The Call to Greatness – living our visions and dreams…. 2015 onwards.


If you can just close your eyes for one moment and just still the mind, what is greatest vision that you have for your life in 20 to 50 to 100 years time from now on, and then where is this going to be in context with the New Golden Age, which isnow truly being anchored in?

A few weeks ago I have given a gigantic vision:  I was standing in front of a massive pyramid, which had been newly built.  I emitted luminescent white-golden-platinum light from within and the whole podium on which I was standing, with my Divine Other was lit up with this same luminescent light.  This pyramid and the two alongside it, which were smaller and the four further down below, were all encased in a sacred geometrical layout, and all were luminescent with the color ray they emitted.

In between all of these, in the street, below, etched with hanging garden and labyrinths, were people.  Masses and masses of people, millions of them…  All were celebrating the total advent into the 7th dimensional state, the New Earth, and in that my Divine Other was leading them in an incantation of the New Age.  It was both a spoken and singing chant – such like I have never heard before.  He was beaming out radiant light, as I was and this was merging into a massive beacon of blinding, luminescent light-rays, more blinding than the Central Sun.  And we were celebrating the return of the 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy.  And here on earth the resurrection of the 7th Crystal Temples of the 7th Sun.

I am sharing this with you today, merely because the potency of this vision nearly knocked me out.  I have had visions before and one of them has materialized – indeed I am living it today, but this one had a frequency and vibration about it, which was from a much higher dimensional state and it was as real as it was happening in the here and now.

It was then that I finally understood what I was working towards with my Divine Other and how what we were working towards would impact the world and how it would bring about a catalyst for change.  So, what we were manifesting into physical form in some way or another, would impact only much later on a massive scale – but impact upon the planet it would.

I also understood why in the last few years since I started my inner and outer journey of discovery and asked myself why I had been born in Africa; the Tree of Life always appeared as a type of honing base for my work.  I made a study of it, for I wanted to understand why that and the Vitruvian Man were always haunting me, and why I felt so intensely that somehow all of this linked up in some way with me – with what I had to bring in and what I had to manifest into form.  With it the pyramids and the energy centers which I am working with right now.

When we are given a vision like this, we tend to shrink, for we think:  “Who am I to do this?”

Maybe then the question should be:  “Who am I NOT to wish to be doing this and to truly make a vast and lasting impact on the world?”

If we are given a vision, a dream greater than the sum total of ourselves, then we can do or be and become no other than the vision itself.

Great men and women who have impacted in some profound way on this planet have had this vision or dream greater than themselves, this profound sense of destiny, and no matter how much they were ridiculed, persecuted, or made out to be fools, that vision and that dream became greater than the sum total of all they had to go through in order to become that vision or dream.

To manifest great visions and dreams into reality will always push you out of your comfort zones and into the unknown and unchartered waters like a great explorer into the infinite and unexplored realms of the vaster cosmos.  You literally do not know what to expect, and you have to take leaps of faith and just trust.

When I first went in search of the information that I had to retrieve for the greater good of humanity and because I could do and be no other, I did not know how, why nor when.  I could not quite understand what was happening to me – I only knew that I had to do this, and I had to trust that wherever I was being led to, and whatever I was given in information and the downloading I was receiving would impact onto the planet and that it was something immensely important and profound.

During that time and even now, I was challenged to the very core.  A lot of people, including my own family thought that I was cookoo, and that I was completely losing it.  Yet, I knew that this was my destiny, and I could not shrink from living it, or I would die with my visions and dreams still within me.  I did not wish to leave this planet with my mission unaccomplished.

I know that in that I was given this greater vision recently that this will mean being pushed even more out of my comfort zones than ever before.  I know that I will not have a home on this planet – for I do not need one.  I am a cosmic Being and my home is elsewhere in the cosmos, but wherever I am with my Beloved is home.

Before we were born or incarnated onto the planet (for a lot of souls are walk-ins) we knew exactly what we were letting ourselves in for.  We had crystal clear clarity of our soul’s mission and purpose and we also had a very clear idea that life on this planet would test us to very core.  It is one of the greatest and harshest schools in the whole cosmos.  So, we knew exactly what we had to do, be, and become.

Visions mainly come in our lives, when we need to be reminded of the bigger picture – in order words where we are heading towards.  We have been given all the tools we need in order to get there, but sometimes the greater the vision, the more souls will be involved in bringing together that completion.

In my case, this affirmed for me that I needed to be united with my Divine Other, and that we were like two mighty rivers of life flowing into one single stream.  We needed each other in order to escalate our missions, and to reach a greater whole.  Whereas we could each do our own thing, our soul were contracted to become as one river, and then the tributaries will flow out into the entire world.

