Crystalline Portals – New Chakras, sacred geometrical forms, energies

images (25)Within the cosmic energy fields there are certain crystalline patterns, which some of us know or are familiar with as sacred geometrical shapes and forms. In essence these are certain blueprint patterns and forms which the whole of Creation reflects in some form or another.

In the creation of crystals the same patterns and forms are repeated – indeed in our own human form and in all other life forms.

Crystalline forms within geometrical patterns, also have encoded within them certain COLOURS and these then bring in VIBRATIONAL healing which works then with the sacred geometrical form and the vibrational healing frequency of that colour. Add to this SOUND and HIGHER HEALING STEPS IN….

When we open up our HIGHER chakras, and more and more of our latent chakra systems are getting activated now, from 12, 24, 36 to the eventual 72 and if one’s quest for immortality reigns supreme eventually 330 chakras are opened up: – we open ourselves up to ENERGY WHEELS INCORPORATING THE CRYSTALLINE PATTERNS AND SACRED GEOMETRICAL SHAPES. In fact they move in groups of 12 – and once we have reached a certain platform we reach a portal, through which we have to step in order for the next 12 to be activated.

So, if in meditation you see your higher guides working with what looks like energy wheels and the colours pouring or radiating out from this, and then flowing in an double or multiple strand helix around your upper body and then moving down into your lower body, this means that these COLOUR RAYS are now being assimilated into your chakras and then your AURIC field and then into your other bodies – also the physical one.

You do not just have ONE physical body, in fact you have into 12 bodies, and each body incorporates a different frequency of vibrational octaves of the life-giving energies.

Your physical form might not KNOW or SENSE these other forms, but they exist. You can, the higher you go in obtaining mastery, start moving between these forms, which means you can literally up your frequency rate by stepping into the higher bodes and then become INVISIBLE to others or move between walls and also teleport yourself. These are all techniques we have forgotten.

In Celtic tradition this was called SHAPE-SHIFTING – we all are capable of this in one form or another and might even be doing this, without our knowledge.

I have experienced this myself sometimes, when I had to step up and into my higher state of consciousness, and I know I do this when I tap into the super-consciousness field in order to do soul readings. In normal consciousness I cannot just do that – I have to go into an altered and much higher frequency rate to be able to do this. (This is NOT a trance state – it is merely switching between the bodies and then stepping into the much higher frequency band of the extended SOUL).
Another way I experienced this, is when I had to stand in my MASTERY in order to open up a massive portal – it was not the conscious me – but the HIGHER CONSCIOUS ME which IS IMMORTAL. THUS I WAS IN MY MASTERY: THE I AM WHICH MY SOUL IS IN THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS OF BEING.

To come back to the energy wheels…. A lot of people, when they start seeing or sensing this via their third eye, shut down, because they do not know what is happening to them and then get scared.

The best thing to do, is when you start seeing this, to totally surrender your ego and ask for your HIGHER SOUL SELF to step in and then to invoke Archangels Raziel and Metatron to step in and assist the process of assimilating these crystalline forms and energies into your 12 bodies.

Your own extended blueprint and 12 bodies incorporate a massive space around you – in fact if you would step into all 12 bodies at once, you would take on a giant form and be immensely powerful – too powerful to sustain life on this planet because your body at this stage has not been able to incorporate all these bodies and is still in the birthing stage of remembering how to BE this.

In these next months and years those of us who are ready will find that we will have abilities, talents and know-how returned to us via these crystalline energy wheels being reactivated. I see this as staircases to heaven – literally, for like you go up in the musical scale to reach the higher notes, so your whole being is stepping up now in frequency bands and you will start remembering more and more the TRUTH of who and what you are – thus your expanded soul self.

