The Return of the Feminine Divine… Energies and Higher Healing….

The Mother of all… and receiver, the birther and ultimately the greatest energy source of all is now returning to this planet in full force…

In the very beginning she reigned on this planet… and all her creatures lived in harmony and they were happy and content…. They honoured her in the forests and trees, in the cyclic nature of the turning seasons and tides….

They honoured her sacred oak groves and those sacred energy places of this planet, which reconnected them with the Feminine Divine… the Mother of all Creation… the Great Mother, who in one moment of utter and complete union with the Father of All, in ecstasy and bliss that only perfect union expresses, she gave birth to the galaxy and stars, and most of all of all life and life forms, visible and invisible…

In those days the women held the offices of the nurturers, the Keepers of Life and Death… They held the Crystal Keys as High Priestesses, and from in perfect harmony with their male counterparts… yet, they reigned the regions and energies of the HEART, the COSMIC HEART and most of all, they acted as the TRANSMITTERS of COSMIC TRUTH, LAW AND MOST OF ALL the COSMIC BIRTHING AND NURTURING OF ALL LIFE.

Thus they held the Crystal Pyramid Temple of Love, a vast Rose quartz Temple, and the WHITE FLAME of PURITY, The HALLS OF RECORDS AND WISDOM, for the Divine Feminine always held the KEYS OF WISDOM,  the EMERALD Temple of HIGHER HEALING, and they held the VIOLET FLAME, of Higher Magic and TRANSMUTATION,  The Temple of the INITIATION RITES and RITES OF PASSAGE, the Temple of UNITY, and BIRTH AND REBIRTH…. The Temple of Astrology and Birth charts….

In those days the women held the power of the earth and sky, as their male counterparts were the administrators, the rulers, the ones who put into place such policies as were determined by the Greater Counsel, consisting of the 12 High Priests and High Priestesses of the Crystal Pyramid Temples over which they resided…. Each Temple having both a Male and Female counterpart as High Priest and High Priestess.

 The men were the Keepers of the Crystal Skulls and thus held the power of administer, while the women held the power the Crystal Keys and over the energy centres and the ultimate Higher Wisdom and Knowledge to hold the powerbases of the earth and sky…. the nurturing of the its animal and plant life and the nurturing and unfolding of all life forms and the wisdom and manifestation power that stems from the heart and soul.

Women have always had the power to heal the soul…. while the men held sway in the power of the mind…. and the mind-driven expertise of building and administration… the general running and working of things…

All of this created an ultimate BALANCE, as both the male and female, worked in tandem and then in a state of complete harmony, ENHANCING each other.

Yet, what happened was that over time, men started fearing the power of women… and this is the form of the SEXUAL power…. and the power of heart creations….

A certain element of the Black Magi started infiltrating the planet, and with it, the minds of men…. As men started to use the power of their minds and then with it, the brutal power of their superior strength, they started to remodel society and started to use force to establish the rule of Men over the planet….

With time, men and women forgot the equality of the two genders, and forgot to dance in tune with each other, as one started to reign over the other, and started to rape and abuse women and sell them in slavery… or being forced to marry for dowry or political power…

In the new way of life, what men feared more than anything else, was the women’s SEXUAL power…. For the Ancients had used certain Rites of Sex (which have since been removed from the planet, with the demise of the Feminine Mother and which will only be returned once the shift of consciousness returns – I am not talking about the Rites of Isis or any other such rites as might be remembered… nor tantric sex….) to help to empower both the male and female aspects…. When both are empowered in the correct way, then this energy helps to bring balance and equilibrium back to all of life and life-forms on this planet, as it is LIFE ENHANCING and a truly beautiful form of pure energy….. (When there is mutual respect and mutual love and loving kindness involved, as well as other aspects which I will not mention here….)

We are entering a RITES OF PASSAGE, and have been for the last few years, when the FEMININE DIVINE is being returned to this planet.  With this will be a shift in relationships, and with it, will come the OPENING UP OF THE HEART CENTER. 

When the heart truly opens up it brings with it an opening up of the sexual centres of both the male and female and this enables the sexual union to go up in intensity by a few octaves.  This is most felt between twin flames and soul mates… for here their energies blend and when enhanced even further by certain elements, this brings about a state of euphoria and bliss which is immensely powerful and beautiful….

This is a true dance of love… as a dance of cosmic energies….

We are simply asked to open up our hearts to the new energies released, and then to simply not cling to the old relationships anymore, which no longer serve our highest good.  This is not to say that both partners cannot go through a period of adjustment and then move closer to each other…

 It is just, that the female aspects of life, as expressed by the female body, will undergo a certain change, as these energies work with the PELVIC BOWL of women and open up certain hidden DNA structures within their ovaries and womb.  Even if the womb or ovaries have been removed, the energies work with their ethereal parts and some women might even have these grow back or being repaired in the next few years….. Even the sexual hormones are being reactivated.

For women in particular, it is important in meditation to ask for beautiful golden light to clean out and cleanse the pelvic bowl area and to simply learn certain ancient techniques of doing nurturing this aspect of self.   You can also simply imagined twirling swirling light cleaning, rejuvenating and activating this area… for herein lies the essence and BEING of all womanhood.

This exercise will also clean up tension in this area, and pain associated with sex, child birth or any other discomfort felt in that area since puberty.

You might also, simply during the day, put your hands around this area, and send healing energy into this area, via your hands.    Simply hold yourself, as you would hold a child, when pregnant, and then send in healing light.

I have found that some men, feel the Feminine Divine, and are asking for assistance, as they say they have no male role models to follow anymore, as the macho type of man, who simply takes what he wants is fast disappearing, as the more nurturing side and open hearts of men appear.

For them, it will assist them, to consciously work at opening their heart chakras and simply allowing light to flow into and out of the heart.   They can also then, push this energy up through their throat chakra, and up to their third eye, and then down again for a few times.  This will open up the energy centres in their brain, for so long suppressed and then help them to start feeling more and being less in the mind….(It won’t decreased your analytical or other abilities, merely enhance them to get more in tune with the GREATER COSMIC HEART, CREATIVE AND NURTURING ABILITIES).

