In the beginning of all time, when the first soul and soul groups were birthed, a lot of these new souls that were born decided to take on Androgynous form… thus the male and female in one body…..

As a soul consists of pure energy, and thus within one soul, there are a million shards or pieces of soul, in the form of particles of energy, the male and female, positively and negatively charged particles thus form, what one would see or visualize as a SPIRALLING FORM OF ENERGY, at its most stretched part, forming a concentric circle…. This, then when in Androgynous form…

At one stage in the evolution of intelligent life, and thus the evolution of what one can term a human-like form, a lot of souls, wanted to experience life, in the more male aspect of form and female aspects of form. Thus a certain number of souls, volunteered to take on a solely male form to experience the more masculine side of life and its other half the more female side of life…..

The Divine Source itself has got two definite sides: the Male aspect and the Female Aspect and both as DISTINCT FORMS of the same entity or life expression. Creation was birthed in the first act of the coming together of these two and from the seed planted within the womb of the Divine Mother, all other life forms were created…..

The Androgynous form was mainly taken on by those who SERVE the Divine Source in some way… the Archangels, Angels, Elohim, Cherubim etc. They have no other form, and in this Androgynous form they express BOTH, yet sometimes this then in a more masculine form, like Archangel Michael, or more feminine form, like Archangel Gabriel…

The other life-forms, and with it the human, and those of myriads of galaxies and star systems, decided to take on a distinct masculine form and distinct feminine form. All were created in the LIKENESS of the Divine Source, thus the Father God and Mother God. Yet, now, one is talking of extremely potent and high energies….. expressing themselves in a form that we would recognize as a male and female body type…


Most of these stemmed from the Angelic and Archangelic Realms and those who vibrate at that frequency. This is something that few people realize…. Within your soul group, you might not HAVE these souls, as they immediately took on the form of either masculine or feminine expressions of the Divine (the younger souls do qualify here.)

Those of the Archangelic and Angelic forms, who took on human-like form, were called the “SHINING or ILLUMINATED ONES”, and they formed a hierarchy quite on their own in the vaster cosmic scale. They are distinct in that these souls emit a very high frequency light and thus, when these two merge, in sexual union (and sacred sexual rites are performed); they then emit immensely powerful rays, which have tremendous power…

However, one has to understand that these souls form a CLUSTER within ONE DISTINCTIVE GROUP of SOULS and they consist of 144 000 souls only. Not more! This was the number that the Divine Source ALLOWED to take on human or human-like forms…..

The other soul groups, consists of SOUL MATES, and thus they are comparable to the TWIN FLAMES, but only at a certain level. Although very much alike and compatible, enhancing each other, they can never reach that potent energy in their union, simply because the vibrational frequency of their souls, is not of the same make-up as the soul group that the ILLUMINATED TWIN FLAMES belong to.

Now, I know that this is confusing…. It is not to say that SOUL MATE cannot be a twin flame and have a beautiful and high vibrational union… simply that it has not got that potency that the TWIN FLAMES from the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP HAVE, mainly because they first saw life in the Angelic Realms…

Today, I will be concentrating on the TWIN FLAMES of the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP, as they have been involved with this planet from the very beginning, and have returned now, to dance the dance of love and life here, reunite and assist this planet with their union……

The Illuminated Soul Group, mainly originate from Andromeda, Pegasus, Arcturius, and the Pleidas. This is where the first SOUL CLUSTER GROUP of the Illuminated Ones started to work….. When the Earth was first colonized, it was colonized from these Galaxies, and the first continent (remembering there was ONLY ONE CONTINENT at that time) it was the scientists from these galaxies that first colonized this planet…..

When this continent first had trouble with the Web of Light, (after a asteroid hit the planet and threw the whole grid out of balance), the Intergalactic Counsel asked for TWIN FLAMES from the ILLUMINATED SOUL GROUP to volunteer to assist the whole process of healing the Web. Thus the first TWIN FLAMES from Andromeda and Pegasus arrived, and in a specific ritual which was performed by the sexual union, the grid was repaired… (I will not touch on other aspects here… just this)

There are a lot of things involved here… not only the fact that the twins emit such vast frequency light, but it had to be done within a certain environment and with the aid of certain structures and tools…… (My books have more details)….

During the course of the history of this planet, more and more TWIN FLAMES incarnated onto this planet. However, during the great fall into oblivion that this planet has experienced on numerous occasions (Elysium, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.) twin flames somehow got separated and loaded a lot of karma onto themselves….

