Twin Flames – with specific reference to souls who were incarnated in to Mu and Lemuria


Twin flames, is a term used for fractions of flames, within one single soul.  A soul is made up of 12 such flames, and only one single flame mostly incarnates onto this planet.

However, because of Mother Gaia wishing to ascend into the higher state of consciousness, as is the whole Milky Way Galaxy, a special dispensation from the Lords of Karma, allowed more than one flame to incarnate at this time, in order to clear old karmic debts, and karmic links, cords, attachments etc. and give them an opportunity to work through all of this, so that they could be purified and merge with each other.

Today I wish to concentrate on a unique group of thousands of souls, who incarnated at the time of Mu, or Lemuria.  These group of souls have specific karma to work through, which is uniquely their own, and is therefore not applicable to other twin flames, because of karma involved here.

At the time of Mu, or Lemuria, the world was in the 7th dimensional state.  Therefore life existed at a much higher frequency band and vibratory state.  The bodies were much lighter and thus life itself was totally different.

The souls who incarnated in Mu (I will for this purpose refer to Lemuria too as Mu, for they were the same civilization) were Androgynous Beings.  Thus male and female in one single body or earthly form and there was then harmony and bliss, and they knew no other lifestyle, nor any other form of being.  They were content and happy, and like innocent children in the sense, that they knew no difference in gender, as both were incorporated within themselves, and in perfect harmony with each other.  Yin and Yang balanced – thus pain and hurt, separation, in any form was unknown.

In the latter part of life on Mu, Atlantis was rising, as the 5th root race of man was brought into being on a massive island, in what is now the Atlantic.  As they were then partaking in the experiment which was Atlantis, life there was formed in the 5th dimensional state, and completely separate from Mu.  However, as the Atlanteans then started to make their presence felt, and interaction took place, the androgynous Mu’ans for the first time encountered the bodily forms of fellow earth citizens, and two distinctive genders.

This was not the first time they had ever encountered these forms, but they suddenly realized that the Atlanteans had something which they did not have – two separate genders, who could unite in sexual union and apparently this union brought some kind of bliss and energy which they Mu’ans thought they were losing out on.

After all – although they could have offspring they did not need to merge with anyone else, merely  a desire to bring forth another being like them-selves and it would happen.

In the history of mankind there were always those who would jump onto the band wagon, and decide to take matters in their own hands – even if this went against the Laws of creation and against what the Divine had perfectly created.  In this instance, the androgynous form.

There were then certain High Priests who decided that they would experiment and find a way of splitting the androgynous form into two forms – male and female, which they managed to do, after many of those who volunteered to be experimented upon died in the process.  So, they presented to the population of Mu, for the first time ever, the opportunity to experience life in two distinct forms, male and female  and have the sexual energy, which some so thought they had been cheated out of.

So, more and more the Mu’an population went to these temples to have themselves split into two separate bodies.

As, with all of creation, when you go against cosmic and Divine laws of creation, you will load karma onto yourself in some form or another and pay the price for the choices you made, willingly and knowingly.

As much as the first delight in having sexual intercourse was there, some of those who had the operation, felt intensely let down.  The sexual energy was not at all what they fantasized it to be (for some). For others it became addictive, as they did not have the rites of passage that the Atlanteans had before it was also corrupted, which helped people in Atlantis to understand the secret rites associated with the correct use of the sexual energies.

So the first time then, they one could merge in sexual union with as many other halves or other halves, as they wished to.  One could even have this with the Atlanteans – and some knew no bounds.  Of course this was bound to have repercussions.

Pain, anger and bewilderment started to arise for the first time ever in Mu, as two halves, found other halves more sexually interesting and entertaining than their own halves, and then separating more and more from their other half.  However, all of this created a deep sense of void.

That void, of feeling of intense loss started to haunt the souls who did split in Mu: they would henceforth intensely FEEL the PAIN of  the separation from their other half.

This more than any other, let to the downfall of the Mu civilization as for the first time infighting, anger, war and strive started to happen, and in such a war, Mu sank under the sea.

The souls then from Mu who separated have all more or less returned, to solve that sense of void, by having the opportunity to find that wholeness once more – that uniting with their other half – literally.