I get feedback from all over the world from those I have done soul readings for. In the first instance when they are suddenly reminded of what their soul TRULY IS and what they are CAPABLE of being, they shrink ….. Or they say, yes, deep down I have always known this… They are stunned… Then after some months they come back and said to me: – now that I know this incredible things have started happening… I am so much clearer about my path and my memory bank is getting triggered….
We all have these amazing talents and abilities and we have forgotten how to use them. Now we are stepping into the time when mankind NEEDS this know-how again, and we ARE the ones who will have to go through this WHOLE PROCESS OF REACTIVATION OF OUR CRYSTALLINE PORTALS IN ORDER TO TRULY ANCHOR IN THE NEW GOLDEN AGE.

The more we open ourselves up consciously to receive the blessing of these higher crystalline patterns, forms and colour rays to work with us and through us, the more we will get activated and we are asked to truly open our hearts and souls, so that we can assimilate them unencumbered.

It is a process and whatever serves us no more – in other words, that which is blocking these energies in stuck emotions, or whatever else, will start disintegrating and changing form, until we have assumed a whole new bodily energy system which is totally in synch with the Higher Soul Self and its vibrational frequency.

This is truly a miraculous time we are living in and one which is truly changing us inside and out to very core!


The Immensity of Being

There comes an evolutionary phase in all of life, when whatever has served its purpose has to go and new forms of life and living has to grow out of the ashes of the old.  The endless cycles of life are in the cycles of stagnancy, dying and growth…. There is nothing random in the whole creation…

Life itself is immense and it is experienced in many ways.  In a higher sense, then all of life has phases of growth, phases of decay and phases where rebirth occurs and then life spurts forth in a blossoming profusion and therefore a renewed sense of joy, hope, love and abundance.

For the last 75 000 years the earth itself has been in a phase of decay.  It slipped through the portals from the 5th dimensional state of Atlantis and since then has rapidly gone into the very dark Ages of forgetting all the glory of what had once been and then sinking ever deeper and deeper in the sludge of forgetfulness and ever greater separation from the rest of the Cosmic Whole as the belief arises that Planet Earth was an  entity on her own.

I was sitting at a place the other day, where one can span dimensions and literally step up in octaves of Beingness.   Although I can do this very easily in waking life, this was an experience which I find very hard to explain – mainly because words are so limited and it cannot convey in language the FEELING and experiencing of what it is like to step into the Higher State of being and the immense love, peace, and immensity of Being, which transcends time and space.

In my travels over the last four years, I have come across a few places where this type of experience of life and the massive release of energies, is something for which I do not have adequate words to describe, for I believe that in those moments I tapped or was brought into an energy fields of existence, which WE HAD ON THIS PLANET, but which we have forgotten is there and forgotten how to tap into and UTILIZE in our own lives…. 

Deep down in our own sub-conscious mind we remember Utopia, we remember the Garden of Eden and we long for this.   A lot of us are VOLUNTEER SOULS and we come from other Galaxies and life streams who know how to use this energy and how to enhance life and life forms by USING this…. There is this inner yearning for this and sometimes we have a hard time trying to voice this longing…. When all of it is merely a way of using the very FORCEFIELD OF EXISTENCE OF ALL LIFE AND USING THIS TO ENHANCE ALL OF LIFE!

When I step into such energy fields, or places where this energy field is immense, I immediately feel a type of EXPANDED BEINGNESS, which goes beyond what is normally felt.  I then feel that I am stepping to the HIGHER SOUL SELF, and then into a type of MASTERY that I am at a very deep soul level.  It is almost like all the different pieces or aspects of my soul are reconnected and I am then allowed to step into the HIGHER STATE or VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY NOT ONLY OF MYSELF BUT OF LIFE IN EXPANDED BEINGNESS – THUS IN THE VIBRATIONAL STATE OF THE HIGHER OCTAVES OF BEING – THE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL STATES WHERE WE CAN STEP INTO WHEN WE START TUNING INTO THE COSMIC ENERGIES AND THE COSMIC WHOLE….

I like to see it as a type of FINETUNING, where all our energy centers within our own body, start matching those of the earth’s energy centers and then expanding to embrace that of our Universe and then even expanding upon that to embrace the collective frequency of our SOUL GROUP AND THEN OUR GALAXY AND THEN THE DIVINE.


