The New Spinal Column of the New Earth

Immensely powerful energies are pouring in and thus, as our new Light-bodies form for the New Earth, we indeed now have two spinal columns, one still in the physical form, and one in the etheric, or rather in the Light body as it gets activated in 7 stages.   

When the Light body gets activated all at once, we would not be able to still bridge form between the Old Earth and New Earth.  We are in a time still of transition – although many are already operating in the New Earth and thus in that much higher dimensional state, the old physical form takes a bit longer to adjust, although it is there, already adjusting. 

I am noticing this constantly within my own body now, as all is being rejuvenated and being reinvented, and others do start to notice this too.  When they do, I know this is not my imagination, but very real.

I was called to a place this morning, where I first encountered the Crystal Pyramids (sunk offshore under the sea) and an immensely powerful vortex energy.  I often am called there when immense changes are about to occur and then shown what these are.

Indeed, I nearly took off, as the powerful energy of the New Earth surged through me, and I literally welcomed into the New Earth and indeed walked upon her, as she is very much present and accessible within Nature, especially the Waters. 

When I came back, I was still so energized that I needed to lie down, and then was shown what was happening.  I now clearly saw my second spinal column, stretching way beyond my head, as the physical embodiment in the Light body of the New Earth is much taller.  At the same moment I was shown how more chakras are now forming and opening – not just 12, but indeed 24 and these will expand when we fully incorporate the New Earth embodiment, to 36 etc.   

The Spinal column acts as a Lightning Rod, an energy conductor, and more than this a Tuning Fork and indeed acts like a Cosmic Antenna which tunes into the Cosmic Spinal column and that of the Earth. In this case, again two, the Old and the New, until the Old then complete dissolves.  This is because we are still very much physically involved in the Old Earth, although transitioning.

I have worked with the Spinal Column of the Earth since 2009, and indeed worked intensely with the full opening, as during the different epochs on earth, and the sinking of landmass and reforming of such, especially after the floods, a lot of these centers were shut down.  (Read my book “Why I was born in Africa: – the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.”)

I was therefore overjoyed, to see that the New Spinal Column of the New Earth was in place and indeed, vibrating at immense speed.  It was of much higher frequency and vibration (Dimensional) than the old and it was indeed now activating dormant centers in the Giza Pyramids and all pyramids on earth (which still are visible) and the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystalline Pyramid Grids. During the time of Elysium all of the Crystal Pyramids were placed in strategic places and all were tuned in the Spinal Column of the Earth and indeed, these are all power points within a massive power grid, which is literally plugged in, through the spinal column to the Solar Core, the Galactic Core and the Universal Core Spinal Columns. (As above – so below).

I was shown how the whole is tuned into the Orion and Sirius and Cygnus (Horus) and indeed how energy is pouring in the Intergalactic and Universal Cores through these into the spinal column of the New Earth.

In turn, all of you are going to find that there is great movement now within your spinal column.  This is because of the second spine becoming more activated in some, and indeed expanding in those whose light bodies are activated in the first stages.  (Note there are 7 stages.  We are but in the first stages now, as by 2032, the full activations will be active as the Old Earth totally disintegrates).

What this means is that our sacred heart centers are then fully activated, as well as our higher minds (psychic, channeling and transmitting and tuning abilities) and we will be able to access Cosmic Information and Knowledge and Wisdom, which will assist us to co-create the New Golden Age.

We will be going through intense changes in the next few months, as the Old Earth disintegrates more and the old systems and old ways, and transition into the New.  Indeed, the more some cling onto the old, the more they will find that it all dissolves.  The Old cannot hold form any longer.

Image Credit: VinaArt

Yet, understand that the greatest transition, will come INSIDE of you. You will be stretched into the New You.  Within a year from now you will hardly recognize yourself anymore and that is how it should be. 

Seek not validation outside yourself – seek this within.  Walk in the company of the Divine and your highest guidance and you will find yourself navigating the immense changes easily and rise ever higher into the True You, the new you, the expanded you, the truthful you and the New Earth.  You will be assisted through it all.

The New Spinal Column will indeed reveal so much within ourselves which we need now to remember so that we can walk the New Earth.  As it gets activated more and more, we will start to reassume our full Universal Mastery and reconnect with the all the parts of our soul and resume our Galactic and Universal citizenship in the highest degrees.

We will now be able to manifest into form and being in much higher ways and degrees and within the Divine Laws.  More than this, from the Sacred Heart AS ONE with the Divine and the highest truth within.

We will be able to communicate heart to heart, soul to soul, and telepathically and lies and deceit will exist no more.

The Spinal Columns are tuning us into our Cosmic Self and indeed Mother Earth back into the Cosmic Fray where she truly belongs.

Judith Kusel

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Image Credit: AVA Design.

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