The opening up of the Lion Portal…

The immensity of Being is upon us now, as we are stepping through the Lion Portal, 8-8-2012, and then into a new state of being.

The lion is there to remind us of dignity, honour, integrity and the loving of self – not as in arrogance, but the true belief in one’s greater soul abilities and one’s own calling to greatness.

As this year progresses, we are called upon to open up, not only the portals of the earth, but the cosmic ones are opening up as well – and then we have to step past our normal, or rather what we perceive as normal, lives, and then step into the new.

The way is opening up for the UNEXPECTED and the bringing of the soul back to its TRUE PATH… to its own truth and then to LIVE that truth and bring this in immensely flowing gifts into being, here on planet Earth.


A lot of people have great fear of stepping over the threshold of such openings, for they fear that doing so, will force them to leave the old and familiar paths that they are clinging to for dear life.

Have you ever been in a place where traditions hold sway – and anyone who dares question these traditions, or the status quo, is marked a rebel.  You get the old guard who love being stuck in that – the old.  That is where their own sense of security lies: “This is the way things have always been done and so it will stay!”

As much as these people will want to cling to this narrow-mindedness, and their own fears of change, they will be forced out of it, as all the world changes rapidly and the old ways have to go.

A lot of people love labelling all and sundry: – as soon as something does not fit the narrow boxes where they put all into – then it is marked as evil, or satanic, or anything else….. What they really fear is fear itself.  It is not that darkness does not have power – yet when you fear the darkness, that is when darkness has a hold over you.  WHAT YOU FEAR YOU ATTRACT!

At the moment the portals which are opening up, are forcing us, to confront our own shadows, and most of all, to stop lying to ourselves and others, and to become REAL! 

So many are hiding under masks, and living lives which are lies, and then fear of being discovered as frauds.  It often becomes a matter of keeping up with the Joneses and then to follow the herd.  “If everyone else is being corrupt, and doing these things, and it leads to success, then I will do it.  If it works for them – then it works for me.”  When the inner souls and voices start screaming at them, that they are selling their own souls into slavery, then they simply shut the windows and doors, and put up a sign:  “DO NOT DISTURB!”  Often this will carry on for ages, until one day, all that they tried to hide, starts revealing themselves and then they feel exposed to the core.  That is what lying to yourself does, and more so, lying to others.

The New Energies and the cosmic portals opening up are demanding TRUTH, INTEGRITY and LOVE. 

When we start owning up to our own lies, (and most of all lying to ourselves), and we start accepting our own shadows – that means OWING the lies, and OWING the shadows, and stop being fearful of staying naked and exposed to the very core – then something funny start happening: – We start accepting ourselves, loving ourselves, and then we find that we do like lying any more: – WE ARE GETTING REAL!

Here the opposite sides of our own core soul start marrying each other – learning to dance in harmony and being in tune.  The one does not lead the other – they dance as ONE!

It is in this marrying of the opposites within OURSELVES, when the third force starts happening – we open ourselves up to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  We learn to love the shadows, as much as the light – and we start dancing now to the cosmic tunes, and then WITH the DIVINE…..  We start loving life and we love authenticity, we love being truly ourselves! 

A strange thing happens then: – we start attracting like-minded people, who are authentic, and true to themselves, and have learnt to love themselves unconditionally too.

It is in truly embracing ourselves, loving ourselves and our own Creator, that we start allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to be confused sometimes, to being not perfect… but to find the hidden blessings in the perceived imperfections and to see the perfection of life!

In those moments, we are at peace.  We start cultivating serenity, and then whatever else happens: – we are centred and anchored in LOVE. 

I am reminded her of a certain master, teaching his students the art of staying calm and serene in the midst of opposing forces.  He took up his normal meditation pose, and then challenged his students to forcefully try and remove him.  They shoved and pulled and tried everything:  the master had become an immovable object and nothing and no-one could disturb his posture, nor serenity, calmness and pose.  When asked how this is possible, he said that when the master, masters himself to such an extent, and stays in the state of peace or inner calm, then nothing and no-one can move him – because he is firmly anchored in the life-force itself!

This is what we are learning to master at this time!

When we truly wish to link up with our twin flames, then we first of all have to learn mastery of ourselves… of loving ourselves unconditional – of accepting the fact that we are made WHOLE – that the Divine does not create mistakes!

When we allow ourselves to become loving towards ourselves, and then open our hearts and souls for the Divine Love to flow in and out of us, unencumbered, then we will be reunited with our twin flames – who had to master this by themselves.  That is when we are ready for true union.

If the one is still hovering and unsure and lost within, then there is IMBALANCE.  In creation all flow in harmony and as one.  Where one is too much, and the other too little, there can be no state of balance and then love eternal cannot flow in a magnificent and glorious stream. 

The lesson of the Lion Portal is to stand in your own true majesty, dignity, integrity, mastery, truth and magnificence and to shine by being serene in the knowing, that all is perfect, whole and complete!  Nothing is missing….


This principle applies to ALL of life and this is the greatest of all lessons to master as 2012, starts drawing towards its final chapter in the history of mankind.

Love is the answer and here unconditional love and acceptance of self.