Cosmic Law 2: As within – so without.

The inner world reflects in the outer.

What is inside will manifest on the outside.

What you are inside you will attract on the outside.

You literally live in the world which reflects your own inner world.

When you are peaceful, and content within, when you glow with love for yourself and others, and you love what you are doing and doing what you love, when you support yourself from deep within, cultivate beauty of soul and spirit, Image

  then the outer world will manifest as peace, content, loving, supportive and beautiful.

When you are angry inside, even though you may have buried the anger so deeply that you are unaware or not conscious anymore of it, you will attract angry people into your life.  They are mirroring the denied anger inside of you back at you.

If you have a deep sense of abandonment, which may might have happened even in another life and lifetime; people will reflect that back to you.  They may leave you, or withdraw emotionally from you, or even die.

If you are constantly beating yourself up with your thoughts about yourself, you will attract people into your life who will reflect this back to you.

If you believe that the earth is filled with bad people, and all are conspiring against you – then this is what you will attract.

If you believe that you are poor and that you do not deserve prosperity, then you will reject all abundance and the flow of money coming into your life.

If you feel secure, deeply love yourself, honor your own sacred spaces, and are content and happy inside, you will attract people into your life who will match that. You inner integrity will be match by those around you.

When you do the inner work, and start delving deep inside of you and start leaving all those stuck emotional pain inside of you, you raise your own frequencies and vibrations so much, that you will literally attract a higher state of Being in the outer world and will start attracting like-minded souls who are on the same frequency band as yourself.

The Universe will always reflect back to yourself what you are like INSIDE. As within – so without.

This law also applies to our physical body.  Inner feelings are reflected in the way we build our bodies. 

If we feel emotionally or sexually vulnerable inside, we may build a protective layer of fat over our abdomen or hips, the places where we hold our emotions and sexuality.

Macho men with muscled chests are often hiding feelings of vulnerability, etc.  You body is a mirror of your deep, often unconscious inner feelings.

If you have pain in any area of your body, for instance pain in your neck, ask yourself, “Who am I allowing to be a pain in the neck?”   It is wise to instead of popping pills to ask your body what it is trying to tell you.

What or whom have you not made peace with?  What can’t you swallow or digest?  Who is causing you heartache?  What anger or pent-up feelings are clogging your arteries or hardening your cells?   Pain the chest:  “Who am I allowing to hurt me?” Stiff joints:  “How can I change my attitude going forward?’

Life in the amazing school on Earth gives us constant opportunities to learn about ourselves.  Your animals will reflect your inner qualities back to you.  What are your animals like?  What qualities do they have?

When we laughingly say that someone is just like his dog, little do we realize how true this is.  The person, who appears to be very pleasant and calm, yet has an animal which is aggressive and nasty, is not expressing his underlying angry feelings.

The Law is very simple and exact.

The Higher Beings who have you in their charge cause the material objects in your life to alter according to your own inner state.  Leaky taps, roofs, radiators in your external life reveal leaky emotions within, while raging fires outside reflect the burning issues within.

We have to start clearing up our inner selves, inside and out and do more and more inner clearing and collapsing work, in order to bring about the changes in our physical lives.

When we understand that this law then moves in harmony with the first law, as above so below, then we understand that when we do the inner clearing and releasing work, that we then change the outer world. WE ARE LITERALLY THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  That is how powerful we in truth are.

When you raise your own consciousness, you will raise the consciousness of your whole outside world, that world which is reflected back at you.

What you reject inside will reject you on the outside. 

If you wish to change society or others, then first start with yourself.

The Universe arranges itself to what you believe.

Therefore we constantly have to monitor ourselves and our own inner world.  Start to bless pain in your life, because pain is showing up those parts deep inside yourself which need to be healed and made whole.  Start to bless challenges in your life, for it is showing you where you need to work on yourself and where your own Achilles’ heels lie, so that you can work out your inner muscles and strengthen them. 

It took me years to even start grasping this basic law.  I was just thinking this morning about growing up as a child with parents who believed in lack.  So I started to believe in lack too and I started to resent money.  I was brought up that as soon as I was able I would have to have a job and earn money and support myself.  But with the negative programming I had picked up, I hated going into a bank.  My relationship with money was then one of fear and anger.

It was only when I had not a cent to my name, and any job or support that I suddenly realized that I had to do some major inner clearing work here.  I was shown that money is energy, just like anything else.  It has no positive or negative charge.  It was my own inner emotions and the emotional charge that I put onto this energy which was creating exactly that which I feared most in my life.  With it also then the great feeling of abandonment.  This from past lives.