Most of all, walking barefoot, and getting grounded into Mother Earth, feeling the grass under your bare feet, sand, and earth, will help you to ground these energies.  This is most important, for when we start using the sexual energies for the HIGHEST good once more; we need to be properly grounded and not floating somewhere between earth and sky….

These are truly beautiful colours and rays the Divine brings…. and as our hearts open up more and more… so will the natural abilities and the life giving force return to this planet and our lives!

DNA – Clearing of Karmic Family Residue…

Through time and space your soul wished to be here.  It wished to be part and particle of a dramatic series of events, that would change a lot of the old mistakes, which have been made over millennia on this planet.

When this planet was first made habitable, a lot of volunteer souls, ASKED to be part of a huge experiment.  It was an experiment that would see to it, how life and lifeforms from other galaxies and star systems would survive on a planet, within a universe, which was one of the latest being created and birthed within the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the beginning there was harmony and balance… and there was no such thing as strive, hated and war.  However, during the course of this first settlement, the offspring of those who first colonized this planet, started coming into contact, with those who Beings who had conquered and destroyed other star systems.  These Beings first settled on Mars, and the planet which blew itself up, (in a massive war) between Mars and Jupiter. 

These Beings, who stem from a Black Mass of consciousness, infiltrated the planet, and then proceeded to destroy the first civilization…. Their destructive tendencies, then went on to destroy the subsequent civilizations which rose from the ashes of the first, and they were called Mu or Lemuria and Atlantis.

Since then, civilizations have risen and always ended up destroying themselves, repeating the age old karmic patterns, that have kept this planet prisoner, since those from the Dark Mass first infiltrated the mass consciousness…

A lot of the souls now incarnated, have either been involved at the beginning of time, as scientists CREATING this planet and settling in the first life forms… or were involved as the first VOLUNTEERS…. Some of them were the first ones from the DARK MASS consciousness who subsequently introduced the self-destructive tendencies….  All of these souls, now have to confront not only their OWN PERSONAL KARMA, but also whatever they CONTRIBUTED TO THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS….

Then there are those souls who have no karmic links with this planet, but have merely volunteered to assist this planet at this time, with the raising of consciousness.  Yet, they also, at some time, have had connections with this planet, in one form or another.

When we start understanding that SOME PATTERNS, such as SELF-DESTRUCTION have haunted this planet for millennia, then we also understand, the importance of our SOUL MISSIONS on this planet at this time…




This is because, when Lady Gaia, in a dispensation to the Divine Source, asked to be assisted, as she is slowly dying, they agreed to assist, and to send in a mass of LIGHT WORKERS AND VOLUNTEER SOULS TO ASSIST, WHO WOULD ANCHOR IN THE HIGHER COSMIC RAYS AND HOLD THE LIGHT STEADY SO THAT THIS SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS COULD OCCUR!

The Good News is that we, who are the volunteer souls, are succeeding in this, as the old patterns start breaking up.  However, OUR GREATEST TASK IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS WILL BE TO INCREASE OUR OWN LIGHT LEVELS AND OUR OWN FREQUENCIES AND VIBRATIONS, SO THAT WE ANCHOR IN EVEN MORE COSMIC ENERGIES.

How do we do this?  First of all, it is work on self, and then work on family karma, and then work on social and mass karma.  The next step, once this has been done, (and this will happen in 2013 – 2024), will be A MASS CLEARING OF THE CLOGGED ENERGY CENTRES OF THE TONAL CORD ENERGY CENTRES OF THIS PLANET, SO THAT NATURAL ENERGY RESOURCES CAN BE RETURNED TO THIS PLANET.

It is most important now, that when your own life start falling apart (or has already done so in the last few years, as most Lightworkers have been through an initiation to raise their consciousness and purify their souls for this work), and that of your family, and social structure, is to ask for clearing of personal and family karma.  This is mainly because, in order to incarnate onto this planet you had to chose your family.

However, within your FAMILY DNA, certain PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOUR have been programmed in.  Your task is to consciously break those patterns, or in other words, clear those karmic patterns, so that, with the changing DNA, those patterns CAN BE RELEASED AND REPROGRAMMED!

The best way to do this, is to, in meditation, ASK TO SEE THE LORDS OF KARMA.  You will be introduced to them.  Then consciously ASK THEM FOR THE CLEARING OF PERSONAL AND FAMILY KARMA. 

They will ask you to specify what it is you wished to have cleared.  You may then ask for clearance ONE THING AT A TIME.  For example: – within your family there might be a tendency for suicide.  Then ask for that pattern to be cleared and released.

You may have to do this once a month for some months, as this is a ongoing process, and as 2012 advances, more and more karmic patterns will start emerging.  You might not even be aware that they are there, but things will start happening that will make you aware for them, and then you can deal with them one at a time.


This message has been given to me, directly from the Divine Director, Lord Rekovsky, who was the teacher of St. Germain.  He is in charge of the Lords of Karma for this planet and thus is working closely with all of us, at this time.

Our DNA has to be cleared, so that the next generations, will be freed from the repeating patterns, and can truly anchor in the New Golden Age.

People who push your buttons and soul contracts….Karma…

I am often asked why certain people seem to give one such grief in life… and why some seem to really push your buttons….

This is indeed a very interesting question, mainly because two aspects come to the fore: – If a person is pushing your buttons, then they mirror back to you something you have not made peace with in your very own life and deep inner self. 

The second is that some people, sometimes groups of people or souls, have karmic links with us…. and we, as a collective are repeating some old karmic patterns, which are now going to come to the fore more and more…

Sometimes, however, the souls who LOVE us the most, agree, just before we incarnate, to take on the role of challenger, persecutor, or whatever, as we decided to master certain lessons  BEFORE we are born here…

Your soul, before it is allowed to incarnate onto this planet, is sent to a SOUL SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY, in the Pleiades, and also then on Uranus.  Here they are briefed about what an incarnation here on this planet entails.