We cannot do all this work on our own and we are given back-up.  There will be souls who will be drawn into our orbit for each one has a specific role to play to bring about the anchoring in of the 7th dimensional state.  Some will be new born, some will still incarnate, some are already in that orbit sphere, some will be magnetized in.  That is not up to us to do this, but is already programmed into those souls who need to come to the party, and they will be drawn there, because their souls can do and be no other.

To me this illustrates that within the cosmos there is a greater Master plan at work on the planet at this time.

We cannot see it, because we suffer from temporary amnesia.  Yet, when we get visions which show where we are heading towards, then we start understanding the immensity of the task ourselves.  We are but mere instruments being used by a master hand, but we all are here on the planet with a mission to complete.

So often when I do soul readings and this greater vision, the greater purpose of the soul reveals itself, I will get letter saying:  “I was in tears.  I recognized myself.  I have always known this a much deeper level, but I did not believe it.”

2015 and the next 10 years will bring us more and more into active service where we can do and be no other than what our souls were contracted to do and become.

Ego has no place in life’s mission.  Most often it is our fears which keep us bound to playing out smallness.  Greatness calls for a lion heart!  It calls for the lion and lioness within us to emerge, which does not shrink from the tasks ahead, but goes forward step by step, because he or she can do or be no other.  Fear of failure has no place in the greater scheme or things and most often we get to live our visions and dreams almost in spite of ourselves, and not because of ourselves!

For the vision, the dream, the calling is greater than the sum total of us!

Such is the calling and vision of these times: we have to step into that higher soul self with all that we’ve got and we have to take leaps of faith and then do so from the heart and soul with all our might, mind, heart and Being.

There is a huge cosmic sign for these times:  No shrinking allowed.  No fears allowed.  It is time to claim your own greatness and LIVE it!

(Judith Kusel)

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Co-creatorship and the Law of Intent


In essence we are now more and more stepping into that higher state of Being, where we can start assuming all those powers that we once had at the very beginning.  To me this is in essence then, that stepping into co-creatorship.

We all innately at soul level have the ability to co-create with the Divine Creator.  The only stipulation ever placed upon us was that whatever we create would fall within the Divine Cosmic Laws, the Laws upon which the foundation of all that was and is created in the Cosmos rests.

The firmaments in heavens were laid on these foundations.  All the energy and energy fields were created resting on the same principles.  That is why there is greater order and harmony in the whole.  The one part cannot function without the other parts, and one single part enhances the whole.

The Tree of Life which was in the First Eden was not so much off limits to those living on Earth at the time.  It merely contained the whole principles of cosmic laws, and contained therein were the Laws of Co-Creatorship.  It also worked on the principle of Free Will and Choice and taking responsibility for whatever you then chose to create.

The law of responsibility meant that if you created something, then you would also be responsible for the outcome – thus you would be responsible for the way that whatever you created would function, grow, or be within the greater whole and SERVE the Greater Whole.

This made whoever was then using this ability, very careful what they wished to create in their own lives, and in the broader cosmos – for after all, if they had to one day, stand before the Creator with the mantle of responsibility resting on their shoulders, they would also stand accountable for how their creations affected the greater whole.

Now, the first law of co- creation is the Law of Intention.

At the first seed of inspiration, or vision, or whatever, there comes then a moment, where we have to set the intention that we wish to create this, or bring it into form. However before we put that intention out, it is wise to just for one moment bring that intention in higher alignment with the cosmic laws.

For it is here that humanity, at large, has had the Tree of Life, all Knowledge and then when they finally understood that they had free will and choice whether to create within the cosmic laws, or not, they created their own fall from grace, by not adhering to those laws.

In other words, they had not mastered the most important principle and that was, that before you can create you have to ask yourself if what you are creating is for the higher good of all, or will it destroy more than it builds up.

For example, Hitler had that inspiration and most certain had a calling.  Yet, what did he create?

The Dalai Lama had a calling and inspiration – what did he create?

For whatever we create in some form we are responsible for, and whatever we create will impact the world in some form or another.  It might not impact so much on this generation, but certainly on all the generations to come.

One can only look at family dynamics to understand, that often within families you inherit was has been created before, and you yourself leave something behind for the next generations.  What you leave as a legacy, might appear three or four generations down the line, but it certainly started somewhere within you.

I love this whole concept of creation, and what I find so fascinating, is that in essence  what has been created before, in civilizations long gone and buried beneath the sea or sand or just forgotten about in the mists of time, have left us lasting legacies of what they created.  However, what I am finding in my own quest for what I am uncovering about energy and energy fields, is that that they were Light years ahead of us as far as Light energy technology and its use was concerned, and somehow, many thousands of years later, human kind has forgotten how to tap into this energy field.

