She has returned

She came to Atlantis at the specific request of the Intergalactic Counsel, the Federation thereof to establish the White Flame into the planet once more, and then to be the custodian and guardian of this.

So she left the beloved shores of her home in Andromeda and she came and she did what she could in the Golden Age of Atlantis.  She was then the Guardian, the Keeper, the Custodian, and the High Priestess of the White Flame.  She stood there in her own powers, in that which made her woman she was and the temple stood in its Glory and Magnificence.

Yet, then the visions, the premonitions, the intense knowing came of what had infiltrated Atlantis, and had started to infiltrate the minds of men – the males.

She stood in her majesty and she stood firm and she started warning the women and warned them of not submitting to men and allowed them to abuse their powers.  But the women listened not, for they were ensnared by their men and the way the submitted to them.

It was not that she did not understand that her sisters wanted to be loved and wanted that male essence, the union through their own sexuality: – it was that she understood the potent powers of all and she saw way beyond and repercussions of all, for her insight and sight was greater than the rest.

So, she witnessed the way the male started to take control in order to divorce him from her, and from all which was female and that which he feared.  She slowly but surely saw how her sisters lost their own powers, and how they were mind controlled, manipulated, and how love and sex became a competitive sport, and how women were slowly but surely enslaved.

So, she called all her sisters together, the High Priestesses who had stayed true to the Law-of-one, and those others sister who served, who were all in great pain seeing what was happening, and with those men who stayed true (and there were many), she then devised a Masterful Plan of Action, so that the keys, codes, the inner knowing of the woman High Priesthood and that of the lesser priesthoods, and the knowledge therein contained, would be hidden away, and taken away from the planet, as she would withdraw herself.

So, she did.

She safeguarded the knowledge, she saw to it that all the pyramid grids, the vortices, and all which contained the feminine movements of earth, sun and stars, would be removed and then taken away, and what they then could not take away for safekeeping, they stored in various centers on planet earth.  They sealed everything, and with it the Galactic Counsels, added their seals, and so all of that which pertained to the Ancient Knowledge was shut down, as she withdrew.

She left the men with just enough to keep them going, and to side-track them from the ultimate knowing, for the mastering of soul lessons were theirs to master, as well as all the sister souls who were caught in that snared, that control, the way they were used and abused.

She did come back to earth again at the time of Egypt, when her beauty was such and her powers that again the men feared her.  And so again, the abuse came forth from the men, their power games, and the way they considered the women as shuttles, as toys, and again made love a competitive sport, and not honoring the lessons they had to learn from Atlantis, and then again, the tendency of the male to self-destruct by this own sword.

In that lifetime, she, again with Thoth, and those of his Ilk who had stayed true in Atlantis, and had stayed true in Egypt, she closed down the Sphinx and all it contained, and then she went and shut down all the rest.

She withdrew herself from the planet, but she never left.  She merely, with those sisters who stayed true, took it upon themselves to take on the task of keeping the Fires of Illumination in custody for the rest of mankind, until such time as humanity would finally be ready again to step up in to the highest states of consciousness, and be able to bring back the full powers of the Woman into Being again.

These sisters often took upon themselves the collective pain and suffering of mankind, and then in the midst of all of this, still managed to shine their light and love in such a way that the Fires of Illumination held steady through it all.  She thanks her sisters for this, and the Brothers who also stayed true.

The second attempt to ignite the Fires of Illumination and then also bring back the rise of the Divine Feminine, came in Languedoc, and with the Cathars, and the women who held the secret keys and codes then, but they again that suffer immense pain, and often severe persecution and trauma, in order to hold that Flame steady.

She has returned.  She is here.

She is no longer buying into the power plays of men nor does she allow herself to be drawn into these.

She refuses to buy into the men’s notions that sex and love are a competitive sport and who keep scores of women’s attractiveness, and then control the planet’s views of what women should look like and be.  She sees this as it is, forms of manipulation and a deep disrespect for the Creator God/Goddess, who created many forms of expressions and ultimate Beingness, and there are no flaws in Creation, each man and women is perfectly made, and therefore each one deserves to be honored and loved for who and what they.

