There is immense love in everything and even just in being alive.


When one truly opens oneself to the immense possibilities of life and love itself, then miracles happen.

So many people associate love or the state of being in love, with having a partner or then having someone to love and adore and who loves and adores one in return.

Yes, that is one single strand in the immensity of love.  Love has multiple strands, indeed thousands of them – more than you can even comprehend – for love itself has a thousand faces.

When we focus so much on just experiencing the ONE kind of love, we are short-selling ourselves on so many aspects and nuances of love itself.

For deep down, at soul level, we are connected to the vaster cosmic sea, and there-in lies the endless possibilities of exploring, expressing and experiencing the multiple strands of love and higher loving.

When we allow ourselves to truly open up to the endless being in love state, on a higher collective scale, we find that there is love everywhere….

When we connect to animals, we find this love.  It is in the eyes of love and devotion in a pet… It is in the beautiful blossoming of flowers, the abundance of nature…. it is in the caress of wind on our faces… it is in the surf playing with our feet…. it is in the very air we breathe in… the food we digest… it is in everything we encounter….

When we consciously seek to send love to all and everything and love is returned to us in million of ways.

It is wise sometimes, to just get quiet, and then consciously beam love to all those lost souls on this planet – the ones whose daily lives are one of hunger and despair.  It is wise to consciously beam love, into the war zones, into the places of upheavals and strive…

You can extend that by zoning into your own area and then encircling that in love.

Your neighbourhood  needs love and then extending that, to your province or state and then your country and then further, the continent you are living on and then the whole world.

This in itself is an act of Higher Loving Service and when you do this, blessings to come in the form of love being returned to you.

Even in our darkest nights, loving service can have a ripple effect.  I am reminded here of Diettrich Bonhoeffer, who, in the night before he was executed by the Nazi’s, prayed for all those who were imprisoned with him,  giving them courage and hope, and then writing one of the most profound poems ever written to give them encouragement and hope:  VON GUTEN MAECHTEN WUNDERBAR GEBORGEN ERWARTEN WIR GETROST WAS KOMMEN MACH…. GOTT IST MIT UNS AM ABEND UND AM MORGEN UND GANZ GEWISS IN JEDEN NEUEN TAG….. (Do yourself a favour and read the whole poem…)

When we consciously cultivate the Higher states of Love and Loving, then this means first of all the loving of self, unconditionally and then this will extend to others.

So often we are over sensitive to the words of others, when instead of turning this round, and then sending them healing loving balm for their own souls.  Most often when others hit out at us, it is because of hurting deep inside of themselves, or because we trigger something within themselves they have not loved about themselves. 

I truly desire at this stage in my life, to devote myself to loving higher service, in whatever form this may take.  I wish to learn more about love… I wish to study it… to embrace it… to BE it… I wish to become a BEACON of LOVE, LOVING AND LIGHT to the world…

I do not wish to be just IN LOVE but TO BE LOVE!

This means that I love my Divine Other, with devotion, lovingly connection on ALL levels, mind, body, spirit and soul… but then to EXTEND that, so that our love for each other does not just become centralized upon ourselves, but has a ripple effect on the COSMIC WHOLE…

Just as love and loving in Higher Service does – it is not earthbound – IT IS COSMICCALLY FELT – as LOVE HAS A RIPPLE EFFECT ON THE WHOLE!

We so often shrink ourselves and our capacity for love, loving service and then to extend love to all and every single living creature, organism and life form.  We play ourselves small and thinking ourselves not capable of making a difference.  Yet, this is ILLUSION!

I consciously put down pyramids of Light wherever I am, and then put circles around them, so that I CONSCIOUSLY anchor in the higher frequencies of loving light, via these pyramids into planet earth and the link them up with the cosmic ones, and know that this in turn, the radiates out to all and outwards…. 




The more one does this, the more one opens oneself to higher possibilities of love and loving – for now you start vibrating on the higher frequencies of love, and this, then will show up in your life – for what you radiate out – returns to you in blessings – such is cosmic law.

CULTIVATE HIGHER LOVE – it is the higher way!


The coming together in Higher Service to Mankind:

There is a tremendous magnetic pull at this moment, which pulling twin flames, soul mates and soul group families together.

