The SOUL – as in pure cosmic energy.


The Soul itself is pure energy.

It consists of self-same energy which is the primordial energy of Creation, the Creative Forcefield, thus the Divine.

The soul itself then, consists of several energy particles, which I personally see as energy which appears flame-like, for it has within itself then the same God-force energy.

The soul then consists of 12 particles of energy, within one single entity of one single energy field, within the greater energy field of the SOUL GROUP, which consists of soul clusters of energy, and therefore in its turn then forms part of the greater Cosmic Energy Force which forms a nucleus around the Divine Creative forcefield.    In this it looks very much like a galaxy in its spiraling formation, and the nearest that I can get to an equation then, would be the Andromeda galaxy.

When we incarnate onto planet earth, and assume very dense and primitive physical forms, we forget all of this, and then suffer from intense amnesia.  Yet, our soul has assumed many physical forms in other dimensions, existences, and in galaxies, and star systems all over the cosmos.  It is not attached to the earthly sphere and neither does it need to incarnate here.  It is basically a soul’s free will and choice whether it wishes to assume a physical form on planet earth – or not.

When I first started becoming aware that I was starting to tap into the Central Super-consciousness energy field of the Divine, the first thing I was reconnected with was my own soul energy.  I remember distinctively the feeling of dis-solving, of becoming no-thing-ness: – there was no I or me anyone, I was Creation and Creation was me: – therefore essentially I AM THAT I AM – I am that which is the energy force field of creation and I AM essentially the thought behind creation, and creation itself.

 Where I begin and end is no-thing-ness, form-less, yet it is also pure energy in perpetual motion and expansion ever upon itself!

This experience made me realize for the first time that in Trust I AM not the persona I have assumed on planet earth – but rather like a dress that I put on for one moment within space-time, and which I will easily and effortlessly shed when I return to my true and infinite energy state, and reunite with my other soul energy flames.

I am going into some details here, for I am often asked these questions by the souls (people) I have done soul and Twin Flame Readings for.

Most people do not understand the concept of their souls being pure energy, and that all the records of the soul (and indeed all of life and life forms – the whole of Creation) is stored in one vast central ENERGY field, which is enormous, yet compact, and this is pure spiraling energy.  At its very core lies the Divine Core Creative Energy Force.  In essence then our soul can never be separate from the very same energy field in which is stored.

Most people think that one’s soul name is one single name, or one phrase – like my name Judith.  Some assume spiritual names on planet earth, given to them by others.  Yet these also fail in bringing the soul essence or expression into Being.

The SOUL NAME vibrates on the same FREQUENCY as the soul and therefore, as it forms part and particle of the Divine Energy, it was created to REFLECT an ESSENCE OR ATTRITUBE of the DIVINE BACK ONTO ITSELF by experiencing that essence or attribute throughout the cosmos in many lives and life forms and all life expression during the soul’s sojourn through infinite space.

As this is pure energy and of such a high frequency band, the human language cannot translate this energy into form – as yet.  This is mainly due to the fact that we lost our ability to communicate with this energy field TELEPATHICALLY.  Therefore when I TRANSMIT these records (and I transmit, and have no recall whatsoever of them afterwards) I have to transcribe energy into primitive sound-words, which most often are inadequate.  Therefore the soul name will be more a description of the attributes of the soul itself.

With my Twin Flame Soul Readings, where two souls have incarnated from ONE single soul entity or energy force field, the names will more or less enhance the energy of the other.  In other words, they will enhance the same type of attributes of the Divine but in different vibrational energy fields.

I personally see this like a double helix energy strand, where the two strands of energy are interwoven.  However, if the energy between the two are not equally balanced (as is most often the case during an incarnation on earth), the helix strands wobble if they are not equally balanced.  If this happens then the unequal energy will bring pain until both are back in balance, and therefore one is not more than the other, and one’s energy is not overpowering the other.   Equilibrium is the middle point between two energies, and nowhere is this more applicable than at soul level.