She does not buy into the gossip and talk of her sisters, who love to compare themselves with other sisters, in the physical form, as being more beautiful, or ugly or whatever that may be, for she knows that she is perfect just the way she is, and she does not need to compete with her sisters, she is more than enough as she is, and she thanks her Creator for her beautiful body, and she honors and respects, and nourishes that form.

She refuses to engage in any sexual relationship where she is not honored, and validated.  She treasures her own sexuality, and respects her own womanhood, for she learnt from Atlantis that the physical form is as much a temple and therefore anyone who enters there and is disrespectful, abuses that temples, takes it for granted, thinks he owns it, or just uses it for his own means, buys it with money, or whatever form the manipulation and control takes, is not worthy of entering there.

She does all the inner and outer cleansing and clearing work, and she now vibrates at a much higher frequency band and she is at home with herself and all that she is.  She does not need a man to validate her.  She is happy and content on her own for she can delve ever deeper into the Mystery of her own Womanhood, her knowing, the visions the prophesies, the work she is being called to do, and she surrenders herself into the highest possible service.

She knows that the more she works on the healing of self, the more she is healing humanity at large.  She knows that more she loves herself, and finds her own worthiness, the more she will attract goodness into her life, and the more she can co-create the New World.

She knows that if she is meant to be with a man in this lifetime, that he will come with Divine timing,   and she just wishes to be ready for him, to keep her heart and soul open.  For now she is just preparing herself for his coming, for she knows that happiness is something she has to cultivate from deep within herself, and love too.  If he comes into her life, it will be in the fullness of all which makes him a man, and he will be her equal and treat her with love, respect, and then trust will be built.  For this is a man who has found himself, is in balance and harmony, and stands in his own power, without having to resort to manipulation, not power games, nor control games, nor any games at all.  He is genuine, authentic and real, loving, without having to compromise ANY of his manhood, of all which makes him the man he is.  He is mature enough to understand this and therefore is filled with respect for all which makes her a woman.  He is at home with himself, from deep within.

Yet she knows she is always surround inside and outside with Love and when she truly is wishing for that closeness it can come easily from here true love – her own, who is there always there with her, although not incarnated on earth.  She knows the infinite beauty, the immensity, the blessings of such union, were man and women are equal and in balance, and therefore create the bliss, ecstasy, beyond anything known on earth.

She is working now, fulltime, for the return of the White Flame, the Guardian, the Keeper, and Custodian she in truth – for She has returned.

Yes, her sisters have returned too.

And one day she will gather all her sisters who stood by her in Atlantis, and she will thank them for the work they did and still do.

Yet, it is not only the sisters, it the men too.

For she has let go of all resentment towards the men, and forgiveness is her key, and she understands the men’s woundedness, and how they fear all the disintegration of their powers which is happening now.  She sends them love, and unconditional love and she gently leads them back to themselves: – the original innocence they had in Atlantis and what even went before.

For Atlantis was but a repeat of what had happened of yore, and this time men and women will have to master the lessons of power, true power, once and for all.

For power is in truth a two-edged sword.  It can build and create, and Illuminate or it can destruct and destroy.

She knows this and therefore she stands in fully in the power of Love.

(Judith Kusel)

For Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings:


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The Immensity of Being

There comes an evolutionary phase in all of life, when whatever has served its purpose has to go and new forms of life and living has to grow out of the ashes of the old.  The endless cycles of life are in the cycles of stagnancy, dying and growth…. There is nothing random in the whole creation…

Life itself is immense and it is experienced in many ways.  In a higher sense, then all of life has phases of growth, phases of decay and phases where rebirth occurs and then life spurts forth in a blossoming profusion and therefore a renewed sense of joy, hope, love and abundance.