This is to me a shining example of creating something wonderful, and then somehow creating that which destructed it – so much that it disappeared, and then with the destruction came a fall down from evolutionary scale into the state of forgetfulness, the Dark Ages, and only now at this time, are we able to climb up that same ladder again.

What is so fascinating is that we invented the ladder, and then destroyed the same ladder, and fell down to the very last rung.  Now we have to reconstruct, recreate the whole ladder and all the rungs in order to climb up to where we once were. 

When I do my Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am always astounded at the gifts, talents and abilities that souls have inherently encoded and programmed into them to be co-creators.  Indeed all souls have been created to enhance creation and to expand upon it.

In some lifetimes on earth, especially in the very beginning, they knew how to use this and did not suffer from amnesia.  Indeed some soul readings leave me stunned at to the incredibly high technology and higher healing abilities these souls have and I battle to translate this into everyday language what I transmit, for this does not exist on the planet today.  So these souls have all this high advanced knowledge within them and have not yet learnt to tap into this and return it to the planet.

We so often we trip ourselves up, because we do not use these gifts, talents and abilities, or we are too timid, too differently programmed, too indoctrinated to start using them, and most often when to want to use them, we do not know how.

Most often as children we remember, and use these gifts but somehow along the way our systems get shut down and most never wake up again.

“Deep down, I have always known this,” is the reaction I get most of time from those for whom I did my readings, as they start to remember.

What I find so exciting about my own life and then all our lives, is that we now have this window of opportunity to truly step into that inner ability to co-create and to use our soul gifts and talents in higher service.

However first we must delve deeply into ourselves and then get crystal clear about how we are going to share these with the world.  It is then that we have to set the intent.  In using these gifts, talents and abilities, in creating this, how am I serving the Higher Good, and how does what I am creating impact on the lives of others?  How will it make a difference?  How will it serve the greater whole?

It is same with love.  If I set the intention to love someone and to walk some part of the life path with them, then I also have to get crystal clear about what I intent to create with this relationship.  For love needs to be tended, nurtured, and looked after just as much as one would tend, look after, adjust, innovate, as with setting up a business, or bringing your gifts, talents and abilities into the world.  If there is no communication about the common goal, the common intent then where is this all heading too anyway?

It reminds so much of a quote I love from Antoine de Saint-Exupery:  “Perhaps love is not so much gazing at each other – but outward, in the same direction.”

So it is with all of life.  If we wish to create a new world with harmony, with rainbow nations coming together, then we have to set the intent and get crystal clear about how we are co-creating this in our own lives.  For we cannot just leave that to others – we have the same responsibility to partake in the new creation as everyone else.  Essentially what we create in our own lives does have a ripple effect on the whole, just as what happens in the greater whole has a ripple effect on our lives.  It is all one and the same.

Make sure your intentions do not come from the ego but are for the highest good.  Universal energy supports intention.  It is the basis of manifestation.

An intention is like an arrow in flight.  Nothing can deflect it.  So aim carefully.

When your intention is honorable and noble, even if your plan does not come to fruition, you will be cosmically rewarded for the purity of your ideals, for what you intended.

I leave you with a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer:  “Rather than praying to God or a saint for a miracle, pray for the miracle of an inner awakening, which will never leave you.”

When the inner awakening, the visions, the dreams, the quest will always be in higher alignment with your soul purpose, and calling, and when that triggers, one is in higher alignment with the greater Divine plan and will.  When one then sets the intent, miracles do happen and the rest of the cosmos conspires to assist us in our co-creatorship in all and every way it can.

(Judith Kusel)

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Musings on Life….


The intenseness of Being itself is vaster than the cosmic sea.

Some of us dangle between the lines, between the earth and sky and feel lost in the space in between.

Some try so hard to just survive on the planet that the rest is just not there – in the sense of being concretely there.

Some are trying to ascend into the higher state of Being, without truly understanding that ascension at this time means bringing down the higher states of evolution and transmitting it back into Mother Earth.  Therefore bringing heaven down to earth – in all and everything we do and are aspiring to be.

A lot of us, wish to dishonor the Earth, and to cut ourselves lose from the life breath that sustains our physical form on planet earth.  Yet, without a physical form, we cannot anchor that heaven into earth, as much as we try to.  Whatever we see in some form in the higher states has to take some concrete form on earth. 