Some of these souls will have difficulty in defining their gender, for they will find that they are really both – male and female, which in truth they are!  Many who are homosexual have karmic ties with Mu, or come from galaxies with androgynous forms.

Some have had such dramas with their other halves over many lifetimes that a lot of that pain will have to be cleared away and dissolved before true union can happen.

So the shadow of Mu is lingering upon them, and this will be more so, for those souls who took this experiment upon themselves – knowingly breaking Divine cosmic law.

In essence then these souls will have to do a lot of cleansing and clearing within and dissolve karmic residue before true union will be possible.

On the other hand that meeting with the other half will trigger an immense sense of joy, an immense sense of belonging at first, before all the emotional baggage makes its appearance again.

I do want to add, that there are souls who have managed to do the inner work and who truly are merging as one being again.

It is all about free will and choice.

With merging comes the forging into one single androgynous being again and it is as this single entity that they will ascend into the higher states of consciousness, should this be their wish.

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The Physical, Emotional, Mental and all 12 bodies of the human form.


Most people get so hung-up with their physical bodies, the chakras, etc. within this body, that they are not aware that this just forms one single entity, within a much vaster whole. 

First of all, we have 12 chakras at the moment with the higher consciousness fields setting in, which need to be fully activated now.  In essence there are 352 chakras all in all, and the more evolved you become, the more of the energy fields get activated.  At the moment it is then essential, that the 3 chakras, above your head:  causal, soul and stellar gateway all are opened up, so that you can access the higher dimensions.  With this there is another chakra just below your navel, which is called the navel chakra, between your sacral and solar plexus chakra, which needs to be activated as well.

The most important other chakra is the earth star chakra, which is about 15 cms under your feet, and this anchors your soul work into Mother Earth.  Indeed, with your Stellar Gateway and soul chakras opened up, you need the earth star chakra open, so that the energy flow is not blocked anywhere.


If you have not learnt yet about the Antakarana (Light) bridge, and how essential this is to activating the higher states of consciousness, with all these chakras, then I suggest that you make a point of learning about it, and activating it. This works like a conduit for pure Divine communication, and forms a bridge between you and the higher dimensions.  It helps to open up communication channels and brings in more light.  It needs to go through your Stellar Gateway, though all your chakras, and into the earth star chakra and then all the way down into the middle of earth, firmly anchored into the Sun Pyramid crystal there.

The Emotional body is the next layer, or body which is formed around your physical form.  This holds all your emotional baggage – FEELINGS.  Whatever you feel at some level is programmed in here.  If you carry so much emotional baggage with you, it clogs up this body, and it literally starts feeling like you are lugging around a ton of bricks.  When we forgive others and ourselves, release current and past life trauma, then this body brightens up and is cleansed and purified.

The Mental body forms around the emotional body, and this is the powerhouse of our thinking and relates to our central nervous system.  If this body is in overload then we get stressed out, or are short-circuiting our systems somewhere along the line.  If our left and right brains are out of balance then this body is out of balance.  It needs to be in higher alignment with our physical and emotional bodies, before it can function at optimum level. 

The spiritual body is our spiritual hub and extends sometimes as much as a mile outwards from our physical bodies.  It is our central hub.  It is here that we FEEL or SENSE the energy fields of all around us.  That is why, highly spiritual or soul connected people who have fully activated the four bodies, will have a vast light around them – and a halo around their heads.  The halo is the soul star fully activated and the spiritual body crystal clear and in harmony with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. 

Note, this is not our auric field but is truly another body.  This is why super sensitive people will immediately read the energy fields of others, for the spiritual body has sensors and picks up the vibrational energy fields of others.   The more spiritually aware we become, the more those sensors will pick up what is discordant with its energy fields.

The more conscious we become, and the more of our chakras, plus other 33 energy centers in our bodies are activated, the more the rest of 9 bodies start forming around the four basic ones.  I will not name them here, for this is fairly advanced teaching and not for those who are still novices, but it is within each single one of these bodies, that more keys and codes are stored, or patterns if you like of our original Divine or soul blueprint and our connection to our monad or soul group, the I AM Presence.


