She – Fullness of Goddesshood


She is no longer looking at men to validate her worth

.She is no longer begging to be loved for her soul, and all of her being, for she understands that her soul is infinitely connected with All-that-is.

She feels deeply and profoundly, for she is that heart-felt Being, who creates with great love, and all whose lives she touches can drink from that eternal fountain and find the love that is expressed in trillions of millions of ways.

She loves what she does, and she does what she loves, and she is not waiting anymore for the approval of others, for she understands that she is unique and special, and needs to live what she is truthfully and from her heart and soul.  Whether others understand this, or not, is none of her business – her business is to live her life as best she can, with all that she is and aspiring to be.  The rest she leaves in much Higher Hands.

She embraces abundance in all its forms, and she knows there is more than enough for all and she applies the law of equal giving and receiving and counts her blessings every single day, and blesses all whom she encounters and all the earth and sky.

She is not afraid to be Other-worldly for she always knew that this planet was not her home, and that she belonged between the galaxies and stars and in infinite abodes, where earthlings have long forgotten they dwelled.

She converses with the Angels, Archangels and so many of the unseen worlds, for she knows that they exist just as the physical earthly denser realms exist and are just as real.  For she knows deep in her heart and soul those times when she shed quiet tears deep in her own heart and inner chambers and in her own space, which no-one has ever seen.  There were times when she depth of despair called out the deep nights of the soul, when she had nowhere to go to, nobody to confide in, nobody to share this with, but her guardian angels, God and all of the Archangels, and her higher guides were there to assist her and she will always remember this.  So she does not wait for the down times to come, she asks them every single day to be with her, to guide her every step of the way.

She knows things which men will never know nor understand, and she trusts her inner knowing, her inner seeing, hearing and intuition, for it always is right.  She has long since learnt when she ignored it; she would get herself in trouble.  Now she just trusts what is given, even if sometimes she cannot see the bigger picture as yet.

She knows things and has that insight and vision, the wisdom of All Ages deep within herself, and she has loves delving ever deeper into the mystical, the magical and infinite wonder of life and that which is beyond what is just of the earth.  She wants to know the inner workings of the all that is, and what lies beyond, and she is not afraid to explore beyond the norm, and then to trust that whatever is given her, is the truth, for she searches for her own truth, the truth of her soul and what rings true to her.

She has started loving herself, for ALL that she is, and she is learning to love every curve, every sinew, muscle, wrinkle and cell, for she is finally realizing the gift of the Sacred Temple that is God/Goddess given, and she is grateful for ALL of it.  And she gifts herself with self-pampering time, inside and out, and she is not snoop with allowing herself ME-TIME, time to just be!

She feels vibrantly alive, and filled with the very gift of life, and she stops looking at that propaganda,  the false hype, the false images of what a woman should look like, and be,  stops comparing herself with others and beating herself up, and looks rather deep into her own soul for what is truthful, authentic and real for herself and she honors her body as sacred, special and unique in its own beautiful way.  For everyone is beautiful in their own way, and all was created unique and nobody is better made than the other – God/Goddess made them all perfect, whole and complete and nothing is missing.

And when the men (and women) try to make her fall into the trap of competition with others then she quietly smiles and goes her own way.  She is the Goddess after all, she spans dimensions and outer space with her inner Being, and she knows that in all the cosmos there is enough room for everyone, and nobody has to compete for attention, for their own place under the Central Suns: – for God/Goddess created the vast firmaments of the heavens and what is even beyond all of this, and her soul knows no competition there, as everything slots in perfectly where it should be.

She is very aware now, and discerning about her own sacred space, her womb, her most treasured and most beautiful womanhood, as a sacred gift to herself and to love.  She loves herself, nurtures herself, and she does the inner healing work and releases all the emotional negative cords, hooks and ties, and she asks Archangel Michael to cut all of these, and she frees herself of all the emotional baggage, and refuses to drag the past and all the past lives, and all the ancestral baggage any longer with her.  She is learning to fly unencumbered and free.

