The rebirth of Mother Earth….. and Humanity’s Lesson to Master…..


We are entering a time of profound earth changes as the inner core earth mass is shifting.  When I talk about mass I talk about a type of substance that is like a river of fluidity at the moment, as the inner earth is inhabited and called Agartha.  This is the outer crust of the inner earth, and then what we know as the upper earth, the inner core crust.

I see this as a type of molten rock, or quartz and this is in the process of reforming into something else, as the ancient energy centers, which were laid down at the very beginning when the earth was created, are now awakening more and more.  Please note that this was the FIRST, millions of years BEFORE Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, the Lyran civilization in what is now North Africa and the Mediterranean and the Ural Mountains and Siberia.  Thus the VERY first and the other civilizations were more of less built on the remains of what used to be that first civilization.

I was most interested in my own research and delving ever deeper into the geology of Southern Africa, where scientists come to the conclusion that they was a much older SUPER CONTINENT millions of years ago – even older than the ones they already have pieced together.

It is this Super Continent that I am referring to when I speak about energy centers, and I NOT referring to the so-called Web of Light, which had its origin much later, after this first civilization was completely destroyed because of immense catastrophes which happened then which involved asteroids, comets etc. hitting the planet because of the immense damage the blowing up of Marduk, the planet between Mars and Jupiter caused at the time.

As the earth is now being revamped in her quest to move into the higher dimensional states these energy centers are being reopened, as they were sealed off during these immense upheavals, and then emerged in part in Lemuria and Mu.  However with the simultaneous rising of Atlantis, some scientists started abusing the energy resources, and therefore these centers were purposefully closed down again, to prevent some of this scientist from literally blowing up planet earth.

As the Intergalactic counsel had vowed that they would never allow another planet to blow itself up, because of the havoc it wreaked in the whole galaxy and solar system, with planets like the earth being thrown out of orbit, these centers were then closed down, until such time as mankind would reach maturity again, and stop their self-destructive ways.

I was in the last three months often told to look up where the volcanoes were on the planet – and not just the active ones but the inactive ones as well.  In that my attention was specifically drawn to Chile, the South American and North American North coast’s and what is hidden in the Pacific Ocean, and then also to the east coast of America, the islands offshore in the Atlantic ocean, and then the top eastern parts of South America.

My attention was drawn to specific areas where there is an immense movement of energies, and as said this is liquefied – I hesitate to use the word liquid, for it is a churning mass and glow red copper, gold, platinum, and sometimes a fiery red-orange.

In the western parts, this is then is what happened in the time when the landmass between South America and the Easter Islands sunk into the sea.  The Easter Islands are a remnant of the first civilization and they kind of held the energy grids together.  They were the ones who built the very huge structures in South America which the Incas did not built, but were built long before the Incan civilization.

One of the most important energy grid lines goes straight through these centers and links to the Easter Islands and then moves in a triangular fashion towards the west coast of America and then straight towards the Yellowstone National Park, where the energy then moves down again towards Chile.  That whole grid is one boiling mass of this energy and therefore everything there is immensely unstable at the moment and this will cause a lot of movement there – whether these are earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, or just like earth tearing and sink holes appearing, it is then literally a transformation of the upper earth in lieu of the transformation in the inner earth.

The east coast links up to Atlantis, and in certain parts of the east coast very unstable nuclear laser beams were used by those in charge of Atlantis in its last days, to bombard certain cities held within the region that refused to bow to their demands.  This whole region, in a massive triangular fashion, used to house the Goddess energy temples and the Goddess energy grids.  As these nuclear laser heads then designated a lot of that region has immense earth faults, for want of better word, which means that the underneath the ocean there is a type of movement in the earth plating systems, and then on the land mass itself, these are shifting as well.

As the designation of these nuclear devices caused mass destruction in those areas, the Goddess energy grids there are so clogged up, that this is causing something like a heart attack – when the arteries of human body are so clogged up it causes heart attacks, well this is similar.  So literally a type of shocking or contraction movement there and it will take a massive effort from those who can clear energy lines to work with these areas, even in small portions and then go immensely deep.

On the other side of the world Japan, China, the Asian islands and Australia and New Zealand with the pacific islands are in for mass changes as the old land mass is rising.  This is movement of immense scale and is bringing about a rising of the ocean floor in many places and this is moving upwards which could mean that the ocean can start boiling at places and also like geysers erupting, and volcanoes might start rumbling more and more.

The same applies to those areas where there have been volcanic outbursts in the past especially in upper parts of Africa, and then also Europe and even some in the Nordic countries.   At the moment the middle part of the earth (as in longitude) is more sheltered as the rumblings are on either side of these areas, but with all being so unstable everything is possible.

To me this is all part of the rebirthing of Mother Earth and therefore nothing to fear.  We have to understand that those souls who lose their lives in these places have known that this would happen at some level before they even incarnated and were drawn to those places to do extra service work.  They knew that with the cleansing of the earth that they would assist the process by then leaving the planet, as all of this will assist the rebirth of the planet and humanity at large.