For the last 75 000 years the earth itself has been in a phase of decay.  It slipped through the portals from the 5th dimensional state of Atlantis and since then has rapidly gone into the very dark Ages of forgetting all the glory of what had once been and then sinking ever deeper and deeper in the sludge of forgetfulness and ever greater separation from the rest of the Cosmic Whole as the belief arises that Planet Earth was an  entity on her own.

I was sitting at a place the other day, where one can span dimensions and literally step up in octaves of Beingness.   Although I can do this very easily in waking life, this was an experience which I find very hard to explain – mainly because words are so limited and it cannot convey in language the FEELING and experiencing of what it is like to step into the Higher State of being and the immense love, peace, and immensity of Being, which transcends time and space.

In my travels over the last four years, I have come across a few places where this type of experience of life and the massive release of energies, is something for which I do not have adequate words to describe, for I believe that in those moments I tapped or was brought into an energy fields of existence, which WE HAD ON THIS PLANET, but which we have forgotten is there and forgotten how to tap into and UTILIZE in our own lives…. 

Deep down in our own sub-conscious mind we remember Utopia, we remember the Garden of Eden and we long for this.   A lot of us are VOLUNTEER SOULS and we come from other Galaxies and life streams who know how to use this energy and how to enhance life and life forms by USING this…. There is this inner yearning for this and sometimes we have a hard time trying to voice this longing…. When all of it is merely a way of using the very FORCEFIELD OF EXISTENCE OF ALL LIFE AND USING THIS TO ENHANCE ALL OF LIFE!

When I step into such energy fields, or places where this energy field is immense, I immediately feel a type of EXPANDED BEINGNESS, which goes beyond what is normally felt.  I then feel that I am stepping to the HIGHER SOUL SELF, and then into a type of MASTERY that I am at a very deep soul level.  It is almost like all the different pieces or aspects of my soul are reconnected and I am then allowed to step into the HIGHER STATE or VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY NOT ONLY OF MYSELF BUT OF LIFE IN EXPANDED BEINGNESS – THUS IN THE VIBRATIONAL STATE OF THE HIGHER OCTAVES OF BEING – THE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL STATES WHERE WE CAN STEP INTO WHEN WE START TUNING INTO THE COSMIC ENERGIES AND THE COSMIC WHOLE….

I like to see it as a type of FINETUNING, where all our energy centers within our own body, start matching those of the earth’s energy centers and then expanding to embrace that of our Universe and then even expanding upon that to embrace the collective frequency of our SOUL GROUP AND THEN OUR GALAXY AND THEN THE DIVINE.


Note here that FREQUENCIES, VIBRATION AND TONE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED.  Some of the frequencies emitted are of such high or low sounds that our ear cannot hear them – but other life forms tune into this and then can assimilate it into their BEING.

In the beginning of ALL life on Earth, such a vibrational, fine-tuning, energizing, and frequency generator was laid inside and outside the earth and this is what one would call a WEB OF LIGHT…. That “LIGHT” part is a simplistic way of trying to describe a massive ENERGY GENERATOR and thus a massive TUNING FORK…. Yes, it SINGS AT THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF THE MUSIC OF SPHERES!

The Earth has its own 72 chakra system and 33 SPINAL cords, and EACH ONE OF THESE EMITS NOT ONLY A VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY BUT ALSO SOUND!




When the human body, then is fine-tuned into such harmony where it lives within an environment which is in HARMONY with the rest of creation, IT ADOPTS A CRYSTALLINE FORM WHICH IS FINE-TUNED TO THE SAME FREQUENCIES – IT THUS BECOMES WHOLE AND DOES NOT EXPERIENCE DIS-EASE!  

We have forgotten so much about HARMONY, about using sacred sounds and the sacred geometry of form in ALL of creation which SINGS to the tune within geometrical patterns and the expands into the music of the spheres that we have lagged behind the rest of the whole cosmos …. All of this is about to change, as humanity now is moving out of the Age of Darkness and forgetfulness and into the Stage of REMEMBERING AND REACTIVATION!