You are then taken, with those souls who are contracted in to incarnate with you, or have already incarnated, and then your previous lifetimes on this planet, as well as elsewhere are taken in consideration.  The Lords of Karma look at your COLLECTIVE SOUL CHARTS from all incarnations (whether on this planet or not) and then advice you, as to what soul lessons you have not mastered or experienced before…

They then look at the souls in your soul group and other soul groups who would volunteer to assist you to master those lessons and hone your soul’s inner strength and abilities.  You chose your parents, brothers and sister, for this reason.  We also chose certain aspects, we cannot experience in any other form on any other star system or galaxies, and that is pain, feelings, emotions, to such a polarity of opposites, as is experienced here.

Sometimes a soul might decide to choose too many lessons to master, and then it will happen, that the Divine Director will simply advice the soul, to rather not attempt too many  lessons, as those souls, tend to forget how harsh and hostile life sometimes can be on this planet…. Or simply have never incarnated here before…

So, instead of condemning the people for what they do, have done, and will do to you… or how much pain, anger etc. they are causing you, why not sit down for one moment and think this through: –

What valuable lessons have you learnt because of their behaviour?  Has it made you more independent… more responsible…?  Has your pain, assisted others, as you have had more empathy and understanding, because of it?  Has it given you courage and strength,  that you never even knew you had?  Has this taught you persistence?

The deeper you dig, the more you will find that there is always something that you learnt from the experience…

For example:  You might have a pattern of having too little money, or losing money.  In fact, this seems to run in the family…. Well, then has it not taught you, that even if you had absolutely no money, you still somehow survived?  Did not people help you that you never expected to?  Who supported you, emotionally?  Who showed sympathy?  Who gave you money?  Windfalls, etc.?  Until you learn to love and appreciate the energy of money, and then decide to see it grow, instead of spending it all, the energy of money will always evaporate around you….

Or it could be, that you had already experience lifetimes, where you had wealth, good fortune, etc. and you CHOSE to have this experience, for soul growth…..

Ask yourself too, to what extent, does this person or persons, or circumstance,  reflect something WITHIN YOURSELF that you have not acknowledged or have avoided seeing about yourself?  There lie you shadow side, waiting for you to embrace…

For we all, while on this planet EMBRACE BOTH, THE LIGHT AND THE DARK.  We are here to FIND EQUILIBRIUM…. The BALANCE POINT!

When we reach this point, we become grateful for the lessons.  We start seeing how these souls have SERVED us… We start releasing the emotional charges associated with people and places, and we start LIVING AND LOVING with open hearts.


There is not one single soul on this planet that is so very lost, that they cannot be healed by a little love, nor in need of some… and there is not one of us, who does not understand the value of being loved and accepted for WHO AND WHAT WE ARE and not for what others want us to be….

This is why family, often are the ones who hone these lessons home: – have you ever seen how siblings can fight – and then a third party wants to make peace and two turn against that person, and then that person becomes the perpetrator?

This is because those two fighting, are actually teaching each other some soul lessons, and the third party is not supposed to interfere with that lesson!

So the next time, someone pushes your buttons, ask yourself what you have not mastered about yourself and what you are denying about life?

We are all souls on a journey called life… and we might as help each other understand and master the lessons, while we are here: – the LESSONS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF SELF FIRST AND FOREMOST AND THEN OF OTHERS!

As we master each soul lesson… learn to forgive those who have hurt and harmed, intentionally and unintentionally and forgive ourselves, then the lessons disappears and we can move onto the next…

The higher the cosmic frequencies, at this time, the more of all the unresolved stuff and patterns from this lifetime and other will come to the fore… as our souls wish to be freed from the karmic debt and move into higher and higher octaves of being and also the different dimensions of Being….

It is surely a time, to get rid of all the excess baggage, so that when your soul plane takes off, and into the new life, it won’t be weighed down by being over the weight limit

Cosmic Frequencies, Ancient Sacred Sites, Changes within yourself….

In these next few months, we are entering a period, where, because of the massive and powerful cosmic rays, being beamed down upon this planet, all around us will start to disintegrate more and more….

When we start vibrating at higher frequencies, then all of that matter which vibrates at lower frequencies simply disintegrates.

I am giving an example here:  When we, in our dense physical form, try to enter, a place of very high frequency, we will simply pass out.  For our dense physical form, cannot stand that vibration.  We can only survive in such high frequency places, if those who live in those higher states of consciousness, assist us, to go there in our astral form, or our HIGHER Ethereal form….

A few years ago, I was marvelling at this same thing happening.  By that stage I had been pulled into action, and then knew where the underground space stations of the Intergalactic Fleet were…  On travelling back home, one late afternoon, I was simply prompted to stop my car (this being a rural area and off the beaten track).  What I witnessesed then, showed me what happens, if our dense physical concoctions, come into contact with something of a much higher frequency…

I saw one of the craft of the Galactic Fleet (that is what had alerted me in the first place, and I was speaking to the crew) hovering near their underground space stations… when an air force jet started chasing it…. The next minute the Intergalactic craft simply switched frequencies, and seemed to disappear… and the jet, chasing it, started disintegrating: – the pilot was having to evacuate…. The jet could not go into the higher frequency field of the much more advanced craft, and hold its physical form!

What I found so amusing about the whole thing is that I had been led to identify Ancient Sacred Sites in that area (and this happened near one of them)…. After talking to the local farmers, and then using my own inner guidance system, I had identified them…. and also knew that when the indigenous people, had sacred sites, they most often were places of immense ENERGY…. what is more: – they KNEW that, for it was reflected in their myths and legends.

What was even MORE interesting, is that my father had always told us, that certain sites, were strictly off-limits to most of the tribal people…. barring the head shaman, who was allowed onto these sacred sites, only once a year, and then had to make certain preparations, so that his own ASTRAL body, could go into these sites, and not his PHYSICAL form!