From the feedback that I have received from all over the world from those that I have done readings for often comment on the way something very deep INSIDE of themselves get triggered with these.  This is because of the soul name energies triggering the inherent soul memory banks deep within.  We all have the ability at some level to consciously tap into our own soul energy field by opening up our transmitting channels, but most people never aspire to relearn how to do this, for they do not trust their own inner voice and guidance, and more than this KNOWING.

I have often wondered about my own ability to do this work – which came only after I started to tap into the energy fields of the planet and cosmically when I started searching for answers and meaning as to why I was born Africa.  I never consciously searched for this – it kind of found me, and started triggering within me, what I have always done on soul level through many lifetimes and existences.  So, this was nothing new to my soul – but to the “me” incarnated at this time.

The more I delve into the realms and vastness of Being, the more humble I become before the immensity of the Being itself.  That a cosmic mind could create such amazing energy fields, and with such masterful precision leaves me often standing in total awe and wonder.  Nothing is ever out of place or missing.

It is our very limited human perception that perceives things as imperfect or missing.

Within the vastness of the Creative Energy Forcefield of Creation all is perfectly in place and all works as one single energy field.

When we start understanding this, we start to understand that our lives on this planet consist of a mere eyewink in eternity, and what our souls have come here to do, be and express is but one single fleeting moment in the infinite journeys of our souls.

It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

When we finally reconnect with our soul, we reconnect with our own Higher Soul Selves, and our true purpose and mission – and then we can do and live no other than what we have come here onto this planet for.


(Judith Kusel)

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Soul Special Assignment

3d-earth-1-16-s-307x512As we are now stepping into the greatest quantum leap in consciousness and evolution this planet has ever seen, it is good to remember the Ancient truth that what is INSIDE will manifest on the outside, and what is there is the macrocosm has to manifest in the microcosm.

The greatest shift then is not so much outside, as it is within: – yet, as the planet is shifting, the Universe is shifting, so are we.

A lot of people have always looked to the heavens for their ultimate change – that ascension that would happen when they who ascend to higher states but leave the planet in the meantime.

Not so, for we have to not leave the planet as such, but anchor in these changes by being transformed into a Christed Being ourselves.  Therefore we will all have to go through a type of dying in order arise into a new and higher state of consciousness and be able then to transform with the planet.

We are all here on SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT, and with specific tasks to fulfill.  When we slip into the sleep of forgetfulness we are disempowered and cannot live life to the optimum and congruent with our highest soul mission and purpose.

In the last few years of my life I have had to delve very deeply into the realms of soul and soul energies, the origin of souls, soul groups, the galaxies of origin, the true and untold history of the planet, and more than this – finding that not only do all souls have soul names, they also have a tonal chord unique to them, and soul colors.

Your soul therefore is made up of PURE energy.  It is made up of 12 flames or particles and one a fraction of your soul is incarnated on this planet at this moment.

My soul readings have truly assisted many people across the whole world to reconnect to their own souls and to remember who and what they are, and why they are here.

Here is what some of them wrote to me:

Words fail to express the ineffable gratitude I have for the Soul Reading you did for me some time ago. I have had so much to process since that entered my life and it has been completely exhilarating. It was an honor and a privilege to receive such sacred information. 

 I have found myself having to acclimatize to the new frequencies that I have received in my field. it took a few weeks to adjust. Thank you with all my heart for passing that energetic key to me and opening me up to this profound knowledge. You are offering love-light frequencies to the planet that are appreciated more than you can even imagine. Thank you for your light Judith , it is needed, It is felt, received, understood, and applied in the minds and hearts of those silently integrating your words.

Even if it is some time ago that I received my beautiful reading of you, I will not forget to say thank you to you. I was nearly in tears reading it, the Soul name “Illumined One” and all my soul records you revealed to me, just touched me on a very deep level and opened up some memories. It also opened up some deep seated grief about the loss of a beloved or the feeling that it’s not possible to live sacred union on this earth. I also delved into feelings of “it’s not safe to speak and live my truth”. But your work and your enlightening beautiful comments you post on face book help me work through this all.

