are now stepping into the greatest quantum leap in consciousness and evolution this planet has ever seen, it is good to remember the Ancient truth that what is INSIDE will manifest on the outside, and what is there is the macrocosm has to manifest in the microcosm.

The greatest shift then is not so much outside, as it is within: – yet, as the planet is shifting, the Universe is shifting, so are we.

A lot of people have always looked to the heavens for their ultimate change – that ascension that would happen when they who ascend to higher states but leave the planet in the meantime.

Not so, for we have to not leave the planet as such, but anchor in these changes by being transformed into a Christed Being ourselves.  Therefore we will all have to go through a type of dying in order arise into a new and higher state of consciousness and be able then to transform with the planet.

We are all here on SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT, and with specific tasks to fulfill.  When we slip into the sleep of forgetfulness we are disempowered and cannot live life to the optimum and congruent with our highest soul mission and purpose.

In the last few years of my life I have had to delve very deeply into the realms of soul and soul energies, the origin of souls, soul groups, the galaxies of origin, the true and untold history of the planet, and more than this – finding that not only do all souls have soul names, they also have a tonal chord unique to them, and soul colors.

Your soul therefore is made up of PURE energy.  It is made up of 12 flames or particles and one a fraction of your soul is incarnated on this planet at this moment.

My soul readings have truly assisted many people across the whole world to reconnect to their own souls and to remember who and what they are, and why they are here.

Here is what some of them wrote to me:

Words fail to express the ineffable gratitude I have for the Soul Reading you did for me some time ago. I have had so much to process since that entered my life and it has been completely exhilarating. It was an honor and a privilege to receive such sacred information. 

 I have found myself having to acclimatize to the new frequencies that I have received in my field. it took a few weeks to adjust. Thank you with all my heart for passing that energetic key to me and opening me up to this profound knowledge. You are offering love-light frequencies to the planet that are appreciated more than you can even imagine. Thank you for your light Judith , it is needed, It is felt, received, understood, and applied in the minds and hearts of those silently integrating your words.

Even if it is some time ago that I received my beautiful reading of you, I will not forget to say thank you to you. I was nearly in tears reading it, the Soul name “Illumined One” and all my soul records you revealed to me, just touched me on a very deep level and opened up some memories. It also opened up some deep seated grief about the loss of a beloved or the feeling that it’s not possible to live sacred union on this earth. I also delved into feelings of “it’s not safe to speak and live my truth”. But your work and your enlightening beautiful comments you post on face book help me work through this all.

I am now planning a trip to France next year to revisit the land in this lifetime and learn more about the Cathars and Mary Magdalene etc.

 Thanks so much for your empowering work Judith and your generosity to share so much publicly. It helps sooooo many people.

 I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all… For shining forth the radiant light of your heart/soul/consciousness! ❤ 😀 Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns and your beauty paints the picture of the world revealing its beauty!  Keep on being you, keep on shining, this dream of Love/Oneness is now a reality, and it’s you who makes all the difference in the world! ❤ 😀

Thank you so much for your soul reading. I am truly thankful that you made it happen very quickly. I feel a deeper connection with myself and why I feel the way I do. It is also good for my husband he too felt a connection when I read your reading to him. 

I am literally in awe of what you have told me. So many things you have said click, I know now why I have felt so at home in these places I have travelled to and lived in. I am so glad my husband is my twinflame and he is too! I think I knew it deep down, but it’s nice to be told too.

 Some things are totally new to my idea of thinking, especially my future, but as you say I will let everything sink in over time and my path will be enlightened.

I have received your reading. It all resonates to the core of my soul and it feels that blinders are coming off every time I read it. I am SO GRATEFUL I have been led to you! And I SO deeply APPRECIATE all the energy, Love and Truth you offered me in this reading.

In order for all this information to be in one single place and accessible to all human beings so that they can empower themselves at deep and profound soul level I have written a book:  SOUL EMPOWERMENT – Reconnecting you to your own soul with special reference to Twin-flames.

Within the pages of this book you will find the following:

  1. The Super-consciousness field and the Soul Records.
  2. Souls, Soul Groups, Galaxy of Origin, Tonal Chords and Soul Colours.
  3. Soul And Soul Groups from the 12 Master Galaxies involved with this planet from the very beginning.
  4. Twin Flame and Soul Mates – Relationships.
  5. Soul Activation:  Remembering the Truth of Who and what we are.
  6. Helpful Tools for Life, Loving and Living.
  7. Energies, Energy Fields and Chakra Energy Wheels.
  8. Limitless Soul.
  9. Conclusion

For ordering this book or booking Twin-flame or Soul Readings with me please visit my NEW website: –


Twin Flames – with specific reference to souls who were incarnated in to Mu and Lemuria


Twin flames, is a term used for fractions of flames, within one single soul.  A soul is made up of 12 such flames, and only one single flame mostly incarnates onto this planet.