When you start reading up, what the first colonist reported (with their very biased and limited understanding of the tribal people), what the High Sanusi (shaman) of the Tribal People, Credo Mutwa,  says about their own beliefs… and when you start adding up the rest you will find that there is far more to the world, than the naked eye can see!

The High Energy Centres of this planet, have always been carefully guarded…. And the tribal people KNOW this…. They will never attempt to go near certain places on their own, because of the strange happenings there.

What most people do not understand, is that there are certain, very high frequency sites around the world (and I am not talking about the most well-known here – those who have been over-commercialized in the last few years), but places which have been carefully HIDDEN from mankind, until such a time, as we can sufficiently raise our own energies, to start tapping into them once more…

They are surrounded by such a high FREQUENCY band of protection, that you will be barred entry from going there.  Most people will find fear rising… or feel strange sensations in their bodies… or will feel they have hit an invisible wall… also; they might have strange lethargy or a feeling of their head buzzing… dizziness, etc.  All of this, will simply be, because your own frequency, cannot match that of the site you are on… and the Guardians of the places, will not let you in…

Why am I telling you all of this?  In the next few months, as you step up your frequencies, because you are WILLING and ABLE to open up to them, you will start VIBRATING at a much HIGHER FREQUENCY, than those around you.

So what happens?  You step up your frequency, and your husband/boyfriend/family etc. is still in firmly anchored in 3D, and happily so (mostly because of ignorance, indoctrination or plain apathy).  So you are up there, and going more up, and the person(s) have remained firmly stuck in the old form…  So, something is going to give way… 

The same applies, for old habits, old patterns, that no longer serve us… Over a lot of incarnations on this planet, you may have repeated the same old patterns with the same souls… family patterns…. social patterns…. that you seem to never be able to break… Well, all of this is now going to have to be confronted and dealt with…

So, expect a lot of challenges to come your way.  Instead of resisting this, ask yourself, how does this serve to wake me up?  How can I resolve this, once and for all?  What do I need to resolve?  Does this serve my Highest Good?  Do I want to carry this with me, for the rest of my life?

At the same time, ask yourself: “Is there anything else in my life that I need to act on now?”

Now, is not the time to fight against the River of Life: – trust, have faith, and go with the flow.  This strong current of cosmic forces is taking you to positive outcome and a far more balanced and prosperous future….

To come back to those sacred sites:  When I was first lead to identify these sites, and then subsequently learnt to open myself up to expanded Beingness, then I simply could not carry on with my old life.  I had to take a leap of faith, and  learn to step into a new way of life.  In the process I lost a lot of things… people… family… etc. because most simply could not understand what was happening, and condemned me for being irresponsible and going cookoo ( a fool)…

Yet, when I look back at the journey of initiation I have gone through, then I would not have missed all of that, for all the money in the world!  My whole vista, my whole understanding of life has taken a QUANTUM LEAP…. I am simply not the same person anymore – I have simply GROWN in ways I could never have envisioned before…

This is another reason, why, in the Ancient Rites of Passage, you had to go through some stringent initiations, before your were allowed in the Priesthood and even more stringent initiations to become a High Priest/ess.

Mostly because they knew, that only when the soul had gone through the proverbial fire, could it serve at its highest and purest intent and frequency…. Having gone through the fire yourself, and having been purified to the very core (fire purifies), then you are able to SERVE your HIGHER PURPOSE better and bring immensely beautiful and amazing abilities into this planet… as the ego starts falling away and the true beauty of your soul starts shining through!

Embrace whatever comes… and try not to cling to all and sundry… open your hands and let go….

The new cannot come in, or emerge, as long as you cling on for dear life to old patterns and forms, people and places, that no longer serve your highest good!

Remember, the higher your frequency goes up, the more you expand in Beingness, and thus do not fit into the old form of life anymore!

Embrace the sacred places WITHIN yourself, and the outer ones will reveal themselves to you, as you will be automatically be drawn to the right places, the right people and right circumstances as the shift occurs!

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Soul Group Vibrational Frequencies… and how to recognize soul mates on this planet

Since I started my blog in early January, I have had a lot of feedback, from people all over the world, asking me about soul, soul groups, and also about the frequencies and vibrations of souls, and what is happening at this time.

I always find it very strange that people, when experiencing void, or trauma, or that sinking feeling in life, that they always look everywhere for solutions, except in their very own soul… They seek physical healing, and will spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, and accumulating more and more gadgets and things, yet, never seek A TO CURE THEIR SOUL… or look for the origin on that void, as stemming from something deep inside of themselves, that they never bothered to try and resolve or find counselling, or assistance for…

When you start understanding, that our SOULS VIBRATE AT CERTAIN FREQUENCIES, WHICH REFLECTS IN OUR DNA, OUR BODY’S MAKE-UP and our MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and all else, is connected to the very same: – then we start looking for SOUL HEALING FIRST OF ALL… and then the rest simply starts falling into place.


So before your soul could incarnate it had to find your parents, and then find the CORRECT DNA STRUCTURE and PHYSICAL MAKE UP SO THAT YOU COULD BE BORN ONTO THIS PLANET.

When I first asked why I had been born in Africa, coming from pedigree German Stock, with a pedigree as long as my arm, I had been told that MY SOUL CHOSE MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF THEIR DNA MAKE-UP MATCHED THAT OF MY SOUL… AND THE PLACE where I HAD BEEN BORN, MATCHED THE LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE LINES ON A CERTAIN PORTAL: – both contributing to my soul being able to incarnate at the perfect time, and then within a certain milieu!

I could not understand the latter, until about four years ago, we had our 150 year centenary celebrations in Natal, and I stood on the mountain top of the place I had been born into…. Amidst fields of wild gladioli, proteas and ericas… looking down at the valleys where my Ancestors started farming in the fertile valleys …. AND THEN I UNDERSTOOD: – for I then realised why this place was in fact a PORTAL, as I recognized the landmarks, strewn all over Africa:  SPHINX AND PYRAMIDS – only now eroded and almost hidden from sight!