Your own family, might have been chosen by you for various reasons, yet to you have a SOUL FAMILY, which normally means A CORE GROUP OF SOUL WITHIN A SOUL GROUP WHO HAVE ALWAYS WORKED TOGETHER ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS and which are now being pulled together to complete the work they started here on this planet, when the planet was first formed, and then civilized.

This magnetic pull is so enormous, that it will mean that these souls cannot activate their own true potential, until the collective group is there in place. Then, by combining the their joint powers and their knowledge, and then the OVERSOUL collective higher healing, teachings and knowledge will come the fore and this will become the impetus that this planet needs at this time to move forward.

I work with souls, mainly because this is what I have always done, lifetime after lifetime, yet, I also work with, and anchor in VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. This is why I can read landscapes which other cannot do, and read the energy lines. In a lot of way, I have to pioneer things, before the rest catches up – which is what we, as Illumined Ones are programmed to do. Yet, I know that within my soul group there are certain souls, with whom I have united time and again to work for the higher good of mankind.

What happens in such a case is like a beehive and then picturing a honeycomb. There are cells within the honeycomb which makes it ONE ENTITY. Thus each cell has its own function, yet amplified by all the other cells within the honeycomb it becomes a POWERHOUSE – and immense energy is emitted.

The same is with such FAMILY groups. They normally will be in clusters of 12 souls and then their combined energy becomes the 13th power which is the creative force. In this there is great hidden meaning.

There were originally 12 Pyramid Temples, 12 Crystal Skulls, 12 Crystal Keys, 12 High Priests and High Priestesses, from 12 Galaxies, which formed the first civilization on this planet, here in Africa, and this was called ELYSIUM. Yet, the COMBINED keys and codes were held within the 12th, so that the 12th and 13th combined and then completed the whole and then became an alchemical fusion and had immense power. This number is reflected in the 12 tribes, 12 disciples, etc.

At this moment, then the clarion call for 12 of a soul group, who have always worked together to link up once more. Once these are formed, it will give amazing impetus to the work, which the individual has been doing.

It will bring together MASTER SOUL and HIGH RANKING HIGHLY EVOLVED MASTER SOULS WHO HAVE ALL THE COMBINED HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, TEACHINGS, HEALING ABILITY and then to truly bring this as a collective gift back to mankind.

Some soul groups are more evolved than others, yet the 12 soul groups most active on this planet at this time, WORK AS A UNIT.

They stem from the 12 MASTER GALAXIES and thus they have all the knowledge of the Ages at their finger tips. Some are there to heal the nature kingdom, some are here to heal the mineral and elemental kingdoms, some to heal the animal kingdoms etc. Each has a different task and not all are equally empowered as each galaxy brings in a different octave of life and life forms.

The highest ranking ones who are on the planet at this time are the ILLUMINED ONES. They are highly evolved master souls, and within their own soul group there are also different octaves of evolvement. They are here for the collective higher healing of mankind, for bringing light and for reactivating the pyramids and Web of Light. For they hold the central codes and keys.

When these groups empower themselves, they begin to radiate and transmit much higher frequencies and then have the ability to pull the rest of mankind more and more into the higher dimensions. This is then, what is happening, and what needs to be heeded at this time.

For this planet, is now being pulled more and more into the wormhole through which this solar system, its sun, and the two universes to which it belongs, together with the Milky Way Galaxy is being pulled into. With this, the whole will experience a total re-birthing into more evolved states of consciousness.

As more and more of these groups are activated, energy centres on the planet will be opened up and with it masses of energy will be generated which will accelerate the whole rising in consciousness in a profound way.

Another soul group immensely needed to get together are the GRACES for they bring in the grace-filled higher loving healing that all of mankind and planet needs. They bring in beautiful gifts of forgiveness, of releasing of old patterns and then the amazing sprouting of new love.

So awake ye, from your sleep and get activated!

Karmic and collective soul links – My own story.

Life on this planet has always had a will and unfolding of its own. It has been different from the other planets in this solar system, in that it was an EXPERIMENT, to which 866 000 souls aspired to, and to which they did sign soul contracts. In this they pledged themselves to be volunteers to see how human and human-like beings from other star systems and galaxies would adjust to such a dense and physical planet as this – although in the beginning she was in the 7TH dimension.

