The Divine Feminine – and Love


Love is like a beautiful bird lighting on your shoulder….. When it is there you are loving and enjoying it….delighting in its beauty and the way it lights up your whole being – but when you try to catch it, and cage it, it becomes sad and withers away…. For it has lost its freedom of Being and expression.  It dies a slow death….

Love is first and foremost something which is eternally there.  There is not one single soul who has not got a spark of Love somewhere in its Being.  Love is essentially there in all of Creation – from the most minute and invisible particle, to immense cosmic galaxies, universe and Beings of Light.

It is human kind that get caged into the seductions that human body brings and wrong and often warped understanding of what love really is.  Often love is equated with the sexual force, when in reality the sexual force is not LOVE in its purest form.  It ENHANCES the energy of LOVE yes, but it is not love in its purest form.

The whole downfall of humanity came in the misuse and misunderstanding of the sexual energy and then in the whole misunderstanding – where Love is equated with LUST and then other human beings fall into the snares of using bodily pleasures for the wrong reasons and then not in the correct and beautiful divine way, it was intended to be.

Deep within each human being there is an essential and profound need for unconditional love and acceptance.  Thus the kind of Love which is sacred, in that it loves TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY.  It is this sacred Love which most people are unconsciously seeking and then they are seeking it in the wrong places: OUTSIDE of themselves, instead of WITHIN.

All Love essentially comes from the same source;  THE DIVINE SOURCE and this is epitomized by the Divine Feminine, whose symbol is rose.  Her colors are magenta and therefore the soft hues of love in its purest form.

She embodies the virgin, the mother and the crone – for she is all three.  She also embodies the various stages of womanhood and yet she is ALL three.  When one can love all THREE as embodied into one single entity, then one has found the fountain of unconditional love, the love which is all-embracing and which is essentially a beautiful and profound nurturing, all-loving, all-accepting love – the love a mother has for her own child, even if that child gives her grief or worries.  It is also the deep and profound love only a woman can have for her lover, for she loves from deep within in, her heart and soul.

The Divine Feminine is the open heart – the heart filled with love to overflowing.  There is no space for drama here.  There is no space for nurturing and holding onto hurts and angers, resentments and fear.  For when she enters, all those are soothed away by  beautiful love and one is held in the immensity of unconditional love and acceptance which is eternally there.  It is beyond human understanding and immense.  In her embrace one feels that deep love, that deep profound caring which is beyond words and it is love such as only the feminine aspect of all of creation can express. 

One is literally held within the heart and arms of love – as then manifested in the Divine Feminine.

She is all that womanhood entails and embraces, but most of all she is essentially mystery – the mysterious aspects of hidden womanhood which is also there.

She is the mystery of life itself.

I have found that the more I delve into the Mystery of Love and Life, the more she appears in all her myriad of forms and faces.  She is like a thousand petalled rose and as the petals open one by one, more of her faces are revealed, for she is a deep and mysterious as the act and reception of Creation itself is, and therefore that first moment, when she open her own womb to receive the seed of the Father aspect of God, and then went through the process of pregnancy, of growing and nurturing that seed, in order to give birth to ALL of creation.  For without here, nothing would and could have been birthed.

She is in essence the SOUL of all of creation, and she holds the soul evolution in her custody.

To shun her, is to sun the life-giving force itself.

In all of creation there is beautiful balance and harmony, and in this case the balance comes from The Father aspect of God, the male, The Mother aspect of God, the female and the Holy Spirit.  The eternal and holy trinity which forms the basis of all of life – indeed this is the essential key to life itself.

The search for Love here on planet Earth is taking on a new form, and it is the search for BALANCE.  It is the search for the perfect balance of the male, female aspects and then the forming of the holy spirit AROUND the two.  For essentially the holy spirit brings forth the fruits of the union and thus is pro-active – the radiating forth of the frequencies and vibrations of true and profound union.

A lot people want this profound and sacred union with another, for they sense that this is what they are losing out on.  Yet, what most do not understand is that, the physical body and all its functions, even sex, have a basic animal nature.  Most seek to gratify the animal within and thus just live for the lust expression of this.

Yet the sexual force if MORE than this, it is a life giving force, if entered in with HEART, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONAL BODY AND SOUL.

