The Cosmic Dance of the Twin Flames

TwinFlames 4 Judithimages (33)The Cosmic dance of the Twins.
The soul itself is not bound by time and space, but lives eternally. It lives as sheer Light energy, which emits not only light, but sound and colours. It vibrates in harmony with the light frequencies and sound (tonal chord) frequency band of the soul group, or Over soul. This in essence is the I AM presence, which is present in all of us.
When the soul is fully activated, it has 12 distinct flames, and these flames then form part and particle of the 13th flame, which in essence is the flame of the Holy Spirit, or the flame of the Oversoul, as embodied in soul group spirit – that collective, which in turn forms part of the greater cosmic flame – the threefold flame, of LOVE, POWER, and WISDOM.
When we incarnate onto a very dense and hostile planet (and this is NOT Mother Earth who makes is so, but so who wish to control her for their own hidden agendas), the soul has amnesia. As a child we might remember something but the status quo soon tries to shut down our pineal and pituitary glands, so that we cannot receive cosmic transmission of Light from our soul group and the cosmic hierarchy and most importantly the Divine.
I am going into some detail here, so that you can understand that in essence you vibrate at a soul frequency (which is hidden in your soul name – by the way very different from any earthly name for it epitomizes the frequency band your soul vibrates on) and that when this frequency band is fully activated, someone who is not of that frequency band, will fall off the bus, so to speak. For a frequency band will only be able to sustain what is on the same frequency band, and when more or one tune into that same frequency band, then there is unity and harmony. Anything discordant to that, cannot exist there – it might disrupt the frequency band, but when it is fully activated and over-lighted by the collective soul group, and the Divine itself, it will automatically revert to its own frequency band.
You can think of this a radio…. When you tune into the frequency band of your favourite station, you might find disturbances, until you are tuned in a exactly the right frequency band and then you can hear properly and sound is not distorted.
In this lifetime all of us search for that ultimate in love and loving and we all dream of that ultimate happiness, the unity, that we, on soul level, and remember that state of harmony and bliss.
Our soul, in all its 12 flames or particles has had many lifetimes, in many forms and existences, and not only on this planet. For example: I know that a part of my own soul is pure light frequency. It vibrates at such a high frequency band that psychics have often told me that they cannot see form, but only streaks of pure Light. This part of me is attached to the Divine Source, and that is where is works in Temples of Halls of Wisdom, Higher Teaching, Healing and Records. This is one of the reasons that I can tap into the highest and purest soul records. Another part of me, is attached to the Andromedan and Galactic Core Federation, and very much that of the Pleiadean and that of Sirius. There are then different parts of me, working and living simultaneously, with this form of life I have chosen here on Planet Earth. In reality only a tiny fraction of me, has incarnated, the others are still elsewhere in the cosmic whole, working there.
In reality I am a cosmic Being, having a short sojourn here on Planet Earth and mainly to complete mission.
It has taken me while to understand this whole concept, and I am often asked about it, and that is why I am sharing this with you today – not to boast, but in all humbleness, so that you might have a greater understanding of the magnificence of your own soul.
On this planet we are deliberately withheld from the truth of our soul, our soul group and the Divine truths, which have been hijacked along the way and distorted. Until we start reconnecting to our own soul, and build our Lightbridge back to the Divine, activate our Stellar Gateways and our Soul Star chakras (which are huge transmitters and connect us to our own Divinity as held within our soul groups), we cannot be fully activated and empowered.
At this time, this planet is in a major state of revamping, and so is the collective whole. Some of the souls who have incarnated since after World War II are the same souls who were involved with this planet from the very beginning and have now returned to hold the Light steady and to anchor in highly advanced knowledge and understanding. They thus are here on a specific mission and for a specific and very specialized task. I call them the ILLUMINED TASKFORCE.
Some souls are VOLUNTEER souls, and come from other galaxies and star systems, which have never experienced war of any kind – not even the Wars of the Heavens. They came in with immensely powerful technological tools and higher healing abilities which will assist the planet to move from the third to the fifth dimensional state, and once that state is reached, their soul memory banks will get triggered (if not already) and they will be the ones who bring in the UNITY and the HOLISTIC ways to use the earth’s energies and cut out all the use of fossil fuel and will bring the planet back into balance and harmony. They are specialists too and I call them the VOLUNTEER TASKFORCE.