They now started to take on distinctive male and female forms in the incarnations, and seemed to repeat the same patterns time and again… In this process the twin became separated from his or her other half and thus has felt rather incomplete at some deep soul level….

At this moment in the history of time a few hundred of these Illuminated Twin Flames have incarnated, for them more than the other twins have loaded a lot of karma onto themselves. Their challenge in this life is to find each other again, and then to work towards balance and equilibrium so that their energies can be reunited again… and then to use these eventually in the way manner… so heal planet earth and the Web of Light…

However, and here is the big challenge… these two will literally push each other’sbuttons… as much as the sexual energies and the magnetism between them will pull them together, as much will they take sparks off each other…. in their search to find balance, between the male and female aspects or energies within themselves…

What normally strikes people about these two is how much ALIKE they are… they might look alike and act in ways that mirror each other…. their lives seem to be parallel at some level e.g. both teachers and writers etc. Yet, on the other side of coin, they are total opposites and it will show… One will love the limelight and the other shuns it… One will love money and the other not really be bothered… One with love travelling and one likes to have a nice home base….

When the opposites appear they seem almost as TOTAL opposites and it is here that these two are most challenged to find the ultimate union. The sexual energy between these two is so potent, that it seems like a vast flame of tremendous energy between them…. Yet, this energy has to be tempered by unconditional love and acceptance and giving each other the freedom to BE….


When one is more than the other, the scales tip too much to the one side and not the other… So they will have a tug-of-war until they reach balance point one more…. Once union has been reached and the flame becomes almost consuming… then they will move away from each other again, so they need to give each other space….

Then the magnetism will pull them back to centre point once more and with this then the same total and utter passionate flame…. These two can never be apart… even if one is on the other end of the world… their souls are so intertwined that they constantly aware of the other…. And their attraction is such that they will always come together, almost in spite of themselves…. So woe to anyone who tries to get between these two… for they will get burnt…. It is not that they consciously seek this…

Often they irritate each other so much that need space to cool down… or simply to find the space within themselves, where they realize their love for the other is such, that no matter how much the other pushes his or her buttons, love here is simply unconditional….

When both allow their hearts to simply open up to love, to feel the vulnerability (for somehow the twin KNOWS you better than you know yourself – after all they ARE your other half)… and to let love flow… then they will always find each other again and with it the Halls of Ecstasy, Bliss and Euphoria open up for them…. In the next few years, the twins will be called to come together – whether they wish it or not… as they have committed their souls reunion to assist the Web of Light of this planet to be healed with their union…..

They cannot run away from this commitment and in this they simply will find that all obstacles to their union are removed and that they will be reunited and work AS ONE..

. Those who have already found their Twin will find that the potency of their union is increasing and as this planet experiences the shift in consciousness the Twins will all be working together AS ONE, albeit unconsciously at times, to heal this planet through their union…. In my next post I will talk about the Twin Flame union of other soul groups….

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100 thoughts on “THE ILLUMINED TWIN FLAMES AND RE-UNION 2012-2024

  1. “These two can never be apart… even if one is on the other end of the world… their souls are so intertwined that they constantly aware of the other.”

    Even if one is on the other end of everything… (chuckles). Very well expressed. Thanks for sharing your insights, Judith. Well, the difference of the other helps me to come into myself. It’s a bit like in Sinatra’s Song “It Had To Be You”…

    “It had to be you, it had to be you
    I wandered around, and finally found
    The somebody who
    Could make me be true,
    And could make me be blue
    And even be glad, just to be sad
    Thinking of you

    Some others I’ve seen,
    Might never be mean
    Might never be cross,
    Or try to be boss
    But they wouldn’t do
    For nobody else, gave me a thrill
    With all your faults, I
    Love you still
    It had to be you, wonderful you
    It had to be you”

  2. Thank you …. Yes, Frank Sinatra has got it right…. Some other I’ve seen, might never be mean.. might never be cross… or try to be boss.. but they wouldn’t do… for nobody else, gave me a thrill.. with all your faults… Love you still… It HAD to BE YOU… Wonderful you!” I think that this fits this relationship to the Tee…. Much Love, Light and Appreciation!

    • Hi Judith, yes your information is so right, i met my twin 5 years ago and had full chakra activation.. when he is in my presence i become a power house of energy. I am very aware that i have a responsibility to earth and to its people. I know i am owned by God so i just comply with my mission. And yes i took on a lot of karmic issues this life and i have given up so much to heal.

      i know i can not do what i like, that’s the way it is. But also i have no regret about this either. I no longer worry about the use of free will because once illuminated your home.