Note here that FREQUENCIES, VIBRATION AND TONE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED.  Some of the frequencies emitted are of such high or low sounds that our ear cannot hear them – but other life forms tune into this and then can assimilate it into their BEING.

In the beginning of ALL life on Earth, such a vibrational, fine-tuning, energizing, and frequency generator was laid inside and outside the earth and this is what one would call a WEB OF LIGHT…. That “LIGHT” part is a simplistic way of trying to describe a massive ENERGY GENERATOR and thus a massive TUNING FORK…. Yes, it SINGS AT THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF THE MUSIC OF SPHERES!

The Earth has its own 72 chakra system and 33 SPINAL cords, and EACH ONE OF THESE EMITS NOT ONLY A VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY BUT ALSO SOUND!




When the human body, then is fine-tuned into such harmony where it lives within an environment which is in HARMONY with the rest of creation, IT ADOPTS A CRYSTALLINE FORM WHICH IS FINE-TUNED TO THE SAME FREQUENCIES – IT THUS BECOMES WHOLE AND DOES NOT EXPERIENCE DIS-EASE!  

We have forgotten so much about HARMONY, about using sacred sounds and the sacred geometry of form in ALL of creation which SINGS to the tune within geometrical patterns and the expands into the music of the spheres that we have lagged behind the rest of the whole cosmos …. All of this is about to change, as humanity now is moving out of the Age of Darkness and forgetfulness and into the Stage of REMEMBERING AND REACTIVATION!

This will bring about the realization of more and more of the IMMENSITY OF BEING and then the remembering of how to tap return to working WITH the cosmic energies and fine-tune into the vibrational frequencies of ALL of life.

The Wayshowers – the FIRST

The most profound truths have remained hidden to mankind for thousands of years, as the mainframe minds of men and women were hijacked by those who wished to control others because of their own agendas.  It has not been so much as serving the self, as in wanting to have some powers and then using these powers solely for self-service and then in order to, as said CONTROL.

Yet in a strange way this has served some souls…. For these are the souls who came in and truly shone their light, refused to adhere to the status quo and in such, gained immense insight into what the make-up is or was of those who imposed such restrictions and rules.

In a higher sense these were old patterns of behavior repeating itself.  It was that imbalance created when the one half or even a quarter of the population of this planet and other solar systems and galaxies got infected by a certain dark or mass consciousness, which tended to suck in and then destroy.   It was a consciousness which existed even when the Divine Source was birthed out of that darkness and it suddenly appeared, or rather made itself felt as a power.  It was then when the wars of heaven broke out for the first time and since then it has gained in some ways and lost itself in others.

There are always moments when enlightenment come and when those who seek the path of truth will find it reveals it hidden face to those who truly seek it.

In the very beginning of time, this planet has ONE landmass and then it was the time, when those who first decided to settle here, knew that they were partaking in an EXPERIMENT.  No-one knew how this would work out…. The plan was there, the guidelines set out, yet what would be created out of it all, this is the one factor that no-one quite knew.

This was a relatively new solar system, and the planets nearest to the Planet, the SUN, which suddenly out of nowhere, started to orbit this sun, was Mercury.  It was from here that the first life started in this solar system, and then Venus, with Jupiter following, then Saturn, and then the other planets.  Mars was a relative newcomer and therefore linked to Planet Earth, while the Planet which blew itself up between Mars and Jupiter, was the one, who had been the first of such experiments to be created, as a satellite space station, between Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn etc. towards the sun and then, also, at the same time, acting as a type of portal or wormhole from which the other galaxies could be reached.

This planet as such as then just a mass of gasses starting forming in shape and then the scientists aboard the great Mother ships and then from the Federation of the Brotherhood of Light, started to work with the settlement of this planet, thus forming its gasses into matter and then first her waters, then the landmass and then started introducing plant and animal life to the planet.