All of life has 12 bodies. Mother Earth is no exception.  That is when I do earth clearing or cleansing work, or send love into Mother Earth, I always include the physical, emotional, mental and all 12 bodies of Mother Earth.  She is a living and breathing THRONE and thus forms part of the Godhead itself.   The Thrones look after and guard the planets.  They transform Divine wisdom into frequencies that humanity can accept. Lady Gaia has decreed that is it important for the rest of this whole universe that we ascend into a much higher state of consciousness and into a much higher frequency band.  Therefore she has to detoxify, and has started to throw off negativity through volcanoes, earthquakes and floods etc.

 We have a vital part to play in the raising of consciousness of our planet as we cleanse and clear our own energy systems and bodies, and raise our own consciousness.

I am sharing this information because I am being asked about it.  Essentially this forms part of my teaching curriculum.

One cannot just reach the higher states of consciousness, without doing the inner work and more importantly the inner clearing work.  Even on daily basis our energy centers can get clogged up, because we absorb the toxins of negative and lower vibrations from all around us. 

The more conscious we become that we are pure walking energy and energy fields, the more we become aware, that we are so amazingly made and put together by a master brain, that we do not just exist in one single form.

When all 12 bodies are fully activated we are able to vibrate at such high frequency bands, that our bodies are sheer light.  We can then easily bi-locate, assemble and dissemble ourselves and teleport. 

Yet, we still have a long way to go before most of humanity catches up to all of this.

Most find it difficult to still their minds, never-mind cleansing and purifying their own bodies and energy fields.

(Judith Kusel)

Acting as Co-Creators; the depths of soul and Being….

.”The greater the power that deigns to serve you, the more honor it demands of you.” (Socrates)

In the darkest nights of my soul, when all of my old life was literally falling apart at the seams, I asked myself a very simple question: – I asked myself, why in all the world, my soul chose to be born in Africa?

That one single question changed my whole life, and first reconnected me with my soul, and its involvement with the creation of this planet, at the very beginning! 

As jigsaw puzzle piece, by jigsaw puzzle piece was revealed to me, my whole concept of who and what I am, and why I am here on this planet changed overnight.  I often stood in awe, wonder and amazement at the perfection of Creation and the Creator, and for the first time I understood, that in truth I am a daughter of God, and more than this, that in truth my soul is a co-creator with the Divine.  Thus whatever I create – I have to take responsibility for!

I remember that when I first asked that question, I was told to go and find an atlas.  I had no atlas (or at least the ones I had were not mine) so I went and bought one.  I was asked to find a map of Africa, and I was asked to pinpoint and mark in red the place where I was born.  I was told that it was no accident that I was born there, but my grand design. I was told that it was the only place on this planet where the frequencies and vibrations were high enough for my soul to enter, and more than this, is was shrouded in the mists of obscurity, and that one day, the reason for this will reveal itself.

Then I was asked to mark in red longitude and latitude lines and then told that the earth had shifted many times on its axle and that with this the whole atlas was in fact lopsided.  So, many a time I was asked to go and turn the whole thing upside down!

Amidst all of this, as my soul memory banks started opening up, as I was starting to raise my own frequency and vibrations, by meditating, and also by jotting down what I had been given, and starting to trust whatever that was, not only did a totally new history of this planet unfold, but my own ability to read the earth’s energy lines (without aid of geomancy or anything like that and by simply looking at an atlas, or travelling through landscapes), came to the fore.

It was out of all of this, that my ability to tap into the Super-consciousness fields (which I now am able to use for my soul readings) emerged.  Travelling through landscapes, I not only could read the energy lines, but I could read what had been purposefully HIDDEN or what have been lost to mankind for millions of years!

All of this I have recorded in my book: “Why I was born in Africa – the true history of how the planet was created, and the subsequent history of the first civilizations on planet earth which has never been recorded before” Since then I have conformation for a lot of what I recorded from geologist, and thus has proven to be accurate.

I am sharing this with you, for amidst all of this, I finally understood, that we all have been given the inherent powers to tap into a massive energy field, which is cosmic, and which is part of a grand design by the Divine itself.