      Thank you for this article because also lately i can feel lots of movement in my shoulder blades.. so yes… i get it all. This does not make me special because there has been lots of pain and growth to get here. It brings you to a total surrender and humbleness and need to do what i volunteered to do so no complaining…lol…

      there are times when i tell them ive had enough, the earth can be too chaotic but they tell me i have to stay and follow through with the mission.. i just get restless at times.

      But thank you so much for your article. Its a comfort.

      Love & Light ☺

    • I am still amazed! I have goosebumps! After reading your article on Twinflames. I totally went all shivery , and could not believe how accurate your words and knowledge on ” Twinsoul’ s ” is.
      I have just over 2 years ago met my ” Twin” we literally stumbled upon this. Phenomenon after we realised who, and what we are. We had every sign of twin’s, yet until a short while ago, we did not fully understand our mission we have even made pacts , before reading that Twinflames do this.
      I especially went all goosebumpy, where you mentioned Andromeda, only a little while ago was I posting on social media, about Andromeda ( I had no real concern ) before reuniting with my other half. Only the fact that I love stars , and constellations. My pet name is ” Twinkle” from childhood , and my sookybear ( that’s what I call my twin) calls me ” Twinklebear” !
      I just wanted to say thank you to you, for your time and insight , my sookybear and I, resonate, with all you state here. This afternoon having a conversation about all you mentioned in your article.
      Much joy to you . Twinklebear and sookybear.
      P.s. we also see 12.12 , or 11.12 11.11 all the time.

  3. My twin soul and I have just met a month ago on Facebook! There is no doubt. It is incredible how powerful and fast it flows and unfolds! We have both been “in love” before, but THIS is out of this world! We are both living in constant elation, even through what you call the “button pushing” circumstances, and we emanate and share this elation in so many ways and forms with everyone. Our love for others has become unconditional as well.

    We feel each other’s presence day and night, 24/7, each other’s heart beats, breathing patterns and our soul/heart love making, (wow, speaking of powerful, and we haven’t even met yet!) and so much more, even though we have been thousands of miles away from each other and have not met in person. We intend to meet next week as there is now such a more intense pull for us to be together. A friend of mine said to me, “the earth will shake when the both of you meet!” LOL We know that the time and distance apart was pure perfection and served us both, everyone else concerned and humanity as a whole in the greatest divine ways.

    From what I get, all pairs of twin souls are preciously and uniquely different and each pair meets while at different levels of consciousness, with more or less inner “work” accomplished throughout the previous and present lifestreams, nonetheless ready for their reunion.
    I have also noticed that whenever one is challenged, the other is always there to provide guidance. And WOW! Is it ever UNCONDITIONAL!!! lol
    Thank you for this article, Judith!
    Love, Eveline

      • Well Dorina,oh well it’s been quite a ride and for me the thoughts of throwing the towel have presented often but I didn’t!
        I see this kind of relationship as purifying everything, purifying Everything we think we know, getting the “ghosts out of the closet,” cleaning up, dissolving emotional and mental conflicts that arise, bringing us beyond understanding, needs, wants, taught concepts, passed on ideas of what love, relationship is, bringing us on to what’s Real.

        My beloved and I were physically together for nine months. Expectations, barriers, the infamous “guard up” to protect ourself from being hurt, the “my way,” the ancient societal, family and religious perceptions of what Love and of what loving and being loved should be came up big time! Trying to anchor to something familiar, needs and wants came storming in. It became very intense and doubts, confusion, resentment, anger, accusations, blames and all sort of colourful mind and behavioural egoic stuff came up as well as questions, great questions that get true answers!

        We have not been living together for three months now even though time measure is irrelevant, still feeling each other powerfully. I see it as rapid purification of all that has nothing to do with Love or Honouring each other. It’s “on” full blast. Love is there of course, has always been and will continue to be as it is the only True Power there is and It will “win” no matter what and how.