However, because of Mother Gaia wishing to ascend into the higher state of consciousness, as is the whole Milky Way Galaxy, a special dispensation from the Lords of Karma, allowed more than one flame to incarnate at this time, in order to clear old karmic debts, and karmic links, cords, attachments etc. and give them an opportunity to work through all of this, so that they could be purified and merge with each other.

Today I wish to concentrate on a unique group of thousands of souls, who incarnated at the time of Mu, or Lemuria.  These group of souls have specific karma to work through, which is uniquely their own, and is therefore not applicable to other twin flames, because of karma involved here.

At the time of Mu, or Lemuria, the world was in the 7th dimensional state.  Therefore life existed at a much higher frequency band and vibratory state.  The bodies were much lighter and thus life itself was totally different.

The souls who incarnated in Mu (I will for this purpose refer to Lemuria too as Mu, for they were the same civilization) were Androgynous Beings.  Thus male and female in one single body or earthly form and there was then harmony and bliss, and they knew no other lifestyle, nor any other form of being.  They were content and happy, and like innocent children in the sense, that they knew no difference in gender, as both were incorporated within themselves, and in perfect harmony with each other.  Yin and Yang balanced – thus pain and hurt, separation, in any form was unknown.

In the latter part of life on Mu, Atlantis was rising, as the 5th root race of man was brought into being on a massive island, in what is now the Atlantic.  As they were then partaking in the experiment which was Atlantis, life there was formed in the 5th dimensional state, and completely separate from Mu.  However, as the Atlanteans then started to make their presence felt, and interaction took place, the androgynous Mu’ans for the first time encountered the bodily forms of fellow earth citizens, and two distinctive genders.

This was not the first time they had ever encountered these forms, but they suddenly realized that the Atlanteans had something which they did not have – two separate genders, who could unite in sexual union and apparently this union brought some kind of bliss and energy which they Mu’ans thought they were losing out on.

After all – although they could have offspring they did not need to merge with anyone else, merely  a desire to bring forth another being like them-selves and it would happen.

In the history of mankind there were always those who would jump onto the band wagon, and decide to take matters in their own hands – even if this went against the Laws of creation and against what the Divine had perfectly created.  In this instance, the androgynous form.

There were then certain High Priests who decided that they would experiment and find a way of splitting the androgynous form into two forms – male and female, which they managed to do, after many of those who volunteered to be experimented upon died in the process.  So, they presented to the population of Mu, for the first time ever, the opportunity to experience life in two distinct forms, male and female  and have the sexual energy, which some so thought they had been cheated out of.

So, more and more the Mu’an population went to these temples to have themselves split into two separate bodies.

As, with all of creation, when you go against cosmic and Divine laws of creation, you will load karma onto yourself in some form or another and pay the price for the choices you made, willingly and knowingly.

As much as the first delight in having sexual intercourse was there, some of those who had the operation, felt intensely let down.  The sexual energy was not at all what they fantasized it to be (for some). For others it became addictive, as they did not have the rites of passage that the Atlanteans had before it was also corrupted, which helped people in Atlantis to understand the secret rites associated with the correct use of the sexual energies.

So the first time then, they one could merge in sexual union with as many other halves or other halves, as they wished to.  One could even have this with the Atlanteans – and some knew no bounds.  Of course this was bound to have repercussions.

Pain, anger and bewilderment started to arise for the first time ever in Mu, as two halves, found other halves more sexually interesting and entertaining than their own halves, and then separating more and more from their other half.  However, all of this created a deep sense of void.

That void, of feeling of intense loss started to haunt the souls who did split in Mu: they would henceforth intensely FEEL the PAIN of  the separation from their other half.

This more than any other, let to the downfall of the Mu civilization as for the first time infighting, anger, war and strive started to happen, and in such a war, Mu sank under the sea.

The souls then from Mu who separated have all more or less returned, to solve that sense of void, by having the opportunity to find that wholeness once more – that uniting with their other half – literally.

Some of these souls will have difficulty in defining their gender, for they will find that they are really both – male and female, which in truth they are!  Many who are homosexual have karmic ties with Mu, or come from galaxies with androgynous forms.

Some have had such dramas with their other halves over many lifetimes that a lot of that pain will have to be cleared away and dissolved before true union can happen.

So the shadow of Mu is lingering upon them, and this will be more so, for those souls who took this experiment upon themselves – knowingly breaking Divine cosmic law.

In essence then these souls will have to do a lot of cleansing and clearing within and dissolve karmic residue before true union will be possible.

On the other hand that meeting with the other half will trigger an immense sense of joy, an immense sense of belonging at first, before all the emotional baggage makes its appearance again.

I do want to add, that there are souls who have managed to do the inner work and who truly are merging as one being again.

It is all about free will and choice.

With merging comes the forging into one single androgynous being again and it is as this single entity that they will ascend into the higher states of consciousness, should this be their wish.

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