If you read the geological history of planet earth you will realize that all of this is nothing new and that this has occurred many times on this planet before.  In essence we are but passengers on Mothership Earth, and therefore she can evacuate us at any time in order for her own rebirthing.  Most often we tend to forget this and we forget to honor her soul and tend to make her ‘soul-less’, ‘life-less”.  Not so, she is a living, breathing entity in her own right and we are given life on this planet with her consent – she allows us here and therefore in reality what are we?

We were meant to a custodian or keepers of planet earth.  Yet so many times we destroy willfully what has been given to us and nowhere was this lesson honed in more than in Atlantis.

Most of the souls who were involved in the final and heydays of Atlantis have incarnated and this is like Atlantis all over again.

In Atlantis there was a mass abuse of power.

In this lifetime human beings’ greatest lesson will be to learn to master POWER and to use it in a way which enhances life and builds up and not destroys.

Whether we have mastered this lesson will show itself in the next few years.

Yet, Mother Earth is in her rebirth stage – whether we learn our lessons or not.

I personally love this time for it is a time when we finally can step past all the dross and trauma of Atlantis, and learn self-mastery, and with learning self-mastery we finally can step into a much higher octave of Being, which will be the new 5th – 7th dimensional state of Being, where we finally learnt to step fully in the responsible role of co-creators.  However if we are not willing to master the lessons, then we cannot enter the New Earth.

It is all about mastery of energies, within and without.

(Judith Kusel)

The Cosmic merging of Twin Flames


There comes a time in Twin Flame Love when all the old squabbles, the old discord, that which makes one run away, and then towards each other again, fades away.

That first adrenalin rush has settled.

Those moments of pain – and all that was there in one form or another, is slowly fading away.

One starts now to move more and more into a stage where the inner YOU, has gone through transformation and you have become whole in many ways.  Before the insecurities, the low self-worth, all the old dragons that used to haunt you, are slowly but surely disintegrating.

A new you has emerged – a greater and more balanced you, that revels in that sacred sanctuary of your heart, womb and soul, and finds that life indeed is just a matter of loving and that one can love in new and more profound ways than ever before.

It is not so much that twin has changed – as one has changed.

It is not so much that one finds the other in a different way – it is because the neediness that you once felt has vaporized before the inner Sun now emerging deep within yourself and your old fears and all the old patterns have dissolved for they no longer serve your highest soul growth and good.

When all has been said and done, only love remains.

The love for yourself.

The love for the Divine Other.

And more than this, it is a love which grows through each moment of union, through each moment of bliss, through each moment when one feels intense unity in motion – that cosmic merging which is truly not of this world.

It is then that one finally realizes that the Power of Love spans all dimensions of space and it is ever expanding upon itself – ad infinitum.

It is not earthly bound.

It is cosmic love, which has been there since the very beginning and will be there eternally.

Just for this moment, this single moment, you are united as one.  Yes ONE.

Two Soul souls merging into the greater God-fire, God-flame and this is what resurrection is all about.

It is not so much found in gazing at other as moving towards, looking outwards, merging towards a greater cosmic movement, where this merging is used in Higher Soul Service, and in merging one is paving the way for infinity to move into conscious Being on planet Earth.

There is a joy, a delighting in each other, and sometimes that profound moment, when one is moved to tears – tears of awe, gratitude and intense love.  That love is so great that heart opens to the very core and in the merger, one expands to that state, where words are superfluous and tears of immense grace and gratitude mingle.

One has touched the heart and soul of the Divine in sacred union.

One is that which is the Sacred Divine Merging.

Such is the ultimate blessing of Twin Flame Union – that moving into the infinite space of the true merging of soul with soul, body with body, heart with heart, love with love.

Supreme euphoria and bliss.

(Judith Kusel)

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Celebrating Womanhood and reconnecting to the Sacred Core Within – the sacredness of the womb.


As women we are at this time asked to move into a true a deeper and most profound reconnection with our own core rootvoice, or core root as held within our wombs, our sacred womanhood, and to honor this and truly celebrate ALL which makes us unique and special, and which is in essence the Goddess expressing herself through us.  If we truly reconnect with our own root voice and root expressions and are truly anchored in there, then our whole life changes and with it our own creative flow.

To find your root voice, that true essence of who and what you are and what you would love to express as woman, is first of all to become truly at home and a peace with your own body.  As women we so often tend to find fault with our bodies, and tend to see the imperfections, instead of honoring and loving our physical forms and seeing that as a sacred temple created by the Goddess and move into the loving of every single cell, atom, organ, gland, skeleton, bone, bone marrow, sinew, muscle, skin, pore, hair – ALL of ourselves.  God never creates imperfections, and we were never meant to all look alike nor have the same physical form.  I always think that it would be dreadfully boring if we are all created the same!

