Cosmic Harmonic Sound and human and earth energies

376580_443406145703907_1759383951_ngridbkwhAs above so below…
What happens in the macrocosm…. is happening in the microcosm….
Whatever is created in one form or another – will always have a reflection somewhere in the whole of creation. It can be no other way.
In the beginning, even before light was born, there reverberated through the cosmic whole – SOUND. Thus then from the SOUND of heaven, a spark of Light was born, and thus all sound frequencies, have a colour ray which will vibrate at the same frequencies.
The sounding of God’s name, in that we sound the OHM, or in the hearing of the sounding of the Sacred name of God, YHVH through music, as some artist have recorded, we tune into the sacred sound of God itself – therefore creation.
A combination of chords reverberating throughout the cosmos is an immensely powerful source of sheer creative energy. There are harmonic frequencies of sound, which are unique to each galaxy, universe, solar system and star system. Thus, if one wants to tune into a certain galaxy, one then has to understand how to tune into that harmonic frequency.
Some sound frequencies of the harmonic frequencies are many octaves of sound higher than the human ear can hear. Some of these super-sounds can be felt though through the vibrations which all sounds give off.
I remember that my father always told me that old Zulus (meaning the ones who still grew up without the modern gadgets like cars), would simply put their ears to the ground, and could pick up the coming of horsemen many miles distant, via the sound vibrating on the earth.
The self-same Zulus, had a bush telegraph going which would outdo the telephone for many years (it needs no radio reception either.). They used to be able to project sound via standing on the top of mountains and relaying messages, and also be means of sounding the drums….. In this way their bush telegraph for many years was far more efficient than any telephone and they knew more about what was going on – and any of the settlers at the time.
I do believe that with the immense sound pollution that we have had, with the advent of mechanical things, that we have lost a lot of listening and inner hearing abilities, which should come naturally, like a 6th sense.
However, at the moment with the immense solar flares and the cosmic storms raging an interesting thing is occurring. There is now an opening up or a massive portal in this universe, which is opening up the influx of cosmic harmonic SOUND to move in at a higher frequency rate – as the cosmic energies have already penetrated and made holes in the protective shield around the planet (which had deliberately put in place by those who wished to keep mankind in a type of time-warp bubble), the cosmic sounds can now penetrate deeply into the Mother Earth again.
The Pyramids were programmed to respond to certain frequency sound vibration, which is much higher than the Schumann Resonance. It cannot be heard by human ears and it activates certain mechanisms within the crystalline structures of the stones itself. The stones were carefully selected because of the crystalline content, and some have had their outer shell removed, they still have been programmed to respond at a certain very high frequency band. I will not go deeper into this, for it is connected with a lot of other things, but this is one of the reasons, why one will feel this vibration in some part of the body – whether this is affecting the alpha and beta co-ordinance in the brain, or the physical body in some form or another.
These Cosmic Harmonic sounds are already starting to reverberate through the stone circles and the monolithic sites in the world – some of these have been forgotten about and are underground. It is working through the ley lines and the Web of Light.
It will have an immense effect on the Sphinx itself, and all that water which was pumped into the underground levels underneath the Sphinx, will start giving immense trouble – that whole site was never meant to be flooded like that and it will cause major havoc in Egypt, because of man’s own ignorance as to the cosmic laws and especially those which are in effect there and have been in effect for millennia.
Most people do not understand that if we expose ourselves to jarring or discordant sound, we are damaging our own physical bodies, never mind our ear drums. We bring dis-ease into our bodies and we start becoming angry, easily agitated and aggressive. Anyone who has ever had to work in a sound polluted environment will tell you this. One can literally go mad with discordant and dis-harmonic sound.
Bring in the higher frequency sound of the crystal bells for instance, and the human being will immediately raise its frequency. Listen or chant the name of God, and the frequency will up even higher. We can fine-tune ourselves to the immensity of the Divine Frequency once we learn how to do this and we allow ourselves to uplifted by healing sound.
When the human beings re-learn to move 33 x 3 octaves higher than what is known in sound frequencies today, it will enable them to tap into the cosmic harmonic frequencies, then all ailment associated with the mind will start falling away, as this brings in the balancing between the left and right brain and brings in the full activation of the pineal and pituary glands – without any artificial aid whatsoever – or stimulants. It is sound that works with our mental and emotional bodies, and it is to sound that they respond.
This will truly be the greatest journey of rediscovery for mankind into the realms of the cosmic whole

