Immense energy changes coming in….

There is a higher state of Being which is truly something so deep, so immensely and totally there and is best connected to deep within ourselves.

It is that BEING which is behind all life and life forms, the very Higher Mind, the Higher Heart and Soul, and that which is beyond all of that.

In this moment, that is what we, who have been prepared for this for so long, are stepping into in the next few years.  It goes beyond whatever went before, and into a much higher octave of consciousness.

I understand this as pure energy and energy field, and it is there in every living cell, atom, and particle of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and all other bodies (12 in all) and it moves with very patterns and symbols, sounds of creation itself.

We can only tap into this from very deep inside of us, for it moves through certain energy systems in our physical bodies and then once those are unclogged and activated again, we move into a much higher frequency band.

I have been led to do intensively interesting transmissions on the spinal column for instance, and that has made me more aware of how this part of our physical body is an amazing device in its own.  When I say device I mean just that and I mean it in the context where it is linked to planet earth and then most of all cosmically. It acts as an intricate cosmic transmission center on its own.

We know all about chakras, and energy wheels, and the other bodies, but we have forgotten all about other vital components of moving energy fields and energy devices within our own human bodies.

I won’t go much more into this as my book is still the process of completion where I delve very deeply into this – all I want to say is that it made me aware that the cosmic law AS ABOVE SO BELOW and WITHIN SO WITHOUT as the very foundations, the whole strata-pattern on which the whole of the cosmos rests.

I am so much in awe of what creation is sometimes, that I have tears of awe and gratitude running down my cheeks.  WOW!  AHA!

Anyone who does not believe in a Greater Intelligence and a Greater Creative Force is not present in the heart and soul – for the more one if fully present, the more one starts activating the latent energy forces within all our bodies, and at the moment the higher 5 – 12 bodies will be slowly but surely activated when we are ready to fully step into our true power with responsibility.

This does not mean that some have not had their activated yet – it merely means that there is a immense stirring cosmically to now wake up human kind to truly start remembering and claiming their cosmic citizenship and take full responsibility for their own powers and the higher use of them, in higher alignment with the rest of the cosmos.

So, expect immense shifts now in energy and energy fields – it will be a whole and total reshuffling of energies and it will truly start working intensively with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies now, as the 5th dimensional state makes itself known and present.

(Judith Kusel)


The Higher Pathways of Love – the Quest for deeper and more profound Love.


Show me the depth of your own inner soul self,
that inner self that is there, where no one can see you,
nor look into you.
That is the truth of who and what you are.
It is then, and only then,
that Love reveals its true face.
(Judith Kusel)

All my life I wanted to know the very depths, the core of the Mystery that lies behind what is seen and into that which is unseen, and which holds the greater cosmic whole together.  It became a Quest in itself, for I have a natural inquisitiveness and I very deep sense of destiny which is somehow all connected to this and have had that since I can remember.

For the deeper I delve into the Mystery of life and all of Creation, the more I am being brought to the energy of Love itself, for Love, and Life are intertwined and one cannot separate the one from the Other.  It is one and the same.  For without love we wither and die, like a plant without water and too  much sun: – without love life itself loses meaning, for we were created to love what we do and do what we love, and love beyond even that.

It is love more than anything else that gives meaning and purpose to life.

Then how is it that we human beings are having such great difficulty to love ourselves and all of life?

In 2009 I went on the journey, a Quest to find out why I was had been born in Africa, which became an inner and outer journey of discovery itself.  It taught me things about life and love which I never set out to find, and yet it gave the core meaning to the new life being formed within me.  In itself it became a journey of initiations into the higher realms and into the Mystery itself.

At the very same time, then my inner memory bank started triggering, which intimately was linked to meeting my Twin Flame again, and then just having memory bank, after memory bank cleaved open, and with it intense pain.  That pain came from this lifetime, and the dark nights of the soul which I had been plunged in before meeting him, but then kind of triggered more on finally meeting him, whom I yearned for all my life, and of whom I had vivid dreams when I was 17 years old.