The next step in understanding your womanhood is to examine where your feminine self is honored or dishonored.  The following “I am a woman” survey will assist your assessment.  Take it now to see where you are beginning, and then repeat it along your journey of rediscovering your womanhood to mark your progress.  If you are not sure what a particular question means, take some time to ponder or even free write on what you think it might mean to you.  There is neither right nor wrong way to honor you as a woman.  These questions are designed to help you discover the desires of your feminine self:

Survey to reconnect to your root voice – your womanhood:

Answer the following questions accord to the following responses, placing the respective number next to each statement:

Never (2);   I’d like to (0); Definitely (2); Unsure (-1); Sometimes (1).

______________ I celebrate my femininity.

_____________   I have a regular creative practice.

_____________   I make time to enjoy my creations.

______________   I nourish my female body.

_____________    I follow my own inherent rhythms.

_____________   I access my root wisdom.

_____________ I routinely utilize my tools for holistic pelvic self-care to restore balance to my core.  (Pelvic bowl meditation and vaginal (yoni) massage).

___________    I acknowledge my feminine wounds and claim my feminine gifts.

___________   I think of my pelvis and womb as a sacred place and honor this as holy and sanctified.

____________   I challenge cultural and family myths regarding femininity.

___________   I embody my own unique expression of the feminine.

__________    I hold my ground and speak out my needs as a woman – I give voice to what is there deep inside of me.

__________   I embrace my full feminine radiance.

Now tally up your score and access how well you honor yourself as a woman.  The maximum score is 28, though the goal is not necessarily achieving a certain number, but rather grows an internal sense of where and how you might embrace your ability to honor your feminine self.  For any statement that received a score of 0 or below, ask yourself how you would like to be honored or newly engaged in this aspect of femininity.

For a woman to make her own relationship with the feminine real and therefore an intricate part of herself and her life force expression, her vibrancy, her radiance, she must reconnect to her root voice: – the clear and honest voice of woman’s core feminine self.  When she focuses her attention on the root of her body, a woman will often hear this voice that reflects her maternal and creative wisdom.  The inner root voice will always acknowledge the places a woman has relinquished (given away) her own power, forgotten her creative dreams, or tends to forgo her own well-being – giving too much of herself and not nurturing herself with tender, loving care.

We can only tune into our root voice, when we value ourselves.  This means that women must tune into themselves first of all, rather than following others or the whims of society or trying to please the outer world as they perceive women to act, be, dress, look like etc.

With too much emphasis places on externalize value (what others think, do etc.), a woman is unable to hear what lies in her center.  Her creation may be attempts to give herself a sense of value, however many women then tend to compare themselves negatively with others, and then the self-confidence and self-worth takes a dip.  Add to this shame and guilt.

If instead a woman comes from her center, then she knows her inherent value and brings that value to the world, with confidence, with radiance, with a vibrant rootedness.  She creates and lives not from a void, but from the abundant beauty, the essence, the voice that arises from her core – it is her core-soul expression.

To hear the voice of your root, begin to find your center.  Your center means the center of your body but also the core areas of creative joy in your life.  Begin this practice by guiding your attention from your head down to your pelvic bowl.  Bring your breath and your focus to the base of pelvis.  Take a moment to listen.  What is your root telling you?  Where is your creative joy?

Now visualize a particular situation that challenges you in your life.  Respond first with your head voice and then with your root voice. Do you sense the difference?  Your head voice will say things like:  I wonder what they think about what I am doing or I don’t really have a preference.  I can’t do this.   Your head voice often compromises your TRUTH, be vague, or trivialize your needs.

Your root voice will say:  This is what I know, or, my strength is here, or, I’ll take that one.  Your root voice will be honest, direct, creative, and serves your best interest.

Your root voice speaks from your deepest feminine self – the Goddess within you.  Whenever you feel lost, come back here to listen.  She is strong.  She is vital. She is the expression of your authentic woman.

By acknowledging the full range of emotions that accompanies your experience of womanhood, you give voice to your root.  You may ask: What do emotions have to do with my pelvic bowl health?

Emotions are a form of expression, and unexpressed emotions are often held within the core of the body, especially in women, as is pent up anger, resentment, etc. They become obstacles to energy flow – indeed they block the energy flow in that sacred part of you, and create tension, particularly in your lower belly, yoni, and pelvic muscles.  As a result, your root becomes a container for the energy of these unexpressed emotions.  Acknowledging buried feelings and releasing the contained and blocked energy is essential for your vital energy flow and the clarity of your root voice.

On this journey to recover your wild, exuberant, vibrant femininity, every emotion stuck in your root is guiding you to rediscover you root expression.  The pain in your body often echoes generations and lifetimes of loss of trauma, or misuse and abuse, and it takes time to move through the layers upon layers of feelings held in your pelvic bowl. It can be intimidating to do the inner cleansing and clearing work, but with every single one of these released, you are reclaiming another piece of your feminine power and are learning to stand in that, firmly rooted and anchored like a tree.