During the past few years, I have had the privilege of going more and more into research about this fact, and I have found that your birthplace is no accident, and you were meant to be born on a certain CONTINENT.  Also that in all cases, your family’s DNA is a key factor…

Interestingly enough scientists are catching up to this, with other species and the human being too.  My brother, for instance, Dr. Udo Kusel, is an Ethnologist/Archaeologist, and is involved with a breeding program for the African Nguni Dog – and, as with the Nguni cattle, have traced their origin to the Pyramids in Egypt!  So the link between certain countries has been there for millennia….. the same applies to our own DNA!

I was fascinated by my brother referring me, when I had to do a public talk, on the San People, at the History-in-Action festival a few years ago, to a DNA study, regarding these people.  Their DNA point to 200 000 years on Southern African continent, and their DNA is so unique, that there is simply is no other tribe on the face of this planet, who SHARES THEIR DNA… When you start reading their mythology, they tell you that they come from the stars!

I am going into detail here, for in a way your own soul’s vibrational frequency is closely linked up with that of your SOUL GROUP, which is really an EXTENDED FAMILY OF SOULS!


So now, you have a vibration, a frequency and a ray, all combining to give a SOUL GROUP ITS UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC!

The Illumined Ones, emit a GOLDSILVERVIOLET FLAME which is such a blinding light, that it seems almost like blinding white light….  Mostly this will emit from people’s CROWN CHAKRA, when they are highly tuned into this frequency, and this was often painted as a halo around the head of Saints, during the Renaissance…

Now, EACH SOUL WITHIN THAT SOUL GROUP WILL THEN HAVE a unique frequency and vibration which is TUNED into that of the SOUL GROUP… This is why they then will bring those frequencies and vibrations into their incarnation and then will BRING THEIR OWN SOUL ONE’S TOO and anchor this in:  – so this then makes them emit a certain frequency RAY, which their SOUL MATES WILL TUNE INTO HERE ON THIS PLANET… So they will be drawn to each other and will READ THE SOUL FREQUENCY SUBCONSIOUSLY!


You might not do this consciously, but one thing will stand out: It will be to you, as if you have KNOWN this person forever – and you have!   Now, one SOUL GROUP CONSISTS of 144 000 of the SOUL FREQUENCY BAND and from your own soul group, only a certain number will be on this planet at this time….

I find that one does not even have to have met the person in the flesh, one will recognize them over the Internet, or even by just looking at a photograph (at least I do).

Mostly it will be, as if you can relate to them a DEEP level, like mind, body, spirit and soul… They might be in your own family, or not.  You might find that total strangers, are more like your family and seem to fit your soul better, than your REAL ones…this is one of the reasons why….

I find that EYES are the windows to the soul… I have found that mostly I will read a person, via their eyes and then read their souls at the same time….

This is one reason why some people will never resonate with you… and that is because they simply are from a different soul group and thus vibrate at a different frequency.  If you marry someone like that, you will find that at one stage or another you simply will not find a centre point – simply because you can’t – according your soul vibration!

This is why, when you truly seek healing, your SOUL vibration and frequency, most often needs fine-tuning, and to be brought into alignment with the SOUL GROUP vibration as well!

This is how far I will go today, in answering this question.  If you have more questions, then please ASK.


The Clarion Call to all Lightworkers…

Truly blessed are the ones who reach out with great loving hearts to touch the lives of others at this time….

This is the time of expansion…. not only of the mind, but of body, spirit and soul…

Across all the cosmos great spheres are echoing the sounds of Angels rejoicing, at the fact  that Planet Earth is going into the transitional phase…. she is ready to shed her old, tattered and dilapidated clothes to don  exotic garments, fit for a Queen…..

Look East, look west, look north and south…. and see how all is changing…. rapidly…. more so than ever you can see with your naked eyes…. You are being blinded, for surely the truth of what is happening now, is not being revealed, by those who wish to leave you in darkness….. To lead you astray…..

A lot of you are being awakened… we are working on your frequencies and vibrations…. we are activating your soul blueprint…. we are busy helping you to trust  the inner voices of your hearts and souls…. and to awaken you, to the true Amazing Divine Being, that you truly are!!!

Hear the clarion call!!! Open your hearts, minds and souls!!!! Listen!!! 

You were sent in with a crystal clear vision of what you have to do in this lifetime…. in this crucial moment in time…..

Don’t rush for cover…. nor be so scared to shine your true light…. nor express what is given to you….. 

Your souls are bubbling with information, inner vision and sights….. you are being bombarded by pictures and voices that speak to you…. LISTEN!!!

Do not look at those that lead you…. for they are leading you astray!!!  Question their motives…. look how they are trying to control you…. to keep you from blossoming…. from expressing what is innermost in your heart…..

Look at how far you have come…. You have grown with leaps and bounds…. You are shed the old ways that kept you imprisoned for so long…. As the new is emerging, you started to transform into the wondrous Beautiful Being that you TRULY ARE!!!

For look at the truth….. It is the INNER beauty that is shining through…. It is the transmutation of the lead into the purest gold….. It is the miraculous beauty of SOUL!!!

We delight in our beautiful daughters and sons, who are prepared to take on the Quest for the Grail….. Who are not daunted by those who wish them keep silent….. Nor those who wish to keep them back….. try to smother their spirit and soul…..

Listen to the music…. It is coming from afar….. It is the music of the spheres…..  It is telling you that your frequencies and vibrations are being fine-tuned, so that you can take your rightful place amongst those who bring the great joy of BEING to this planet…..

Look at the wonder of creation…. see yourself reflected in there….

Out of the ashes of the old, the new shall rise…. and it shall rise greater than ever before….

For the new souls that are being born…. with those of who have paved the way, are here to create the new from the ashes of the old….

Old structures are passing… what does not serve the Highest Good will go and what is unbalanced will be brought into equilibrium once more…. until the Eternal Cosmic Order is restored….

Rejoice…. for the old is done with…. and with it comes the ushering in of the new dawn…. the birth of the Golden Age….