Others are from soul groups which have been involved with this planet for millennia and came here fleeing from the Wars of the Heavens and none more so than those who blew up their own planet, Marduk, which was between Mars and Jupiter. They are the ones who control the planet at this moment in time ( I call them the infiltrators).
When one starts to see this bigger picture, you will start to understand, that your soul is not here by some fluke, but rather by design, but it is not your WHOLE soul, it is but a fraction of it.
In some cases, when a planet is about to ascend, and thus move into a higher frequency band or consciousness (as the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy is at the moment) more than one particle of the soul will incarnate. I will call them then Twin Flames, for want of better word to describe them.
The Twin flame differs from and soul mate, in that the soul mate comes from the same SOUL GROUP e.g. THE LOVING ONES, and the twin flame comes of the SAME SOUL, thus is one of the 12 flames which make up your own soul.
In this the soul is equally divided into masculine and feminine particles, as is all of creation. This is equally balanced, for all of creation has a positive and negative charge. In essence then a particle of the soul will have a more negative or positive charge, remembering that this is pure frequency of Light.
I don’t know if you have ever been in a science class where a positively charge ball meets and negatively charged ball – then electromagnetic energy explodes where they meet. This is in essence what happens if two particles of the same soul meet on this planet, called Earth – there is an immense spark ignited, which will find itself expressed in the sexual energies aroused, but unfortunately that is where most people stop.
Relationships in essence are not just about sex – relationships in essence are about a profound sense of INTIMACY, which goes beyond the stripping off of clothes and having good sex.
In the depth of INTIMACY, lies the TRUST.
If I can, at deep and profound SOUL AND HEART level, stand naked, vulnerable and open in front of my Twinflame – totally open: the light and the shadow and there is no hiding whatsoever, no secret agendas, nothing but the purity, the absolute purity and innocence of my soul, and TRUST the other to become ATONE with me, totally opened up at soul level and stripped naked to the core of him or herself, then the two flames merge AS ONE and create a THIRD FORCE which is the SOPHIA or HOLY SACRED FLAME.
As long as there are any parts of me, which are not in higher alignment, which are not opened up, which are not in balance and harmony, the Flame of the Twin will consume and burn me in all those places where I have not made peace with myself, my other flame and most importantly life itself. All those unloved parts of me, will stand there, waiting for me to OWN them and love them – before I can to the same in my MIRROR, my twinflame.
For nobody MIRRORS you as much as the Twin does – after all he or she is part and particle of YOU – of your soul. The Twin knows me inside and out and my shadow and light.
Whatever you hate about yourself, will show up in the Twin. Whatever you love about yourself, will show up in the Twin.
For we all are both, light and dark, positive and negative. It is the BALANCE we seek, that harmony WITHIN, which is ultimately were we TRUST ourselves, that we TRUST the other to come into our most vulnerable, most precious, most treasured parts of ourselves, where we normally do not let another soul in, and be open enough to take him and her completely into ourselves and become AS ONE BEING.
The Twin teaches of about SELF-MASTERY. To the extend we are the master and High Priest, the mistress and the High Priestess of our own Temple, we are able to bring about profound union or reunion with our Twinflame.
The union between the Twinflames, can be the utmost in ecstasy, bliss and euphoria, or can open up the floodgates of Hades and the Underworld. In essence, that is where we are tested the most. That is where our true initiation into sexual sacred rites happen. It is the opening up of the seven veils of our inner sanctuaries within our own physical bodies and that of our heart, our third eyes and soul.
For to the extent that all these seven layers of being, move into the higher octave of Being, which is the 13th elevated state of the Tree of Life itself, the kundalini or serpent energy which we raise in our union, will either burn and consume us or lift us into the higher dimensions of Being.
Why? There is the secret and hidden chamber between our pituitary and pineal glands which gets activated by the serpent energy. If we burn each other rather and unite into one single flame, we short-circuit the energy fields and boomerangs onto us and that is where we are consumed with pain. When we learn to become as one, both flames EQUALLY CHARGED then this chamber ignites and we are moved in the sacred and higher realms which are cosmic in proportion and are in essence the true knowledge of the Tree of Life – the knowledge of eternal life.
It essential comes back to the soul empowerment of BOTH, before the ultimate in union can happen. All roads in life, lead WITHIN.
Until I nurture the sacredness and sanctity of my WHOLE being, and become ATONE within, I cannot ignite the same in my Twinflame and become ATONE with him or her.
The cosmic dance of the Twins, is in reality the cosmic dance of the masculine and feminine and the flame of ATONENESS – harmony, balance and bliss.
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For Twinflame Soul Readings please contact me:
(Judith Kusel)