I was trying to explain a concept yesterday, whereby I was pointing to the fact that the inner earth is rearranging itself – therefore there is much activity going on in the inner earth.  We live on the outside and then when earth quakes, tidal waves and whatever natural catastrophes strike, we tend to lament about the forces of nature and blame Mother earth – but we never took the time to truly honor her soul and understand that she is a living and breathing entity, much like ourselves.  Her physical body is just vaster than ours – but that does not make her something to raped and exploited and destroyed?

Interestingly a lot of our inner world does manifest into outer form.  When everything is churning inside, and when there is no peace inside, and self-destruction or death wishes are there, then we will manifest that in some form on the outside.  If we hate out inner guts, then we will activate hate somewhere in outer form and will hate the guts of all around ourselves.

Within our own physical body, the whole micro-organism of the earth is reflected in our guts.  So, even if we wish to dissociate ourselves from Mother Earth, she literally lives in every cell and fiber of our bodies.  What happens in the microcosm happens in the macrocosm and vice versa.

I am touching on all of this, for often the nucleus of what we perceived to non-functional in the outside world is reflected inside of us.  It might be that certain organs are dysfunctional, or certain aspects of our physical bodies are in pain, or are trying to hone into ourselves, what we have not released or made peace with in our inner world.

I was reminded of this the other day, when I was going through a period of pain in my body.  I tried to heal the physical body, but the cures were not helped.  When I refused to go for in depth examination, and decided to get to root of the problem, I found that I had a lot of inner clearing and cleansing and releasing to do.  Past life memories started coming up, and with the help of a healer friend, intense things were removed from my spinal column and throat, and my sacral chakra.

But still the pain lingered.  It only when I went to for Reiki that the Reiki Master innocently asked me to go back to an incident in my childhood, and when I remembered and released the feelings of intense guilt of a five-year old, and cradled that child in my arms, that I could let go of the memory banks.  Interestingly, when I did that, the pain disappeared.

So, with the multiple cleansing and releasing of the emotional pain and memory banks, I could delve ever deeper into my soul, and truly go deeper into the soul scars and wounds I have carried into this life – as all those karmic links and ties which I have come to resolve in this lifetime, will come to the fore, as I am ready to release that memory bank and forgive myself and others.

With this has also come a deeper understanding, of how we have soul contracts with other souls to fulfill.  With some souls this has come over many lifetimes, and sometimes we were part of a specific group of souls who came in to do specific work on the planet.  

With the advent of the fall from the 7th dimensional state into the 3rd a lot of that work needed to be done all over again or at least if had to resurrected again at some level.  Some had to hold certain codes steady, or take it into themselves at some level, in order to retrieve it at a later date, when mankind would be ready to finally understand these again, or have raised their consciousness sufficiently enough.

Some of us, during the training in the ancient mystery schools, had to go through severe initiations, and sometimes died during those.  So some of the deep rooted fears might have something to do with the method used, or the fear of failure, or then a deep seated fear of failing the tests so to speak.

Some might have been persecuted for speaking the truth, or for practicing healing methods or doing things which were not understood or feared by those who were not able to see. 

Some might have positions of power, and then misused that power – so there will fears at some level of stepping into one’s power.

Most people have a great fear of money and wealth.  That is because of being in some religious order where they had to take vow of poverty, obedience, chastity, and still have the begging bowl syndrome and the feeling that someone else has to take care of them.  Some truly expect others to pay the bills etc. for they see this as their right – to live in their own worlds and then have other people having to sustain their lives at some level.

If you at some level fear money, or hate money, then you will attract more to hate and fear.

For essentially like power, money is ENERGY.  It does not have a negative or positive connotation, except what you conjure up in your mind or in some memory bank of your own soul.  When you start blessing the energy of money, and you start releasing all those vows, and you start moving into higher states of awareness, you start to understand that when you reject money at some deep sense deep inside of you, and always believe that other people have to pay the bills and keep you at some level, that is what you will manifest in your life.

The minute you change the inner awareness regarding money, and start sending it loving energies and blessing it, you will start attracting more money into your life.  You have to live and sustain yourself on this planet, and you have to do this at some level to be able to anchor in your soul mission in life.  If you do this abundantly, you can create more job opportunities for others, and more goodness all around you. 

Remember the energy of money is NEUTRAL.  What you do with the money is your own free will and choice.  Because other choose to use the energy of money for self-service or control is their own karma and not yours.  Choose to use the energy of money wisely and responsibly, and you will enhance your own life and that of others and in the end all works for the greater good and greater whole.

The same applies to all energy and all else.

I have used and use a higher healing meditation where you literally start releasing fear – fear from all past lives, all fear programming, and removal of other blocks and hindrances, caused by your own inner belief systems.  It is amazing how this works in multiple ways.  It has made become more aware of how deep-rooted our fears are, and how deep-rooted our angst, insecurities, and programming – inherited over many lifetimes.