And she knows that she loves deeply, profoundly and when she loves she gives it her all, because she can do and be no other: – but she refuses to allow anyone to use her as a doormat to wipe their feet on, and she refuses to be treated like second, or third class, or even like someone without a soul, for she has learnt that boundaries are healthy, and she has mastered the fine art of self-respect, self-worth and self-love.

Because she now honors her own soul and her inner soul radiance, and her most sacred space, she is very fussy and discerning about whom she allows into her most sacred space.  She no longer is begging for crumbs, she refuses to change and lose herself for any man, and to allow anyone into her energy fields who is not on the same wavelength and same frequency band as herself.  She has finally learnt that she is capable of walking her path alone, and with strength, rather than allow herself to become disempowered and give her power away, to someone who does not see her inner beauty, and does not wish to stand there, as she is willing to, stripped naked and vulnerable to her core soul, with her heart and soul open, nowhere to hide.  If he cannot open himself in the same manner, then there is imbalance, and she at last understands, that where one is too much, and the other too little, imbalances cause pain.

It is not that she is not willing to be in relationships: – it is just that she finally understands the fullness of her womanhood and the fullness and power of her Goddess hood.

She has been through the mill and been grinded into the finest of dust, been reassembled, reinvented and through it all, and she finally understands that her power lies in her authenticity, her truthfulness, her faith, her inner strength, her inner beauty, her loving heart, her ability to ride out the storms and still come out of it all in one piece.  There never was a time when she ever was without a roof over her head, a bed to sleep on and food on the table, for she has been carried on the wings of the angels, and she knows for sure, that she never ever is abandoned, nor alone.

Now she claims her full Goddess hood, and she claims all that she is, and she no longer shrinks away from the power of womanhood, but she embraces it all.  She stands there fearless, and stands firmly rooted in Mother Earth, as she is firmly rooted in the Divine Cosmos, and all that is, and will ever be, and she does not need to be validated for who and what she is!  SHE IS ALL.

Therefore, she will love fiercely, loyally, and with her whole heart, mind, soul, spirit, body and being the man who is fearless in loving her too.

 The man who is willing to love her totally, complete, and not shrink away from her power, but stands fully in his own manhood and power too.

She does not want a half-man, or an unconscious man, she wants him to be there fully conscious with her, whether he understands her or not.

Love needs not to be understood, but best felt and lived every moment with every single breath and beyond all of this, into the mystical where one has to chart new journeys and cleave open new ways of relating and being, and therefore true love.

When she stands in the fullness and glory of her own womanhood, yet open, vulnerable, authentic, real, honest, and in her higher soul love, and he in the fullness, glory, vulnerability, authenticity, realness, honesty, without masks, then they both are there in their innermost soul and the magnificence of their soul beauty, and then they can finally meet as equals, as partners, in balance and create something extraordinary together.

And finally they see that they are not in competition with each other, they are not at war, they are not pulling each other in different directions, not causing each other pain: – but they are finally realizing that their soul calling and purpose is greater than the sum total of all, and when they are  able to find each other on so many levels, that they are meant to work together in tandem, in partnership, outwards into the same direction, sharing the same vision to raise the consciousness of Being, and to work towards the greater good of all.

At last there is the freedom to create new and greater levels of love in relationships, without the one being overwhelmed by the other, but each one equally empowered and in love.  Walking in love, talking in love, partnering in love.  This does not mean that there will not be fireworks, thunder and lightning, and times when the rain washes away all at the seams: – rather that one is mature enough, to ride out the storms, and to truly harness that inner soul strength and then to find that in the end all has knitted one closer together and one finally understands the immense gift of TRUE LOVE.

She finally has come home to a deep resting place, deep inside herself.  She has lost all in the process, her work, her home, her family, her friends.  The old life has disintegrated at the very core.  Yet, she has found a deep inner belonging, a deep inner peace, a deep love, which spans all dimensions and forms.

She is realizing that happiness is something deep inside herself, and she no longer looks for it outside herself.  She knows that she is whole and complete, and therefore there is no neediness to find someone to fill up the void – for the void is no longer there.

Now she can love with a love deeper and more profoundly, for it is soul love. And she can be all whom she wishes to be and more.

And she is learning to fly high like an eagle and to soar even higher than that, into the galactic and cosmic spaces.  She knows no bounds.