Well, I had to literally reprogram myself and my own inner believes.  I was told to bless my purse, my bank accounts, all the money flowing into and out of my life and to start charging for services – because of my own energy that I put into this and because I then charge is with positive energy.  I started in truth to own my own worth and started to understand, that my inner world reflected in the outer.

As I started working through feelings of abandonment – I first had to go back to the lifetime where I felt most abandoned and then find the link into this lifetime, which was at the time I was a baby, and my mother was in hospital for a few months, and I had to be taken care of my dad, grandmother and siblings.  When I went back and delved deeply into those wounds and opened them up, and released the entire puss inside, and became grateful for what had happened, and saw how that served me, then I could heal.

Interestingly when I changed my own inner seeing and believing and feelings, the outer started to change positively and I have moved light-years beyond what I was and experienced just a mere three years ago.

If there is one single cosmic law that the whole planet and its entire people need to master it is this one.  When we cease to want to constantly change the whole world, and change ourselves – the whole world changes.  Such is cosmic law.

As within – so without.


Photos:  Jean-Luc Bozzoli and Josephine Wall.

Cosmic Law 1: As above….. so below

Cosmic Law 1: As above – so below.

Cosmic laws are spiritual and soul laws, which apply all over the cosmos and there are 33 basic laws, which apply to all souls, ad infinitum.

It is only when we violate these basic laws, that we incur pain and the karmic laws starting to come into operation.

LAW 1:  As Above – so below.

What happens in the macrocosm happens in the microcosm for all is ONE and the SAME.

The Divine created magnificent patterns and blueprints for all of creation.  Your own soul is part of a greater soul group, who in turn form part of a cluster of soul groups, which then are as ONE massive macrocosm of life expressing all aspects, character traits of the Divine and all it created back to Itself. 

Therefore nothing is at random – but all is perfectly synchronized to form a great cosmic whole.  There is not one minute particle of life that is not perfectly designed and created to fit into the great whole.

All is designed to form one huge macrocosm, which is all one and the same.  Thus what is created within this macrocosm has been reflected in the microcosm of the Milky Way Galaxy, our Solar System, our planet, and all our 12 bodies.

We ARE All-that-is and All-that-is is us.

You ARE that:  I AM THAT I AM, for you reflect that in all that you are.  There is not one single iota or nuance or whisper of yourself which is not reflected in the macrocosm, as not one single iota or nuance or whisper or vastness of macrocosm is not reflected in you. 

We can never be separated from the macrocosm or the DIVINE, for WE ARE the macrocosm.  We ARE all of creation.  Creation breathes through us and experiences life through us. 

Therefore, your soul group has a Divine blueprint of vibrational frequency pattern which is uniquely its own.  As your soul is part and particle of this Divine Blueprint, you have your very own Soul Divine Blueprint, and pattern, frequency band, and soul expression, tonal chord and soul colors.  Your soul then is a micro energy field, within the cosmic energy field, and therefore vibrates at the frequency of the tonal chord, which in turn forms a part of harmonic frequencies of the Divine, which is in reality the same symphony of sound, which is the music of spheres.

The Divine therefore holds that soul Blueprint, that perfect creation of you, as a picture in its mind.  That is the real essence of you.

It holds this Divine and perfect vision and frequency band of you within itself, no matter what you do.  This is the perfection of macrocosm, which holds all of you within itself.

When we are on this planet, we forget all of this, and because of the conditioning and the false indoctrination of the educational systems, we forget all of this, and a huge sense of separateness takes hold: – the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, of not being good enough, even as if there is something dreadfully wrong with us.  This is a lie.

Your soul is but incarnated to experience all of this and to remember the TRUTH of you.  When you start remembering your own soul truth and who you are at deep and profound soul level, then the remembering returns, for with the remembering come the deep re=connection to your soul group and to the greater cosmic whole, where you can never to lost, cannot be alone, nor abandoned.  YOU ARE THE GREATER WHOLE AND THE GREATER WHOLE IS YOU!

The Divine and the macrocosm wait without judgment as we experience and learn during our life on earth.  When we are ready it opens up new portals within us, so that we start remembering and re-connection deep inside of us.

When you start remembering, your heart and soul open up, and a deep sense of belonging, of being part and particle of a much greater cosmic whole emerges and you start assuming COSMIC citizenship – which has been yours all along.

As you start remembering, you start acting, living, and being from the depths of your heart and soul.  You start doing what you love, and love what you are doing.  You are so filled with love from deep within, and your neediness vanishes and completion and wholeness assumes.  Therefore you can love and be in overflowing and rejoice in each moment of being alive and well and on planet earth.

When challenges come, you will take that as great lessons to master, those lessons which will reflect an aspect of life back to the Divine, and will assist your soul evolution.  Instead of resenting challenges you will embrace them as great learning curves, for in obtaining mastery; you can assist the whole of life to master that aspect too, and with it comes empathy and compassion for all living things.