29 thoughts on “The Cosmic Dance of the Twin Flames

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  3. Thank you, Judith! This is a sharing of knowledge that is so needed! I like the way you ended your article by stating that in order for the Twin Soul to BE present in one’s Life, one must have those qualities in Oneself first. It always begins with self. For in order to Love, to Know Love, one must BE Love FIRST. Looking outside of self for those qualities does not work. Everything is inward.

    Bless you!!!!

    • Thank you Amy =- indeed such is cosmic law. Most people do not want to do the inner work, and hope they will find someone to fill the void they feel inside of themselves. No one can fill that void except yourself – the other can enhance you on all levels but never do the inner work for you.

  4. Are souls from the soul group called ‘LOVING ONES’, split to twin flames or is it reserved to the illuminated ones only?.Can it be that some twin flame are not meant to reunite or they have to perform their mission alone??
    Can it be that the planet venus operates under the influence of the ‘LOVING ONES’?
    Can there be soul groups who were created to express ‘action’, ‘freedom’ or ‘praise’ or ‘gratitude’ etc ?

    • I do soul readings all the time and there are thousands of soul groups.
      The soul group “THE LOVING ONES” have twinflames incarnated onto this planet, and I have come across many who have been drawn to me for Twinflame Soul Readings.
      There are soul contracts that do come into the equation. Sometimes the flame between the twins is so strong that they find it impossible to live with each other and find the distance is in any case no problem – they are always together in the higher sense.
      Most twinflames, as said, are here on special assignment and when they have a mission to complete, that mission will take priority – and if they work in tandem then the impetous will be more.
      Every single soul is given FREE choice, so in the end it is the soul choice which determine where the relationship will go.
      As to your last two questions: all souls in this solar system come from elsewhere – and some to come from Venus, but that is not to say that the LOVING ONES are attached to Venus, for I have come across some who are attached to the Pleiades, Syrius etc.
      Yes, each soul group is created to reflect an attribute of the Divine back to the Divine – that is why they were created so that the Divine can experience this aspect of itself, via the soul group.

      • Can you explain who the Loving Ones are? I have a received a reading that I will meet my Twin Flame in 2015 and would like to know more about my Soul Group. Thank you!

  5. About the frequency band: “When you tune into the frequency band of your favourite station, you might find disturbances, until you are tuned in a exactly the right frequency band and then you can hear properly and sound is not distorted.”
    How do we tune into that frequency? Is it by giving a severe bashing to the ego only, or is there something else to be done like increasing vibration etc?

    • You can increase your vibrational frequency only by having the upper chakras (not just the 7 chakras) in your body activated. The most important chakras are OUTSIDE your body which are the Causal, the Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway, over your head and the Earth star chakra beneath your feet. The Soul Star is an cosmic transmitter and if that is fully activated it raises your frequency bands.
      There are exercises that I teach apart from this in the Illumined One Mystery School, Course 1. You have to connect to your soul group, in order to have true access to the higher knowledge and teachings and the higher frequency bands.
      It all works with the energy fields held within your own body and all 12 other bodies, and that is how you increased the Light quotient level in your body.

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  9. how do i sever ties completely and permanently through time and space with twin flame? like a divorce, or an amputation? i feel in my soul that we are better off without each other. i think we can be better people if we secer all energetic ties for all of time.