These Mother ships were proverbial ARKS, in that they had on board a vast collection of plant, and insect life, as well as animals.  Most of these animals, were volunteers from these species and then they agreed to participate in this experiment, as they too wanted to evolve in some extend and with it all wanted to see how life would or could develop on this new planet.  It was supposed to have been the Crown Jewel of Creation and everyone wanted to make her something very special, like a great act of higher service to the Divine.  When this is done, these scientist then do this, as CO-CREATORS and thus within the Divine and Cosmic Laws.

What essentially made this planet different was that the moon was first used as a satellite station and then the underground cities, the underground space stations on this planet were in place.  This was essential at that time, for already there were stirrings of the wars of heavens starting to overflow into this galaxy and then into these universes and solar systems.  Thus, by going underground, all who then sought shelter there could do so, from asteroids which were then very real, as the wars continued to create havoc.    It was also a way, then of having a resting place for the crews of such Mother ships, when they could not go home, because of these self-same wars.

As the landmasses settled then, the sea life was introduced and then plant life and then slowly but surely the animals.  The elemental Kingdom worked closely with this whole process as in the forming of landmass etc. crystals naturally formed between the layers and then also were USED to create – thus the scientists used crystals to create and stabilize and then the same elementals would assist with supplanting their own life forms onto the planet.  ALL WORKED AS ONE, for this was how it was in the beginning.

Animals have souls and are part of soul groups, just as we are.  Most volunteered as said, to partake in the experiment on planet earth to experience, learn and teach, just as we do.  Some are highly evolved and maintain a fifth-dimensional energy while on this planet.   Most take their experiences back to their home planets to enrich them.  Once on Earth they way we treat the animals affects their incarnations and their spiritual growth.

The following galaxies, stars and star systems, constellations were involved in this EXPERIMENT: 

ANDROMEDA:  They are a very tall race with mostly white to golden blond hair, as well as the red to auburn, and are WHITE skinned.  They have very large and beautiful eyes, are gracefully built and have mastered the art of peace and eternal life.  This however came at a great cost, for they at first, being one of the first 12 galaxies to be birthed by the Divine Source, the wars in heaven brought its toll, and a quarter of their own home galaxy got destroyed.  They thus saw that wars bring only destruction and then they pledged to bring peace to all the far outreaches of the cosmic heavens.  They are very highly evolved, and thus have such high-frequency physical bodies, that our eyes cannot see them, unless they beam their bodies in holographic form, so that we can see them.  (I come from Andromeda, and I remember my friend, who can see your true celestial body, saying to me that all she could see in the beginning was flashes for immensely high energy light.  It was only later that she could see my true form and then said it appeared to be see-through).  They are a very gentle, loving race and bring immense CREATIVE abilities with them, and hold the codes and keys of WISDOM, ILLUMINATION, HIGHER TEACHINGS, KNOWLEDGE AND HIGHER HEALING.  They act as the Keepers of the HIGHER SECRETS AND CODES, THE HIGHER ALCHEMICAL FORMULAS AND THEY CREATED THE WEB OF LIGHT, THE ENERGY CENTRES OF THE PLANET, THE PORTALS ETC.    They were involved with this planet at first via the ARCTURIANS and the PLEIADEANS.

THE PLEIADES:  The Pleiades star cluster is often know as the SEVEN SISTERS and it radiates feminine energy light and wonderful blue healing energy.  Their healing is based on wholeness and truth.  Beings from the Pleiades are bringing healing to people and places on this Planet.  A lot of the old races on this planet remember this in their myths and legends and thus acknowledge them as one of the creators of the planet.  One of these are the SAN or BUSHMEN people of South Africa who particularly point to the fact that they got their sacred animal, the ELAND from there and the Praying Mantis. 

ORION is known is the planet of enlightenment, where there are many established training schools for those souls who are ready to accept cosmic wisdom.  Beings from here have very fast-frequency energy in their auras and open others to their special light.  They got especially involved after the first major slip in consciousness arose and were most prominent in Atlantis and then later on Egypt etc.