So, off I went, leaving all behind and in this I wanted to heal, and I wanted to find the truth in all, and I knew that I could not shrink away, and that somehow my soul took this onto itself and I had no other option.  I had to delve into the Mystery that was unfolding for me, not only because I started tapping into vast energy fields, and into immense information never before accessed by man (as in now), and at the same time, having to delve deeper and deeper into my own soul memory banks, and start releasing the anger, the pain, and whatever baggage there was – not only from this lifetime but from what came before – more than this a deep distrust and fear for the very man I loved.  Where did that come from and what did it mean?

I am sharing this with you today, for in a sense I know now that ultimately the Higher Pathways of Love will demand this from all and every single one of you.  Not going on Quests or journeys like I did, but rather being prepared to delve into the very depths of yourself and then to go and release all the pain, the hurts, the anger of yore. 

For a lot of the souls who incarnated since World War II and who then volunteered to assist this whole evolutionary process, had karmic links, ties and patterns with this planet, and this comes from long before Mu and Lemuria, and then to those first civilizations beyond those.  This I have recorded in my book “Why I was born in Africa” which I hope to complete this year.

It was in these first ever civilizations that the seeds were sown for what later became the karmic patterns of man, of the collective, and then also the individual souls.  As some of the soul groups have been involved with the planet from the very beginning, in co-creative roles, they have returned now to finally put the old to rest, to dissolve and release all the karmic patterns, the links, and all that still needs to be done – so that can move on in the evolutionary process of soul groups and souls and do not have to return here again.  We on planetary level cannot evolve unless we have finally cleared and brought the imbalances into balance once more.

We have not all been angels – and we all have the shadow, the light and every human trait within us.

For the whole cosmos evolves – ever evolves and expands upon itself continuously and so it is with souls and soul groups as well, for they are then moving into the higher dimensions and the higher evolutionary states of existence and work in the greater cosmic realms.

We all had soul contracts that we drew up, under the guidance and the great loving care of the Lords of Karma, so that we could meet up with them again in this lifetime at a given time in our journey through life.  With some we have karmic debts to clear, old negative patterns to clear, and therefore they will show up in our lives as those who challenge us most, but also those whom we love the most.  Some will come in for just a short time, and some for a whole lifetime, and some for just a period of time, but all bring with them immense lessons of love.

So often we resent these lessons of love, for they challenge us to the very core.  For hate is very much akin to love, and with some souls more than any other.  Yet, behind all the pain, anger, love, and whatever else, there is fear.

Fear to love, fear to truly love and more fear to open to love. Fear of being hurt.

For love is the greatest power there is.

As long as we can point fingers at others, we do not need to delve into the heart and into the realms of love, for we close off the heart, and we refuse to love.  Yet, in doing just that, we make ourselves ill and bitterness, resentment, emotional baggage result which smothers our very life force and removes the joy of life and the miracle of living a soul-full, love-full life!

Whatever the other reflects back to us, are but parts we have not owned nor loved about ourselves and most often whatever we see is something which has come over more than one lifetime and needs to be resolved once and for all.  Otherwise we will be bonded to that soul for all eternity – until we finally learn the lesson of Grace.

I have found that the more the soul memory banks got triggered, and I could release that old baggage, the pain and karmic links and patterns, the more my heart and soul could open to love.  I have healed in so many ways, and my fears have dissipated like mist before the sun.  For the first time in my life I am able to love, totally, unconditionally, and to completely.  I could not do that before.

I can finally love my Twin Flame for who and what he is, for the soul memory banks have been cleared, and with immense loving Grace.  Now I can see the immense Love, the caliber of the man himself, and I can love to the depths of my being and trust with all my heart, soul and the rest.