In the meantime, through various reasons, she, through the misdoings of human kind, is the only planet in the whole solar system who has managed to fall from the 7th dimensional state into the 3rd. It is this error, or rather deliberate misjudgement which needs to be rectified now, and is in the process of being adjusted as we are collectively evolving into the 5th and back into the 7th dimensional state.

Most of the souls, barring a handful who have never incarnated onto this planet ever before and have no links with it, have been involved with this planet in one form or another, have incarnated here at one stage, and thus, during those lifetimes, have added karmic personal soul links and then also COLLECTIVE karmic links to this planet.

Most of karma is accumulated via the breaking of the Divine Cosmic Laws and the most important of all of these, then is Law of CAUSE and Effect. It is basically – what you sow … you reap. Thus is you murder someone, in the next life you are the one who will get murdered. That is how it is supposed to be under the baser understanding of the law, yet the Law of Grace and under forgiveness and unconditional Love, a lot of the karmic ties and links may be resolved.

At this time, particularly the karmic ties and links from other lifetimes will come to haunt us. As we are moving up in the dimensional scale, these links are pulling and tugging at us, and we cannot move forward into a higher state of evolvement and being, if we are being pulled back by unresolved issues which have come over lifetimes.

There are TWO aspects coming to the fore now: The one is the PERSONAL LOVE RELATIONSHIPS, which involved SEXUAL ties, and then family cords and ties. The second is then the COLLECTIVE ties, which involved the TRIBAL connections, or the people of a country or region. If these ties link us to a place where mass exterminations and crimes to humanity were committed, then these now need to be COLLECTIVELY cleared and let go of.

I will relate my own story to you today, and it is the first time ever that I am sharing this. However, as I am picking up more and more souls in my own soul readings, who are going through similar experiences and have to cut and confront these karmic links, I will now speak openly about what has happened to me in the past 4 to 7 years and what I have had to deal with, in order to be free to truly step up into the higher states of consciousness and to find inner peace, serenity and contentment.

As long as I can remember, (even when working in the Library) I have had a fascination for France. Yet, having been born in Africa, and coming from German Pedigree Stock (nor quite that, for via my mother Celtic), I had little to do with the French and France. Later on, working in the Library, I found that for some or other reason, though; I shuddered when I picked up picture books of France…. Indeed, I could quite happily look at pictures of Paris, but the minute I got to a certain part of France, cold shivers would have me fleeing – literally running away.

It so happened that during these last years, a man, much younger than me, wanted to have a love relationship with me. I was okay with his friendship – albeit luke-warm, but I was not interested in the way he wished this to be. It so happened, that one day, we had an argument, in that instant he attacked me – and as he did so, his face changed, and something deep inside of me was triggered. For some reason, as he had taken my car keys, I remained calm, calling in my Angels, and then he backed off, threw me my car keys and left.

I was shaken by that incident, and that night I had a terrible dream. I saw myself, being tied to a stake with 5 Knights Templar’s, recognizing one of them as my brother in this lifetime, and then, I saw that the man who had just attacked me, in the brown habit of a Priest, standing there, with the Bishop at his side, chanting ,praying and reading from the Bible in his hands, while I and the 5 Templar’s were being burnt on the stake. This vision subsequently changed my whole life! I wanted to know what this was all about, and then, I realized that in that lifetime this same man had wanted me, and in the end fanatically burnt me, because of something that I and the others had, that the church wanted.

Slowly but surely, as vision, after vision arrived, the whole story of that lifetime started coming back to me. I have subsequently met quite a few of those with whom I was involved and family member from that lifetime and my ex-tutor and lover. That lifetime was in Languedoc, as the youngest daughter of the Raymond Roger, Count of Foix, whose sister Esclaremonde of Foix, was a pioneer – highly educated who became a Cathar Parfait and who opened up the first shelter for women, schools and boarding establishment in Dur in the Pyrenees. It was this same family who held Monsegur and had to see their own people burnt en masse at the stakes, with 22 000 people burnt alive in Bezier and at other places, by Simon de Montfort and his crusading army, while priests where cheering them on.