I am now planning a trip to France next year to revisit the land in this lifetime and learn more about the Cathars and Mary Magdalene etc.

 Thanks so much for your empowering work Judith and your generosity to share so much publicly. It helps sooooo many people.

 I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all… For shining forth the radiant light of your heart/soul/consciousness! ❤ 😀 Your light shines brighter than a thousand suns and your beauty paints the picture of the world revealing its beauty!  Keep on being you, keep on shining, this dream of Love/Oneness is now a reality, and it’s you who makes all the difference in the world! ❤ 😀

Thank you so much for your soul reading. I am truly thankful that you made it happen very quickly. I feel a deeper connection with myself and why I feel the way I do. It is also good for my husband he too felt a connection when I read your reading to him. 

I am literally in awe of what you have told me. So many things you have said click, I know now why I have felt so at home in these places I have travelled to and lived in. I am so glad my husband is my twinflame and he is too! I think I knew it deep down, but it’s nice to be told too.

 Some things are totally new to my idea of thinking, especially my future, but as you say I will let everything sink in over time and my path will be enlightened.

I have received your reading. It all resonates to the core of my soul and it feels that blinders are coming off every time I read it. I am SO GRATEFUL I have been led to you! And I SO deeply APPRECIATE all the energy, Love and Truth you offered me in this reading.

In order for all this information to be in one single place and accessible to all human beings so that they can empower themselves at deep and profound soul level I have written a book:  SOUL EMPOWERMENT – Reconnecting you to your own soul with special reference to Twin-flames.

Within the pages of this book you will find the following:

  1. The Super-consciousness field and the Soul Records.
  2. Souls, Soul Groups, Galaxy of Origin, Tonal Chords and Soul Colours.
  3. Soul And Soul Groups from the 12 Master Galaxies involved with this planet from the very beginning.
  4. Twin Flame and Soul Mates – Relationships.
  5. Soul Activation:  Remembering the Truth of Who and what we are.
  6. Helpful Tools for Life, Loving and Living.
  7. Energies, Energy Fields and Chakra Energy Wheels.
  8. Limitless Soul.
  9. Conclusion

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The pulling together of core groups with certain soul groups for the next phase: 2014 -2024


As massive portals have now opened up there is a magnetic pull from soul to soul to unite for specific purposes.

There are core groups of souls from within certain soul groups, who have come in for specific tasks or missions to accomplish.  They were involved with the creation of the planet from the very beginning, and have returned to assist the planet through this phase of transformation.

Some have been working over lifetimes to bring back the ancient keys and codes to mankind and have held them in custody.  They at as the e-missionaries of Love, Wisdom and Power when the earth goes through intense and massive changes, and then lead the rest through such shifts.

It is no accident when such souls are being pulled together – it is by grand design.

There are souls on this planet who have been involved with the establishments of the first Mystery schools in ancient times.  They did this as a special assignment, when the gates of paradise first closed, so that pockets of these mystery schools would hold the ancient knowledge in custody for mankind.   Some of these like the Masters and Mistresses of Shamballah  exist in the higher dimensions, and therefore co-exist with mankind and teach mankind from there.

Others chose the physical realms to have concrete mystery schools, but always hidden.  One had to pass certain tests in order to be allowed to enter these schools as an acolyte, then go through more intense initiations to become a member and then through more intense initiations to reach the higher ranks.

However over time, some of these schools got corrupted too, and power plays started to happen, as one generation succeeded the next.

When Atlantis then fell, it was decided by the Cosmic Hierarchy to gather those core group souls, within certain soul groups together, for a briefing.  They were told that they had to incarnate in successive incarnations, to bring enlightenment to mankind.  All of this would culminate into the greatest mission, when mankind, after sinking truly into the abyss of darkness, would be ready to evolve into the higher states of consciousness once more as the planet wished to ascend.