As the cosmic dance is danced once more to the music of the spheres….. the whole will sing in perfect harmony …… a choral symphony of sounds, vibrations and frequencies, such as this planet has not experienced before….

It is a time for rejoicing…

Open your hearts….

Open your souls….

Hear the cosmic voices calling…. the voices deep from within your soul….

The voices are calling you to wholeness and balance….

To remember the truth of WHO YOU ARE….

You have never not been…. you always were!!!!

Shine your light!!!

You were meant to shine like the brightest sun in the Universe….

You are the child of the Sun God….  reflecting his/her light….

Rise and shine!!!!

For the time has come!!!

Rejoice!!! Sing!!! Dance!!!  Awaken,  for the Golden Age has dawned

Soul mates and Sexual Energies…..

Not all who are incarnated here on this planet at this time, have a TWIN FLAME… as most often a Twin does not incarnate at the same time.  Sometimes the TWIN (especially in these vital next few years) simply gets lost and forgets who he/she is, or has forgotten his/her commitment…. then the SOUL MATE will step in.  A soul mate is someone who comes from the same SOUL GROUP.

All souls form part of the GREATER SOUL GROUP of MONAD…. Each such group consists of 144 000 souls and they have different names.  Thus you will find that, when in meditation you ask for the SOUL NAME, it will vibrate on the same FREQUENCY, as your SOUL GROUP NAME.

When you are still unsure of your SOUL GROUP NAME, and have remembered your SOUL NAME, it is best to simply go into meditation and reconnect with your Higher Self, your guardian angels and ASK them to give you the same of your SOUL GROUP.  You will hear a SPIRITUALLY SOUNDING NAME, which will reflect the VIBRATION of the SOUL GROUP and the RAY it is working on.

There are many different soul groups represented on this planet at this time…. So you will find that some people resonate with you immediately as SOUL MATES/TWIN FLAMES, while others simply never seem to be on your wavelength.  This simply is TRUE:  Their SOULS do not vibrate at your frequency, and thus do not emit the same colour rays and the same tonal cord vibration as yours.

In Ancient Times, when you were born, the astrologer Priests, along with the Priests of the Temples of Higher Healing, would work with your mother (when she first conceived you) and then would IDENDIFY your soul group, and then would help you with your incarnation.  When you were born a BIRTH CHART was drawn up, which they RECORDED ON THE SPECIAL BIRTH CRYSTAL, which stayed with you all your life.  You would also always have on your person, a CRYSTAL from your GALAXY of ORIGIN, your SOUL GROUP, and THREE WORKED IN TANDEM.

When your vibrational frequency got out of synch you would be sent to the Crystal Pyramid Temple of Healing, where the High Priest/ess would use these three crystals, in conjunction with others and other methods to realign you to your soul mission and to readjust your frequency….


Please note here:  Your Twin Flame, normally DOES NOT INCARNATE at the same time, as you do…. Only on very rare occasions do they CHOSE to do so, and then only, in HIGHER SERVICE (as is happening at this time!)  Mostly they will assist you from the invisible planes to hold your combined light steady!  Not all who are incarnated at this time have their twin here too!

Your SOUL MATES were listed on the crystal and then the one that you would find most compatible as your SOUL PARTNER…. Thus, when you did meet up with this person, and you would fall in love, and decide to commit to partnership (they did not get married, as this was a SOUL AGREEMENT), they would go to the Crystal Pyramid Temple and would seek guidance from the High Priest/ess at the TEMPLE OF LOVE…

She/He would then read their BIRTH, SOUL and GALAXY CRYSTALS to read the SOUL HISTORY of BOTH SOULS.  If this formed part of their SOUL CONTRACT, they would then be allowed to commit to partnership and a special ceremony, just involving the two and the Priest, would then seal the union.

If two were not compatible, the reasons why, would be shown to the two partners, and they could then chose to casually link up, but then would not have children…. as to have children was a considered a SACRED RESPONSIBILITY.

The Ancients had other ways to deal with the sexual energy and knew that when two different ENERGIES mixed FREQUENCY DURING THE SEXUAL ACT, a certain frequency energy was released, which could either be CONSTRUCTIVE and ENHANCE the relationship or be DESTRUCTIVE and break down the frequencies of BOTH partners…


Thus you were a tat careful about whom you aloud into your energy fields and ESPECIALLY in the act of having sex!

This is something we have forgotten: with the right SOUL partner, who resonates with us, mind, body, spirit and soul and when we bond in loving union, the sexual energy is the most amazing and potent ENERGY source, which can be released! 

It is a beautiful dance of the frequencies and vibrations between two lovers, reaching a CRESCENDO…. When done in the right milieu and with the right aids, this ENERGY can not only add to BOTH partners physical wellbeing, but also their spiritual, mental and emotional health…. It can also lead to amazing other energies being generated from this union….


Yet, do this, with the WRONG PARTNERS and either one will always feel that something is missing.  In the moment of having sex, that might be a moment’s gratification, but then the feeling of emptiness remains…. That is why some people start looking for the next and next person… for one night stands, always in search of gratification of the senses, and then somehow feeling that something or other is dreadfully missing… IT IS!

In Ancient Times, the High Priestesses of the Crystal Pyramid Temple of Love, once they had given permission for two people to commit to partnership, would first take the two into separate initiations, so that they would step into higher frequency states and be initiated into the full use of the sexual energies (which went far beyond the mere union… it was used for other purposes as well….)

In these next few years, if the twin relationship falters, the SOUL MATE will step in, so that the SOUL GROUP AS A WHOLE can advance and evolve… This is because of the CHALLENGE of Twin Flame, and sometimes one of them forgets or gets distracted from his or her ultimate mission….

As the love between the soul mates in a soul group is so closely bonded, the SOUL MATE will step in and this union is often easier to deal with, than that of the Twin Flame relationship, and is blessed in manifold ways…


In the beginning of all time, when the first soul and soul groups were birthed, a lot of these new souls that were born decided to take on Androgynous form… thus the male and female in one body…..