I am sharing all of this today, just to make you aware of what you create inside yourself and outside yourself.

The more conscious you become, the more aware you get, of your actions and reactions and how you choose to create your inner and outer life.

The responsibility for your life lies solely with yourself and nobody else.  It does not lie with your husband, your lover, your boss, your family, society or anyone else.  It is solely your own responsibility.  At the end of your life you cannot blame anyone but yourself for what went right or what went wrong.  You stand before your Maker stark naked and stripped to the very core.  That is when you whole life is reviewed – the lessons you have mastered and ones you still have to master.  That will be another life and another life experience.

So, why not make the most of the time you have here and now, to truly create the best life for yourself you can possibly manage and take full responsibility for your own well being and for anchoring your unique soul mission into planet earth, and make heaven manifest on earth?

Twin Flames – with specific reference to souls who were incarnated in to Mu and Lemuria


Twin flames, is a term used for fractions of flames, within one single soul.  A soul is made up of 12 such flames, and only one single flame mostly incarnates onto this planet.

However, because of Mother Gaia wishing to ascend into the higher state of consciousness, as is the whole Milky Way Galaxy, a special dispensation from the Lords of Karma, allowed more than one flame to incarnate at this time, in order to clear old karmic debts, and karmic links, cords, attachments etc. and give them an opportunity to work through all of this, so that they could be purified and merge with each other.

Today I wish to concentrate on a unique group of thousands of souls, who incarnated at the time of Mu, or Lemuria.  These group of souls have specific karma to work through, which is uniquely their own, and is therefore not applicable to other twin flames, because of karma involved here.

At the time of Mu, or Lemuria, the world was in the 7th dimensional state.  Therefore life existed at a much higher frequency band and vibratory state.  The bodies were much lighter and thus life itself was totally different.

The souls who incarnated in Mu (I will for this purpose refer to Lemuria too as Mu, for they were the same civilization) were Androgynous Beings.  Thus male and female in one single body or earthly form and there was then harmony and bliss, and they knew no other lifestyle, nor any other form of being.  They were content and happy, and like innocent children in the sense, that they knew no difference in gender, as both were incorporated within themselves, and in perfect harmony with each other.  Yin and Yang balanced – thus pain and hurt, separation, in any form was unknown.

In the latter part of life on Mu, Atlantis was rising, as the 5th root race of man was brought into being on a massive island, in what is now the Atlantic.  As they were then partaking in the experiment which was Atlantis, life there was formed in the 5th dimensional state, and completely separate from Mu.  However, as the Atlanteans then started to make their presence felt, and interaction took place, the androgynous Mu’ans for the first time encountered the bodily forms of fellow earth citizens, and two distinctive genders.

This was not the first time they had ever encountered these forms, but they suddenly realized that the Atlanteans had something which they did not have – two separate genders, who could unite in sexual union and apparently this union brought some kind of bliss and energy which they Mu’ans thought they were losing out on.

After all – although they could have offspring they did not need to merge with anyone else, merely  a desire to bring forth another being like them-selves and it would happen.

In the history of mankind there were always those who would jump onto the band wagon, and decide to take matters in their own hands – even if this went against the Laws of creation and against what the Divine had perfectly created.  In this instance, the androgynous form.

There were then certain High Priests who decided that they would experiment and find a way of splitting the androgynous form into two forms – male and female, which they managed to do, after many of those who volunteered to be experimented upon died in the process.  So, they presented to the population of Mu, for the first time ever, the opportunity to experience life in two distinct forms, male and female  and have the sexual energy, which some so thought they had been cheated out of.

So, more and more the Mu’an population went to these temples to have themselves split into two separate bodies.

As, with all of creation, when you go against cosmic and Divine laws of creation, you will load karma onto yourself in some form or another and pay the price for the choices you made, willingly and knowingly.

As much as the first delight in having sexual intercourse was there, some of those who had the operation, felt intensely let down.  The sexual energy was not at all what they fantasized it to be (for some). For others it became addictive, as they did not have the rites of passage that the Atlanteans had before it was also corrupted, which helped people in Atlantis to understand the secret rites associated with the correct use of the sexual energies.

So the first time then, they one could merge in sexual union with as many other halves or other halves, as they wished to.  One could even have this with the Atlanteans – and some knew no bounds.  Of course this was bound to have repercussions.

Pain, anger and bewilderment started to arise for the first time ever in Mu, as two halves, found other halves more sexually interesting and entertaining than their own halves, and then separating more and more from their other half.  However, all of this created a deep sense of void.