In this process then, these souls were given certain signs in order to recognize each other when they met lifetime over lifetime.  As they signed soul contract before incarnating the specific time of the meeting had been set.   Each one had a certain sign imprinted on their etheric foreheads, so that only another of the core group would read this and recognize this.

During lifetimes together however it was found that karma did set in, as life on planet earth is the greatest school of life itself, and souls sometimes tended to fall asleep, only to be ignited later.  With it came love and intimate bonds, as with twin flames, and often soul mates, as the work had to be done, and it was for safeties’ sake that they married, but also because the intense love – and more importantly the higher service that they were rendering for mankind.

Since 1994 with the Great Harmonic Conversion, massive changes have happened on planet earth and the gateways to the rising of consciousness opened up.

A lot of these souls incarnated during the 1950’s  just after the last World War, in order to bring revolutionary changes in for mankind.  They were then volunteer souls, but some were also those within these core groups.

Within their soul contracts it was given that they would meet up again, and recognize each other – when the earth would go through its greatest shifts and they would then converge into one single unit, and bring those higher teachings, healing, hidden knowledge, wisdom and keys/codes etc. back to mankind.  In doing so, they would be fully activated, and would have to lead the rest of mankind and take on the mantle of responsibility for their own inner shifts and their own awakening, but then come together for the most important work to be done, once the first massive great cosmic gateway had opened up.

The first stirrings of the opening up of this gateway came about with the millennium change and moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.  Thus from 2006 mass activation  happened for those in core group souls, who had not yet stepped into the leadership roles, and were then pulled into immense initiations in the inner planes, in order to get fully activated.

The next activation came circa 2007 – 2012 with  more souls  from these soul core groups starting to meet recognizing each other, but not necessarily starting to work together as yet.    Some had to go through more activations and more initiations, so that they could join the core group.  Some had to do specific work before this could happen – each one’s specific task would in the end slot in with the core group as a whole.

In 2013 this massive cosmic gateway opened up, and so, those who were within these core groups started to be pulled together more and more.

In the last two days, the immense gateway or portal over the Southern Hemisphere has finally opened up.  It is here that the first mystery schools were brought into being, and it is from here that the massive way of activations for the next 10 years will come.  This force itself has lain dormant for billions of years, and last activated some 500 million years ago.

This will mean that those core groups who need to work together, will now be forged together.  The ancient true teachings now rise from the ashes, and this will lead mankind to the laying down of the true foundations – the core truths, knowledge, wisdom, to built solid foundations for the New Golden Age.

As this fusion happens, those twin flames who have managed to work through their karma will now step to the fore within these core groups, and activated the fire grids of the planet – as the sacred flame is returned to planet earth.  Yet this is on a level that the uninitiated do not understand, for the path of the sacred flame is a path of purity, integrity and truth.

Therefore Lord Maitreya himself is now over-lighting this whole process, as he has promised to work with the Divine Feminine and bring the balance back to the planet – the ultimate balance between the masculine and feminine, shadow and light.  He is also over-lighting those twin flames who have dedicated themselves to higher selfless service within the core groups.

(Judith Kusel)

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The New Cosmic Rays activated by the Solar Flares and Cosmic Storms