As a soul consists of pure energy, and thus within one soul, there are a million shards or pieces of soul, in the form of particles of energy, the male and female, positively and negatively charged particles thus form, what one would see or visualize as a SPIRALLING FORM OF ENERGY, at its most stretched part, forming a concentric circle…. This, then when in Androgynous form…

At one stage in the evolution of intelligent life, and thus the evolution of what one can term a human-like form, a lot of souls, wanted to experience life, in the more male aspect of form and female aspects of form. Thus a certain number of souls, volunteered to take on a solely male form to experience the more masculine side of life and its other half the more female side of life…..

The Divine Source itself has got two definite sides: the Male aspect and the Female Aspect and both as DISTINCT FORMS of the same entity or life expression. Creation was birthed in the first act of the coming together of these two and from the seed planted within the womb of the Divine Mother, all other life forms were created…..

The Androgynous form was mainly taken on by those who SERVE the Divine Source in some way… the Archangels, Angels, Elohim, Cherubim etc. They have no other form, and in this Androgynous form they express BOTH, yet sometimes this then in a more masculine form, like Archangel Michael, or more feminine form, like Archangel Gabriel…

The other life-forms, and with it the human, and those of myriads of galaxies and star systems, decided to take on a distinct masculine form and distinct feminine form. All were created in the LIKENESS of the Divine Source, thus the Father God and Mother God. Yet, now, one is talking of extremely potent and high energies….. expressing themselves in a form that we would recognize as a male and female body type…


Most of these stemmed from the Angelic and Archangelic Realms and those who vibrate at that frequency. This is something that few people realize…. Within your soul group, you might not HAVE these souls, as they immediately took on the form of either masculine or feminine expressions of the Divine (the younger souls do qualify here.)

Those of the Archangelic and Angelic forms, who took on human-like form, were called the “SHINING or ILLUMINATED ONES”, and they formed a hierarchy quite on their own in the vaster cosmic scale. They are distinct in that these souls emit a very high frequency light and thus, when these two merge, in sexual union (and sacred sexual rites are performed); they then emit immensely powerful rays, which have tremendous power…

However, one has to understand that these souls form a CLUSTER within ONE DISTINCTIVE GROUP of SOULS and they consist of 144 000 souls only. Not more! This was the number that the Divine Source ALLOWED to take on human or human-like forms…..

The other soul groups, consists of SOUL MATES, and thus they are comparable to the TWIN FLAMES, but only at a certain level. Although very much alike and compatible, enhancing each other, they can never reach that potent energy in their union, simply because the vibrational frequency of their souls, is not of the same make-up as the soul group that the ILLUMINATED TWIN FLAMES belong to.

Now, I know that this is confusing…. It is not to say that SOUL MATE cannot be a twin flame and have a beautiful and high vibrational union… simply that it has not got that potency that the TWIN FLAMES from the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP HAVE, mainly because they first saw life in the Angelic Realms…

Today, I will be concentrating on the TWIN FLAMES of the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP, as they have been involved with this planet from the very beginning, and have returned now, to dance the dance of love and life here, reunite and assist this planet with their union……

The Illuminated Soul Group, mainly originate from Andromeda, Pegasus, Arcturius, and the Pleidas. This is where the first SOUL CLUSTER GROUP of the Illuminated Ones started to work….. When the Earth was first colonized, it was colonized from these Galaxies, and the first continent (remembering there was ONLY ONE CONTINENT at that time) it was the scientists from these galaxies that first colonized this planet…..

When this continent first had trouble with the Web of Light, (after a asteroid hit the planet and threw the whole grid out of balance), the Intergalactic Counsel asked for TWIN FLAMES from the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP to volunteer to assist the whole process of healing the Web. Thus the first TWIN FLAMES from Andromeda and Pegasus arrived, and in a specific ritual which was performed by the sexual union, the grid was repaired… (I will not touch on other aspects here… just this)

There are a lot of things involved here… not only the fact that the twins emit such vast frequency light, but it had to be done within a certain environment and with the aid of certain structures and tools…… (My books have more details)….

During the course of the history of this planet, more and more TWIN FLAMES incarnated onto this planet. However, during the great fall into oblivion that this planet has experienced on numerous occasions (Elysium, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.) twin flames somehow got separated and loaded a lot of karma onto themselves….

They now started to take on distinctive male and female forms in the incarnations, and seemed to repeat the same patterns time and again… In this process the twin became separated from his or her other half and thus has felt rather incomplete at some deep soul level….

At this moment in the history of time a few hundred of these Illuminated Twin Flames have incarnated, for them more than the other twins have loaded a lot of karma onto themselves. Their challenge in this life is to find each other again, and then to work towards balance and equilibrium so that their energies can be reunited again… and then to use these eventually in the way manner… so heal planet earth and the Web of Light…

However, and here is the big challenge… these two will literally push each other’sbuttons… as much as the sexual energies and the magnetism between them will pull them together, as much will they take sparks off each other…. in their search to find balance, between the male and female aspects or energies within themselves…

What normally strikes people about these two is how much ALIKE they are… they might look alike and act in ways that mirror each other…. their lives seem to be parallel at some level e.g. both teachers and writers etc. Yet, on the other side of coin, they are total opposites and it will show… One will love the limelight and the other shuns it… One will love money and the other not really be bothered… One with love travelling and one likes to have a nice home base….

When the opposites appear they seem almost as TOTAL opposites and it is here that these two are most challenged to find the ultimate union. The sexual energy between these two is so potent, that it seems like a vast flame of tremendous energy between them…. Yet, this energy has to be tempered by unconditional love and acceptance and giving each other the freedom to BE….


When one is more than the other, the scales tip too much to the one side and not the other… So they will have a tug-of-war until they reach balance point one more…. Once union has been reached and the flame becomes almost consuming… then they will move away from each other again, so they need to give each other space….