When the realization dawns that you are part of the macrocosm, and part of the Planet Earth herself, for she IS you, then you realize you are standing on holy and sanctified ground.  You ARE part and particle of EVERY SINGLE micro organism on this planet, and the macro organism, you are part of every single plant, animal and every form of life on this planet and beyond all of that.

When you harm one single iota of life on this planet – in any form – you are harming yourself. 

It brings a deep and profound respect for life, for other human beings, for cosmic beings, for all forms of life – for all forms and expressions of life are YOU.

Therefore this is the most important law to grasp and understand.

Dis-ease, dis-comfort, dis-harmony, dis-cord, all reflect being out of synch, or not in higher alignment with the greater cosmic whole. 

When you create within the greater cosmic macrocosm of WHOLENESS, then you cannot create anything that is not in higher alignment with your own being and that of the Divine, for then you create discordance, and dis-ease in YOURSELF.

Therefore this is the first law to understand – and therefore is the master Key to all of life and the understanding there-of.

(Judith Kusel)


Clearing of past life residue and collective trauma.

Judith Kusel

When we feel ourselves called to step into a Higher State of consciousness, all of this get noticed by those guardian angels, Archangels and the Higher Ranking Masters, who are in charge of the Rebirthing of Planet Earth and also the Higher Levels or octaves of Consciousness that our soul aspires to reach.

Planet Earth is known as one of the harshest schools in existence for soul growth, and before we are born our soul CHOSES to have certain challenges etc. so that it can experience pain etc. and then GROW in consciousness.  For the more our soul is put under pressure here, the more it contributes to our SOUL GROWTH and MOVING UP IN CONSCIOUSNESS or DIMENSIONAL states of Being – once we return to our TRUE SOUL STATE of existence and are reunited with all our other soul parts – which are in service elsewhere.

When the Higher…

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The Twin Flames and the Joker….. the Challenge of the Twin flame relationship

Eye meets eye…

Soul recognizes soul…

And the eternal dance of Love is re-ignited and has come from eternity….

I have written various articles on Twin-flames on this blog, and I get letters from all over the world asking me questions regarding their twin flames, as slowly realization is dawning, that meeting the Twin Flame might be like meeting to other half or yourself, but brings with it its own challenges.

I am writing this today because of three letters I got where the person has met the Twin flame (or presumes this – for often soul mates are confused with Twin flames, or the infatuation is such that one believes this person to be a twin, when it is not so), and then finds that the sex might be great, and the communication too, but the reality is that twin is not free or cannot be fully present in the relationship,  or is behaving in a manner which is causing pain.

Sometimes patterns which were created over many lifetimes come to haunt them in this life, and unless those are released and new ones’ created, the same old destructive patterns will repeat themselves.  For not all were angels in previous lives – indeed some were anything but.  (That is why I love doing soul readings, for it will pinpoint where the pattern started, and how it is busy being repeated in this lifetime).

All relationships on this planet, cannot be based just on sex – however great the sex is: – at the beginning you cannot take the hands off each other and then later wonder how to get the spark going again, as reality starts dawning.  For after the infatuation wears off and the sex, one still has to put up with the habits of the partner which irritates the living daylights out of one, or with the ex spouse, children, and everyone else who was there before the two met, and after the two met: – the ex’s don’t just disappear, nor the children, nor the parents, nor the friends and families.  When chaos was created, it will remain chaos until order is restored, and balance.

Any relationship has great hidden lessons, and the greatest lesson of all, is more applicable for Twin flames that mirror each other more than any other, is that of CHALLENGE.  Yes, it is a challenge to love oneself totally, utterly and completely – warts and all, shadow and light without a mask to hind behind: – and love another warts and all, shadow and light without a mask that they can hide behind.

I had a very interesting chat to one of my friends who is a marriage counselor.  He pointed out that he counsels couples BEFORE they get married, and deals with each partner separately.  He said that he can immediately spot where the two will have big challenges in their married life, as they differ completely in the way they handle and live their lives.

In this instance, the twin then might be a part of your own soul, but the lighter you are, the darker he will be – the more of a perfectionist you are – the more laid-back he will be.  You might be brilliant with money matters and a billionaire, and she has not sense of money and spends all etc.

In Afrikaans they have a lovely term to name this:  “die klein jakkalsies” (the little jackals – become big jackals).   In the beginning when one cannot take the hands off each other, one is so sexually charged, and adrenalin junkies, that those little jackals are not noted – like him squeezing the toothpaste in the middle, while you neatly roll it up.  He leaves his clothes all over the place, and you neatly have yours all labeled and boxed.  You are happy-go-lucky and he dissects all and everything.  You love all that you can love just as they are, and he goes and wants to label everything in his mind, and then label you too – like putting you in his laboratory and then making sure you react exactly as he tells you too…

To me this is the trump card:  THE JOKER.