There are  other bodies which need to be fully activated and cared for – the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies as well as the physical.  Then there is a fifth which is the etheric form.

Combined with this, there are energy centers within the body, which act as conduits for the cosmic energy centers and thus REFLECT them.

True and profound union has to be REACHED on ALL levels, before two souls can truly merge.

We have forgotten this. 

The Divine Feminine aspect is coming in and being anchored in essentially to teach human kind the ART OF BALANCE.  Yet when the feminine is not balanced within herself and the Male is not balanced within himself, no true union can ever be.

In this a lot of inner work is necessary.

It does not help to go and jog all day, and spend hours at the gym, and eating the correct food, and then to totally neglect all your other bodies.  Just as much as there needs to be balance in all of life, there needs to be mastery of ALL your bodies, the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies, as well as the etheric ones, and then the energy systems within your body – all work AS ONE SINGLE ENGINE.

There are masculine and feminine within each one of us.  There has to balance within our own bodies, all four of them, in order to truly advance into the higher states of consciousness.

It is not something you can buy with quick fixes.  It is something you have to work at every single day.  It is a process. 

When one starts understanding this, then one also understands that the Mystery of the Divine Feminine lies deeply and profoundly in the TOTAL self-love and self-acceptance and then Self-love.  For if one is not happy in any one of one’s bodies, then one will not be happy and content without.

The Feminine Divine is deeply lit up with love from WITHIN….from the depths of her being and she thus is open and receptive to also receiving love in equal measure to what she gives out.  Thus, she embraces the whole of manhood into herself, but also gives back to man the beautiful essence and purity of love she had deep within.  Thus he gives the creative masculine power – the proactive force into her receptive active force – cause and effect.   Thus there is equal given and receiving in equal measure.

What human kind has also forgotten is that in ancient and true sexual practices, the male in holy and sacred union, never spilled his seed, but rather used this energy to feed his own God-force within, like the female would use the energy for feed her own Goddess-force within – neither ejaculating.

This was because of the understanding that this energy created between male and female during the sexual intercourse was so sacred and sanctified that is helped to create the God and Goddess within and thus was used in intense CREATIVE way.

When two people thus with immense inner unconditional love, first for themselves, and then in sacred and sanctified union, come together to share this beautiful and unconditional love for each other, and then consciously striving to bring this into a beautiful and sacred creative force for one another, create immensely powerful loving energy which is truly like igniting the Tree of Life itself.

Yet, if the man and woman, do not do the inner work on themselves, all of this is nil and void and therefore of no use whatsoever.

Love can never be used for selfish reasons, or for ego gratification in whatever form. 

Love is essentially sacred and sanctified, as epitomized by the Divine Feminine.

And only those who wish to delve deeper and deeper into the Mystery of Love and Life itself will ever truly understand the depth, the beauty and the immense power of the Feminine Divine.Image

A message for this time….