This will bring about the realization of more and more of the IMMENSITY OF BEING and then the remembering of how to tap return to working WITH the cosmic energies and fine-tune into the vibrational frequencies of ALL of life.

The Wayshowers – the FIRST

The most profound truths have remained hidden to mankind for thousands of years, as the mainframe minds of men and women were hijacked by those who wished to control others because of their own agendas.  It has not been so much as serving the self, as in wanting to have some powers and then using these powers solely for self-service and then in order to, as said CONTROL.

Yet in a strange way this has served some souls…. For these are the souls who came in and truly shone their light, refused to adhere to the status quo and in such, gained immense insight into what the make-up is or was of those who imposed such restrictions and rules.

In a higher sense these were old patterns of behavior repeating itself.  It was that imbalance created when the one half or even a quarter of the population of this planet and other solar systems and galaxies got infected by a certain dark or mass consciousness, which tended to suck in and then destroy.   It was a consciousness which existed even when the Divine Source was birthed out of that darkness and it suddenly appeared, or rather made itself felt as a power.  It was then when the wars of heaven broke out for the first time and since then it has gained in some ways and lost itself in others.

There are always moments when enlightenment come and when those who seek the path of truth will find it reveals it hidden face to those who truly seek it.

In the very beginning of time, this planet has ONE landmass and then it was the time, when those who first decided to settle here, knew that they were partaking in an EXPERIMENT.  No-one knew how this would work out…. The plan was there, the guidelines set out, yet what would be created out of it all, this is the one factor that no-one quite knew.

This was a relatively new solar system, and the planets nearest to the Planet, the SUN, which suddenly out of nowhere, started to orbit this sun, was Mercury.  It was from here that the first life started in this solar system, and then Venus, with Jupiter following, then Saturn, and then the other planets.  Mars was a relative newcomer and therefore linked to Planet Earth, while the Planet which blew itself up between Mars and Jupiter, was the one, who had been the first of such experiments to be created, as a satellite space station, between Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn etc. towards the sun and then, also, at the same time, acting as a type of portal or wormhole from which the other galaxies could be reached.

This planet as such as then just a mass of gasses starting forming in shape and then the scientists aboard the great Mother ships and then from the Federation of the Brotherhood of Light, started to work with the settlement of this planet, thus forming its gasses into matter and then first her waters, then the landmass and then started introducing plant and animal life to the planet.

These Mother ships were proverbial ARKS, in that they had on board a vast collection of plant, and insect life, as well as animals.  Most of these animals, were volunteers from these species and then they agreed to participate in this experiment, as they too wanted to evolve in some extend and with it all wanted to see how life would or could develop on this new planet.  It was supposed to have been the Crown Jewel of Creation and everyone wanted to make her something very special, like a great act of higher service to the Divine.  When this is done, these scientist then do this, as CO-CREATORS and thus within the Divine and Cosmic Laws.

What essentially made this planet different was that the moon was first used as a satellite station and then the underground cities, the underground space stations on this planet were in place.  This was essential at that time, for already there were stirrings of the wars of heavens starting to overflow into this galaxy and then into these universes and solar systems.  Thus, by going underground, all who then sought shelter there could do so, from asteroids which were then very real, as the wars continued to create havoc.    It was also a way, then of having a resting place for the crews of such Mother ships, when they could not go home, because of these self-same wars.

As the landmasses settled then, the sea life was introduced and then plant life and then slowly but surely the animals.  The elemental Kingdom worked closely with this whole process as in the forming of landmass etc. crystals naturally formed between the layers and then also were USED to create – thus the scientists used crystals to create and stabilize and then the same elementals would assist with supplanting their own life forms onto the planet.  ALL WORKED AS ONE, for this was how it was in the beginning.

Animals have souls and are part of soul groups, just as we are.  Most volunteered as said, to partake in the experiment on planet earth to experience, learn and teach, just as we do.  Some are highly evolved and maintain a fifth-dimensional energy while on this planet.   Most take their experiences back to their home planets to enrich them.  Once on Earth they way we treat the animals affects their incarnations and their spiritual growth.