SIRIUS and LAKUMA:  Sirius in the constellation of CANIS MAJOR, the Greater Dog, is the brightest star in the night sky.  It is known as the star of Isis.  The Dogons of Africa are from Lakuma.  They hold wisdom of Sirius and dance its movements.  Sirius holds spiritual technology and sacred geometry for this galaxy and downloads it to those who are ready to visit its training establishments in the inner planes.  The children being born who incarnate from or through Sirius are programmed with the new higher technology for use in the New Age.  Horses, Cows, Deer, Camels, Elephants and dogs come from Sirius.  All the birds come from here and had to step down their frequency considerably in order to be able to function here.

The LION people come from Sirius and Orion and they were one of the first volunteer races to settle here.  

ARCTURIUS brings in the higher states of awareness and consciousness.  It brings in the healing through sound and then the higher understanding of how sacred geometry and sound work together AS ONE.  It brings in the knowledge of how to use crystals in the working with the body, mind, spirit and soul and they are known as the Higher Healers of the Cosmos, as also the first true herbalist and those who use the geometrical structures of plants in higher healing.

PEGASUS has always worked with ANDROMEDA and from these combined galaxies, come the higher teachings, wisdom, healing and understanding.  They were the ones who laid down the WEB of LIGHT, the energy centers and then also the ones who built the first CRYSTAL PYRAMIDS on this planet.  They are also the ones who work with the energy of Earth, the Cosmic Energies, the balancing of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

These then were the MAJOR role players, in the FIRST SETTLEMENTS, although other galaxies and star systems were involved, via the Intergalactic Federation of the WHITE Brotherhood, which does not depict the colour of the root races involved, but who was behind it all! 

 For instance from PISCES:  the fish species and all related species stem from here.

The others who were involved in the first settlements, where those from the BEAR Constellation, from URSUS MAJOR and of course our own MILKY WAY GALAXY.   The ones, who came much later and influenced the shape of mankind, were the NABIRU, who came to the planet uninvited and caused much havoc.

Those planets involved here from our own solar system, were Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter with Saturn playing a lesser role.

The first colonies were set up on the SURFACE of the earth, thousands years after the first settlements INSIDE the earth, and mainly because those working on the surface loved this so much, that they asked permission to settle here.  Thus the first settlements on the surface arose and thus the EXPERIMENT OF PLANET EARTH BEGAN.

In the beginning all was beautiful, balanced and in harmony.  It seemed as if all life forms were adapting well to life here and indeed, would thrive….. That is until things started going dreadfully wrong in another part of this solar system and then spilt over to planet Earth.  Yet, this is a story for another time and space….

Hidden in there are the patterns created by the mass consciousness of the first volunteers at the time, and what went wrong there, has repeated itself over thousands of years.  We now have to BREAK those patterns, and CREATE new ones…..

Cosmic Frequencies, Ancient Sacred Sites, Changes within yourself….

In these next few months, we are entering a period, where, because of the massive and powerful cosmic rays, being beamed down upon this planet, all around us will start to disintegrate more and more….

When we start vibrating at higher frequencies, then all of that matter which vibrates at lower frequencies simply disintegrates.

I am giving an example here:  When we, in our dense physical form, try to enter, a place of very high frequency, we will simply pass out.  For our dense physical form, cannot stand that vibration.  We can only survive in such high frequency places, if those who live in those higher states of consciousness, assist us, to go there in our astral form, or our HIGHER Ethereal form….

A few years ago, I was marvelling at this same thing happening.  By that stage I had been pulled into action, and then knew where the underground space stations of the Intergalactic Fleet were…  On travelling back home, one late afternoon, I was simply prompted to stop my car (this being a rural area and off the beaten track).  What I witnessesed then, showed me what happens, if our dense physical concoctions, come into contact with something of a much higher frequency…

I saw one of the craft of the Galactic Fleet (that is what had alerted me in the first place, and I was speaking to the crew) hovering near their underground space stations… when an air force jet started chasing it…. The next minute the Intergalactic craft simply switched frequencies, and seemed to disappear… and the jet, chasing it, started disintegrating: – the pilot was having to evacuate…. The jet could not go into the higher frequency field of the much more advanced craft, and hold its physical form!