The New Light Frequency Rays activated by the solar storms:
There are immense changes coming to Planet Earth and her people within the next few weeks and months. Inherently this is because the Platinum, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Rays as well as the Crystal Clear ones, are now opening up the cell memory banks, as the new DNA strands are being activated – 12, 24 and 36. This means there is far more which is going on inside the human physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies than the naked eyes can sense of see.
It is therefore very important to keep the physical body free of all radicals; all alcohol and drugs or any artificial induced methods which make the soul wide open to negative entities and influences. Such-like then in any form which is of lower vibrational frequencies, and thus not of the purest Light and Love.
There are many octaves of being and thus one then has to understand that the physical body has to be prepared on multiple levels in order to truly be able to absorb these new energies. As much as one then is soul and spiritual, one is also the mental, emotional and the physical form and both of these are getting immensely affected at this time.
First of all – the diamond ray and the crystal clear rays are the rays of PURIFICATION – thus removing all impurities from the physical body, as well as all four other bodies.
A lot Light workers get stuck on the emotional and spiritual level of life, and forget that one is here to ANCHOR in these rays and then to make them visible and thus activated in all forms of life. It is no use if one is floating amongst the higher realms of Angels etc. and the Divine Mother for instance, and one does not anchor in this work on the earthly plane. Most of these souls forget that true mastery lies then in truly living life on this planet and then bringing in and anchoring in the New Golden Age on planet Earth. This is where the true work lies – and not being dis-grounded and floating around in the heavens.
There is thus great need to use TOOLS in order to truly being able to assimilate these immensely high frequency rays. It means that one has to consciously in meditation and in the working of and with these rays, anchor them in through the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies and then into the earth – once this is done, to expand this into ALL 12 bodies and then radiate this out to the world.
It lies with the full activation of the energy wheels inside the body, all systems, not just the chakras but then going further to activate the 33 other energy systems and then going further than that the 330 other energy systems which are now being opened up.
There is at this time, thus immense expansion of the ability of human form to absorb these massive inflow of PURIFICATION energies – It has to do with immense cleansing of the emotional body, where stuck particles which look like tar, and snake-like tentacles, and mud, sticky mud, is stuck to energy centers of the physical body, and then this includes ALL of them – even the ones human kind has forgotten about, to get them truly cleaned up.
There is much work to be done, and some are very reluctant to do this inner clearing and cleaning work. Some indeed, refuse to do this and believe that they can gain from staying in the present mode. This is not true.
Mastery means the ability to gain mastery over oneself – thus the negative ego, which does not like discipline and which does not like doing the inner work. There is not one single soul on this planet alive at this time – who does not need to work on him or herself constantly and thus keep at doing this inner clearing work and reconnecting on a daily basis with the Divine Source and asking for assistance in doing so.
Look around you – your body reflects that of Planet Earth and with every bit of clearing you do in your own body, you are assisting Planet Earth to clear as well, for your physical form in intimately linked and reflects that of Planet Earth. If you do not do inner clearing work – how can you then assist the clearing of Mother Earth? If you are not prepared to change from deep inside, how can you then expect others to change, the Earth and all its leaders included?
The purification goes to the core – it goes to the whole mental body and its thinking – it goes to the way that thinking thoughts affect your health and your own state of mind. What is it you are thinking? What is it that through your thinking you are bringing out into the world, through your words and deeds? For essentially what you think – you become and are! If your thinking is polluted, then your words become polluted and are a pollutant to all those around you – for your words which you write, and say are what essentially there in your mind.
When the mind acts on its own, then it can bring immense harm to others – just like it can uplift others – for it is the mind which creates war and mind which invents an atom bomb and the mind which triggers the same.
When the mind is not connected to the heart – and thus to the Divine then it can become a destructive tool. Just like when the mind, is so steeped in negative thinking and thought that it destroys one’s life – for what you think you attract. Such is the power one has to understand here. One has to harness one’s mind to the heart and then to POWER OF LOVE WILL AND PURPOSE, as one, single unit, for indeed it is one and same.
These rays of intense purification then go to the core and it will strip naked to the core and will open up immense collective memory banks of all those souls who have come here to clear this.
It means that groups of soul who were involved in great trauma at one stage or another, where the collective psyche was immensely traumatized will have to do mass clearing on their own and the collective to clear those memory banks. This goes with spiritual persecution or persecution by race or any persecution and then also war. Those who have been involved in wars will need to have clearing inside and out, for the scars of war and persecution often run over many lifetimes – and these souls have taken upon themselves to clear these memory banks once and for all.
These rays will activate the diamond heart rays of those souls who have come in for higher mission and thus some have come collectively, as some soul groups have volunteered to uplift mankind and hold the light steady collectively so that the rest can rise.
This is especially true of the soul group called the ILLUMINED ONES or the Ancient Ones of the Shining Ones, for they have been involved here from the beginning of time. They shall be the anchor and stay for humanity and bring about the changes from the core and depth of their heart and souls. They are highly evolved souls, who bring in the understanding of mankind of HIGHER HEALING, HIGHER WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND TEACHING.
The other soul group involved is THE GRACES, who bring the grace of forgiveness and the grace to forgive and all that grace brings from the depths of the Divine. They bring in the GRACE of the DIVINE, as they are the harbingers of Grace-in-action and thus bring the grace of God back to humankind.
They are supported by THE LOVING ONES, who are here in nearly their whole capacity, as they are indeed the ones leading humanity back to the art of loving from the depths of their being and then being anchored in love and radiating out love, and bringing in the whole immense radiation of Love and assisting the Divine Mother to bring this about.
In all there is much work to be done, and these souls need to now fully allow themselves to be activated and used in Higher Service to the Divine.
When a soul is ready to step into this higher service, then a soul will be put through initiations in the inner planes – indeed, they will be stripped naked to the very core for all which no longer serves their highest soul purpose will have to be purified and cleansed away, as then the soul start moving into its Higher Soul Self, and thus then the negative ego has to step out of the way.
Here then is the massive purification rays all being beamed to earth – it is indeed the time of harvesting, as has been prophesized and is happening now.
Judith Kusel