    • You can never sever ties with him for he is part of your own soul – if he truly is your twinflame. All you can do is to cut all negative ties, cords and attachments, especially out of your sexual areas and womb areas, for that is where the hooks are attached. The only way is to look at past life karma and where the patterns were created and then clear the memory banks, otherwise the same patterns will keep on repeating themselves.

  10. Thank you Judith. I have severed negative ties with my twin. I severed them from my sexual and womb areas, and the next day, 32 years after we first met, I now have a new boyfriend! My twin and I worked through so much positive and negative but now is the time for me to live and grow with someone else. I trust my twin and I will re-unite at the same frequency once we have loved and learnt more without each other. Namaste

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  12. Dear Judith, is it possible for one twin flame to provoke the other to become very negative? What I am asking is, is it possible for one twin flame to be a positive, peaceful person, whereas the other to be full of rage and hurtful?

    • Dear Annette – of course. They are the exact opposite of each other and therefore the Twinflame relationship is the most challenging of all relationships. No one said that you have to buy into all of that. Never allow another to turn you into who and what you are not. The whole beauty of relationships, is for you to become WHOLE AND COMPLETE within yourself, so that you do not need to be validated by anyone else – least of all your twin. When you are so whole inside and filled with love, then you will not allow yourself to be manipulated by your twin, but will stand up for yourself and move on if necessary.

  13. Judith

    I have read so much conflicting information concerning the twin flame dynamic. My twin cut off ties about a year ago after a year of a long distance email based romantic relationship. He is in my meditations daily and the universe makes sure I see his name either first or last or both daily. I too have tried to cut the cords that bind us but….no luck at least not for me.

    He is not physically here but he continues to help me grow, expand, and learn in ways that are amazing! Sometimes he brings people with him into meditations, sometimes the circumstances in our past relationship prompt me to learn and grow. It is amazing.

    I want so bad to tell him all I have learnt in person, to share my journey. I know this is just the ego! My question is this do we all reunite on this earth in the love affair that is so often described? I hold a place for him in my heart. There is unconditional love for him and I am working on the same for myself!
    I know like I know like I know that he is the twin, there is just too deep of a connection that I cannot break. Is it possible that all there will be here is a spiritual connection and not a physical one?