For pain is a great teacher.  It teaches us that something is not kosher, that something is amiss, and most of all, that somewhere there are dragons to learn to love, to tame and befriend.  Most often those dragons are not in the person pushing our buttons and challenging us to the very core, but those dragons lie there INSIDE of ourselves, and all that we have not loved nor acknowledged before.

I am standing today in great respect for the cosmic laws, which are eternally there, and once one starts understanding them, it is like the whole cosmic order reveals itself in a few simple words.

Nowhere is this more truth than in this law:  WHAT IS WITHIN IS WITHOUT.

What is WITHIN ourselves will reflect on the outside and what is there that is not resolved and churning inside will manifest in form on the outside.  What we fear we attract.  What we reject, rejects us.  What we do not love about ourselves, others will not love about us.

With all my heart, soul, mind and might I want to delve ever deeper into the Mystery of Love itself, and into the Mystery of Life itself.

I want to feel, to experience, to know the depths and breadth and the whole cosmic Being of Love and become that Love with all that I AM.

I don’t want to lose out on the depths of Being – that living my inner truth to the core.

It is not easy, yes, and it pushes me way beyond the norm and always has.  But I cannot be true to other than what is there inside my soul and what is there for me to learn and more than this, this lies in the realms of the soul, love and life.

I am tired of walls, fortresses, of all hurts and pain.

I want to live life in pure love and stand naked and stripped to the core.

I am tired of pretend – it never served me.

I am tired of nursing hurts – all it did was hurt me more in the end.

I wish to embrace life and life more abundantly.

I wish to embrace love and love more abundantly.

I wish to delve into the depths of Love and let that ocean of Love carry me wherever it wills.

I wish to love more deeply, more profoundly and love with all my heart and soul.

I wish to embrace my Beloved, with all that he is, and delve into the depths of his heart, mind, body and soul, and then to find that Love is everywhere, in every atom, energy, cell, being, for it is there in the Mystery of what makes him the man, the soul, he is.

I don’t want to shrink in this Quest.

I don’t want to move through life not experiencing Love in all its myriad of forms and disguises.

More than this, I want to open my heart to more and more Love, and Love infinitely and eternally and then even beyond that.

There is a huge sign in the heavens and it reads:  NO SHRINKING ALLOWED!

(Judith Kusel)

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Co-creatorship and the Law of Intent

What is so fascinating is that we invented the ladder, and then destroyed the same ladder, and fell down to the very last rung.  Now we have to reconstruct, recreate the whole ladder and all the rungs in order to climb up to where we once were. When I do my Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am always astounded at the gifts, talents and abilities that souls have inherently encoded and programmed into them to be co-creators.  Indeed all souls have been created to enhance creation and to expand upon it.In some lifetimes on earth, especially in the very beginning, they knew how to use this and did not suffer from amnesia.  Indeed some soul readings leave me stunned at to the incredibly high technology and higher healing abilities these souls have and I battle to translate this into everyday language what I transmit, for this does not exist on the planet today.  So these souls have all this high advanced knowledge within them and have not yet learnt to tap into this and return it to the planet.

via Co-creatorship and the Law of Intent.

Co-creatorship and the Law of Intent


In essence we are now more and more stepping into that higher state of Being, where we can start assuming all those powers that we once had at the very beginning.  To me this is in essence then, that stepping into co-creatorship.

We all innately at soul level have the ability to co-create with the Divine Creator.  The only stipulation ever placed upon us was that whatever we create would fall within the Divine Cosmic Laws, the Laws upon which the foundation of all that was and is created in the Cosmos rests.

The firmaments in heavens were laid on these foundations.  All the energy and energy fields were created resting on the same principles.  That is why there is greater order and harmony in the whole.  The one part cannot function without the other parts, and one single part enhances the whole.

The Tree of Life which was in the First Eden was not so much off limits to those living on Earth at the time.  It merely contained the whole principles of cosmic laws, and contained therein were the Laws of Co-Creatorship.  It also worked on the principle of Free Will and Choice and taking responsibility for whatever you then chose to create.