People who push your buttons and soul contracts….Karma…

I am often asked why certain people seem to give one such grief in life… and why some seem to really push your buttons….

This is indeed a very interesting question, mainly because two aspects come to the fore: – If a person is pushing your buttons, then they mirror back to you something you have not made peace with in your very own life and deep inner self. 

The second is that some people, sometimes groups of people or souls, have karmic links with us…. and we, as a collective are repeating some old karmic patterns, which are now going to come to the fore more and more…

Sometimes, however, the souls who LOVE us the most, agree, just before we incarnate, to take on the role of challenger, persecutor, or whatever, as we decided to master certain lessons  BEFORE we are born here…

Your soul, before it is allowed to incarnate onto this planet, is sent to a SOUL SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY, in the Pleiades, and also then on Uranus.  Here they are briefed about what an incarnation here on this planet entails.

You are then taken, with those souls who are contracted in to incarnate with you, or have already incarnated, and then your previous lifetimes on this planet, as well as elsewhere are taken in consideration.  The Lords of Karma look at your COLLECTIVE SOUL CHARTS from all incarnations (whether on this planet or not) and then advice you, as to what soul lessons you have not mastered or experienced before…

They then look at the souls in your soul group and other soul groups who would volunteer to assist you to master those lessons and hone your soul’s inner strength and abilities.  You chose your parents, brothers and sister, for this reason.  We also chose certain aspects, we cannot experience in any other form on any other star system or galaxies, and that is pain, feelings, emotions, to such a polarity of opposites, as is experienced here.

Sometimes a soul might decide to choose too many lessons to master, and then it will happen, that the Divine Director will simply advice the soul, to rather not attempt too many  lessons, as those souls, tend to forget how harsh and hostile life sometimes can be on this planet…. Or simply have never incarnated here before…

So, instead of condemning the people for what they do, have done, and will do to you… or how much pain, anger etc. they are causing you, why not sit down for one moment and think this through: –

What valuable lessons have you learnt because of their behaviour?  Has it made you more independent… more responsible…?  Has your pain, assisted others, as you have had more empathy and understanding, because of it?  Has it given you courage and strength,  that you never even knew you had?  Has this taught you persistence?