And one day, he comes, her eagle, her mate, and they fly and soar and do the mating dance.  And she finds they are equally matched – and then, she flies high above him, and he below her, and she closes her wings and free-falls: – and he catches her with his wings, as she has trusted him to do.  Then they reverse the process and he free-falls and she catches him with her wings.

On total trust, respect, and a deep honoring of the soul in each other, they now mate on higher and greater levels before:  not because of all the scars, the dark nights of the soul, and all else, but rather in spite of them all, and because those battle scars where hard won and served their souls in immense ways, to finally be able to love on a far deeper and more profound level, and experience the transcendental, Universal love, of the Divine Male and the Divine Female, and ultimately the true state of bliss.

And then, one day, she stands there, on the high mountain, and she thanks Mother Earth for giving her life, for giving her this body for an eyewink in eternity and to experience life on planet earth.   She thanks the Goddess for teaching her to stand in her own power, and for reveling and dancing in her own beautiful and profound womanhood, and for giving her the opportunity to finally understand the immense gift of life in this form.

As she raises her hands to the heavens and lifts her face to the sun, waves and waves of love energies run through her and radiate out into the cosmic whole.

She has finally come home.




(Judith Kusel)

For Twin Flame and Soul Readings:

The Celebration of Soul-Filled love and the adoration of the Beloved…..


Love at its very core loves to be celebrated, for it extends exuberant joy, that rapture, the bliss and the infinite euphoria of the coming together of the masculine and feminine God and Goddess within and without.

There is a certain type of adoration of the Divine within each other, which is there in the eyes of the Beloved.  It is the depth of the Mystery of Love itself, reflected in the eyes of the other, in that the depth of soul is revealed.

Two souls who have know each other from the very beginning within the conception of the Goddess and then birthed as one.  Two souls have traversed many galaxies, star systems, dimensions, life forms and parallel existences.  With the soul self there is no division, no separateness, for the soul is At-one.

We are heading into a totally new paradigm shift, which is already making itself felt and it is here truly that souls will come together who are destined to be together and more important work together:  “Love is not so much gazing at each other, but looking outward into the same direction.”

As much as one then celebrates the Beloved, and one is there in the delving of the depths and exploring and celebration of the infinite depth of the in coming together at this momentous moment in human history, it is also that outward fusion, as one, to serve humanity and the planet at large.  For these souls have done this in the rest of the cosmos, and now have incarnated to do this work now.  Many have been involved with this planet before and have returned to see through the immensity of this shift that is now upon us.

This is a common bond common Quest, which ties these two souls together in a greater celebration of higher service and therefore the celebration of new life, new beginning of life on planet earth.

The adoration of the Beloved can take many forms and many expressions.  Adoration is not just there in moments when we just love to be loved and love in return, but also in moments of challenges.  For the challenges in life are integral parts of life and hone our inner strength and resilience, as is the love we share in good times.  For when the relationship is challenged, it is time to delve deep within, and find that which one truly has always adored, loved, admired, and truly celebrated in the Beloved.

When the positives outweigh the negatives, then we are inspired to move into the higher octaves of Being which motivate us to return to equilibrium point, were we find the balance and see that both are needed in order to complete us, and to bring us ever closer together – almost in spite of ourselves.

The celebration of Love and Beloved, the adoration of such, means that I acknowledge my own vulnerability, all my insecurities, my fears, all that makes me a woman or man, and with it all the past lives, parallel lives, existences, in all dimensions of forms in all of the cosmos.  A lot of those inherent fears come from past life memory banks which get triggered time and again – especially in women at this time, but also in men.

This has to do with the greater higher healing of the soul wounds from Atlantis and what went before.

I have had discussions with many women lately who are feeling this shift intensely and it is literally cleaving them open to the core.  It is there hidden in our emotional bodies, within each vertebrae of the spinal column, in the root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras.  It is confronting those memory banks which are opening up of the unspeakable which happened to so many of us in other lifetimes on this planet, and even in this lifetime.