The law of responsibility meant that if you created something, then you would also be responsible for the outcome – thus you would be responsible for the way that whatever you created would function, grow, or be within the greater whole and SERVE the Greater Whole.

This made whoever was then using this ability, very careful what they wished to create in their own lives, and in the broader cosmos – for after all, if they had to one day, stand before the Creator with the mantle of responsibility resting on their shoulders, they would also stand accountable for how their creations affected the greater whole.

Now, the first law of co- creation is the Law of Intention.

At the first seed of inspiration, or vision, or whatever, there comes then a moment, where we have to set the intention that we wish to create this, or bring it into form. However before we put that intention out, it is wise to just for one moment bring that intention in higher alignment with the cosmic laws.

For it is here that humanity, at large, has had the Tree of Life, all Knowledge and then when they finally understood that they had free will and choice whether to create within the cosmic laws, or not, they created their own fall from grace, by not adhering to those laws.

In other words, they had not mastered the most important principle and that was, that before you can create you have to ask yourself if what you are creating is for the higher good of all, or will it destroy more than it builds up.

For example, Hitler had that inspiration and most certain had a calling.  Yet, what did he create?

The Dalai Lama had a calling and inspiration – what did he create?

For whatever we create in some form we are responsible for, and whatever we create will impact the world in some form or another.  It might not impact so much on this generation, but certainly on all the generations to come.

One can only look at family dynamics to understand, that often within families you inherit was has been created before, and you yourself leave something behind for the next generations.  What you leave as a legacy, might appear three or four generations down the line, but it certainly started somewhere within you.

I love this whole concept of creation, and what I find so fascinating, is that in essence  what has been created before, in civilizations long gone and buried beneath the sea or sand or just forgotten about in the mists of time, have left us lasting legacies of what they created.  However, what I am finding in my own quest for what I am uncovering about energy and energy fields, is that that they were Light years ahead of us as far as Light energy technology and its use was concerned, and somehow, many thousands of years later, human kind has forgotten how to tap into this energy field.

This is to me a shining example of creating something wonderful, and then somehow creating that which destructed it – so much that it disappeared, and then with the destruction came a fall down from evolutionary scale into the state of forgetfulness, the Dark Ages, and only now at this time, are we able to climb up that same ladder again.

What is so fascinating is that we invented the ladder, and then destroyed the same ladder, and fell down to the very last rung.  Now we have to reconstruct, recreate the whole ladder and all the rungs in order to climb up to where we once were. 

When I do my Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am always astounded at the gifts, talents and abilities that souls have inherently encoded and programmed into them to be co-creators.  Indeed all souls have been created to enhance creation and to expand upon it.

In some lifetimes on earth, especially in the very beginning, they knew how to use this and did not suffer from amnesia.  Indeed some soul readings leave me stunned at to the incredibly high technology and higher healing abilities these souls have and I battle to translate this into everyday language what I transmit, for this does not exist on the planet today.  So these souls have all this high advanced knowledge within them and have not yet learnt to tap into this and return it to the planet.

We so often we trip ourselves up, because we do not use these gifts, talents and abilities, or we are too timid, too differently programmed, too indoctrinated to start using them, and most often when to want to use them, we do not know how.

Most often as children we remember, and use these gifts but somehow along the way our systems get shut down and most never wake up again.

“Deep down, I have always known this,” is the reaction I get most of time from those for whom I did my readings, as they start to remember.

What I find so exciting about my own life and then all our lives, is that we now have this window of opportunity to truly step into that inner ability to co-create and to use our soul gifts and talents in higher service.

However first we must delve deeply into ourselves and then get crystal clear about how we are going to share these with the world.  It is then that we have to set the intent.  In using these gifts, talents and abilities, in creating this, how am I serving the Higher Good, and how does what I am creating impact on the lives of others?  How will it make a difference?  How will it serve the greater whole?