That void, of feeling of intense loss started to haunt the souls who did split in Mu: they would henceforth intensely FEEL the PAIN of  the separation from their other half.

This more than any other, let to the downfall of the Mu civilization as for the first time infighting, anger, war and strive started to happen, and in such a war, Mu sank under the sea.

The souls then from Mu who separated have all more or less returned, to solve that sense of void, by having the opportunity to find that wholeness once more – that uniting with their other half – literally.

Some of these souls will have difficulty in defining their gender, for they will find that they are really both – male and female, which in truth they are!  Many who are homosexual have karmic ties with Mu, or come from galaxies with androgynous forms.

Some have had such dramas with their other halves over many lifetimes that a lot of that pain will have to be cleared away and dissolved before true union can happen.

So the shadow of Mu is lingering upon them, and this will be more so, for those souls who took this experiment upon themselves – knowingly breaking Divine cosmic law.

In essence then these souls will have to do a lot of cleansing and clearing within and dissolve karmic residue before true union will be possible.

On the other hand that meeting with the other half will trigger an immense sense of joy, an immense sense of belonging at first, before all the emotional baggage makes its appearance again.

I do want to add, that there are souls who have managed to do the inner work and who truly are merging as one being again.

It is all about free will and choice.

With merging comes the forging into one single androgynous being again and it is as this single entity that they will ascend into the higher states of consciousness, should this be their wish.

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Cosmic Law 4 – The Law of Attraction


The Inner attracts the Outer.  Like attracts like. 

If something in your outer world is not what you want it to be, look inside and shift how you feel about yourself or about that which you are not happy with.  You will then automatically attract different people and experiences to you.

In essence at soul level we are pure energy and we all emit a certain frequency band and vibration.  When we are truly cosmically tuned in then we will vibrate at the optimum frequency band of our soul.  We will thus then attract those of our own soul group to us who also vibrate at that same optimum frequency band.  Not only will those of our own soul group be attracted to you, but those who vibrate at the same frequency band.

It takes a while to start understanding, that when we allow other souls who are of a LOWER vibrational frequency or one those jams our frequency bands, that either they will make our frequency bands go haywire, with immense disruptions and disturbances and turbulence arising, or they will not be repelled at some stage.

When we see lack in any form, we have to understand that lack is only what we perceive deep inside of us.  What is lacking deep inside?  It is faith in yourself and your own ability?  Is it lack of faith in the Divine to supply all your needs?  Is it lack of shifting our awareness, of doing the inner work, to that our perceptions change and we get crystal clear about what we are not seeing or being or manifesting inside?

A lot of us had past lives as nuns, or monks, or part of organizations or religions where we were told that begging bowls would buy us our spirituality, or that is would buy us salvation.  Some forsook all their material goods, in order to join religious cults etc.  In this lifetime these souls will attract poverty consciousness to themselves, because the vows they took in those lifetimes, are still haunting them today.  Until those vows of Poverty, Obedience, Chastity, etc. have been released, your inner self will reject all of that to come into your life in some form.

You can look at you yourself subconsciously broadcasting to the entire world out there what is inside of you.  Like:  “I hate myself.  I am unworthy.  I am ugly. I am stupid.”  Guess what?  You will attract those people into your life that will treat you like you treat yourself inside.  Until you change your inner belief system, you will keep attracting that which you believe.  If you believe that you are undeserving of good in your life that is what you will attract.

A very simple awareness of your inner talk – of self talk, will alert you to all of this.  If you start monitoring your thoughts and feelings, and then just stop yourself in the middle of thinking negative thoughts and simply asking:  “Is this the truth and the only truth?” will immediately stop that negative pattern from forming again.

This is one of the reasons that we can never skimp the inner housekeeping and clearing.   Sometimes people think that they are so highly and lofty up the ascension ladder that this is not needed.  Guess what, they will self sabotage themselves at some stage or another until this the simple housekeeping is adhered to every single day.  Sometimes we hear what other people say and then start owning it – if this is negative we start believing this in fact quicker than if it is positive.  That is the ego.  The negative ego will always try to keep you small.

When the inner housekeeping is done, then our thinking patterns start changing, and our creativeness soars.  We start believing in our own worthiness, our loving being, and we will start attracting likeminded souls to us, who see that in us and validate it.

When we love ourselves, we attract loving soul into our lives.

When we believe that we deserve abundance and start blessing money, and the energy of money, then we start attracting more money into our lives and abundance.

Think of yourself as a living magnet that magnetized all into your outer life what is INSIDE of you!

Do not send out negative energy and wait for a disaster to be magnetized towards you.  Send out positive light and wait for a miracle to be drawn towards you.

What is it that you wish to attract more of into your life?  Change your inner thinking, believing and viewing and you will magnetize that into your life.