Our throat chakras got clogged up because of being silenced – our voice could not be heard anymore as mankind sunk into the state of insanity and unbalance, as the male went totally into his mind, and tried to cut out the heart and more than this tried to completely disown the feminine, even the feminine within each man.

Women were persecuted for the psychic abilities, their inner knowing and deep seeing, for their knowledge (they held immensely powerful planetary and cosmic keys and codes in the High Priesthood, in the Wise Women Shamanic Lineage, the in Druidic tradition the women had all the powers of transmitting, of prophesy and with it held the power of the oracles, as well as the energy (still hidden) on earth.  They were not only powerful healers because of using these inherent powers, but they also could work with the crystal kingdom, the elementals, the devas, and Mother Earth in ways the men could not understand, because of their ultimate links, through their womb and yoni, to the same in Mother Earth.  There is an immense depth of Mystery to the deepest parts of the womb, which is immense powerful and we have not even started to remember just how powerful this is.

Not only were women persecuted, they were treated worse than animals, enslaved, sold to the highest bidder, forced into marriages because of property or for political reasons, raped, plundered, used as mere chattels to produce offspring.

In Atlantis the soul was taken out of the woman.  She was treated as if she had no soul and was just a THING.  There was an attempt to make her soul-less and feeling-less.

As these immense shifts are occurring, we as women will have to start learning to celebrate our womanhood and to stop trying to be like men – as so many women do when entering the corporate world or in the way they try to compete with men.  There truly is no need for competition.

We have to learn to celebrate our womanhood, our womb, our sacred power center, the very essence of what makes us a woman and not a man.  There are 7 gateways of womanhood held within the yoni, and therefore 7 gateways to our womb.  Our whole pelvic bowl is a massive energy center, and until we learn to reconnect with this immense power base as woman and celebrate out womanhood to the fullest, heal those immense soul scars, we cannot truly be opened up to celebrate manhood, to celebrate love in its expansive form.

At this time all those old memory banks from Atlantis and what went before will start being triggered – in some women these have triggered for the last few years since 2004 especially.

Women have to reconnect with their soul for it was the soul in womanhood which was denied in Atlantis.  A woman in touch with her soul and living her soul purpose and calling and in touch with her womb cannot do and be other than celebrate her womanhood.  It is no accident that the ancient wise women knew that the yoni/womb in a woman, is connect to the yoni of the earth, and therefore a women’s psychic abilities open up tenthousand times more, when she is fully grounded into Mother Earth and its yoni and womb.

A woman who has found her root voice is vibrant, alive, and she cannot stop celebrating life, for she is the custodian and the giver of life.

A man can try as hard as he likes – he can help to create a child, but he cannot give birth to it.

The fact is that all creation celebrates balance – the masculine and feminine.  The one cannot fully function without the other.

The celebration of the Beloved then is in essence first of all, a celebration of self – of the women or man deep inside of you and all which makes you man or woman.  However this goes much deeper – it is in essence the celebration of the Life force itself, and more than this the celebration of soul.  It is then that we start being to open ourselves totally and to the core to the adoration and celebration of the manhood and womanhood in our Beloved and therefore:

Soul meets souls.

Heart meets heart.

Spirit meets spirit.

Higher mind meets higher mind.

Feelings meet feelings.

Body meets body.

All of these make up a man and woman.  Not one iota is ever missing.  All is perfection in motion.

To celebrate the Beloved, is to truly adore him or her.  It is a deep trust, respect, a love which is not earthly bound – it is cosmic.  For it expands past the limitation of the earthly existence into the infinite space where souls are birthed and where they exist as one entity.

When soul meets soul, there is such a deep, intense and profound connection, which light up the cosmic fire in both of them.

To meet the Beloved with an open heart, body, mind, spirit and soul, is to embrace wholeness within and without.  There are no limitations.  One expands into the state of dissolving.  One dissolves into the state of infinite bliss – the cosmic orgasm which created life itself.

A conscious awareness – a state of sublime consciousness which holds both the earth and the cosmos at the core: – It celebrates both the finite and infinite.

Man dissolves from the finite, into the infinite.

Woman dissolves from the finite, into the Infinite.

WE dissolve from the finite – into the Infinite.

