The New Earth and cosmic citizenship

Let there be peace in your mind, heart and understanding.

Let there be love in your heart and soul as you read this.

For here is the undiluted truth of Ages:

You create your own reality and how you live this reality.

In essence this is what is happening all over the cosmos and your soul chose to incarnate at this time, in order to bring certain gifts, talents, abilities to the fore.  Thus honor these, and live them and do not shrink from giving of self to the world.

Yes, there are a lot of you that have karmic links and karmic residue to work through:  this is a lifetime when you can work off 51% of all karma and you may ask that this be released and cleansed, so that your soul can be purified and you free to step up and into higher service for mankind.

Understand then, that it is truly up to you to choose this path.  A lot of souls move onto the higher pathways, and then let the detractors, the ones who are not awakened tread on their visions, dreams, highest hopes and aspirations and then back into the state of numbness and forgetfulness.  This then pulls down their whole energy field and it becomes sluggish and more and more dense, as the accumulated emotional pain and baggage never gets worked through and transmuted.

There is so much fear in some, that they do not understand how fear then clogs up the whole energy systems and then moves them into a kind of robot-like existence, where they cannot be freed from this existence, for it is their own free will and choice to live this kind of life – in bondage to fear.

However, as much as there are these lost souls, let us remember that there are immense changes then in so many – the ones who truly are holding the light steady for the rest of humanity.  They are stepping more and more into that higher state of Being, where understanding dawns that one is captain and master of one’s own soul and therefore one’s own life.

It is here that one has to be aware of the negative ego, that that voice which tries to pull one down into the hysterical state of the masses.  Do not buy into that illusion: – yes, you will always stick out by the mile, and yes, others will cling to you for dear life, for they see you as a type of savior and one who is more enlightened than themselves.  However, you cannot allow this to happen, for each soul is responsible for its own well being, and for the well being of its own soul, and life in its myriad of forms.  No one can drag another into the higher states of Being – only themselves.

This is truly now an illustrious time in the history of planet Earth.  As the Milky Way is stepping up on a vast evolutionary scale, so is planet Earth.  She cannot wallow in the lower states any more, and she cannot allow those living on her surface to keep her from ascending and moving into the higher evolutionary states.  Therefore she has to cleanse and purify herself, and she will shed those who are clogging up her arteries, and spreading dis-ease in her body, for she has no other choice.  She is rejuvenating and she is stepping into a new form and she is claiming this form.  Therefore you have to be aware of how you are assisting and assimilating this process, and how you are contributing to the general well-being of the planet and are then ascending in sync with her.

Yes, this is the higher states of being now opening up more and more.  It is a beautiful and precious state.  It is the state of inner peace, harmony, and that sense of wholeness, which transcends time and space.

It is time to embrace the cosmic citizenship and live within the cosmic laws of One.  There cannot be divisions, there cannot be competition, nor strive – for each one, in his or her own way, is allowed to shine and to simply be.

Thus, look not at what your brother or sister are doing, or not doing.  It is truly none of your business.

Rather look at how you can step more and more into the truth of who and what you are, without shrinking.

You do not need to fit into anyone’s idea or norm.  You are meant to expand every single moment, and with every single breath you take, into a higher evolutionary state.

You are meant to step more and more into truth and authenticity.  You are meant to step into that state of unconditional love, where no matter how much you are being challenged, you will not lose that state, but it will become a higher way of life and living.

As a cosmic being you will understand that perfection reigns.  There is no right or wrong, just ways of life expression.  There is no need to defend anyone, nor is there a need to stand on a soap box and preach.  Let each soul find its own way into the higher state of Being, and let them sort out their own mess, in their own time.

This is not to say that you cannot lend a helping hand: — rather to understand, that you can heal another, up to a point.  Then they have to heal themselves.  Some cling onto di-sease for it is comfortable and it is a way of gaining sympathy.  That is their own free will and choice.

Remember then that yes, there will be those who wish to pull you down into their own darkness, for they hate the light.  Let this not affect you.  Do your cleansing and clearing every day, for you know not what comes to you nor is directed to you, but know that with every level of existence which you cleanse and clear, even into the cells, the DNA, and generic history, and ancestral lineage, is blessed, for this is higher service work.  The more this is done, the more you assist planet earth, for then the energy fields are getting opened up even more, and the energies ascend and as the old dense and dark gets transmuted into pure light energies and can then be recycled and used in much higher and better ways.