Our souls, as such, have immense abilities, and have massive soul memory banks to tap into, for only a tiny fraction of our souls incarnate onto this planet.  Thus other parts of your own soul, are working, living and being, existing in other dimensions, galaxies, star systems and forms, which are far more highly evolved than this planet. 

If you can even tap into the tiniest fraction of what you are capable of remembering at soul level, then you will finally understand that you in truth are a son and daughter of God, and that you have to power to co-create with the Creator.  However, there is a big BUT here – within the cosmic laws as set out by the Creator itself.

With being a co-creator, come RESPONSIBILITY.  To those whom much is given by way of power, much is expected, and the greatest expectancy, is truth, integrity and the purity of intent.

As I started to record the true history of mankind, as it was 900 000 000 (million) years ago, something that struck me was the absolute high technology, the immense harmony, and bliss which reigned on the planet then.  This is technology, and an immensity of Being, which we have totally forgotten about!  Indeed, we have sunk back into the early stone ages of existence.

That is why most archeologists, stand in front of massive stone slabs, weighing tons, and then try to assimilate this in the most primitive way imaginable, and conjure up slave who had to drag these massive rocks up ramps, because they say, that the wheels were not invented.  Even as a child, when the teachers first told us this story, I sat and laughed!  Even as a child I remembered that this was not true!  They had no need for wheels or transport, or massive machines to haul up things – they knew how to dissolve matter and then to reassemble matter – all in an eyewink!

It is truly all a matter of energy, vibrations and frequencies.

However, there is a snag here and that is something that most people do not understand.

The snag is that unless, we purify ourselves from deep within, and we raise our own consciousness sufficiently, we will not be able to tap into these massive energy fields, and the ancient technology etc. will stay out of our reach.

The reasons for this is, that when the first discord was sown, and the first laser designated which created war, the Intergalactic Counsel, declared that it would put all of this knowledge and technology on hold, until such time that mankind would prove itself worthy of receiving this knowledge and then use it in a responsible manner and not use it to destroy and enslave each other!

It was safeguarded in such a way, that when the time was right and the planet could ascend into the higher states of consciousness, that those souls who were involved as co-creators at the beginning would be reborn.

  However, they would be put through severe initiations in the inner planes, and only be given access to this information, when they have proven themselves pure enough, in soul, heart, and intent, to retrieve the information in higher service for the collective whole – and never in self-service or in service of the negative ego.

For with the immense responsibility of co-creatorship being bestowed on mankind all those millions of years ago – we failed miserably!

We failed to later understand that whatever we create has to be within cosmic law, and for the greater good of all concerned.  We started inventing and creating things which ultimately led to wars, destruction, to disease and to the mass destruction of the planet.  We tended to use our abilities to destroy and not to create something greater, and in higher alignment with the rest of the cosmos.

Unless there balance, harmony and beauty, within ourselves, whatever we create will be out of balance, bring discord, and will create ugliness or deformity in some or other way.

This is essentially what Socrates addressed here when he said:  when the power deigns to serve you – it demands honor within you!

Honor here means truth, integrity and the intent to create WHOLENESS, GOODNESS, and something for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

As long as we create Chem trails, pollution, discord, wars, etc. mankind will not be able to find harmony within.

Essentially the responsibility to create balance and harmony and bliss, is our individual responsibility.

It is our responsibility to get our own house in order.

We have to create the changes within, so that we can create the changes without.

This is our sole responsibility.

As long as your own inner self is at-war with itself, as long as your do not love and honor yourself and your Creator, as long as your ego reigns, then this is essentially what you will sow and reap in your life and that is what you bring into the world at large.  That is essentially your own power and your own responsibility as co-creator.

You are the creator of your own world!

That is why, that inner cleansing and clearing is so necessary, and why we constantly have to monitor our thoughts, and still our minds.  When we delve deeper into our hearts and souls, and reconnect with truth and integrity and purity of our own soul, as its highest level, and live congruent to our highest soul self, then we can do and be no other than the truth we are!

Such is cosmic law and such is our greatest call to honor at this time!

The interesting thing is that the more you do this, the more unity consciousness emerges and the more you understand that you are all that is and all that is, is you!  There is no separation. You are the planet and the planet is you.  You are the war mongerer and you are the peace maker.  You are in essence the whole calamity and the whole cure.