The following galaxies, stars and star systems, constellations were involved in this EXPERIMENT: 

ANDROMEDA:  They are a very tall race with mostly white to golden blond hair, as well as the red to auburn, and are WHITE skinned.  They have very large and beautiful eyes, are gracefully built and have mastered the art of peace and eternal life.  This however came at a great cost, for they at first, being one of the first 12 galaxies to be birthed by the Divine Source, the wars in heaven brought its toll, and a quarter of their own home galaxy got destroyed.  They thus saw that wars bring only destruction and then they pledged to bring peace to all the far outreaches of the cosmic heavens.  They are very highly evolved, and thus have such high-frequency physical bodies, that our eyes cannot see them, unless they beam their bodies in holographic form, so that we can see them.  (I come from Andromeda, and I remember my friend, who can see your true celestial body, saying to me that all she could see in the beginning was flashes for immensely high energy light.  It was only later that she could see my true form and then said it appeared to be see-through).  They are a very gentle, loving race and bring immense CREATIVE abilities with them, and hold the codes and keys of WISDOM, ILLUMINATION, HIGHER TEACHINGS, KNOWLEDGE AND HIGHER HEALING.  They act as the Keepers of the HIGHER SECRETS AND CODES, THE HIGHER ALCHEMICAL FORMULAS AND THEY CREATED THE WEB OF LIGHT, THE ENERGY CENTRES OF THE PLANET, THE PORTALS ETC.    They were involved with this planet at first via the ARCTURIANS and the PLEIADEANS.

THE PLEIADES:  The Pleiades star cluster is often know as the SEVEN SISTERS and it radiates feminine energy light and wonderful blue healing energy.  Their healing is based on wholeness and truth.  Beings from the Pleiades are bringing healing to people and places on this Planet.  A lot of the old races on this planet remember this in their myths and legends and thus acknowledge them as one of the creators of the planet.  One of these are the SAN or BUSHMEN people of South Africa who particularly point to the fact that they got their sacred animal, the ELAND from there and the Praying Mantis. 

ORION is known is the planet of enlightenment, where there are many established training schools for those souls who are ready to accept cosmic wisdom.  Beings from here have very fast-frequency energy in their auras and open others to their special light.  They got especially involved after the first major slip in consciousness arose and were most prominent in Atlantis and then later on Egypt etc.

SIRIUS and LAKUMA:  Sirius in the constellation of CANIS MAJOR, the Greater Dog, is the brightest star in the night sky.  It is known as the star of Isis.  The Dogons of Africa are from Lakuma.  They hold wisdom of Sirius and dance its movements.  Sirius holds spiritual technology and sacred geometry for this galaxy and downloads it to those who are ready to visit its training establishments in the inner planes.  The children being born who incarnate from or through Sirius are programmed with the new higher technology for use in the New Age.  Horses, Cows, Deer, Camels, Elephants and dogs come from Sirius.  All the birds come from here and had to step down their frequency considerably in order to be able to function here.

The LION people come from Sirius and Orion and they were one of the first volunteer races to settle here.  

ARCTURIUS brings in the higher states of awareness and consciousness.  It brings in the healing through sound and then the higher understanding of how sacred geometry and sound work together AS ONE.  It brings in the knowledge of how to use crystals in the working with the body, mind, spirit and soul and they are known as the Higher Healers of the Cosmos, as also the first true herbalist and those who use the geometrical structures of plants in higher healing.

PEGASUS has always worked with ANDROMEDA and from these combined galaxies, come the higher teachings, wisdom, healing and understanding.  They were the ones who laid down the WEB of LIGHT, the energy centers and then also the ones who built the first CRYSTAL PYRAMIDS on this planet.  They are also the ones who work with the energy of Earth, the Cosmic Energies, the balancing of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

These then were the MAJOR role players, in the FIRST SETTLEMENTS, although other galaxies and star systems were involved, via the Intergalactic Federation of the WHITE Brotherhood, which does not depict the colour of the root races involved, but who was behind it all! 

