The Higher Cosmic Rays…

We are now, eing slowly but surely awakened to the TRUTH OF WHO AND WHAT WE ARE.  As the Higher Frequency Rays are now being added and with is our 12 strand DNA, we are going to shedding more and more of the OLD WAYS, ACTING, THINKING, and BEING… as these simply do not serve our HIGHER PURPOSE ANYMORE.


What used to fascinate you, what used to drive you, what used to make your adrenalin soar is slowly fading away, and you are being transformed into someone other… yet, in a sense more AUTHENTIC and TRUE to your HIGHER SELF!

With this the people, places, spouses, lovers, friends, etc. who used to fascinate you and with whom you used to love being, suddenly lose its enchantment, and you have this inner honing system, which seems to direct you onto feelings, emotions and a way of looking at the world and its all it has to offer in a different sense.  Suddenly, what used to fascinate you, start irritating you.  What you used to enjoy, suddenly seems mediocre and not fun anymore. 

The INNER YOU IS SEEKING ITS PATH TO THE ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT – THE ULTIMATE STATE BEING, which no outer things are going to satisfy anymore.

Look deeply and delve more and more to the core of what your heart sees, and you will notice that in the last three years YOU HAVE MADE A DRAMATIC SHIFT!  You have changed and with it a lot of those inner and outer values have changed….

I challenge you to go and write down your value systems and beliefs today, and then compare them with three to seven years ago, and I bet you THEY HAVE CHANGED!

I was taken in meditation into the Temples of INNER WISDOM, of the Divine Source, and I was shown how the Higher Rays, are affecting our minds, heart and ALL our bodies.  For you do not only have a PHYSICAL body, you have a SPIRITUAL, MENTAL AND SOUL BODY, as well as an ETHEREAL one, and all of these are being fine-tuned so that our bodies can receive and assimilate them.

Think of a spiralling energy of white-gold-light with a tinge of Platinum, Topaz blue, Yellow, Deep Emerald Green, and Cerise Pink, and you now have an idea of what the Higher Rays look like and what you are now assimilating in the way of the Higher Frequency Rays.

These are the SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM AND GEM RAYS, which we are now assimilating.

To recap on the 7 Master Rays, which we used to have been able to work with… and then I will give you a list of the NEW MASTER RAYS which are now affecting ALL your bodies, visible and invisible.  

When you are working with these, it is best in meditation to see yourself in sitting in the Apex of a vast Crystal Pyramid Temple emitting in massive spiralling rays, going up and down and through your whole bodies, the colour ray you feel most drawn to… for that is the Ray which is being activated within you – as you are now stepping into your HIGHER CALLING to service.  Simply let this energy flow through and around you, as long as you feel necessary… it will enhance the assimilation of these rays into your system and will assist you tremendously at this time:

The 7 Master Rays (which used to be the ones we were working with):

Ray 1:  POWER AND WILL.  Blue. Archangel Michael.

Ray 2: WISDOM AND ILLUMINATION. Yellow. Archangel Jophiel.

Ray 3: CREATIVITY AND HEART. Pink. Archangel Chamuel.


Ray 5: SCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESEARCH. Orange. Archangel Raphael.

Ray 6: IDEALISM, DEVOTION. Purple plus gold. (This ray is leaving the planet.) Archangel Uriel.

Ray 7: CEREMONIAL ORDER, MAGIC, RITUAL. Violet.  (This is the Ray of the NEW AGE). Archangel Zadkiel.


THE NEW MASTER RAYS ARE STRANDS OF ENERGY OF THE DIVINE OR GOD SOURCE ABOVE 8 500 CYCLES PER SECOND.  They used to go up to 22 000 cycles but this power was abused and misused.  Because humanity has now reached a level of maturity where Light workers can connect to the higher rays, the Divine has started to allow some of the 24 Master Rays to be beamed onto this planet for the benefit of everyone, especially those who know how to anchor in these Higher Rays. 

Some of us, in our SOUL CONTRACTS, when we were born, had to have the correct DNA and cell structures via our ancestral lines, to be able to anchor in these Higher Rays, and had done so with our birth.  We are the ones who are now working in Higher Service and are already using these to raise the consciousness of this planet.


Ray 8: DEEP TRANSMUTATION.  Topaz Blue.  Chohan working with it:  Lord Kumeka.

This is the Ray which will bring about GREAT CHANGE in the NEW AGE.  It is important to understand and be clear what the change is about.  Up to now we have been looking at change through opaque glasses.  Now we must look through CLEAR glasses, which will make personal and planetary changes more significant.

Ray 9: HARMONY.  Yellow.  Chohan:  Lord Vosloo.

This is the yellow ray of HARMONY, which entered the Planet in 2001.  It aims to balance the mind and spirit of humanity.  One of the flaws of the world has always been that we do not get spirit and intellect in harmony.  In the past, once we developed our intellect, we also got too much ego. 