Understand that a new state of Being is formed – and always this state of Being, is found from deep within.  It is not found without. 

For the outer world will spin illusions – it will try and confuse you and it will show you all the harshness and the unforgiveness of old world:  that is its final death throws and its way of trying desperate to claim its power back and its control. 

Remember who and what you truly are and claim your divine birthright as a true son and daughter of God.

Stand firmly anchored in love and light – no matter what plays out on the world stage around you – stand there firm and unshakable, anchored into the very firmaments of the cosmic foundations, and therefore unshakable, unmovable, and so anchored in love and light, which fills every part of your Being, and with great peace, contentment and love inside of yourself.

More than this know – that you are now truly anchoring in the new Golden Age – there is no going back!

This is Age of the Golden Heart and the immensity of a new and higher state of Being, firmly anchored in love, wisdom and power, the three-fold flame of life itself, as embodied by the Divine.

(Judith Kusel)

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We are the Sun children – The founders and creators of the New Golden Age

In essence we forget that we are cosmic Beings, having but a short sojourn on Planet Earth.

When we return to our cosmic heritage, and claim this, we cannot shrink anymore.  We have an expanded vision and a sense of being on a stage, like an actor and just assuming a role for a time.  Then we discard the role, and become the true character and we live our lives congruent to this.

When we stop shrinking to fit into other people’s norms, or narrow boxes, then we become free to explore the infinity of cosmic Beingness deep within us.  We do not need other people to tell us what is inside because we love delving ever deeper and deeper into the realms of cosmic Beingness, as held deep within us. 

Our playing fields become larger and larger and so our vision and scope.

This is essentially what the raising of consciousness is about and the adopting of the Christed consciousness.  It means that we raise our vibrational frequencies so much, that we can tune into the cosmic pulse and our whole bodies, forms and expressions are filled with Christed light and love. 

We move into the celestial company of angels, archangels, Elohim,  Ascended Masters. 

We dance the cosmic dance of life and love, which is infinite in creating possibilities, new life and life forms.

We learn to create from the heart and with feeling, what is in higher alignment with our soul purpose and calling, and also in higher alignment with what we value and treasure the most.

We seek like-minded souls who are on the same wavelength and on the same mission as ours.  We seek those who uplift us, who love our company and we theirs, and we combine our friendships in greater and higher service. 

We wish to become and be great Beacons of Love, Power and Wisdom and to raise the three-fold flame on earth.

We honor our brothers and sisters as souls, who have free will and choice, and give them the freedom to be.

We do not sign contracts and bow to artificial laws to bind others to us.  In the higher states of being we might agree from our hearts and soul to combine with another soul for a while and then to co-create together.  We honor the agreement, not because of papers or being forced, but because there is a deep and profound honoring of the sacredness of such union and we seek to renew this honoring every single morning and night from deep within ourselves.  For we can only honor the sacredness of Being of another, if we honor the sacredness of Being within ourselves – as within, so without.

We are the Sun children and born of the stars.  We are the ones who are creating the foundations for the New Golden Age and the New Earth.  Thus we understand that we are standing and living on holy ground.  Thus we thank Mother Earth for her life-sustaining power and bless her with honoring her forests, her trees, her animals, plants, elementals, and all which is alive on and within and around her.

We nurture ourselves from deep within, for we know that love is as much walking our talk, and thus we cannot expect love from another, if we have not mastered the finer art of loving ourselves totally and completely, shadow and light.

We nurture love, compassion, peace, and contentment within, for we know that all the money in the world cannot buy any of these – and there are no quick fixes nor tablets, nor cures which can give us any of these.

 We have do be the inner cleansing, clearing and housekeeping every single day without fail and then fill all the nookies and crannies, inside and out, above and below with unconditional love.

We love all of life and beyond all of this, for we can be no other than love.

We stand as true Sons and Daughters of God and Goddess, and we honor the Father and Mother who created us and gave us life.  Thus we nurture a deep connectedness, a deep honoring and sacred love.

We abide by the cosmic laws, for we have learnt to respect them, knowing that in creation harmony and perfection reigns and we do not wish to dishonor all of life, by creating chaos, destruction and pain.

Every morning we open our arms wide and raise our face to sun, and asked to be blessed, so that we can bless others.  And as the rain of blessings pours upon us, we say thank you, thank you and more thank you’s and let gratitude fill ever single cell in our bodies and fill it with love.

We are and we become.

Love is who and what we are!

(Judith Kusel)  (applies to soul and twin flame readings too)