 For instance from PISCES:  the fish species and all related species stem from here.

The others who were involved in the first settlements, where those from the BEAR Constellation, from URSUS MAJOR and of course our own MILKY WAY GALAXY.   The ones, who came much later and influenced the shape of mankind, were the NABIRU, who came to the planet uninvited and caused much havoc.

Those planets involved here from our own solar system, were Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter with Saturn playing a lesser role.

The first colonies were set up on the SURFACE of the earth, thousands years after the first settlements INSIDE the earth, and mainly because those working on the surface loved this so much, that they asked permission to settle here.  Thus the first settlements on the surface arose and thus the EXPERIMENT OF PLANET EARTH BEGAN.

In the beginning all was beautiful, balanced and in harmony.  It seemed as if all life forms were adapting well to life here and indeed, would thrive….. That is until things started going dreadfully wrong in another part of this solar system and then spilt over to planet Earth.  Yet, this is a story for another time and space….

Hidden in there are the patterns created by the mass consciousness of the first volunteers at the time, and what went wrong there, has repeated itself over thousands of years.  We now have to BREAK those patterns, and CREATE new ones…..

The coming together in Higher Service to Mankind:

There is a tremendous magnetic pull at this moment, which pulling twin flames, soul mates and soul group families together.

Your own family, might have been chosen by you for various reasons, yet to you have a SOUL FAMILY, which normally means A CORE GROUP OF SOUL WITHIN A SOUL GROUP WHO HAVE ALWAYS WORKED TOGETHER ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS and which are now being pulled together to complete the work they started here on this planet, when the planet was first formed, and then civilized.

This magnetic pull is so enormous, that it will mean that these souls cannot activate their own true potential, until the collective group is there in place. Then, by combining the their joint powers and their knowledge, and then the OVERSOUL collective higher healing, teachings and knowledge will come the fore and this will become the impetus that this planet needs at this time to move forward.

I work with souls, mainly because this is what I have always done, lifetime after lifetime, yet, I also work with, and anchor in VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. This is why I can read landscapes which other cannot do, and read the energy lines. In a lot of way, I have to pioneer things, before the rest catches up – which is what we, as Illumined Ones are programmed to do. Yet, I know that within my soul group there are certain souls, with whom I have united time and again to work for the higher good of mankind.

What happens in such a case is like a beehive and then picturing a honeycomb. There are cells within the honeycomb which makes it ONE ENTITY. Thus each cell has its own function, yet amplified by all the other cells within the honeycomb it becomes a POWERHOUSE – and immense energy is emitted.

The same is with such FAMILY groups. They normally will be in clusters of 12 souls and then their combined energy becomes the 13th power which is the creative force. In this there is great hidden meaning.

There were originally 12 Pyramid Temples, 12 Crystal Skulls, 12 Crystal Keys, 12 High Priests and High Priestesses, from 12 Galaxies, which formed the first civilization on this planet, here in Africa, and this was called ELYSIUM. Yet, the COMBINED keys and codes were held within the 12th, so that the 12th and 13th combined and then completed the whole and then became an alchemical fusion and had immense power. This number is reflected in the 12 tribes, 12 disciples, etc.

At this moment, then the clarion call for 12 of a soul group, who have always worked together to link up once more. Once these are formed, it will give amazing impetus to the work, which the individual has been doing.

It will bring together MASTER SOUL and HIGH RANKING HIGHLY EVOLVED MASTER SOULS WHO HAVE ALL THE COMBINED HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, TEACHINGS, HEALING ABILITY and then to truly bring this as a collective gift back to mankind.

Some soul groups are more evolved than others, yet the 12 soul groups most active on this planet at this time, WORK AS A UNIT.