The deeper you dig, the more you will find that there is always something that you learnt from the experience…

For example:  You might have a pattern of having too little money, or losing money.  In fact, this seems to run in the family…. Well, then has it not taught you, that even if you had absolutely no money, you still somehow survived?  Did not people help you that you never expected to?  Who supported you, emotionally?  Who showed sympathy?  Who gave you money?  Windfalls, etc.?  Until you learn to love and appreciate the energy of money, and then decide to see it grow, instead of spending it all, the energy of money will always evaporate around you….

Or it could be, that you had already experience lifetimes, where you had wealth, good fortune, etc. and you CHOSE to have this experience, for soul growth…..

Ask yourself too, to what extent, does this person or persons, or circumstance,  reflect something WITHIN YOURSELF that you have not acknowledged or have avoided seeing about yourself?  There lie you shadow side, waiting for you to embrace…

For we all, while on this planet EMBRACE BOTH, THE LIGHT AND THE DARK.  We are here to FIND EQUILIBRIUM…. The BALANCE POINT!

When we reach this point, we become grateful for the lessons.  We start seeing how these souls have SERVED us… We start releasing the emotional charges associated with people and places, and we start LIVING AND LOVING with open hearts.


There is not one single soul on this planet that is so very lost, that they cannot be healed by a little love, nor in need of some… and there is not one of us, who does not understand the value of being loved and accepted for WHO AND WHAT WE ARE and not for what others want us to be….

This is why family, often are the ones who hone these lessons home: – have you ever seen how siblings can fight – and then a third party wants to make peace and two turn against that person, and then that person becomes the perpetrator?

This is because those two fighting, are actually teaching each other some soul lessons, and the third party is not supposed to interfere with that lesson!

So the next time, someone pushes your buttons, ask yourself what you have not mastered about yourself and what you are denying about life?

We are all souls on a journey called life… and we might as help each other understand and master the lessons, while we are here: – the LESSONS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF SELF FIRST AND FOREMOST AND THEN OF OTHERS!

As we master each soul lesson… learn to forgive those who have hurt and harmed, intentionally and unintentionally and forgive ourselves, then the lessons disappears and we can move onto the next…

The higher the cosmic frequencies, at this time, the more of all the unresolved stuff and patterns from this lifetime and other will come to the fore… as our souls wish to be freed from the karmic debt and move into higher and higher octaves of being and also the different dimensions of Being….

It is surely a time, to get rid of all the excess baggage, so that when your soul plane takes off, and into the new life, it won’t be weighed down by being over the weight limit

Soul Group Vibrational Frequencies… and how to recognize soul mates on this planet

Since I started my blog in early January, I have had a lot of feedback, from people all over the world, asking me about soul, soul groups, and also about the frequencies and vibrations of souls, and what is happening at this time.

I always find it very strange that people, when experiencing void, or trauma, or that sinking feeling in life, that they always look everywhere for solutions, except in their very own soul… They seek physical healing, and will spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, and accumulating more and more gadgets and things, yet, never seek A TO CURE THEIR SOUL… or look for the origin on that void, as stemming from something deep inside of themselves, that they never bothered to try and resolve or find counselling, or assistance for…

When you start understanding, that our SOULS VIBRATE AT CERTAIN FREQUENCIES, WHICH REFLECTS IN OUR DNA, OUR BODY’S MAKE-UP and our MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and all else, is connected to the very same: – then we start looking for SOUL HEALING FIRST OF ALL… and then the rest simply starts falling into place.


So before your soul could incarnate it had to find your parents, and then find the CORRECT DNA STRUCTURE and PHYSICAL MAKE UP SO THAT YOU COULD BE BORN ONTO THIS PLANET.

When I first asked why I had been born in Africa, coming from pedigree German Stock, with a pedigree as long as my arm, I had been told that MY SOUL CHOSE MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF THEIR DNA MAKE-UP MATCHED THAT OF MY SOUL… AND THE PLACE where I HAD BEEN BORN, MATCHED THE LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE LINES ON A CERTAIN PORTAL: – both contributing to my soul being able to incarnate at the perfect time, and then within a certain milieu!