Then the magnetism will pull them back to centre point once more and with this then the same total and utter passionate flame…. These two can never be apart… even if one is on the other end of the world… their souls are so intertwined that they constantly aware of the other…. And their attraction is such that they will always come together, almost in spite of themselves…. So woe to anyone who tries to get between these two… for they will get burnt…. It is not that they consciously seek this…

Often they irritate each other so much that need space to cool down… or simply to find the space within themselves, where they realize their love for the other is such, that no matter how much the other pushes his or her buttons, love here is simply unconditional….

When both allow their hearts to simply open up to love, to feel the vulnerability (for somehow the twin KNOWS you better than you know yourself – after all they ARE your other half)… and to let love flow… then they will always find each other again and with it the Halls of Ecstasy, Bliss and Euphoria open up for them…. In the next few years, the twins will be called to come together – whether they wish it or not… as they have committed their souls reunion to assist the Web of Light of this planet to be healed with their union…..

They cannot run away from this commitment and in this they simply will find that all obstacles to their union are removed and that they will be reunited and work AS ONE..

. Those who have already found their Twin will find that the potency of their union is increasing and as this planet experiences the shift in consciousness the Twins will all be working together AS ONE, albeit unconsciously at times, to heal this planet through their union…. In my next post I will talk about the Twin Flame union of other soul groups….

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On truth… energies… soul mates and twin flames…

We are at a time when the old untruths and lies that have been told on this planet, and dished up as facts, will simply start falling away.  As more and more people are raising their frequencies and vibrations, the lies will have no fertile ground anymore to prosper and grow in and will have to make way for the seeds of truth to grow and grow….

Already there is a growing awareness that we have great Cosmic Links…. I see this on Facebook every day, with messages from the Pleideans, Arcturians, and Ascended Masters are relayed via video clips or photos….. The Message that this planet has never been alone, or an entity all on its own, is now reaching the masses, and those who are opening up to Higher Energies, invariably find that the truth will find them….

When one first opens up to the Higher Frequencies and Vibrations, one goes through a period of intense initiation.  As all the old patterns and energies start giving way to the new, it is as if our souls have to go through the proverbial fire of initiation, in order to reach the state of Higher Consciousness…

This can be a great period of upheaval in our lives, and filled with intense pain.  Like the surgeon has to use a surgical knife to cut open the festering wound, and then clean out all the puss, so our lives and hearts are literally opened up and all that muck and what no longer serves our Highest Good, removed.  We are cleansed inside and out…

I have been through this process in the last few years, and I have had to shed skin after skin… like a snake sheds its skin….

Yet, know this:  The rarest and purest diamonds have been formed under severe pressure and the purest gold comes from a rock that has been molten at intense heat…. It is not comfortable to be confronted with your shadow and all those unclaimed parts of yourself… And in order to find balance, we have to start acknowledging the shadow, the dark within ourselves, as much as we have and often do, acknowledge the light or good side of ourselves….

We are not alone in this process… We are given tools and the assistance we need… All we have to do, is ASK.  Great Cosmic Masters and Beings are there to assist us, as well as Angels and Archangels.  The Unicorns are here in great numbers too, and will always assist individuals whose highest aspirations are to serve the Higher Good….

We are being reconnected at this time to the Ancient Energies and Energy Centres that existed on this planet since it was first birthed.  A lot these have not been activated yet, and wait for our ascension and that of this planet before all can reach its highest potential as a powerful energy tool.

To really work with these cosmic energies, it is important to first go within.  All the tools, the knowledge that we need, is there, right within us and our connection to our soul group or over-soul and the Divine Source.  A lot of our soul mates have incarnated at this time and we will meet up with more and more in the next few months.  We will start working as a WHOLE unit… those who are incarnated and those who assist from the Higher Realms.

TWIN FLAMES, will be reunited… even if they seem to have parted or simply found the challenge of twin flame relationship too hot to handle, for it is a question of bringing two opposing energy fields into perfect harmony and equilibrium…. Yet, in this, the two cannot merge for too long a period, before the one will go to the outer circle as one stays in the inner circle… Then both will move out to the end of the circle before being drawn together again…. This awakens emotions and passion not experienced in any other relationship…  The aim here is to find the state of equilibrium within this relationship….despite the challenges…

Twin Flames, will find that equilibrium within the next three years, and then those who volunteered will remember and act upon the opening of energy centres, which only they can do, through their union.  When these two merge in sexual union, tremendous energy forces are released, and when done in a certain milieu (which is too potent for me to reveal here) they can literally light up the world’s energy centres and reconnect these to the Ancient Cosmic Ones….  Here Ancient Sexual Rites are involved, which even the most secret societies and those who follow the Isis cults, do not know about…  These rites were removed from this planet, because of their potency…. and to not be misused for the wrong purposes (as some tend to do…)

Every single soul is now going to find, that it will start searching more and more for the truth… and the truth will reveal itself…

Truth, pure and true… is never COMFORTABLE….

Think of the time you were untrue, or where pretending… and then someone said something to you that about summed up what you are doing, and how mad you were?  You hit out at that person, for seeing the truth…  We don’t like looking in the mirror and finding that we are all that we condemn in others and often more…

So is the TRUE history of this planet…. There are quite a few shocks in store for those who cling to the old religions and the old untruths…. The Truth is that this planet has sometimes made Gods of mere mortals like us, and then worshipped them… when in truth they were but Beings from Higher Dimensions etc.

This has nothing to do with the DIVINE SOURCE of GOD/GODDESS, who is PURE ENERGY and thus PURE LOVE LIGHT AND WISDOM….. This is the Source from whom all life and life-forms has sprung and thus is within and part and particle of all of us…. This is unconditional Love and Light and this is the ultimate SOURCE that we ARE part of… This is the CREATIVE FORCE…

Unfortunately during the course of life on this planet, people have often mixed up the two, and given the Divine Source characteristics and put words in His/Her mouth, which are totally removed from the truth of all Being…

The best is to concentrate totally on anchoring in the Highest Frequencies and Vibrations and to do this consciously in meditation, then the rest will follow.  I will give a meditative tool for this in my next post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post and others.  I will answer you either by a post or via email.