The Joker is the trickster and in as much as the twins can’t keep their hands off each other and their minds too (most of the times with women, and with men with their neatly boxed mind, that is when he is not fully busy somewhere else which might be about once a day – unless he is thinking of sex he he!  He has a box in his mind neatly labeled with your name (and others) written on it.  When he has finished the box he is currently busy with, and wants to take out the next, he might consider yours)

The Joker and trickster appear to teach us a beautiful lesson:  YOU CAN NOT MAKE ANYONE HAPPY NOR FULFILL THEM.  It is impossible – even if it is your twin flame.

So there you are having this amazing sex, and you are having orgasms and what not, and he just jumps out of bed, into his clothes and off he goes home to this wife  (or to his laptop and work)– after all he has commitments and obligations there, for even as much as he loves you, he loves his job, kids too and his wife (even if he says he hates her, he does care for her in his own way).  The fact is that his way of earning a living takes priority, even over you.  You will never be number one on his list.

You think to yourself:  “Have I not satisfied him?  Have I been too much or too little?” And beat yourself up.

And the Joker sits there and has a good laugh……

The fact is that he cannot make you happy, just like he could not make his wife happy, just like he could not make anyone happy.  He is not God.

The fact is that only you can make yourself happy, and decide to be happy and do the inner work necessary to love yourself so much, that whether he is in your life – or not – makes no difference.  If he is there, you do not attach to him so much, that you are miserable when he is gone.  For as much as you love having him there – as much you love having yourself to yourself and enjoy your own company.  So if he suddenly disappears with floozie next door, then you are not in a state of trauma, but can merrily carry on without him (see how fast that brings him back).

A lot of people have this constant NEEDINESS.  As long as you feel needy, and whine about have little he/she loves you, the needier you will become. 

Nobody likes to have a needy person around, for at some time or another the other will get fed-up and walk out.

We are not meant to be needy persons.  We are not meant to beg for love or attention, and neither are we meant to be doormats and have others walking all over us and wiping their feet on us.  Nobody respects a needy person and definitely not doormats.

The more empowered you become from deep inside, and the more you love yourself and nurture that depth of soul and joyful beingness inside of you, the less needy you become.  The more you enjoy your own company, and love conversing with your soul, and nurture yourself, body, mind, spirit and soul, the less you need someone else to make you happy.

That does not mean that you do not wish to be a relationship.  It is just that you are so content with yourself that you can love another freely without trying to own him or her, or to manipulate, or control or whine with neediness and constant begging to be loved.

There is something immensely attractive and sexy about a woman who is empowered from deep within – and the same goes with a man.

They emit a radiance, and inner state of balance and equilibrium which shines through.  They do not need to be perfect nor beautiful in the sense the world sees it, but when they enter a room they have a presence, which makes everyone notice them.  That is because they are empowered from deep within.  They have done the inner work, they have come to love themselves totally and unconditionally and then, when they do meet up with someone (note: someone – not necessarily the twin) they love wholeheartedly, without attaching.  That means they love so much, that when that someone is taken away from them tomorrow, that love will still be there – wholeheartedly, even if the person has moved on.

Why?  Because they know that love is eternally there.  Love has been there ad infinitum.  It does not matter how the person is behaving, or not behaving, doing or not doing in this life – you love that soul – no matter what, just like you love yourself – no matter what.

You love because that is the state that you are constantly in. 

That state is not affected by anyone else – for you are solely in control of that state.  That is your heart domain, and you cannot always choose the circumstances, or what happens, but you can choose your RE-ACTIONS to that.

When you move back into your heart and soul, then you will understand that one cannot let the inner working lasp  For you have a lot of emotional stuff to work through and let go, and even if you switch partners like shoes, that emotional baggage will still be there, if you do not let go of it.  Some people take all the baggage from one relationship into the next and the next and the next – the same old patterns.  The switching of partners does not resolve that baggage, indeed it gets worse – then they end up blaming their partners for their own inner unhappiness, when in reality they have not healed inside.

So, remember, that with the Twin flame, all the baggage will get amplified, because the Twin will mirror back to you everything that you have not owned, nor made peace with deep within YOURSELF.

No one can skip the inner work.  You can try, but it will come in the form of the Joker, until you finally understand and master the lesson.

That is the reality of life.

Yes, the twin can and does bring ecstasy, bliss and euphoria, but he or she will also bring that inner work that needs to be done – bang slap to your own heart, and there will be a big label on it that reads:  “INNER HOUSEKEEPING AND CLEARING TO BE DONE!”

(Judith Kusel