I could not understand the latter, until about four years ago, we had our 150 year centenary celebrations in Natal, and I stood on the mountain top of the place I had been born into…. Amidst fields of wild gladioli, proteas and ericas… looking down at the valleys where my Ancestors started farming in the fertile valleys …. AND THEN I UNDERSTOOD: – for I then realised why this place was in fact a PORTAL, as I recognized the landmarks, strewn all over Africa:  SPHINX AND PYRAMIDS – only now eroded and almost hidden from sight!

During the past few years, I have had the privilege of going more and more into research about this fact, and I have found that your birthplace is no accident, and you were meant to be born on a certain CONTINENT.  Also that in all cases, your family’s DNA is a key factor…

Interestingly enough scientists are catching up to this, with other species and the human being too.  My brother, for instance, Dr. Udo Kusel, is an Ethnologist/Archaeologist, and is involved with a breeding program for the African Nguni Dog – and, as with the Nguni cattle, have traced their origin to the Pyramids in Egypt!  So the link between certain countries has been there for millennia….. the same applies to our own DNA!

I was fascinated by my brother referring me, when I had to do a public talk, on the San People, at the History-in-Action festival a few years ago, to a DNA study, regarding these people.  Their DNA point to 200 000 years on Southern African continent, and their DNA is so unique, that there is simply is no other tribe on the face of this planet, who SHARES THEIR DNA… When you start reading their mythology, they tell you that they come from the stars!

I am going into detail here, for in a way your own soul’s vibrational frequency is closely linked up with that of your SOUL GROUP, which is really an EXTENDED FAMILY OF SOULS!


So now, you have a vibration, a frequency and a ray, all combining to give a SOUL GROUP ITS UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC!

The Illumined Ones, emit a GOLDSILVERVIOLET FLAME which is such a blinding light, that it seems almost like blinding white light….  Mostly this will emit from people’s CROWN CHAKRA, when they are highly tuned into this frequency, and this was often painted as a halo around the head of Saints, during the Renaissance…

Now, EACH SOUL WITHIN THAT SOUL GROUP WILL THEN HAVE a unique frequency and vibration which is TUNED into that of the SOUL GROUP… This is why they then will bring those frequencies and vibrations into their incarnation and then will BRING THEIR OWN SOUL ONE’S TOO and anchor this in:  – so this then makes them emit a certain frequency RAY, which their SOUL MATES WILL TUNE INTO HERE ON THIS PLANET… So they will be drawn to each other and will READ THE SOUL FREQUENCY SUBCONSIOUSLY!


You might not do this consciously, but one thing will stand out: It will be to you, as if you have KNOWN this person forever – and you have!   Now, one SOUL GROUP CONSISTS of 144 000 of the SOUL FREQUENCY BAND and from your own soul group, only a certain number will be on this planet at this time….

I find that one does not even have to have met the person in the flesh, one will recognize them over the Internet, or even by just looking at a photograph (at least I do).

Mostly it will be, as if you can relate to them a DEEP level, like mind, body, spirit and soul… They might be in your own family, or not.  You might find that total strangers, are more like your family and seem to fit your soul better, than your REAL ones…this is one of the reasons why….

I find that EYES are the windows to the soul… I have found that mostly I will read a person, via their eyes and then read their souls at the same time….

This is one reason why some people will never resonate with you… and that is because they simply are from a different soul group and thus vibrate at a different frequency.  If you marry someone like that, you will find that at one stage or another you simply will not find a centre point – simply because you can’t – according your soul vibration!

This is why, when you truly seek healing, your SOUL vibration and frequency, most often needs fine-tuning, and to be brought into alignment with the SOUL GROUP vibration as well!

This is how far I will go today, in answering this question.  If you have more questions, then please ASK.