What I found so amusing about the whole thing is that I had been led to identify Ancient Sacred Sites in that area (and this happened near one of them)…. After talking to the local farmers, and then using my own inner guidance system, I had identified them…. and also knew that when the indigenous people, had sacred sites, they most often were places of immense ENERGY…. what is more: – they KNEW that, for it was reflected in their myths and legends.

What was even MORE interesting, is that my father had always told us, that certain sites, were strictly off-limits to most of the tribal people…. barring the head shaman, who was allowed onto these sacred sites, only once a year, and then had to make certain preparations, so that his own ASTRAL body, could go into these sites, and not his PHYSICAL form!

When you start reading up, what the first colonist reported (with their very biased and limited understanding of the tribal people), what the High Sanusi (shaman) of the Tribal People, Credo Mutwa,  says about their own beliefs… and when you start adding up the rest you will find that there is far more to the world, than the naked eye can see!

The High Energy Centres of this planet, have always been carefully guarded…. And the tribal people KNOW this…. They will never attempt to go near certain places on their own, because of the strange happenings there.

What most people do not understand, is that there are certain, very high frequency sites around the world (and I am not talking about the most well-known here – those who have been over-commercialized in the last few years), but places which have been carefully HIDDEN from mankind, until such a time, as we can sufficiently raise our own energies, to start tapping into them once more…

They are surrounded by such a high FREQUENCY band of protection, that you will be barred entry from going there.  Most people will find fear rising… or feel strange sensations in their bodies… or will feel they have hit an invisible wall… also; they might have strange lethargy or a feeling of their head buzzing… dizziness, etc.  All of this, will simply be, because your own frequency, cannot match that of the site you are on… and the Guardians of the places, will not let you in…

Why am I telling you all of this?  In the next few months, as you step up your frequencies, because you are WILLING and ABLE to open up to them, you will start VIBRATING at a much HIGHER FREQUENCY, than those around you.

So what happens?  You step up your frequency, and your husband/boyfriend/family etc. is still in firmly anchored in 3D, and happily so (mostly because of ignorance, indoctrination or plain apathy).  So you are up there, and going more up, and the person(s) have remained firmly stuck in the old form…  So, something is going to give way… 

The same applies, for old habits, old patterns, that no longer serve us… Over a lot of incarnations on this planet, you may have repeated the same old patterns with the same souls… family patterns…. social patterns…. that you seem to never be able to break… Well, all of this is now going to have to be confronted and dealt with…

So, expect a lot of challenges to come your way.  Instead of resisting this, ask yourself, how does this serve to wake me up?  How can I resolve this, once and for all?  What do I need to resolve?  Does this serve my Highest Good?  Do I want to carry this with me, for the rest of my life?

At the same time, ask yourself: “Is there anything else in my life that I need to act on now?”

Now, is not the time to fight against the River of Life: – trust, have faith, and go with the flow.  This strong current of cosmic forces is taking you to positive outcome and a far more balanced and prosperous future….

To come back to those sacred sites:  When I was first lead to identify these sites, and then subsequently learnt to open myself up to expanded Beingness, then I simply could not carry on with my old life.  I had to take a leap of faith, and  learn to step into a new way of life.  In the process I lost a lot of things… people… family… etc. because most simply could not understand what was happening, and condemned me for being irresponsible and going cookoo ( a fool)…

Yet, when I look back at the journey of initiation I have gone through, then I would not have missed all of that, for all the money in the world!  My whole vista, my whole understanding of life has taken a QUANTUM LEAP…. I am simply not the same person anymore – I have simply GROWN in ways I could never have envisioned before…

This is another reason, why, in the Ancient Rites of Passage, you had to go through some stringent initiations, before your were allowed in the Priesthood and even more stringent initiations to become a High Priest/ess.