Women are emotional by nature – they cannot be otherwise.  Accessing the feminine allows us to tap directly into the powerful emotional currents that give rise to our creative energy and our powerful core expressions as women.  By learning to work with the emotional energies, we can receive guidance for healing and enhance the energy flow.  However, we need to MOVE the energy rather than simply reacting to it.

Reflect on your life and womanhood, thinking about what defines your femininity. Where have you been wounded in body and spirit?  Notice where you have disconnected from your yoni, womb or Goddess self?  Where have you denied your womanhood?  Where have you not honored your own sacred space – your womb?

The primary emotions blocking women from their root power is shame and guilt.  Disrespect for the feminine nature has led both women and men to carry a sense of shame about their own feminine aspects.  The female body is shamed.  Shame is unpleasant, and we naturally separate ourselves from anything we consider shameful, or which triggers memory banks where we felt shame.  Shame separates us from our own vital self and disempowers us as women.

This often will express itself as vaginal diseases, as discomfort during intimacy, or withdrawing emotional, or closing off in some way.

The well-being of a woman’s pelvic muscles impacts her level of sensation and plays a vital role in her sexual pleasure.

When she has rid herself of all those emotional blocks, the emotional pain, she has stored in her pelvic region and her cell memory banks there, she becomes radiant from her centre… she carries herself with an inner sense of peace that increases her access to joyful energy.

 A vibrant pelvic bowl makes a vibrant woman, and taking care of the root supports its vitality.


To begin pelvic self-care, it is helpful to visualize your pelvic bowl.  At first this might be daunting and unchartered territory.  Simply imagine yourself exploring a unique and largely undiscovered part of your female body that belongs to you alone.

The pelvic bowl is your ROOT PLACE in your female body.  Bring your attention here when you want to know more about your own creative potential or feel the grounding of your core.

  1. First locate the landmarks of your pelvis on your body.  Place your hands on the UPPER boundary of your pelvic bowl, the pelvic crest, sometimes referred to incorrectly as your hips.  Move your hands toward the front of your bowl to find your pubic bone (the bony region in front of your uterus or bladder opening, where the two halves of the pelvis meet.  Move your awareness there, and let yourself wonder about this area.  Now move back over the tops of your pelvic bowl and feel how the bones clip down in the back.  Here the pelvic bones connect with the sacrum, a beautiful triangle-shaped bone that is about the size of your hand and whose tip ends at the coccyx (the tailbone between your buttocks.)  Place one of your palms over the sacrum and feel the vibrant energy here (there are many nerve endings and blood vessels that weave through the sacrum and nourish the pelvic bowl.)  These landmarks define the shape of your pelvic bowl.  Think about the inner curve of your pelvis and how if forms a protective bowl around your creative centre.  Rest there for a moment, simply reflecting, sensing, feeling and recording whatever it is you find there.  It could come as pictures, memory banks being opened, a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, etc.  Don’t analyze simply acknowledge whatever comes and let go.


  1. Close your eyes and imagine your pelvic bowl. Sense the spaciousness within your bowl and notice your inner awareness of this space.  You may feel a boundary marked by the bones of your pelvis, but the energy of the bowl is broader than this boundary.  Trace the bony boundaries of your pelvis again and sense both the physical and energetic shape of your pelvic bowl.  Start visualizing this, as you would, holding a bowl in your hands….


  1. Bring awareness to the deep centre of your pelvic bowl, to your uterus. Notice this creative well in your core, a denser energy in the centre.  What is your connection to this profoundly feminine place and your own internal creative flow?  Sense, on either side of your uterus, the radiance of your ovaries (as light energy or warmth), shining on each side of your bowl.  Have you ever noticed this source of inner fire, your own creative sparks?  Record what you are feeling, sensing, seeing, and then let go.


  1. Focus on the base of the pelvis, the pelvic ring. The central structure here, located just below your uterus, is your vagina – a passageway.  The lovemaking that you take into yourself, the blood of your fertility cycle, and any babies you bring vaginally pass through this gateway.  Even with caesarean births, energy still releases from the vagina too and can be consciously accessed by breathing and visualizing the birth energy moving through your root.  How does your inner vision imagine your vagina?  What are you presently releasing or bringing in for your creative core?  Is there tension?  Pain? Whatever comes up, acknowledge and release.


  1. Picture the base and front of your bowl. On either side of your vaginal opening, lie the lips, or labia.  Toward the front of your body, as a palpable place of pleasure, is your clitoris.  Between your clitoris and vaginal opening is your urethra, and just above the uterus is your bladder.  What do you notice in front of your bowl?