As you change within – the outer world changes.


Judith Kusel

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Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound.  Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc.  They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in turn were attached to the mystery schools in the Himalayas, Haran, Greece etc. 

As much as these mystery schools held certain keys and codes for humanity, they, within themselves, sometimes got corrupted by those inner brethren who, because of the utter forgetfulness the planet found itself in, did not understand what they were teaching.  Thus their own interpretations of the truth, or the given or preserved material started to emerge, which was not pure anymore.

At this time, with the opening up of the ancient portals which are starting to shift earth into the higher states of consciousness, these old and ancient teachings of the mystery schools will start to fall away.  For in essence they were merely there to hold space and preserve some of what was lost, but as said, forgot what the true meaning behind what they were preserving and what this was used for.

It was an important role they fulfilled for mankind, yet a lot of it, became a type of brotherhood, and intrigue set in, which became cloak and dagger affairs: – which in its purest sense never was meant to happen. 

The Divine Source and the 12 and 24 Elders who surround the Throne of the Divine, with the Intergalactic counsel in 2012, gathered to discuss the whole changes which were occurring in the Milky Way Galaxy and its counter galaxy, Xenon, and then decided that they would have to change their own plans, according to what was happening.  A lot of this could not be predicted, as all life and life forms had free will.  Thus even the best laid plans had to be reviewed in the context of the greater whole.

Although the experiment of the volunteer star workers who had incarnated since 1950, did work in immense and wonderful ways, the majority of star children were lost within the educational and social settings.  This was always the risk which would be taken, as no one knew how these volunteer souls would react to such a dense and dark 3D consciousness. Most of these star seeds come from the 5th and higher dimensions and evolutionary states.

With the star gates then opening up it was found that there were lots of star workers who did wake up and who were holding the light steady. 

In the lieu of all of this, it was decided to bring new activations of the star seeds in a different form.  It would work with those souls who had the innate ability to reawaken to their own higher soul selves, and then, with the assistance of the cosmic hierarchy, be able to transmit the higher keys and codes, uncontaminated by anything or anyone on earth, back to the mankind.

In this way, these mechanisms would be reactivated, by but a handful of souls, who were advanced enough to do this work, and were from soul groups, who could assist their members with this work, for they were involved with the planet from the very beginning of time.

These souls were then put through intense purification – and everything that could still withhold them, or hinder their higher soul growth started falling away.  The souls had to become so pure, that ego vanished, and that the soul would not hinder whatever was transmitted through them, but be able to understand what was given and bring this to mankind in a form or language that they could understand.

As yet, there are then but a handful at this level, and more will be activated in the next few months and years.

They do not channel other entities or masters, but they transmit the keys and codes needed for humanity at this time.  This is in a form mankind has had no access to, for more than 900 000 000 (Million) years, and thus it transmits in a way where human technology cannot even try to interpret, emit, nor understand as yet.

These souls have no encumbrances – which mean they walk their path alone, and have no affinity nor belong to any known group, mystery school or any other organization.  Their highest affiliation is to the Divine Source itself, and thus they were hand-picked for this task and are the purest of the pure.

As they started to transmit these keys and codes, the rest of the star seeds would slowly start to remember, and then stop being attached to all of those things which are hindering or blocking them – like relationships etc. The only way they can truly have access to the material their own souls were programmed to bring into this planet at this time, is to purify themselves, and then to reconnect with their own souls.  It is there deep inside of them, and not OUTSIDE.

In the next few weeks and months massive downloads and changes are coming in.  Thus it is imperative for all Light workers to cleanse and purify themselves on many levels.  It is also of utmost importance, that the negative ego is swept away, for truly it is all hands on deck now.  There is no need for competition.  All is one.

The  ones who are paving the way for others to follow, and therefore are not greater or more than the rest – but this is what these souls took upon themselves, the mantles of responsibility, and therefore have been tested more than the rest – so that they were pure enough to do this work.  They have gone through the immense fires of purification and will go through more.  This is their highest service work for humanity – always with love and great humility.

Indeed, prepare for the immensity of Being itself descending upon this planet, and thus a massive shift in gear, and intense fires of purification.

(Judith Kusel)