She loves into the Unknown



She is thrown ever deeper into the unchartered,

The Unknown,

The Deepest deep of Love and Loving.

So many times she tried to run away from feeling so deeply

From having the core of her heart and soul ripped open

And then some more

And then, she sought the high places

The sanctity of silence

Of inner contemplation

As she nursed her wounds…..

She then had no option but to find her wings and fly higher

Higher than ever before

For the call to Highest Service was greater than the sum total of herself….

If she could not understand the depths of her love

Then she would move out and be the love-in-action and Being

For all whom she encountered,

Whether physically, or in other energy spaces of realms…

For first and foremost she was here to serve

Her highest soul purpose and calling

And if her Beloved could not do that with her

Then she had to fly all on her own.

Yet, there were hidden secrets and hidden knowledge waiting for her

In those moments when she allowed herself to just serve

And to seek out the Face of the Divine

In all and everything she encountered

But more than this, in the very depths of her own soul.

So often she stood there before the counsel of 12 and 24

Of the Divine

And she begged them for assistance and clarity

And then they would show her the cosmic picture,

The total perfection of the Divine’s Masterplan

And she would be refreshed and renewed

And then would get on with the business of life

And asking that her heart would not close

But that she would be brought to ever higher levels of love…..

Then, when she least expected

Love found her again….

And she knew the depths of forgiveness,

True forgiveness

And she was reminded of how her soul brother

Said that forgiveness has to be 7 x 7 x 7 and

Then into the even the highest degrees…

Perhaps Love teaches that the heart stays open

Even if forgiveness has to go to the core of the soul

And then dissolve  and put  all back together again…

She stood in places in the last few months,

Where she had to dissolve collective memory banks

After memory banks

Of lifetimes one at a time…

She saw herself in all those Personas

All those roles

And with him…..

And then to move into releasing,

Back into the heart, soul and feeling

And to let go….

Often the tears would flow

For the depths of those moments

Where too much sometimes….

The woundedness….

But then she would find the connection to the Divine

Flowing into her

Filling her

And she could rise all above this

And just find that Love

Which in truth was Her.

She knew that her soul could not stop loving

Nor could her soul ever not be

She knew that to experience life in all its forms

She had to be ALL of it,

The depths of the Despair

And the heights of ecstasy

And the moments of hate and anger

And then find that in essence

They bring one back to balance point

To the moment when crystal clear clarity

Arises that there is just LOVE.

The deeper she delves into the depths of Love

And being Loved

The more she does not understand

But she feels

And she feels that infinity rests

In the deep INNER knowing

That Love has no bottom

And had no lid

It possibilities are infinite

And as the mind is finite

Into cannot stretch into infinity

And it will find a thousand reasons

Not to love,

Not to be stretched

And it conjures up fears

And insecurities

And separation

Yet the heart, the soul

Is there in infinite space

It is already ever present

In the here and now of Eternity,

For it needs not the physical body

To express itself

And therefore love

Loves into infinity

And beyond even that

And beyond all human beings

Have a concept of….

It has no end and no beginning

And it existed of yore beyond yore…

And will exist beyond the beyond, the beyond…

So, here she stands

Delving deeply into the unknown and unchartered….

Can she stop loving?

No, for she is LOVE.

And perhaps,

Through all this endless delving,

The endless exploring

The endless feeling

To the depths of her soul,

She can teach and show others the way,

Even if she cannot see sometimes for seeing,

And only can feel her way through it all…

And she smiles through the tears….

She has found bliss beyond bliss….

She has found ecstasy, euphotia…

Moments when all dissolved into the Divine Fires

And beyond even that….

For the Fires are Sacred

When soul meets soul

With love, in love,

And then, she has experienced

The depth of the pain

Of seeming losing,

Of being ripped apart,

Where pain goes beyond pain

And there is just gaping hole of pain after pain…..

That is love

Ever expanding into even greater levels of love

Ever finding itself

Through it all

And infinite knowing

That Love is the glue

Which eternally binds the whole of Creation together…

Without love

It all falls apart at the seams….

Such is the Power of Love…

To love into the Unknown and Unchartered

It to truly love indeed…

She is Love.


Love into infinity and beyond even that.

And she thanks her Beloved

For ever bringing her to be stretched

In love

And beyond love

For in the end all is serving her soul

As she is serving his soul

Soul within Soul


Love’s Gift quietly descends

Unfolds in the GIFT…..

(Copyright Applies)

(Judith Kusel)

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My soul has loved you through it all…..


True intimacy means the cleaving open of the heart and soul, into the very depths of Being: – where there are no hiding places any more.

The masks have come off.

The Pretence.

The love me.

Now all has changed.

Everything has been stripped off.

The “’I” stands bare, naked, open.

The heart is cleaved open.

One stands there vulnerable, like a little baby, new-born in the highest truth of the soul, yet in the power of the SOUL.