If you wish to have that ultimate lover in your life, then love that inner you in such a way as you would like your ultimate lover to you love you.  Be the best you can possible be, and then you will attract the best man there is to you, who matches you perfectly.

When you become aware of this wonderful law, our whole inner life starts changing, for we finally start realizing that we have to do the INNER work, before the outer life can manifest.

The Cosmic Dance of the Twin Flames

TwinFlames 4 Judithimages (33)The Cosmic dance of the Twins.
The soul itself is not bound by time and space, but lives eternally. It lives as sheer Light energy, which emits not only light, but sound and colours. It vibrates in harmony with the light frequencies and sound (tonal chord) frequency band of the soul group, or Over soul. This in essence is the I AM presence, which is present in all of us.
When the soul is fully activated, it has 12 distinct flames, and these flames then form part and particle of the 13th flame, which in essence is the flame of the Holy Spirit, or the flame of the Oversoul, as embodied in soul group spirit – that collective, which in turn forms part of the greater cosmic flame – the threefold flame, of LOVE, POWER, and WISDOM.
When we incarnate onto a very dense and hostile planet (and this is NOT Mother Earth who makes is so, but so who wish to control her for their own hidden agendas), the soul has amnesia. As a child we might remember something but the status quo soon tries to shut down our pineal and pituitary glands, so that we cannot receive cosmic transmission of Light from our soul group and the cosmic hierarchy and most importantly the Divine.
I am going into some detail here, so that you can understand that in essence you vibrate at a soul frequency (which is hidden in your soul name – by the way very different from any earthly name for it epitomizes the frequency band your soul vibrates on) and that when this frequency band is fully activated, someone who is not of that frequency band, will fall off the bus, so to speak. For a frequency band will only be able to sustain what is on the same frequency band, and when more or one tune into that same frequency band, then there is unity and harmony. Anything discordant to that, cannot exist there – it might disrupt the frequency band, but when it is fully activated and over-lighted by the collective soul group, and the Divine itself, it will automatically revert to its own frequency band.
You can think of this a radio…. When you tune into the frequency band of your favourite station, you might find disturbances, until you are tuned in a exactly the right frequency band and then you can hear properly and sound is not distorted.
In this lifetime all of us search for that ultimate in love and loving and we all dream of that ultimate happiness, the unity, that we, on soul level, and remember that state of harmony and bliss.
Our soul, in all its 12 flames or particles has had many lifetimes, in many forms and existences, and not only on this planet. For example: I know that a part of my own soul is pure light frequency. It vibrates at such a high frequency band that psychics have often told me that they cannot see form, but only streaks of pure Light. This part of me is attached to the Divine Source, and that is where is works in Temples of Halls of Wisdom, Higher Teaching, Healing and Records. This is one of the reasons that I can tap into the highest and purest soul records. Another part of me, is attached to the Andromedan and Galactic Core Federation, and very much that of the Pleiadean and that of Sirius. There are then different parts of me, working and living simultaneously, with this form of life I have chosen here on Planet Earth. In reality only a tiny fraction of me, has incarnated, the others are still elsewhere in the cosmic whole, working there.
In reality I am a cosmic Being, having a short sojourn here on Planet Earth and mainly to complete mission.
It has taken me while to understand this whole concept, and I am often asked about it, and that is why I am sharing this with you today – not to boast, but in all humbleness, so that you might have a greater understanding of the magnificence of your own soul.
On this planet we are deliberately withheld from the truth of our soul, our soul group and the Divine truths, which have been hijacked along the way and distorted. Until we start reconnecting to our own soul, and build our Lightbridge back to the Divine, activate our Stellar Gateways and our Soul Star chakras (which are huge transmitters and connect us to our own Divinity as held within our soul groups), we cannot be fully activated and empowered.
At this time, this planet is in a major state of revamping, and so is the collective whole. Some of the souls who have incarnated since after World War II are the same souls who were involved with this planet from the very beginning and have now returned to hold the Light steady and to anchor in highly advanced knowledge and understanding. They thus are here on a specific mission and for a specific and very specialized task. I call them the ILLUMINED TASKFORCE.
Some souls are VOLUNTEER souls, and come from other galaxies and star systems, which have never experienced war of any kind – not even the Wars of the Heavens. They came in with immensely powerful technological tools and higher healing abilities which will assist the planet to move from the third to the fifth dimensional state, and once that state is reached, their soul memory banks will get triggered (if not already) and they will be the ones who bring in the UNITY and the HOLISTIC ways to use the earth’s energies and cut out all the use of fossil fuel and will bring the planet back into balance and harmony. They are specialists too and I call them the VOLUNTEER TASKFORCE.