Let there be peace in your heart, and mind and understanding…
Let there be a ceasing of striving, pushing, moving forward….
Let it rather be like the mighty flow of a river, which will find its way around boulders and rocks and cleave a way forward, but just FLOWING…. Not so much pushing, and striving but FLOWING….
Such is it with the Cosmic River of Life which is now descending upon Planet Earth. It is a might flowing into of energies and therefore not to be resisted, or pushed, but rather to ALLOW this to flow in a constant stream and then to become immersed and ATONE with the flow.
It is best to learn to integrate them, by learning to channel the flow and open up to the most immense activation of the energy centers in the physical body.
Yet, more than this, the true activation of the physical energy centers can only happen when the clutter within is cleared away – the debris, and emotional pain, and charges…. And then there is room for more energy to come in and work in these centers.
As most of you are living with one foot in the 3D now and one foot in the 5D and higher, it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain life in the 3D form.
It will make you ultra sensitive when you in crowded areas, such as shopping malls, or junctions where there is a lot of traffic and noise.
As your frequencies and vibrations are rising so will your sensitivity to all that jarrs, and is discordant, for as your bodies and being are being transformed and therefore getting purer, you cannot operate properly where all is discordant and jarring and therefore disruptive.
It is best then to seek out the soothing healing balm of nature and as often as one can. If in the city get out of it and then seek the sea, sand and surf, the wide open spaces, even if it is in a public park. Go and seek out the healing power of trees in forests and water. Crystal clear running water of mountain streams and unpolluted rivers are the best – yet mankind is failing to understand that in polluting its rivers and waters and air and earth it is only adding to the pollution of self.
Seek calm, seek peace, and seek the quiet guidance and voice within.
You are being carried on the wings of Angels, Archangel, the Hierarchy of Masters and the Divine. It is time now to understand that you have never been alone and never will be. All along you have been surrounded by thousands upon thousands of Beings of Light who have been assisting this planet this is first was created.
The Divine never can be separated from that which HE/SHE created for the Divine is present forever more within each particle it has ever created and birthed – such is Cosmic Law.
Be then in the knowing and growing in Love and grow in the heart-centered Beingness. When the heart and soul are pure, then the intention is pure and then whatever flows from there will be pure, for it can be no other.
In fifty years time, you will look back at this phase of evolution of mankind and this planet in awe and wonder and where glad that you were blessed to have witnessed and have lived through one of the greatest moments of transformation this planet has ever experienced.
Most of you are volunteer souls, and have been involved with the first settlements and the first civilizations on this planet – now having returned to assist with creating the new, without repeating the self-destructive patterns of the past. You promised yourself, that this time round this will be a new creation and the Golden Age will be anchored in.
You are now pulled into action more and more and therefore this is now your own soul contracts kicking in and it is your soul commitment at this time, to step up into its highest soul mission and therefore rise into its true greatness in being….. and stepping up in mission then, so to speak.
You are Divine in your very essence and therefore you have all the tools within to do this work. Do not shrink Little Ones, for it is time!
Be blessed then and allow the rain of Blessings to fall upon you!
You are loved beyond any concept you have of Love.
And you are held in the palms in the hands which created you – you can fall over, but never out of those hands and those hands are carrying you through!
Go then and be!
(Judith Kusel)