Mostly because they knew, that only when the soul had gone through the proverbial fire, could it serve at its highest and purest intent and frequency…. Having gone through the fire yourself, and having been purified to the very core (fire purifies), then you are able to SERVE your HIGHER PURPOSE better and bring immensely beautiful and amazing abilities into this planet… as the ego starts falling away and the true beauty of your soul starts shining through!

Embrace whatever comes… and try not to cling to all and sundry… open your hands and let go….

The new cannot come in, or emerge, as long as you cling on for dear life to old patterns and forms, people and places, that no longer serve your highest good!

Remember, the higher your frequency goes up, the more you expand in Beingness, and thus do not fit into the old form of life anymore!

Embrace the sacred places WITHIN yourself, and the outer ones will reveal themselves to you, as you will be automatically be drawn to the right places, the right people and right circumstances as the shift occurs!

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The Out-flowing energies from the Heart Center

Within the very center of our bodies, the Divine Creator Source, but a beautiful instrument that vibrates at a very high frequency… This center is called the heart…  If ever there was a cosmic command center housed within our bodies, spirits, souls, it is the heart…. 

All that we ever experience in life, goes through this centre.  It is here that feel and we filter through our experiences… It is here that these feelings make us laugh or cry….  It is here that we live our lives, not as observer, but a great and active participant of life, in its myriad of forms….

It is within this very centre, that love for ourselves and others are formed and experienced.   We can try to let the mind rule the heart… yet,  most often we are very simply led back to the heart, when all else collapses around us…. When we simply love for the sake of loving… the very deep caring for someone – whether that we for another human being, or an animal or for the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth…

Maybe nowhere does the heart reflect more than in our relationships….  We cannot run away from love… Even though we have been hurt, battered or bruised many a time, we simply cannot close the door to Love and throw the keys away…. For Love will find us …. in one way or another…. 

Sometimes when we are very hurt, we tend to withdraw from life…. We build massive walls around us… the fear of being hurt again, perhaps the greatest of it all….

Strangely, enough, in those moments, someone will walk into our lives and start hammering at the fortress of our hearts, until the cracks start appearing, and we find ourselves love without even realizing that it is happening….

Love knows no boundaries… Love cares not about outer show… Love is always seeking the paths of the heart and soul….

Love is a vibrational frequency…. Love is a shining Light….. 

Once we truly connect with someone at a very deep heart and soul level, our vibrational frequency start attuning to each other…. We start to adjust our frequencies, so that we then mingle with that of the other….

In twin flame relationships, this is the merging of the two double helix strands of energies within two soul bodies…. the energies merge and simply start dancing…..  the dance of the two strands start forming a massive flame… this is the ultimate flame of LOVE … now merging as one…. yet with two distinctive strands in the very middle of it all…. 

All  relationships are but lessons in love… Sometimes we meet someone special, yet somehow the timing is not right… We are not quite ready to step into the intenseness, the mutual explorational dance of it all…

We have to first learn to dig very deeply within all the hidden corners, nookies and crannies of our very own heart and soul, in order to find ourselves.

It is in loving oneself, embracing all the nuances, the whispers of the heart and the soul, the nice and not-so-nice…. the myriad expressions of self, that one learns the true Path of Love…

It is in the facing of the fears and wounds, the shadows that haunts us in the night, that we learn to embrace the Lightness of Beingness and expand in our Knowing..

Then, we we meet up again, with that someone, we have been transformed… the cocoon into a beautiful and exquisite Butterfly… ready to fly and explore all that Love has to offer…. with an open and honest heart…

Loving sometimes means, loving because one DESIRES to LOVE… and not for being loved in return …

The more Love is free to roam and express as it wills, the more the heart opens and blossoms… a truly exquisite unfolding….

Embrace Love…. JUST LOVE!