The New Cosmic Rays activated by the Solar Flares and Cosmic Storms

The New Light Frequency Rays activated by the solar storms:
There are immense changes coming to Planet Earth and her people within the next few weeks and months. Inherently this is because the Platinum, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Rays as well as the Crystal Clear ones, are now opening up the cell memory banks, as the new DNA strands are being activated – 12, 24 and 36. This means there is far more which is going on inside the human physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies than the naked eyes can sense of see.
It is therefore very important to keep the physical body free of all radicals; all alcohol and drugs or any artificial induced methods which make the soul wide open to negative entities and influences. Such-like then in any form which is of lower vibrational frequencies, and thus not of the purest Light and Love.
There are many octaves of being and thus one then has to understand that the physical body has to be prepared on multiple levels in order to truly be able to absorb these new energies. As much as one then is soul and spiritual, one is also the mental, emotional and the physical form and both of these are getting immensely affected at this time.
First of all – the diamond ray and the crystal clear rays are the rays of PURIFICATION – thus removing all impurities from the physical body, as well as all four other bodies.
A lot Light workers get stuck on the emotional and spiritual level of life, and forget that one is here to ANCHOR in these rays and then to make them visible and thus activated in all forms of life. It is no use if one is floating amongst the higher realms of Angels etc. and the Divine Mother for instance, and one does not anchor in this work on the earthly plane. Most of these souls forget that true mastery lies then in truly living life on this planet and then bringing in and anchoring in the New Golden Age on planet Earth. This is where the true work lies – and not being dis-grounded and floating around in the heavens.
There is thus great need to use TOOLS in order to truly being able to assimilate these immensely high frequency rays. It means that one has to consciously in meditation and in the working of and with these rays, anchor them in through the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies and then into the earth – once this is done, to expand this into ALL 12 bodies and then radiate this out to the world.
It lies with the full activation of the energy wheels inside the body, all systems, not just the chakras but then going further to activate the 33 other energy systems and then going further than that the 330 other energy systems which are now being opened up.
There is at this time, thus immense expansion of the ability of human form to absorb these massive inflow of PURIFICATION energies – It has to do with immense cleansing of the emotional body, where stuck particles which look like tar, and snake-like tentacles, and mud, sticky mud, is stuck to energy centers of the physical body, and then this includes ALL of them – even the ones human kind has forgotten about, to get them truly cleaned up.
There is much work to be done, and some are very reluctant to do this inner clearing and cleaning work. Some indeed, refuse to do this and believe that they can gain from staying in the present mode. This is not true.
Mastery means the ability to gain mastery over oneself – thus the negative ego, which does not like discipline and which does not like doing the inner work. There is not one single soul on this planet alive at this time – who does not need to work on him or herself constantly and thus keep at doing this inner clearing work and reconnecting on a daily basis with the Divine Source and asking for assistance in doing so.
Look around you – your body reflects that of Planet Earth and with every bit of clearing you do in your own body, you are assisting Planet Earth to clear as well, for your physical form in intimately linked and reflects that of Planet Earth. If you do not do inner clearing work – how can you then assist the clearing of Mother Earth? If you are not prepared to change from deep inside, how can you then expect others to change, the Earth and all its leaders included?
The purification goes to the core – it goes to the whole mental body and its thinking – it goes to the way that thinking thoughts affect your health and your own state of mind. What is it you are thinking? What is it that through your thinking you are bringing out into the world, through your words and deeds? For essentially what you think – you become and are! If your thinking is polluted, then your words become polluted and are a pollutant to all those around you – for your words which you write, and say are what essentially there in your mind.
When the mind acts on its own, then it can bring immense harm to others – just like it can uplift others – for it is the mind which creates war and mind which invents an atom bomb and the mind which triggers the same.
When the mind is not connected to the heart – and thus to the Divine then it can become a destructive tool. Just like when the mind, is so steeped in negative thinking and thought that it destroys one’s life – for what you think you attract. Such is the power one has to understand here. One has to harness one’s mind to the heart and then to POWER OF LOVE WILL AND PURPOSE, as one, single unit, for indeed it is one and same.
These rays of intense purification then go to the core and it will strip naked to the core and will open up immense collective memory banks of all those souls who have come here to clear this.
It means that groups of soul who were involved in great trauma at one stage or another, where the collective psyche was immensely traumatized will have to do mass clearing on their own and the collective to clear those memory banks. This goes with spiritual persecution or persecution by race or any persecution and then also war. Those who have been involved in wars will need to have clearing inside and out, for the scars of war and persecution often run over many lifetimes – and these souls have taken upon themselves to clear these memory banks once and for all.
These rays will activate the diamond heart rays of those souls who have come in for higher mission and thus some have come collectively, as some soul groups have volunteered to uplift mankind and hold the light steady collectively so that the rest can rise.
This is especially true of the soul group called the ILLUMINED ONES or the Ancient Ones of the Shining Ones, for they have been involved here from the beginning of time. They shall be the anchor and stay for humanity and bring about the changes from the core and depth of their heart and souls. They are highly evolved souls, who bring in the understanding of mankind of HIGHER HEALING, HIGHER WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND TEACHING.
The other soul group involved is THE GRACES, who bring the grace of forgiveness and the grace to forgive and all that grace brings from the depths of the Divine. They bring in the GRACE of the DIVINE, as they are the harbingers of Grace-in-action and thus bring the grace of God back to humankind.
They are supported by THE LOVING ONES, who are here in nearly their whole capacity, as they are indeed the ones leading humanity back to the art of loving from the depths of their being and then being anchored in love and radiating out love, and bringing in the whole immense radiation of Love and assisting the Divine Mother to bring this about.
In all there is much work to be done, and these souls need to now fully allow themselves to be activated and used in Higher Service to the Divine.
When a soul is ready to step into this higher service, then a soul will be put through initiations in the inner planes – indeed, they will be stripped naked to the very core for all which no longer serves their highest soul purpose will have to be purified and cleansed away, as then the soul start moving into its Higher Soul Self, and thus then the negative ego has to step out of the way.
Here then is the massive purification rays all being beamed to earth – it is indeed the time of harvesting, as has been prophesized and is happening now.
Judith Kusel