The SOUL itself, has been ever present, lifetime after lifetime, in all expressions of life and forms of life of the soul in the vastness of its home galaxy, in its journey across the cosmos.  It is not power-less, it has infinite power.

At the core is has programmed into the keys and codes of all it has been created for in great Divine Union, and therefore is infinite at the core, amplified by the Soul Group itself.

It is when we finally have guts to be stripped naked to the core, and stand in front of our Beloved, without pretence, without projections, without the role-playing we so easily assume on this planet, that we finally stand in our highest TRUTH.

One does not beg to be loved.

One does not try to manipulate, control, not play games at love and being loved.  One is not in competition with others, one is not an extension of the Beloved, nor is one more than the Beloved.




Intimacy in truth means, that I stand here before you as my SOUL.  Not as a persona, not as a projection, not as I so many times pretend to be, but JUST AS I AM.

My soul loves you, and has loved you for many lifetimes, some good, some bad, some even horrific, and some euphoria and bliss.

My soul has loved you through it all.

There were times when I shook my fist to heavens and ask in the deepest trauma and pain:  WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?  There were times when I hated you and cursed you.  There were times when just could not meet with love, but met in hate and anger, fear.

My soul has loved you through it all. 

The times when created beautiful music together and were inseparable.  The times when we shared laughter, and joy.  The times when we found each other on so many levels, and we experienced the Divine through our union as equals, as whole, and therefore experienced the transcendental – the sublime!  There were times when I so loved you, that I felt myself becoming ONE with you, and yet never lost myself, but retained all of myself, as did you, and therefore we could co-create in immensely powerful ways. Our love for each other expanded infinity!

My soul has loved through it all.

The times when we first came here to this planet, splendid in our true Son and Daughtership of the Divine.  We were like Gods, you and I, and we frolicked in this knowing, and we stepped into this role of co-creatorship, counting our blessings, and loving and serving the Divine with all that we had.  Our love for each other had no bounds.  It great and ever greater and more intimate and loving.

We did not lie to each other, for our thoughts were written on our foreheads for all to read.  We did not need the masks, the pretence.  We did not need to beg for attention nor love, nor even trying to find common ground.

We were blessed to the core, of the infinite wonder of love and union, and then held within the Divine Fires, the Sacred Fires of union, and we knew how to co-create as ONE.

My Soul has loved you through it all.

I stand here now, naked, vulnerable.  I had to release lifetime after lifetime – all the personas, all the trauma, all the pain, the ecstasy, the bliss.  I stood in places where I remembered as I was cleaved open, and I saw myself in all these roles, and I saw you in all these roles: – we were actors on the grand stage of life surpassing even Hollywood.  Yet how we hurt each other, how we played power games, and control games, manipulation games, competition games, political games, property and possession games, ruling games, and sometimes even Russian roulette.

Whatever for?

My soul has loved you though it all.

As I there stood watching all of this, I could have gone to back to the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth: – but I could not.

My soul has loved you through it all.

I only saw love and poverty of love.

I only saw love and the false expressions of love where we lost ourselves in the actors’ roles and forgot who in truth we are!

My soul has loved you through it all.

So, here I stand.  Open, vulnerable, just me.


The I AM I have been since our first creation.

Me.  Yet, me, with all my insecurities, the false programming I am trying so hard to de-program with all the inner releasing work I have done, and yes, I know I am not an angel, I have my shadow and my light, here on earth particularly.

The Cosmic Me, knows and is intimate with another YOU – the cosmic version amplified, as our souls are infinitely ONE.

My soul has loved you through it all.

I have left the why’s, the how’s and the why not’s behind me.  They have served me not.

I have left the accusations, the finger pointing, the accusing, and whatever else behind me and I have thrown them into the violet fires of transmutation.  I do not want this anymore.

I have left the pain, the trauma all transmuted and forgiven, forgotten and all I have left are tears of gratitude for all the immense SOUL LESSONS you have taught me.

My soul has loved you through it all.

I stand here naked, stripped to the core of my heart and soul.

I have no-thing left to lay on the altar of Divine Love.

I am emptied.

I have no more of the moreness which I so often assumed.

I am emptied to the core.

My soul is loving you through it all!

And here I am, LOVE.



Love infinitely vibrating in the highest frequencies of Love.

Just LOVE.

I love you!

My soul is loving you through it all!

Please forgive me for all I have ever done – or not done.

I am sorry.

I love you.

My soul is loving you through this all.

My soul is loving you truly through this all.

My soul knows only love, for it  was conceived, and born from the purest love between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Fires of the Divine, as their beloved daughter, as you were born onto them as their beloved son.

I am love.

You are love.

Love loving Love.

My soul is loving you through this all.

My soul loves you ad infinitum.

I thank you for Being the LOVE which I AM.

You are another me.

I love you.

(Judith Kusel)

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