When infinite space moves into the finite – enlightenment occurs for the cosmic fire within each of them ignites into one single three-fold flame/fire.

The celebration of life, of love, of consciousness then becomes the adoration itself.  All flowing into one single cosmic stream – the same stream of life which is creation itself.

Such is the gift of this time we are entering into.

When all the muck, the pain, the trauma of Atlantis and all the thousands of years of the removal of the soul in women, finally is laid to rest, man and woman will finally be able to return to the true state of the Garden of Eden – in balance, harmony and simple adoration of each other.

Such is the gift.

Yet each man and woman is responsible first of all to celebrate the man and woman within themselves in order to find wholeness again.

(Judith Kusel)

For Twin Flame Soul Readings and Soul Readings:

Celebrating the Rites of Womanhood

We as woman have forgotten the Ancient Rites of Passage – the rites of the celebration of life in all its form.

In a society which worships the teenager and youth – in form and being, it is worshipping but a minute timeframe of life, which is but a puff in the wind.  As teenager, you have not even moved past the first threshold of life (as much as they might protest otherwise and think they know it all).

True maturity in astrological term only comes at the age of 60!  When an astrologer once told me this, I had one of those AHA! Moments, and I looked back on my life and the I thought: “Yes, the rest of life is but the university, the training ground, for the true LOVE, POWER, AND WISDOM which comes when one has reached that blossoming maturity, which has experienced it all, and at last has found that inner peace, contentment and basic KNOWING, which spans time and space.”

There has a lot been written about women in later life, and what is called “mid-like crises” or the menopausal state.  I remember my mom saying to me, that she never had time for all the nonsense, because she never had time to feel sorry for herself.   Later on I researched this topic for someone and then found an interesting article by a woman doctor, where she reckoned that menopause, since it was labeled, has become a psychological label and something that the pharmaceutical companies have honed into.

That made me sit and think:  “What is it that we, as women, then have lost, or are not seeing?”

What we have lost is the celebration of life itself, in all its forms and expressions – most of all its seasons, of birth and rebirth.

Life does not just go and stand still with 17 years, which seems to be the age which some of the media adore – and which seems to be the “ideal” when the physical female form is at its most luscious and hormone active phase of life.

All of this is but another illusion spun on this planet – the illusion of eternal youth.

If you are totally honest with yourself – would you like to be 17 years old again?

We have forgotten how to celebrate life in all its forms and disguises, its waxing and waning.  We have forgotten to celebrate our womanhood – through all its expressions and life forms…. Indeed all its forms!

I have sat in the company of women where their total conversation went around how they could not do this or that, because the man in their life demanded that they be like this – not like that.  Deep down was the fear, that is they did not comply with this, the man would dump them for a much younger woman, and a more beautiful, perfect and sexier one. 

In essence these woman, allowed the men to control them and take their power away – yet, most of all it was not the men, but the women themselves, who allowed FEAR to manage their lives.  If a man did not honor the heart and soul of the woman he was with, he would not do that with the next or the next or the next.  Such is fact.

Women are their own worst enemies.  How often are other women judges because they do have the perfect figure – or because of not measuring up to the standards and norms of what a woman should look like, dress like, be like.  There is sharper tongue than that of a woman, and most of all she employs that most often with her own sisters, because she uses this to either feel superior or inferior – both of which feed the negative ego – and not the heart and soul.

The Goddess energies come back the heart and soul.  It is that wide opening of the compassionate heart, which embraces life in ALL its forms – not just the perfection, but also the perceived flaws.  Some women have taken on a heavier form in this lifetime.  I know this from myself, for I have often wondered why I was not born rake thin and I was told that I needed the heavier form otherwise, with my having such high energy fields, I literally would float in the air. 

To embrace womanhood, it means to celebrate this state of BEING in all and every single form and expression – in all her bodies and embodiments and in all of life as she expresses herself.

The Triple Goddess has THREE faces, the Virgin, the Mother and the Crone – yet the crone comes to a stage of in the rites of passage where she becomes the virgin again: – symbolizing the passage of life itself, the birth and rebirth and the cycles of the seasons.