  1. Picture the back of your bowl. Toward the back of your root, below your vaginal opening, lies your rectal opening.  Between these two opening is your perineum, a dynamic place where many muscle fibres come together.  Touching this area provides an immediate sense of grounding, as a place of connection to the earth’s energy, and it is involved in the profound expansion that occurs with childbirth.  This is also the area that often sustains tears during childbirth, and any scars will benefit from perinea and vaginal massage.  Is that dynamic point holding tension and grounding your root?


  1. Locate your pubic bone and your coccyx again to mark the front and back of your pelvic ring. Envision a group of muscles covering this entire ring at the base of the pelvis.  These vibrant muscles are your pelvic floor, and they provide support to your female organs, maintain your core balance and stability, and play a key role in your sexual pleasure.  Your uterus, vaginal and rectal openings all pass through your pelvic floor.  Make a connection with this base of your pelvis.  What pictures, feelings etc. come to the fore.  Take note and let go.


  1. Find the top of your pubic bone in the front of your pelvis again. Imagine a place just behind it that can be felt through your vagina.  This is the famed G-spot, a physical and energy centre that can be touched to enhance the sensations of lovemaking.  What do you notice when you focus your attention there?


  1. Close your visualization and reflect on your observations. Give thanks for this, your precious pelvic bowl.

 Meditation for cleansing and HONOURING YOUR PELVIC BOWL:

Take deep breaths and relaxed your whole body.

Bring awareness to your pelvic bowl and reflect on your relationship to your feminine core.  Where did you feel tension… pain… emotional shrinking?  Notice how it feels to spend time in your creative centre.  Acknowledge places in need of healing or celebration.

In meditation go into your pelvic bowl, visualizing it filled with beautiful, soft pink, white and golden energy.  If you feel peaceful or at ease in your centre, the energy is clear.  If you feel agitated, negative, tense, or had difficulty keeping your focus, it is time to clear the energy.

Walk the edges of your bowl, imagining yourself carrying a golden broom. Start systematically sweeping your bowl, cleaning those areas where you sense pain, or see debris… lightly sweeping and touching each place.  Where do you get stuck, like in nookies and crannies where the dirt has accumulated?  Sweep until clean and sweep this through the opening at the bottom of your pelvic bowl…. Keep doing this…

Pay particular attention to any areas of your bowl that you might tend to avoid and work in those areas with focused intent.  Your bowl is not dirty, but simply in need of attention.  Clarify your bowl with love and respect, using gentle and thoughtful movements.

 Visualize an element (like air, water, or fire) cleansing your bowl, balancing the energy and assisting the movement of stagnant energy down through your root and into the earth.  Using water, for instance, simply keep washing it, or like in a shower simply rinsing and rinsing until crystal clear and beautifully clean….

When you are finished, bless you pelvic bowl by calling in the radiant energy of the Divine Mother.  Imagine the golden warmth of sunlight touching, healing, energizing and filling your centre.

You can do this three or four times a week.

Best is to bring your awareness to your root, a few times a day.  Simply visualizing beautiful golden/white/pink light flooding the area…. and putting your hands, around that area.  If you know Reiki you can simply send in energy into that area, via your hands….

(Judith Kusel)

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For further reading and acknowledgement to:  Tami Lynn Kent “Wild Feminine”

The Celebration of Soul-Filled love and the adoration of the Beloved…..


Love at its very core loves to be celebrated, for it extends exuberant joy, that rapture, the bliss and the infinite euphoria of the coming together of the masculine and feminine God and Goddess within and without.

There is a certain type of adoration of the Divine within each other, which is there in the eyes of the Beloved.  It is the depth of the Mystery of Love itself, reflected in the eyes of the other, in that the depth of soul is revealed.

Two souls who have know each other from the very beginning within the conception of the Goddess and then birthed as one.  Two souls have traversed many galaxies, star systems, dimensions, life forms and parallel existences.  With the soul self there is no division, no separateness, for the soul is At-one.

We are heading into a totally new paradigm shift, which is already making itself felt and it is here truly that souls will come together who are destined to be together and more important work together:  “Love is not so much gazing at each other, but looking outward into the same direction.”

As much as one then celebrates the Beloved, and one is there in the delving of the depths and exploring and celebration of the infinite depth of the in coming together at this momentous moment in human history, it is also that outward fusion, as one, to serve humanity and the planet at large.  For these souls have done this in the rest of the cosmos, and now have incarnated to do this work now.  Many have been involved with this planet before and have returned to see through the immensity of this shift that is now upon us.

This is a common bond common Quest, which ties these two souls together in a greater celebration of higher service and therefore the celebration of new life, new beginning of life on planet earth.

The adoration of the Beloved can take many forms and many expressions.  Adoration is not just there in moments when we just love to be loved and love in return, but also in moments of challenges.  For the challenges in life are integral parts of life and hone our inner strength and resilience, as is the love we share in good times.  For when the relationship is challenged, it is time to delve deep within, and find that which one truly has always adored, loved, admired, and truly celebrated in the Beloved.