They stem from the 12 MASTER GALAXIES and thus they have all the knowledge of the Ages at their finger tips. Some are there to heal the nature kingdom, some are here to heal the mineral and elemental kingdoms, some to heal the animal kingdoms etc. Each has a different task and not all are equally empowered as each galaxy brings in a different octave of life and life forms.

The highest ranking ones who are on the planet at this time are the ILLUMINED ONES. They are highly evolved master souls, and within their own soul group there are also different octaves of evolvement. They are here for the collective higher healing of mankind, for bringing light and for reactivating the pyramids and Web of Light. For they hold the central codes and keys.

When these groups empower themselves, they begin to radiate and transmit much higher frequencies and then have the ability to pull the rest of mankind more and more into the higher dimensions. This is then, what is happening, and what needs to be heeded at this time.

For this planet, is now being pulled more and more into the wormhole through which this solar system, its sun, and the two universes to which it belongs, together with the Milky Way Galaxy is being pulled into. With this, the whole will experience a total re-birthing into more evolved states of consciousness.

As more and more of these groups are activated, energy centres on the planet will be opened up and with it masses of energy will be generated which will accelerate the whole rising in consciousness in a profound way.

Another soul group immensely needed to get together are the GRACES for they bring in the grace-filled higher loving healing that all of mankind and planet needs. They bring in beautiful gifts of forgiveness, of releasing of old patterns and then the amazing sprouting of new love.

So awake ye, from your sleep and get activated!

The Return of the Feminine Divine… Energies and Higher Healing….

The Mother of all… and receiver, the birther and ultimately the greatest energy source of all is now returning to this planet in full force…

In the very beginning she reigned on this planet… and all her creatures lived in harmony and they were happy and content…. They honoured her in the forests and trees, in the cyclic nature of the turning seasons and tides….

They honoured her sacred oak groves and those sacred energy places of this planet, which reconnected them with the Feminine Divine… the Mother of all Creation… the Great Mother, who in one moment of utter and complete union with the Father of All, in ecstasy and bliss that only perfect union expresses, she gave birth to the galaxy and stars, and most of all of all life and life forms, visible and invisible…

In those days the women held the offices of the nurturers, the Keepers of Life and Death… They held the Crystal Keys as High Priestesses, and from in perfect harmony with their male counterparts… yet, they reigned the regions and energies of the HEART, the COSMIC HEART and most of all, they acted as the TRANSMITTERS of COSMIC TRUTH, LAW AND MOST OF ALL the COSMIC BIRTHING AND NURTURING OF ALL LIFE.

Thus they held the Crystal Pyramid Temple of Love, a vast Rose quartz Temple, and the WHITE FLAME of PURITY, The HALLS OF RECORDS AND WISDOM, for the Divine Feminine always held the KEYS OF WISDOM,  the EMERALD Temple of HIGHER HEALING, and they held the VIOLET FLAME, of Higher Magic and TRANSMUTATION,  The Temple of the INITIATION RITES and RITES OF PASSAGE, the Temple of UNITY, and BIRTH AND REBIRTH…. The Temple of Astrology and Birth charts….

In those days the women held the power of the earth and sky, as their male counterparts were the administrators, the rulers, the ones who put into place such policies as were determined by the Greater Counsel, consisting of the 12 High Priests and High Priestesses of the Crystal Pyramid Temples over which they resided…. Each Temple having both a Male and Female counterpart as High Priest and High Priestess.

 The men were the Keepers of the Crystal Skulls and thus held the power of administer, while the women held the power the Crystal Keys and over the energy centres and the ultimate Higher Wisdom and Knowledge to hold the powerbases of the earth and sky…. the nurturing of the its animal and plant life and the nurturing and unfolding of all life forms and the wisdom and manifestation power that stems from the heart and soul.

Women have always had the power to heal the soul…. while the men held sway in the power of the mind…. and the mind-driven expertise of building and administration… the general running and working of things…

All of this created an ultimate BALANCE, as both the male and female, worked in tandem and then in a state of complete harmony, ENHANCING each other.