First of all, we have to learn to move into the center of our heart and being, and start to learn to embrace ALL of our womanhood and all of our expressions of life.  This means embracing ourselves, body, mind, spirit and soul – and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, indeed all our 12 bodies.  When we embrace ALL of us, and celebrate each moment of being alive and well and on planet earth, then we will start to celebrate the passage of life itself.

I have had a relatively early dying of myself at the age of 36, when I had to have an emergency hysterectomy.  Something deep inside of me died then, but what died what the knowledge that I would never have children in this lifetime.  It took me some years to understand, that this merely meant a type of dying of the old, and the rebirthing of another me.

I am mentioning this in the sense, that I finally started to understand, that when one part of me dies, another me is born somewhere along the way.  That me then could channel the energy which used to be in the womb area, into a different kind of conception and way of life, which would give birth to bringing something greater and more profound into the world and gift the world with, than any physical birth of a child could do.

We, as we get older, need to understand this concept.  Instead of mourning the loss of the teenager, and the loss of youth, we should embrace the exuberant freedom which maturity brings!  We grow in wisdom, in understanding, and we have immense gifts to bring into this world.  Life does not stop at 40 or 45, or 50 or 55 or 60 or 65 – indeed LIFE STARTS FOR WOMEN IN MATURITY!

At last she gains the freedom to BE – just to be herself and to explore all those aspects deep inside of herself she could never be and do before.

She is like the eagle rising and flying higher than ever before.  She can inspire others and she can be that leader, that Elder of Excellence, who shows others the way.

Finally she has shed all those masks, those skins, and all that fear, which kept her prisoner for long.  She blossoms into Beingness: – indeed she is greater and more powerful than ever before!

She is not here to please any man and she is not here to be just a mother, or grandmother – or to be there just for her family: – she is meant to move the whole earth into a higher state of Being.

She is that catalyst for change.  She brings with her a life force which is greater than that of the virgin, or the mother – it is the energy of the Goddess itself, in all her power and glory!

She has been through the mill.  She has been through all the initiations and the passages of life, and now at last learns to love herself totally, and to claim her right to be.

She has gained insight and wisdom and this is the time for her to share this with the world, and not to shrink from doing just that.

She has stopped to blame, for she is embracing the responsibility to be the change she seeks to see in the world.

When a woman has reached that inner maturity, which is firmly anchored in love and acceptance of self, and firmly anchored in the wisdom, power, and love of the Goddess herself, she becomes this most powerful force on earth. 

She does not need to go to war nor fight battles.  She stands there in the immensity of being itself, and it is the LOVE, pure Love and wisdom – the SOPHIA itself.

She embodies the SHEKINAH; she embodies all the faces, the forms and the expression of womanhood itself.  She has been it all, she has seen it all; she has experienced it all, for she is life itself.

She has been into the Underworld of Hades, she has been to the Sun itself, she had experienced the moon in all its waxing and waning and the fullness of force….. She has felt every emotion, she has been through all the birth and rebirthing of the rites of the passage of life itself, and she stand tall in the knowing that she come through it all, with love, grace and wisdom, which is greater than anything else

Yes, she feels, she feel from the open heart and because she feels she knows that the older she gets, the more the world needs her to lead from the front and anchor in the  New Golden Age.  That is why she is here.  She chose to be the forerunner, the one who comes into maturity, as the New Golden Age, has already dawned, and now it means all hands of deck, so that tomorrow children, can experienced the depths, breadth of love, compassion, harmony and peace. 

This is what she brings.


The Sacred Emerging – sacred and sanctified union…..