When the positives outweigh the negatives, then we are inspired to move into the higher octaves of Being which motivate us to return to equilibrium point, were we find the balance and see that both are needed in order to complete us, and to bring us ever closer together – almost in spite of ourselves.

The celebration of Love and Beloved, the adoration of such, means that I acknowledge my own vulnerability, all my insecurities, my fears, all that makes me a woman or man, and with it all the past lives, parallel lives, existences, in all dimensions of forms in all of the cosmos.  A lot of those inherent fears come from past life memory banks which get triggered time and again – especially in women at this time, but also in men.

This has to do with the greater higher healing of the soul wounds from Atlantis and what went before.

I have had discussions with many women lately who are feeling this shift intensely and it is literally cleaving them open to the core.  It is there hidden in our emotional bodies, within each vertebrae of the spinal column, in the root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras.  It is confronting those memory banks which are opening up of the unspeakable which happened to so many of us in other lifetimes on this planet, and even in this lifetime.

Our throat chakras got clogged up because of being silenced – our voice could not be heard anymore as mankind sunk into the state of insanity and unbalance, as the male went totally into his mind, and tried to cut out the heart and more than this tried to completely disown the feminine, even the feminine within each man.

Women were persecuted for the psychic abilities, their inner knowing and deep seeing, for their knowledge (they held immensely powerful planetary and cosmic keys and codes in the High Priesthood, in the Wise Women Shamanic Lineage, the in Druidic tradition the women had all the powers of transmitting, of prophesy and with it held the power of the oracles, as well as the energy (still hidden) on earth.  They were not only powerful healers because of using these inherent powers, but they also could work with the crystal kingdom, the elementals, the devas, and Mother Earth in ways the men could not understand, because of their ultimate links, through their womb and yoni, to the same in Mother Earth.  There is an immense depth of Mystery to the deepest parts of the womb, which is immense powerful and we have not even started to remember just how powerful this is.

Not only were women persecuted, they were treated worse than animals, enslaved, sold to the highest bidder, forced into marriages because of property or for political reasons, raped, plundered, used as mere chattels to produce offspring.

In Atlantis the soul was taken out of the woman.  She was treated as if she had no soul and was just a THING.  There was an attempt to make her soul-less and feeling-less.

As these immense shifts are occurring, we as women will have to start learning to celebrate our womanhood and to stop trying to be like men – as so many women do when entering the corporate world or in the way they try to compete with men.  There truly is no need for competition.

We have to learn to celebrate our womanhood, our womb, our sacred power center, the very essence of what makes us a woman and not a man.  There are 7 gateways of womanhood held within the yoni, and therefore 7 gateways to our womb.  Our whole pelvic bowl is a massive energy center, and until we learn to reconnect with this immense power base as woman and celebrate out womanhood to the fullest, heal those immense soul scars, we cannot truly be opened up to celebrate manhood, to celebrate love in its expansive form.

At this time all those old memory banks from Atlantis and what went before will start being triggered – in some women these have triggered for the last few years since 2004 especially.

Women have to reconnect with their soul for it was the soul in womanhood which was denied in Atlantis.  A woman in touch with her soul and living her soul purpose and calling and in touch with her womb cannot do and be other than celebrate her womanhood.  It is no accident that the ancient wise women knew that the yoni/womb in a woman, is connect to the yoni of the earth, and therefore a women’s psychic abilities open up tenthousand times more, when she is fully grounded into Mother Earth and its yoni and womb.

A woman who has found her root voice is vibrant, alive, and she cannot stop celebrating life, for she is the custodian and the giver of life.

A man can try as hard as he likes – he can help to create a child, but he cannot give birth to it.

The fact is that all creation celebrates balance – the masculine and feminine.  The one cannot fully function without the other.

The celebration of the Beloved then is in essence first of all, a celebration of self – of the women or man deep inside of you and all which makes you man or woman.  However this goes much deeper – it is in essence the celebration of the Life force itself, and more than this the celebration of soul.  It is then that we start being to open ourselves totally and to the core to the adoration and celebration of the manhood and womanhood in our Beloved and therefore:

Soul meets souls.

Heart meets heart.

Spirit meets spirit.

Higher mind meets higher mind.

Feelings meet feelings.

Body meets body.

All of these make up a man and woman.  Not one iota is ever missing.  All is perfection in motion.

To celebrate the Beloved, is to truly adore him or her.  It is a deep trust, respect, a love which is not earthly bound – it is cosmic.  For it expands past the limitation of the earthly existence into the infinite space where souls are birthed and where they exist as one entity.

When soul meets soul, there is such a deep, intense and profound connection, which light up the cosmic fire in both of them.

To meet the Beloved with an open heart, body, mind, spirit and soul, is to embrace wholeness within and without.  There are no limitations.  One expands into the state of dissolving.  One dissolves into the state of infinite bliss – the cosmic orgasm which created life itself.