The Immensity of Being and the Higher Cosmic Rays

380760_328664343889193_86592140_nThe Immensity of Being can only be experienced, when we expand our whole vision, our whole imaginings of what life should be, and step past the boxed-in and very limited thinking our minds, and into the infinity of Life and Love itself…
When the search of MEANING – the search of whatever it is that is greater, and more profound than oneself, expands and grows into and from the HEART space, then we start reconnecting with the greater cosmic Heart and the greater spectrum, expression, forms and infinite possibilities, which are totally beyond the scope of our minds.
Those who healing, often will find, that the moment, that they allow themselves, to be used as instruments, come out of the state where the heart is truly opened up and love is flowing from the heart, and into their whole bodies and hands, that they have miraculous healings…. In that instant, when the Ego totally steps out of the way, and the body, heart and soul, become AS ONE, then the heart energies, and the higher healing energies, flow as one, and become one and the same. This is when love is truly radiated out and forth and into the physical body and heart of those whom we heal and the healer and the one being healed, become AS ONE AND THE SAME.
In the totality in which we allow our hearts and soul to open up at this momentous time in the history of mankind – that same totality will be able to step past the limitation of our minds, and all that we have gathered up on our pathways through life, the good and the bad, become something which is greater than sum total of ourselves.
As the rising of consciousness is occurring, this will become more and more the norm, and not the mere few one-off moments of inspiration, when the heart energies flow and reconnect to the cosmic heart and flow.
For this is essentially what this momentous time is all about – to allow ourselves to expand with ENERGY and then with the Golden Ray of the Christed Energies, which are WHITEGOLD, and the ray of the Archangels and Angelic Realms, the EMERALD Ray, which brings in balance, trust, higher healing and wisdom, the Ruby Ray, which brings in the ability to communicate with a depth of wisdom and knowledge, which surpasses all understanding. Essentially also, those who work with the PLATINUM rays are the ones who anchor in joy. They are, with the dolphins, the keepers of the sacred wisdom of the Ancient Ones, and are becoming the Keepers of the Planet. The Silver Ray brings grace and harmony, and when the gold-silver-violet rays merge, that is the Flame of Transmutation, where the negative, is fused into the sheerest form of new energy. The Sapphire Ray brings the powers of communication a high level, power, strength and higher healing.
The highest ray, and those who have been the ones who have been the Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom and Purity, Eternity and clarity, truth, honor and divine purpose, are the carriers and the Keepers of this Ray. It demands the highest path of purity, purity of intent, and where the ego steps totally of out the way, where the heart and soul opens up to the very core of the its Being, and in nakedness, stands – crystal clear, pure and thus the highest transmitter channels for the Divine Source itself.
Those who work with the Diamond ray of absolute purity can be no other than crystal clear and pure and anything not of this will fall by the wayside. It is a reflective ray, which takes those who work with it to the higher dimensions, and thus works then with the Super consciousness Fields and then anchors this into the planet at this time. Only the purest or pure can ever even aspire to work with and for this ray, and they are chosen specifically for this work because of over-soul or group soul working with and through them. They work under the direct instructions and jurisdiction of the Advisory Board of 12 who work with the Divine Source, and thus are the highest ranking Masters of all of Creation.
The more we start to work with the higher cosmic rays, the more we need to be purified. No-one can aspire to work with the higher states of consciousness, who are not willing to walk the higher path of initiations. For you shall be initiated into the various and higher states, and all which no longer serve you, will fall by the wayside – as you cannot afford to be distracted from this higher path.
So many aspire to walk these higher paths, and then still wish to life in the 3D world, with its relationship, social, work and other challenges. All of these merely distract the soul from its highest pathways. One cannot be in higher service, and then still wish to have all those others who tap into your energy fields, and pull you in all directions.
This is mainly due to the fact that the higher the consciousness level goes, the more the soul calling will kick in – literally. The souls then know that the soul mission and soul contract which they signed before incarnating here is more important to complete, than the sum total of all else.
Absolute and total dedication to higher service is demanded at this time, for all of those serious desiring to walk the higher path. There cannot be compromising here – for by compromising you are short-selling yourself, and then you cannot function at optimum level.
I have found this true for myself time and again. When I allow myself to get side-tracked or pulled into other people’s dramas, or even create dramas in my own life, then my own higher abilities suffer. I then am always reminded of this, and have to start seriously doing a lot of mirror work on myself. When, I cut those ties, and get totally focused on higher service once more, then my higher abilities return and I am back on track and more is given to me. Yet, at any time I have the free will to allow myself to sink back into the 3D dramas, or to rise above them and anchor in the higher cosmic will and love.
I have been called upon to teach this higher path and that is why I have now opened up my Mystery/Mastery School. My Soul Readings give people the vital clues they need to know what they have come to do and be in this lifetime.
Some of us simply forget all of this, yet that inner yearning and inner knowing that there must be more to life than what you are living, will haunt all of us until the end of time – for unless we start working and living completely and utterly from our hearts and souls, and step past the dramas of the 3D world and into the higher states of balance and harmony, we will always feel a deep void – a deep sense of not being true to our highest soul calling and highest dreams and aspirations – which are always centered in the heart and soul, and not in the mind!
The more I teach, the more soul readings I am doing, the more I allow myself to explore the Super consciousness fields, the more I realize that The Ancient Ones knew how to work with the cosmic energies, and engage fully from the heart and soul. Yet, there is more to this, and this is what I am now learning to implement and incorporate into my own life.
Yet, if I do not work constantly on myself, shedding skin after skin, and release what no longer serves my highest good, then I cannot do the work. In these last few weeks I have had to dig deeper into my own ancestral memory banks and release the emotions, the trauma, the bitterness and anger of the collective with regards to war. It has taught me the valuable lesson, that we are responsible for clearing this, for whatever happened is, as the Bible says, carried over to the third and fourth and successive generations, albeit often unconsciously so.
We are thus asked to remember to not only take on the responsibility for our own lives, and our own consciousness, but for the collective as well.
We are within the greatest evolutionary changes mankind has experienced for millions of years, and here in Africa, this goes back at least 40 million years ago, and we need to break the old patterns of destructive behavior and come into the balance of ourselves and all life and all life forms which ever existed on this planet, in one form or another.
This is not a time to shrink – but a time to allow ourselves to get fully activated and to grow into the greatness of our true soul selves – and there within your own soul, is all the knowledge and know-how that you need, supported by the soul group and the Divine, in order to accomplish your mission.
Go then and BE!