Ray 10:  TO FIND ONE’S PURPOSE IN A PRACTICAL WAY.  Citrine. Chohan:  Lord Gautama.

This ray entered the planet at the end of 2001.  It enables people to find their PRACTICAL PURPOSE in life in a grounded way.  This carries the Buddha energies and that of Thoth (Hermes).

Ray 11: CLARITY, MYSTICISM AND HEALING.  Deep emerald green.  Chohan: Lord Rakoczy.

This is the ray entered the planet at the end of 2001 and is for those who are to anchor in and teach these qualities to mankind.  The profound seekers of truth and Higher Wisdom and Understanding, work with this ray.  Lord Rakoczy is here to assist the human body to cope with the increasing pollution on this planet, and to teach us to accept the higher energies which are now available.

Ray 12: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Cerise pink.  Chohan:  Lady Quin Yin.

This is ray of the OPEN HEART CHAKRA and teaches us to open our hearts to let love flow where it wills.  To love unconditionally and to accept people as they are, without wishing to change them.  ‘It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eye’ (Saint-Exupery)

Quan Yin, is the Master of this Ray, and her task is to re-empower women in the New Age and to bring forward the feminine wisdom within men. 

Ray 13:  HIGHEST SERVICE:  BLINDING WHITE LIGHT.  Chohan:  Vywamus/Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logus of this Universe.  

This is the Ray of the High Priests and High Priestesses who had incarnated onto this Planet at the beginning of time, and who have now all incarnated once more, and they are now being reactivated to step forward to lead this planet home, into the new dimensions. Those who work with this ray, had to learn true Mastery, and are now being re-called into the HIGHEST SERVICE.

More and more people are already working with these other Master rays,  (there are 24 in all which will be returned to the planet, as the shift in consciousness happens) and here is more information regarding these rays and the VALUES associated with them, which we are now being asked to USE more and more:



The silver ray brings GRACE and HARMONY into situations.  It takes people to higher levels and has now MERGED with the VIOLET ray of transmutation to bring CLEARANCE with MERCY to the planet.

THE GOLD RAY:  The gold ray is the ray of the ANGELS.  When you surround yourself with GOLD, the angels can connect with you more easily.  THE GOLD RAY IS THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS RAY, and is very protective.  It is a HIGHER HEALING RAY and brings WISDOM AND LOVE.

THE PLATINUM RAY:  This is the RAY OF JOY.  When it is anchored into the 5th dimensional base chakra, the person steps onto the ascension pathway.  At the fall of Atlantis dolphins became KEEPERS OF SACRED WISDOM of the civilization. They held it through the aeons until humanity was ready to take responsibility for it again.  The time is now and many Atlanteans are and have incarnated, who are EVOLVED enough to accept the ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE and hold it for us all.  Those who carry the platinum ray become KEEPERS OF THE PLANET.

THE RUBY RAY:  The ruby is the material form of the ray, which Archangels Uriel and Aurora are beaming to Earth.  This ray is made up of PURPLE, which RED and ROYAL BLUE, and GOLD.  Royal blue gives the POWER TO COMMUNICATE A DEPTH OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE.  Archangels Uriel and Aurora can transfer their light through this colour to others with power in a way they can absorb it.  This is the soft gold of the ANCIENT WISDOM, OFFERING A PEACEFUL AND SERENE CENTRE. RED gives the PHYSICAL ENERGY and STRENGTH to carry and communicate this level of POWER.  It gives the energy of for ACTION.

THE EMERALD RAY:  This ray is the CONCRETISED energy of Archangels Raphael and Mary. This ray is made up of GREEN, BLUE, SOFT GOLD and TRANSLUCENT VIOLET.  It is the RAY OF BALANCE, TRUST, HEALING and WISDOM.  It has the power to take people to a HIGHER LEVEL of SPIRITUALITY.  It is the ray connected to NATURE. Mary brings HEALING AND COMPASSION.  When you connect to the emerald ray you are a channel for Archangels Raphael and Mary.

THE SAPPHIRE RAY:  The sapphire ray is the CONCRETISED ENERGY of Archangels MICHAEL and FAITH on Earth.  It consists of the BLUES, MELLOW GOLDEN YELLOW, MAGENTA and SOFT BLUE GREEN.  The BLUES give the POWERS OF COMMUNICATION at a very high level, POWER, STRENGTH, and HEALING.  The mellow yellow holds ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION.  The hint of magenta is the TOUCH OF THE DIVINE FEMININE.

THE DIAMOND RAY:  The diamond ray is the CONCRETISED ENERGY of Archangels GABRIEL AND HOPE.  It consists of ICE BLUE with the CRYSTEL WHITE of POWER SHINING THROUGH IT.  This is the RAY OF PURITY, ETERNITY and CLARITY.   It carries TRUTH, HONOUR and DIVINE PURPOSE.  It is a reflective ray, which takes people up into HIGHER DIMENSIONS.