A conscious awareness – a state of sublime consciousness which holds both the earth and the cosmos at the core: – It celebrates both the finite and infinite.

Man dissolves from the finite, into the infinite.

Woman dissolves from the finite, into the Infinite.

WE dissolve from the finite – into the Infinite.

When infinite space moves into the finite – enlightenment occurs for the cosmic fire within each of them ignites into one single three-fold flame/fire.

The celebration of life, of love, of consciousness then becomes the adoration itself.  All flowing into one single cosmic stream – the same stream of life which is creation itself.

Such is the gift of this time we are entering into.

When all the muck, the pain, the trauma of Atlantis and all the thousands of years of the removal of the soul in women, finally is laid to rest, man and woman will finally be able to return to the true state of the Garden of Eden – in balance, harmony and simple adoration of each other.

Such is the gift.

Yet each man and woman is responsible first of all to celebrate the man and woman within themselves in order to find wholeness again.

(Judith Kusel)

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The Turning tides for man….. the opening up of the vortex energy centers of earth….

Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

There is a massive turning in the tides of men, as the old patriarchy is slowly starting to crumble at it seams and the beautiful balance of the Divine Feminine emerges more and more and learning reclaim and step into her Greatness and power.

She is that which the creative force of creation is.  The masculine can think up great concepts and ideas in the mind, can theorize, actualize: – it is the feminine that takes the seed of that concept, idea, and then brings that into form.  She creates that which the male has conceptualized and brings this into being with great love.  She is that which become pregnant with the masculine ideal and then nurtures its life force into Being, and brings into material form.

In that the ancient Goddess energy centers are getting more and more reactivated, and the pyramid power is rising, from deep underground where most of it has been deeply buried and have lain dormant for many billions of years, there is now an awakening happening on massive scale of the ancient vortex energy, which is the spiraling energy of the Goddess itself.

If you look at Ancient cultures, the spiral is depicted everywhere.  Here in South Africa, it has been painted on the ancient sacred site walls and some of it is etched into stone, and it has been part of the Ancient African symbolism since its beginning of time, as has the four-sided cross within the circle.  Both are symbols of the Goddess herself, the creative life-force she represents:  the serpent coil or the Kundalini energy, one and the same.

In that there is a mass movement of energies, which is going to churn out the old – literally churning.  It is vortex like.  It is of almost luminous platinum, which is almost invisible, and it moves in spiraling energy, and creates mass energy fields.

Where this energy moves into human beings through the Stellar gateway and crown, it will work with the spinal cord energies and then with the womb in women and prostate area in men.

The Spinal cord itself acts as a lightning rod, and the ancients had a sacred symbol for it, which was Excalibur, the lighting rod, the Sword of Light.

During the times of Atlantis this energy force was deliberately blocked, by placing control boxes in the cranium of most of the population, to deliberate block this energy flow and to cut off human’s ability to work with this energy, which is essentially the energy of ENLIGHTENMENT and therefore the energy connected to the All-Knowing Tree of Life, and the All-Knowing Third Eye, the Eye of Horus, in its Ancient and complete form, where all seven layers of the third eye, had been fully opened up, and therefore all faculties of the Higher Mind, married to the Heart-center, and the Womb-center, and there the Spinal cord acts as the conduit for ALL of these, and not so much the chakras, although all the chakras work in conjunction with this lightning rod.

It is like one massive machine, which includes the full activation of the pineal and pituitary glands, with the upper pyramid in the forehead and head, and the lower pyramid of the womb area.  This means that the ABOVE and BELOW work in conjunction and harmony with each other.  There are no blockages in the energy fields.

Each vertebrae of the spinal column has a mini-vortex energy centers held within it.  It spins anti-clockwise, and therefore is each vertebra is a mini-energy vortex in its own right.

Each vertebra connects directly with the EMOTIONAL body, the second body we have as human beings, next to the physical body.  Thus stuck emotions and emotional charges are held in each vertebra as it reflects the emotional body in 33 octaves of Being.  Originally mankind had 33 octaves of SOUND, and each vertebra is programmed to react to a certain OCTAVE of sound.  NOTE OCTAVE!  Not one single note, but 12 notes within one single octave.

We have lost so much of our hearing capabilities, and therefore those who can tune in with their INNER ear, will be able to start tuning into these Octaves of sound, which are slowly but surely being reactivated.  At the moment our human brain is just fully functional in order to discern and kind of tune into these sounds, but our higher soul self can.

The third is the MENTAL body, and the fourth the SPIRITUAL.  There are 12 bodies in all.

In Atlantis etc. all 12 bodies were functional and therefore activated.

The lower and the higher then are in harmony and balance.  Thus the upper transmitting channels are totally opened up, and these higher transmitter channel are the real connection the Divine, but more than this to ALL-THAT-IS under the Great Central SUN.