Yet, what happened was that over time, men started fearing the power of women… and this is the form of the SEXUAL power…. and the power of heart creations….

A certain element of the Black Magi started infiltrating the planet, and with it, the minds of men…. As men started to use the power of their minds and then with it, the brutal power of their superior strength, they started to remodel society and started to use force to establish the rule of Men over the planet….

With time, men and women forgot the equality of the two genders, and forgot to dance in tune with each other, as one started to reign over the other, and started to rape and abuse women and sell them in slavery… or being forced to marry for dowry or political power…

In the new way of life, what men feared more than anything else, was the women’s SEXUAL power…. For the Ancients had used certain Rites of Sex (which have since been removed from the planet, with the demise of the Feminine Mother and which will only be returned once the shift of consciousness returns – I am not talking about the Rites of Isis or any other such rites as might be remembered… nor tantric sex….) to help to empower both the male and female aspects…. When both are empowered in the correct way, then this energy helps to bring balance and equilibrium back to all of life and life-forms on this planet, as it is LIFE ENHANCING and a truly beautiful form of pure energy….. (When there is mutual respect and mutual love and loving kindness involved, as well as other aspects which I will not mention here….)

We are entering a RITES OF PASSAGE, and have been for the last few years, when the FEMININE DIVINE is being returned to this planet.  With this will be a shift in relationships, and with it, will come the OPENING UP OF THE HEART CENTER. 

When the heart truly opens up it brings with it an opening up of the sexual centres of both the male and female and this enables the sexual union to go up in intensity by a few octaves.  This is most felt between twin flames and soul mates… for here their energies blend and when enhanced even further by certain elements, this brings about a state of euphoria and bliss which is immensely powerful and beautiful….

This is a true dance of love… as a dance of cosmic energies….

We are simply asked to open up our hearts to the new energies released, and then to simply not cling to the old relationships anymore, which no longer serve our highest good.  This is not to say that both partners cannot go through a period of adjustment and then move closer to each other…

 It is just, that the female aspects of life, as expressed by the female body, will undergo a certain change, as these energies work with the PELVIC BOWL of women and open up certain hidden DNA structures within their ovaries and womb.  Even if the womb or ovaries have been removed, the energies work with their ethereal parts and some women might even have these grow back or being repaired in the next few years….. Even the sexual hormones are being reactivated.

For women in particular, it is important in meditation to ask for beautiful golden light to clean out and cleanse the pelvic bowl area and to simply learn certain ancient techniques of doing nurturing this aspect of self.   You can also simply imagined twirling swirling light cleaning, rejuvenating and activating this area… for herein lies the essence and BEING of all womanhood.

This exercise will also clean up tension in this area, and pain associated with sex, child birth or any other discomfort felt in that area since puberty.

You might also, simply during the day, put your hands around this area, and send healing energy into this area, via your hands.    Simply hold yourself, as you would hold a child, when pregnant, and then send in healing light.

I have found that some men, feel the Feminine Divine, and are asking for assistance, as they say they have no male role models to follow anymore, as the macho type of man, who simply takes what he wants is fast disappearing, as the more nurturing side and open hearts of men appear.

For them, it will assist them, to consciously work at opening their heart chakras and simply allowing light to flow into and out of the heart.   They can also then, push this energy up through their throat chakra, and up to their third eye, and then down again for a few times.  This will open up the energy centres in their brain, for so long suppressed and then help them to start feeling more and being less in the mind….(It won’t decreased your analytical or other abilities, merely enhance them to get more in tune with the GREATER COSMIC HEART, CREATIVE AND NURTURING ABILITIES).

Most of all, walking barefoot, and getting grounded into Mother Earth, feeling the grass under your bare feet, sand, and earth, will help you to ground these energies.  This is most important, for when we start using the sexual energies for the HIGHEST good once more; we need to be properly grounded and not floating somewhere between earth and sky….

These are truly beautiful colours and rays the Divine brings…. and as our hearts open up more and more… so will the natural abilities and the life giving force return to this planet and our lives!