Others are from soul groups which have been involved with this planet for millennia and came here fleeing from the Wars of the Heavens and none more so than those who blew up their own planet, Marduk, which was between Mars and Jupiter. They are the ones who control the planet at this moment in time ( I call them the infiltrators).
When one starts to see this bigger picture, you will start to understand, that your soul is not here by some fluke, but rather by design, but it is not your WHOLE soul, it is but a fraction of it.
In some cases, when a planet is about to ascend, and thus move into a higher frequency band or consciousness (as the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy is at the moment) more than one particle of the soul will incarnate. I will call them then Twin Flames, for want of better word to describe them.
The Twin flame differs from and soul mate, in that the soul mate comes from the same SOUL GROUP e.g. THE LOVING ONES, and the twin flame comes of the SAME SOUL, thus is one of the 12 flames which make up your own soul.
In this the soul is equally divided into masculine and feminine particles, as is all of creation. This is equally balanced, for all of creation has a positive and negative charge. In essence then a particle of the soul will have a more negative or positive charge, remembering that this is pure frequency of Light.
I don’t know if you have ever been in a science class where a positively charge ball meets and negatively charged ball – then electromagnetic energy explodes where they meet. This is in essence what happens if two particles of the same soul meet on this planet, called Earth – there is an immense spark ignited, which will find itself expressed in the sexual energies aroused, but unfortunately that is where most people stop.
Relationships in essence are not just about sex – relationships in essence are about a profound sense of INTIMACY, which goes beyond the stripping off of clothes and having good sex.
In the depth of INTIMACY, lies the TRUST.
If I can, at deep and profound SOUL AND HEART level, stand naked, vulnerable and open in front of my Twinflame – totally open: the light and the shadow and there is no hiding whatsoever, no secret agendas, nothing but the purity, the absolute purity and innocence of my soul, and TRUST the other to become ATONE with me, totally opened up at soul level and stripped naked to the core of him or herself, then the two flames merge AS ONE and create a THIRD FORCE which is the SOPHIA or HOLY SACRED FLAME.
As long as there are any parts of me, which are not in higher alignment, which are not opened up, which are not in balance and harmony, the Flame of the Twin will consume and burn me in all those places where I have not made peace with myself, my other flame and most importantly life itself. All those unloved parts of me, will stand there, waiting for me to OWN them and love them – before I can to the same in my MIRROR, my twinflame.
For nobody MIRRORS you as much as the Twin does – after all he or she is part and particle of YOU – of your soul. The Twin knows me inside and out and my shadow and light.
Whatever you hate about yourself, will show up in the Twin. Whatever you love about yourself, will show up in the Twin.
For we all are both, light and dark, positive and negative. It is the BALANCE we seek, that harmony WITHIN, which is ultimately were we TRUST ourselves, that we TRUST the other to come into our most vulnerable, most precious, most treasured parts of ourselves, where we normally do not let another soul in, and be open enough to take him and her completely into ourselves and become AS ONE BEING.
The Twin teaches of about SELF-MASTERY. To the extend we are the master and High Priest, the mistress and the High Priestess of our own Temple, we are able to bring about profound union or reunion with our Twinflame.
The union between the Twinflames, can be the utmost in ecstasy, bliss and euphoria, or can open up the floodgates of Hades and the Underworld. In essence, that is where we are tested the most. That is where our true initiation into sexual sacred rites happen. It is the opening up of the seven veils of our inner sanctuaries within our own physical bodies and that of our heart, our third eyes and soul.
For to the extent that all these seven layers of being, move into the higher octave of Being, which is the 13th elevated state of the Tree of Life itself, the kundalini or serpent energy which we raise in our union, will either burn and consume us or lift us into the higher dimensions of Being.
Why? There is the secret and hidden chamber between our pituitary and pineal glands which gets activated by the serpent energy. If we burn each other rather and unite into one single flame, we short-circuit the energy fields and boomerangs onto us and that is where we are consumed with pain. When we learn to become as one, both flames EQUALLY CHARGED then this chamber ignites and we are moved in the sacred and higher realms which are cosmic in proportion and are in essence the true knowledge of the Tree of Life – the knowledge of eternal life.
It essential comes back to the soul empowerment of BOTH, before the ultimate in union can happen. All roads in life, lead WITHIN.
Until I nurture the sacredness and sanctity of my WHOLE being, and become ATONE within, I cannot ignite the same in my Twinflame and become ATONE with him or her.
The cosmic dance of the Twins, is in reality the cosmic dance of the masculine and feminine and the flame of ATONENESS – harmony, balance and bliss.
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