As memory, after memory bank was triggered, there was intense pain – pain such as I had never experienced before. I remembered how I had to safeguard the hidden secrets of my people, while the men were at war…. How I was hunted down in the end, like an animal, often having to take refuge in the high mountains of the Pyrenees…. feeling immensely lost and alone. In the process I lost my lover, my three children, and most of those I loved dearly.

With the memory banks being cleared and released, one by one, I suddenly understood why a lot of my life in this lifetime had taken a certain pattern or path. It was there, at Monsegur, in one moment of utter despair and pain, that I cursed those who did this to my people and I vowed that I would never marry, nor allow children to be born via my own womb, as long as men had forgotten who they are and wreak trauma and death in amidst my beautiful and beloved mountains and the people dear to my heart and soul.

In this lifetime, I have never married and cannot have children. I had to release those vows and curse, and I have had to extensively work at opening my heart to my ex lover, forgiving him – understanding at last that he had not forsaken me, but had seen that our children were brought to safety in his own country, in Leon and Aragon, and that our daughter got to Ireland. One son became the Count of Foix as my brother claimed him as his own son, and the other later married and became King.

My lover, with the help of the Templars, took valuable manuscripts from my father’s Library to Italy and that later became of course, the Renaissance.  The did the same, with the aid of the Templars, and often had to do some of it on my own.  However, most of it was never written down and was handed on verbally.

All of this lead me to do extensive research. I would not rest until I had proof that what I remembered, was true and fact, and then when I found the evidence, I would often burst into tears, knowing that in this lifetime I would be called upon to bring a lot of the Ancient Knowledge and Teachings back to this planet – but this time, I chose to be born in Africa, far away from the Pyrenees, but linking up with my first soul links to this Planet, and the continent of Elysium. This is essentially what my soul is doing now.

During this whole process, I have started to understand that we have to work through the trauma of past lives, especially if we died violent deaths and if there was great pain involved there. I know for instance that I felt no pain, for I had a ring with poison in it which I drank before going to the stake. It was the pain INSIDE of me, which was greater than the pain of the flames

. As I started remembering, I would write it down, research and then I would find the next would arrive. Yet, with each one, I could now release the pain, learn to let go, and learn to release the pain and let the soul free.

With my lover, this has been a journey in itself, and I have finally gotten to the stage, where I know that our love is eternal, and has been a massive lesson in unconditional love – but greater and more profound than ever before.

The strange thing though, is that I am picking up more and more souls coming to me for soul readings, who have had such karmic links, trauma and pain in their past lives and relationships. Funnily, a lot of them were Cathars and with it, the confirmation has come, that as these memory banks are now opened up and released, there were vows and prophesies make, that the Cathars would rise again and that Languedoc would be cleared.

This is certainly happening, for the collective will now have to truly work at releasing the trauma in that region, as this is region is ancient and is linked via its Pyramids, to the oldest civilization on Earth, sunk under the sea; Elysium/Avalon and Atlantis. The Ancient Ones have held the Light steady for thousands of years in the Pyrenees and they desire that this now happens and that the Divine Mother is honoured in her desire there for Love to return.

There is no easy journey through something like this. Past Life Practioners can help you, but in the end it is for you to find that deep and abiding love from within your soul, to release the souls and then to find the space of unconditional love. Most of this can only be done by asking Archangel Michael and Raphael to assist you and then to lay it upon the inner altars of the Divine Source – and ask for the trauma, pain, etc. to be transmuted and then to bring in healing love as healing balm to the soul

. What stands for the individual, stands for the collective too. When we truly desire to be healed, then healing does come and then the karmic ties and links do get lifted, because the Lords of Karma, are now willing to release these – as we have to be free to move into a totally different way of life – and cannot bring all this accumulated baggage into the higher dimensions into which we are moving.

I have found, that when I remembered, and could understand what had happened, then I could deal with the issue and then release it. However, I do not know how I will react when I ever go back to France in person, and especially to the Bishops Palace in Urgell, Andorra, where I was burnt with those 5 Knight Templar’s – men who could have gone free, but refused to, because of their loyalty to me and my family and their own higher calling.

I also do not know what could happen when I see my beloved Foix once more, the castle where I grew up in and most of all – my beloved mountains.