It is same with love.  If I set the intention to love someone and to walk some part of the life path with them, then I also have to get crystal clear about what I intent to create with this relationship.  For love needs to be tended, nurtured, and looked after just as much as one would tend, look after, adjust, innovate, as with setting up a business, or bringing your gifts, talents and abilities into the world.  If there is no communication about the common goal, the common intent then where is this all heading too anyway?

It reminds so much of a quote I love from Antoine de Saint-Exupery:  “Perhaps love is not so much gazing at each other – but outward, in the same direction.”

So it is with all of life.  If we wish to create a new world with harmony, with rainbow nations coming together, then we have to set the intent and get crystal clear about how we are co-creating this in our own lives.  For we cannot just leave that to others – we have the same responsibility to partake in the new creation as everyone else.  Essentially what we create in our own lives does have a ripple effect on the whole, just as what happens in the greater whole has a ripple effect on our lives.  It is all one and the same.

Make sure your intentions do not come from the ego but are for the highest good.  Universal energy supports intention.  It is the basis of manifestation.

An intention is like an arrow in flight.  Nothing can deflect it.  So aim carefully.

When your intention is honorable and noble, even if your plan does not come to fruition, you will be cosmically rewarded for the purity of your ideals, for what you intended.

I leave you with a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer:  “Rather than praying to God or a saint for a miracle, pray for the miracle of an inner awakening, which will never leave you.”

When the inner awakening, the visions, the dreams, the quest will always be in higher alignment with your soul purpose, and calling, and when that triggers, one is in higher alignment with the greater Divine plan and will.  When one then sets the intent, miracles do happen and the rest of the cosmos conspires to assist us in our co-creatorship in all and every way it can.

(Judith Kusel)

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May brooks and trees

Karma: Releasing old contracts, vows, etc. especially dowry agreements, marriage and business contracts, etc.


When humanity lost its innocence with the proverbial fall from Grace, which was really a matter of free will and choice, and choosing the wrong option which separated mankind from the Divine, and unified cosmic laws and Tree of Life,for the first time ever karma was created and with it the karmic board.

Karma was basically created because of humanity willfully breaking the cosmic laws, and sometimes out of sheer ignorance, and there needed to be lessons in balance.  It basically has to do with the lesson of CAUSE AND EFFECT – what you sow you will reap and mastery of such.

All energy moves in a circular pattern and it understood that at some point the negativity created would need to be transmuted back into peaceful Love and cleared.

We are given the lesson of experiencing the outcome of our actions or inactions, making wrong choices and ignoring the Divine and all Divine Cosmic Laws of Creation, in order to learn the correct use of power.  Yet, at the same instance, we at any time have the freedom to bring all back into balance, clearing the karmic debt, and therefore releasing the old harmful patterns we created somewhere along the line.  We may ask the Lords of Karma for a dispensation, or we can ask help from certain of the Archangels to help us to release outdated vows etc.  If this is for our greater good and soul growth it will be granted.  

It basically comes back to understanding the basic cosmic laws of creation, for all of creation is perfectly structured and rest on the foundation and principles of these laws. They act as the building blocks for the greater cosmic order.

As co-creators in the beginning, we knew this and adhered to these laws, and therefore harmony reigned.  We created from our heart space, and with great love, and always within the greater cosmic whole.  We knew we were part and particle of this whole – this vast energy field, and that whatever we created, had to enhance, built upon, and expand upon what was already there.  In other words, the wheel had been invented, all we needed to do if help to perfect it, and not break it into a thousand pieces and then not have the tools to reconstruct it again.