As the vortex energy then of the Goddess moves in conjunction with massive energy fields, this brings in dimensional shifts.

I have systematically in my journeys of discovery here in Southern Africa, been guided to the vortex energy centers in this country.  A year ago I was sitting on a beach where I had identified this vortex energy (and have had it confirmed by others), and interestingly it is most potent at a certain timeframe during the day.

As I sat myself down with my back nestled against sheer quartz cliff and sitting on one of the rocks, with a perfect rock circle in front of me (ancient sacred Goddess site), I was first of all transported exactly as the hour struck, into a type of Celestial SOUND chamber.  It was truly like tuning into the earth song and the celestial music of the spheres.  I literally could HEAR these 33 octaves of sound with my INNER ear!

Then, I was like sucked into this vast vortex energy.  It was massive.  In that moment it felt like I was being dissolved into NO-THING.  I was spanning dimensions of time and space.  I was able to move into that transcendental state of BEING that has no-thing and yet all-thing.  I WAS CREATION AND CREATION WAS ME.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.  It has changed my whole concept of understanding what immensely powerful energies there were in Ancient Times.

I was only allowed to experience this, after the Keeper or Guardian of this place revealed himself to me.  In that he appeared as a type of shaman, dress only in a leopard skin, with a red-hair and topknot, copper colored skin, a giant of a man with two leopards guarding him on either side.  It was from him that my connection to the Lion people came and therefore the gateways were opened up.

The essence of all of this has to do with our total understanding that in that we try to block half of ourselves – the masculine trying to block out the feminine, and abuse her – we are denying half of ourselves.  It is only when the masculine and feminine are in balance and harmony with each other, that massive and amazing energy is released.  The negative and positive poles but be in balance.

The Goddess energy was withdrawn mainly because this was the female balance of the whole.  So, it is not so much that the feminine holds the vortex energy – but rather that she ACTS as CUSTODIAN to this force, which is the life-force itself.

In Atlantis this feminine aspect of the force withdrew herself, as she saw that the masculine wanted total control, and that he wished to totally OWN this power.  As he could not do so, without the feminine balance, and without that counter-active force, she withdrew this energy, like before, and therefore these centers were shut down.  He, in retaliation, then decided to try and annihilate her powers and build his own structures over those sites to try and totally annihilate her.  He did not succeed, for it he had; he would have totally destroyed the masculine.  Inherently that was because we all have masculine and feminine WITHIN ourselves.

In ancient sacred sexual union this force has always been acknowledge and understood and carefully been nurtured.  When the masculine is fully present, in his own magnificent manhood, and with total love in his heart, and mind, and the female is present in her total womanhood, that receptive cup, that Holy Grail, and totally is there in her femaleness, her sacredness, then that union unleashes the immense power of the serpent energy – the kundalini.

Yet, if love is not present, if respect and a deep honoring are absent, then this same force will be destructive and will not be used for the highest good of all.

Essentially this is what destroyed Atlantis – when the man went too much in into his mind, and wanted to divorce the mind from the heart.  He wanted to fix and control everything, including the feminine life-force itself.  He started to enslave the feminine, and to take her power away.

In Egypt the feminine aspect when the other way, and started to manipulate the masculine via her sexual powers, and then wanted to control him that way.

The key to human sanity and the ultimate return to balance, is that we finally understand that we NEED BOTH.  We need the masculine and the feminine.

One is not more or greater than the other.  Each has been perfectly created to balance the other out.  That means when each one stands in his or her own power, then they are balanced and in harmony with each other.  The scales of life are evenly balanced.

The whole trajectory of this planet has ancient energy systems in place which truly work on this principle of balance between the masculine and feminine force.  It is not the Web of Light; it is much older than this.  However, it has been purposefully shut down and taken from human memory banks, because of the abuse of this energy and because human beings did not understand nor master the lessons of POWER: – the energy of power is neutral on its own, it is how we use that power which ultimately makes or breaks us.

As these energies now get slowly but surely activated it will churn out all in humanity which is still out of balance with itself.  Therefore all those old emotional scars, wounds, all the trauma and pain, and whatever else needs to get dislodged and dissolved so that the New Earth can be totally reborn.

It these energies are not released, then that balancing act cannot be completed.

Therefore earth quakes, volcanoes erupting, Tsunamis, etc. are all part of this cleansing process and the release of those clogged up energy centers, where human trauma and pain, have clogged up the arteries of this planet.

Since I have experienced that intense dissolving into dimensions I have understood, that one cannot move into the higher octaves of being, clinging onto the old.  One has to dissolve the Old Adam/Eve, all the abuse, the misuse, the bickering, and all the old muck, in order to be reborn.

Such is the portent motion of this time: – The turning of the tides of man.

Let those who have ears – listen.

Let those who have eyes – see.

Let those whose hears are open understand this message.

Let those who are ready to be activated to the full – be activated.

I have spoken.

I speak.

(Judith Kusel)

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