    • Dear Tina
      I have found myself that people always believe that they have to physically reunite with their Twin flames, in order to experience bliss. This is not true, in the sense that yes, bliss might be experienced, but the Twin Flame relationship is one of the most challenging there is. This is mostly that one needs to find the balance point – the equilibrium point between two total opposites, for as much as they are alike – that a total opposites in a lot of ways.
      As with all relationships this requires hard work – there is no fairy Godmother that is going to wave a magic wand, and let problems and pain just dissolve. And sex is not the end all and be all of human relationships. It is just a tiny part of whatever else needs to be in balance.
      What people do not understand is that life is not just PHYSICAL. Indeed we have 12 bodies, and the physical component is just one single component of that. In our current life there are the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which truly are the ones who are just as important as the physical body: – indeed the emotional body is much larger than the physical body, the mental is much larger than that and the spiritual body can stretch more than a mile outside the physical body. That these bodies comprise of energy, does not mean that they are less important than the physical body.
      Sexual energy itself does not need a PHYSICAL body at all to be present. Indeed it is energy all on its own. It is just that human beings have forgotten it, and a lot of the greatest pain in human relationships is caused by the total misuse and abuse of the sexual energies, and not understanding the basics of how to use this sacred energy source in uplifting and amazing ways. When one uses the sexual energy for self-gratification, for manipulation, for control, or for any other form that involves the negative ego, then this trips us up more than it lends to greater love. The Ancients have always known this, and therefore the initiated were also initiated into the correct way to use the sexual energy to enhance the whole loving sacredness of union. Often initiates were not even physically present with the other, in order to learn the basics of this energy force and the correct use of it.
      When I mention this, I have to go further than this, and move into the realms of the soul. The soul is PURE ENERGY. It does not need a physical form, but it has a light body or form. This is pure energy and your light body is different from your physical body – and is NOT the ASTRAL body as most people think it is, but is totally a higher energy form than that for the etheric body is earthly bound.
      Your soul is then divided equally into 12 flames or energy forms, and these are always with you in one form or another. You already then exist in multiple forms in other dimensions etc and in your home galaxy of origin.
      So, your twin flame does not need to be physically with you, in order to be with you. Indeed, all your other flames in all existences are always connected to you energetically, whether you know this or not. So, your twin flame can be present in whatever form he wishes to.
      Sometimes though people think that they have met their twin flames because of a deep feeling of familiarity and a deep knowing of having loved before. However, we have to remember that some of us are very old souls, and have had lovers, husbands, etc. other many lifetimes, and with some we somehow ended up time and again. Therefore they will appear in your life, because they have karmic links and patterns with your which were created over many lifetimes.
      As there is such hype about twin flames, people will project their own infatuations or their own idea of what a twin flame is on the other. One of the reasons I do Twin Flame Soul Readings and why they are so popular is that a lot of people want to know whether someone is a twin flame or not. My reading do provide those answers – but then some say: “But I love this one so much, and now he or she is not a twin flame” and then they get unhappy. There is nothing on this planet which is going to prevent you from loving another soul in totality – whether he or she is a twin flame or not. Sometimes those who are not twin flames bring greater love and joy into relationships than the twin flame him/herself. So get past the notion that someone has to be a twin flame in order to find ultimate happiness.
      As far as this man is concerned I believe that in his other soul state he might well be your teacher, or has been your teacher in one of the lifetimes. He thus appears in this form to you and this is an act of service and love. Accept this as such.
      In that then love him for what he is doing and be grateful for that. Understand that love is eternally there and can never shrivel or die – it merely changes form.
      Sometimes we do meet out Twin Flames and they just are not ready for us. We have lessons in love to master and so do they. Sometimes they need to sort out their own karma with someone else, and we need to do too. All relationships essentially are with oneself. Sometimes, which I believe is what is happening here, the twinflame is of much more evolved or higher flame essence and therefore cannot be with you physically but is with you in another energy form.
      When you cultivate wholeness from deep within – then you are happy and fulfilled at a very deep level and therefore you become WHOLE. Then any relationship with someone who is WHOLE too, brings in the BALANCE. Yet all balance has at its very core the balance between the masculine and feminine WITHIN.
      The twin flame relationship is ever more challenging in this regard – for if one is more than the other and there is imbalance the flame will burn and scourge. Therefore BALANCE is the key. Therefore is point to SELF LOVE AND SELF BALANCE AND WHOLENESS WITHIN ONE SELF.
      So, then why not be grateful for the beautiful lessons he brings to you, in that form, and then learn to bring wholeness and completion into yourself. So many people get into relationships because they want someone to fill all the holes within them and take their pain away. That is a recipe for disaster – for no one can fill up those holes, except you yourself, and no one can take your pain away – only you can release the pain inside yourself by doing the inner work.
      We have to get away from over romanticizing anything – and getting to core truth inside.
      There are truly no fairy godmothers that wave magic wands and bring us Prince Charming.
      We attract into our lives those who have the greatest lessons in self love to teach us – and nowhere is this truer as with the Twin Flame.

  14. Judith
    My twin flame is of january 1 1990 n me of February 1 1990 we both live in same cities we saw each other we had chats on Internet he is exactly me from the likes dislikes sense of humour everything is same only our religions are poles apart.Here in India inter religion marriages are rare bt marriages in opposing religion is almost a crime might be we are incarnated here so that we can eradicate those hatred in both religions and we could teach all purity of love is soulful not religious based. Learning a lot here in this divine relationship.

  15. Judith,
    Thank you for your enlightening and enlivening information regarding Twin Flames. Because it is such a powerful and intended connection, and because we are incarnated here together at this time, the tipping point of the New Golden Age, isn’t there a plan to reunite true Twin Flames in order for their agreed soul mission to be completed? How is it possible for one twin to want to reunite without the other also sharing the same soul desire if indeed, they are the same soul with the same soul agenda?

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  18. Thanks, this is so interesting.
    I’ve met and interacted with this guy on a totally different level so I started reading about twinflames.
    Your blog resonates with me more than any other.

  19. Thank you for explaining detailed energy cycle in human body.i have a query in all chakras & kundalini is ok.It is there almost throughout d day. But what next…..??.

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