I see this very much like a child who pulls a toy car to pieces because he would like to see how it works, inside and out and thinks he can create a better one  – and then when the only the pieces remain, realizes he cannot put it back together again, and starts crying and asks the parent to put it all together again. When the parent cannot do that he throws a tantrum and goes and pulls the next one to pieces…

That is basically what humanity did time and again, and in the mess that we all made, civilization after civilization managed to destroy itself.  Our greatest collective lesson is to now let go of the past once and for all, and to truly start to master the cosmic lessons and find our way back to wholeness again.

As with all things, wholeness, balance and healing all starts with the individual and with each soul.

Every time, we enter into an agreement with another soul, it is recorded in our soul records.  Every time we make a vow, or a commitment, it is recorded.

It does not matter whether these were dowry agreements made by our parents in some lifetime, a contract was signed.  It does not matter how many business deals, political alliances, or whatever we ever made in this lifetime or another, we signed a contract.

It does not matter how many marriages you have had in this lifetime or another, you signed a contract and made a vow somewhere along the line.  And every time we make a vow, sign a contract, and especially if this formed part of some religious ceremony, even like hand-fasting ceremonies, or blood vows, or whatever, there are angels who administer to these vows and will keep you to them – lifetime after lifetime until the vow is released and the angels keeping you honoring these vows are dismissed.

The same applies for poverty vows, vows of obedience, chastity, etc.  which religious orders often forced upon their members and are still valid today, if not released.  That is one of the reasons that some people will still believe in these updated vows and apply them diligently in their own lives and then wonder why they never seem to make ends meets and want to give it all away.  Unless these vows are released, the angels will keep you honoring them.

The Archangel in charge of all vows, contracts, etc. is Archangel Michael and his legions of First Ray Angels.  I won’t go into details here, for the space does not allow it, but one can call in with Archangel Michael’s help and with the help of your guardian angel, agree with their permission, to call in all those souls that you ever made contracts with, or vows, or had worn token of those vows on your person (bracelets, rings, begging bowls, chastity belts, tattoos, etc.)  to gather in a vast cathedral, and those who have ever witnessed you making such vows.

If you start doing this, you will be surprised about whom you find there and how many souls were involved – especially if you were a public figure in some past life.  So be prepared to be amazed.

Then see how you and Archangel Michael stand in front of an altar, and on this altar is a huge Golden Book, the Book of Life.

Archangel Michael now starts calling in one by one, all of those that you ever made marriage vows with, in this lifetime or another, in all parallel lifetimes and existences, etc. and ask them if they are willing to release those vows, and are prepared to sign the Golden Book.  He also asks all those who witnessed at the time, to stand as witnesses.

When the Golden Book has been signed by those with whom the contract was signed, Archangel Michael asks you to take off any tokens you are still wearing in your etheric soul form, e.g. rings, etc. which will bind you to the vow and asks you to take them off and place them into a bowl one of his angels is holding out for you to be transmuted by them in to the purity of God energy, and then he dismisses the angels administering these vows.  If you had tattoes or symbols ingrained even into your auric energy fields, the angels will remove these too.

Repeat the same with ALL other vows, contracts agreements.

After all have signed the Golden Book, Archangel Michael asks you if you are now willing to sign the Golden Book to release all of these forever.  Do that.  And then see how the whole congregation are celebrating your release from these vows and your newfound freedom.

You will be amazed at whom you find there, and how many vows you ever made in all lifetimes and existences.  Once these vows, contracts etc. are released, you will find that something deep within you starts shifting and resolving.

You might have to do this a few times at first, sometimes twice a week, and every week you find new vows popping up and something to release as your soul memory banks get triggered.

In this way we finally release ourselves and others from old contracts and old agreements etc. which truly do not serve our highest soul good anymore.

So many of us were sold into slavery and were owned by others.  So, it does not matter what contract was signed where – it was to be released, otherwise you will be kept to it in some form or way and it will come to haunt you.

My Twin Flame Soul Readings point to these contracts, vows etc. time and again, for most often we will be pulled into the same souls and into the same relationships in this lifetime, because of those vows still being valid from many lifetimes ago.

(Judith Kusel)