378983_10151114672161139_2090262415_ndouble-en-1The Bride is ready and opening up for the union with her Bridegroom- the one she has been waiting for and preparing herself for.
She has been initiated into the Ancient Rites of Womanhood and she has been anointed by the Divine Mother Herself. She epitomizes womanhood in its true and beauty empowerment and therefore her symbol is the serpent – yet not the serpent in the sense of a true one, but rather the double meaning and that of sacred energies and the sacred sexual rites.
In the magnificent moment when a woman truly stands in her own power, she is deeply and profoundly connected to her own heart and soul. She has reconnected to her own inner core Being, which has been there since time began, and when, in an act of sacred union, she was first conceived and then birthed as soul.
She knows her own soul name, and she LIVES it with all that she has. For she joyfully and exuberantly expresses the Divine Essence in all that she is and does, for she knows that her true beauty comes from deep within.
She is connected to the greater Whole, to the Divine and therefore to the Cosmic Heart – and more so to the Cosmic Womb. For she knows with a deep knowing, that she is as much part of the womb of the Divine Mother, as she too is her own womb. And she nurtures her womb, for she knows this is the most sacred and most powerful part of herself. It is here, that she has her innermost sanctuary, that part of her, that has always been and it is here that she FEELS the most.
Her womb and her heart center are intimately connected, and when she has empowered herself in all her four bodies, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, then she also has empowered herself from deep within. She is ATONE with all that is, for deep down she IS creation and she is the creative force.
It is here, deep down, in the depths of her soul, her heart and her womb, that she feels. She feels intensely and her beautiful sensitivity and her joy of life, extends to all Being. It is here that she wishes to create and to bring that creative love, that creative joy, and that creative POWER to the world, yet always tempered with love. Hers is not the brash and harshness of the conquering spirit, but rather that tempered loving strength, that knows to stand her own ground if needs be – and it can become that of a lioness defending her cub, if she has to defend what is hers to the Tee.
She is connected to her womb, for she has worked through all the stuckness of emotions and feelings in there and she got rid and cleansed out what no longer serves her highest soul good – wishing to fly free and unencumbered and to be her own immense and powerful self.
She has done her inner work and the shedding of skin, until she stands naked and stripped to the core – yet here her true beauty reveals itself, and it brings in the greatness and beauty – that immense Mystery of what womanhood entails, for here she is powerhouse, it is here she ignites and it here thather innermost sanctuary lies.
When she is in synch with her own root, she glows with that inner seductiveness which gives her that radiance which comes from deep within.
When she stands there in her true beauty and power, she awaits him who will enhance her in all that is. She knows that she does not need a man to fulfill her, for she is already filled up from within.
Rather, she looks for a man, who will honor her womb, and who will honor her deepest core heart….. Yet, more than this – she seeks him, whom she can truly let into the innermost sanctuaries of her womb – her powerhouse, but then, that she can open up herself, and all those parts of herself, she has never opened up before – not even to her closest friends and confidants…. She opens herself up to the sacredness of HER.
For she can only truly love with heart open and filled with TRUST – trusting that he can delve into the depths of her being, and not betray her nor invade her – but joyfully MERGE with her AS ONE!
And when he thrusts with the immense beauty, magnificence and splendor of his true and heartfelt manhood, she gathers him around and within her, yet opening up and up, until there is just the merging of LOVE and energies and the intense moment of joyful releasing and gathering up and being filled up to the brim…. And tears of intense joyful bliss find her as she finds herself reflected in him and he in her….
And when she finds him, her Divine Other and there is that deep honoring there, she forgets all that she has ever been before. She joyfully welcomes him in and this then, his body, his mind, his emotions, his spirit, but more than this, the vibration and energy of him.
For she understands that this Bridegroom, then stands in his own sacred core and his sacredness is what is filling her, is the sacredness of himself.
When he brings his glorious manhood, his heart opens up to the very core = then she trusts and knowingly she opens herself up, and their energies merge AS ONE. The power of sacred union becomes unleashed, and then the vortex energies rises to fore, and this becomes then an act of immense importance – but losing themselves now in sacredness of the sanctuaries of the Divine – they merge and fuse into that ultimate state, where there is nothing but ONE single Flame of existence and the flame then becomes the three-fold flame of the Divine.
It is a deep and profound honoring, that sharing of loving energies, which spans time and space, yet, is comes from deep within, from the core being, and this is what makes it take flame.
For it is not and never has been about the gratification of SELF, it has been the mutual giving and receiving of the sacred nourishment of the energies which are the very energies of creation – that immense force which is the life giving force itself.
Such is the sacredness of union – when the truth stands in truth, and love stands in love, and there is no space or breath in between…….
It transcends then into the most amazing force – which has the power to change life to the core.
(Judith Kusel)