When you connect to the diamond ray you become a channel for Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

A lot of us are already working and anchoring in these Rays and we are being reactivated to remember our most powerful past lives on this planet, and to step into our HIGHEST POWER and to step into our true roles to assist this planet in the transition phase and the raising of the consciousness.  Most of us are volunteer souls who incarnated especially for this purpose.

Crystals, life and life-forms

All of life is a miracle…. You are a miracle…. You are a miracle of unfolding vibrations and frequencies in multiple hues and colours and you are a magnificent soul, with many faces…. You are a loving and creative Being and one who has infinite abilities in expressing the Cosmic Energies wherever you go…

If you think of yourself as being this absolutely wonderful creation, who has a mind, body, spirit and soul, then extend your own thinking: – imagine that every single plant, organism, elemental, and mineral has its own body, spirit, mind and soul.  To us they might seem dead things e.g. rocks, but they are not….

Within all things ever made or created, there is a soul, a mind and a form of the life-force, the very same that stem from our Creator God.  We will have to move into a phase of our beingness that we truly realize that trees, animals, plants, etc, have as much intelligence – albeit in a different form than we have, and then to start honouring the SOUL in ALL of CREATION!

I have always been drawn to crystals and have them all over my place of work and my bedroom etc.  I love picking them up, wearing them on my person, and simply keeping them close to me. 

The main reason for this, is that I have always inherently known that crystals enhance our lives in many fascets…. They are multi-dimensional and they have within it the patterns and purpose of ALL of CREATION.  They are powerful tools and they are transmitters of high frequency energy and most of it cosmic…

The higher our own frequencies and vibrations go, as our 12,24, 36 strand DNA gets activated, and our 12 to 24 and higher chakra systems are opened the more we will have the ability to appreciate the power of crystals and how to harness this, for the HIGHER good of ALL… Yet, know: – within each and every crystal there lives a LIVING SOUL or entity, and if you do not honour that soul, you will not be able to utilize this power and energy.

The Ancients knew this.  That is why they invariable ASKED the Soul of crystal that they wish to harness and use: (even before removing it from where they found it) and to silently tell it what they wished to use it for and then ask it to WORK WITH THEM.  The best way to do this, is to simply go into a meditative state, holding the crystal in your hand, or on your lap, and then ask to get in touch with its soul.  You will sense this… ask your Guardian Angel to assist you… and then tell the crystal that you wish to use it in LOVING SERVICE AND FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL….. AND IF IT WOULD CO-OPERATE WITH YOU in this regard…

In this way, you will find that you start working WITH THE CRYSTAL AS ONE…. always holding the intent TO ASSIST OTHERS AND THE PLANET AND WORK FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

If you upset this soul, it will simply not co-operate with you and will withdraw its power and energy….

To me the lesson with crystals is vital for us to understand, as we will have to work with this Kingdom more and more, in order to heal our planet.  Yet, they are not the only ones…. there is the Animal, the plant, the  five elements, etc. that we will have to start honouring as having SOUL, and as having the right to live along side of us, and ENHANCING our life…. as WE ARE ALL ONE AND THE SAME….. ALL IS ONE!

We cannot harm ANYTHING without harming ourselves!

As a whole this planet needs to be healed, and with it our whole attitude towards the planet and ALL OF LIFE and the LIFE-GIVING SOURCE…



On the threshold of a new life! Read on…..

We are on the verge of truly becoming…. we are being stretched, reformed and re-activated… We are in the process of masses Earth changes and with it massive inter-personal, and inter-heart changes.

What worked once, will work no more… We have to find new systems, new ways of life and living and we are on the threshold of great portals opening up, which will simply be releasing all the old pent-up emotions, the traumas, and all of those things stuck in the collective consciousness of man, which has been holding him back…

As all of this is being released, and with this the cages being opened up in which man was stuck, in his self-created prison that is called Planet Earth, and starts truly learning to Master himself, he will sprout forth into a totally new Being.  A Being who will be able to co-create by using the forces of nature and by learning to tap into the natural energy forces that Planet Earth already HAS, without harming or stripping her.

With the opening up of massive portals, released through volcanic activity, through earth quakes, and natural disasters, the earth is healing herself.  She is loosening the shackles that man places upon her… her is rejuvenating herself.  She is releasing those land masses which have sunk under the sea so very long ago….

You will have to simply change your whole outlook and start truly learning to centre yourself in the cosmic energies now being released.  These are potent energies, and when you do not acknowledge them as working in your life, you will have great difficulty adjusting to your light-body, which has a CRYSTALLINE form.

It has now been confirmed by science that the 12-strand DNA has been activated, and we are going to step up in octaves in 2012, in that some people will have 24 to 36 strands activated and with it a greater brain capacity will become available, which man will have to learn to use….

I can provide you with tools for this new journey and the shift that is happening…. It is your free will to use these tools, or to simply carry on with your life