        The way I see it, there is no way we can put ‘it’ off and it’s time to go ALL THE WAY, to ‘go for the gold!’ There is no hiding, no waiting, no excuses, no procrastination possible anymore. It only hurts to hold back and even though pain is felt, suffering is not necessary anymore. What is necessary and unavoidable however is to be willing and open to be shown what is truly going on beyond words and behaviour and to be honest and clear with ourself and others, which was an issue for me before because I always “took it’ and laid low in relationships, helping, giving, over-giving, giving myself away to be loved. Anyway, there is no other option anymore but to move forward with a big complete YES, putting the white flag out for higher forces to take command of everything and show us what works. The whole universe “works” with us, for us and because of us as we honour this journey. There’s really no need for lengthy process of so-called healing because nothing needs healing. We are not broken or in need of fixing. It’s about an instant full YES willingness and commitment to fly, to be who we really are and not dominated by thoughts that have nothing to do with us. The minds are not in charge any longer and the sooner we notice how minds work as well as seeing how brilliantly we are taken care of with utmost Love, the clearer, the smoother and more fun our journey is.

        It is quite an exquisite, priceless journey! It is not perceived and does not feel like it when we let thoughts run us and we dwell in emotions, which are merely leaving our consciousness. Clearly, the mighty, now unstoppable, unexplainable, indescribable Force of Love cracks open the perception “safe” of smallness and survival, from and with Love and as a natural unfoldment, our pure awareness is there, has always been, will always be. There is nothing to search for or to become. We are already all that we have been looking for. It’s nice to be in touch Dorina, feel free to tell me about your magnificent journey Beautiful! Love, Eveline.

  4. I hope Eveline keeps us posted as their story unfolds, wow!
    thank you also for this amazing offering, so much to be with.
    greg shephard

    • I will surely keep you posted! 🙂 Fredrick and I are writing a book together about how we met and what unfolds. Certainly an amazing, “out of the box” story! It’s very exciting!
      Blissings to you Greg

  5. Thank you Eveline and Greg…
    Since meeting my twin about four years ago, my life has certainly never been the same… The soul group I am referring to in this article, is unique in that it also is known in the Celtic Mythology as “the SHINING ONES”…. So the Soul Group goes under the names: ILLUMINATED and SHINING ONES…. It refers to the fact that these are the true soul group who have their center of Being, at the vast 7th Crystal Pyramid Temple of the 7th Sun of the 7th Galaxy……..
    Jesus Christ is one of the souls in this group, as is LUGH, the Celtic God. They are truly aflame with Light from within and this is what makes their union so potent and different from the other twin flames, from the other soul groups.
    You will only really know whether you belong to this soul group, by having a SOUL READING, or by asking to be reconnected with your SOUL GROUP NAME in meditation.
    I have had a lot of feedback on Facebook regarding this article, and some of it has truly been amazing ….
    Yet, I wish to reinterate here: – this article was written FOR A SPECIFIC SOUL GROUP TWIN FLAMES… I will write another one, which touches on the other soul group’s twin flames…

    • Dear Judith, both my Beloved and I have a strong connection to Jeshua. I, myself felt his presence when I wrote my first book “Flying Solo” in 2006.

    • wow….this truly resonate to me Judith…I met my Twin early this year, whom I found with Divine Guidance, and we finally met on the physical on 1-9-12. I know in my heart that I AM meant to ‘re-unite’ with my TWIN, to also help Earth/Gaia for 2012 – for somehow December 12, 2012, truly speaks to my heart and soul – which is also concerning my Twin. Also, amazing blessings indeed, since my Twin’s birthday is July 7, 1969 = which is numerology for 7-7-7….and this has always been a favorite number to me – very close to me for so many years…

      I would definitely would like to have a Soul Reading …..which I in fact sent you an e-mail. Thank you again for sharing this Judith

    • Yes, you would definitely know if you were one of these souls. There is quite a bit more involved on the energetic scale. These people do not lead normal lives. They’ve spent a lifetime carrying amazing amounts of Karma and process it for the masses. The coming together is not romantic. It’s pure passion-which is not exactly easy for the human brain to comprehend. That’s the point. Shining the light one path to such extreme unction. Not only so they can experience it but so that it will be easier for all humankind to experience it. For it is the goal of the Angelics to return all souls to their Divine.

      • Oh no, not romantic at all yet opening and expanding one’s boundaries to move forward beyond teachings, beliefs and what we call “knowing.” Two different and unique journeys “dancing” together for the highest good of both individuals, the whole of humanity and beyond… Not more crying, no more drama, no more suffering, wishing and hoping, no more stalling or holding back, there is no other way than listening to oneself and taking action. There is no way a twin soul can stall or hold back! A willing twin soul will overcome anything and everything from fears, insecurities to judgement, righteousness, pride, etc… The first book I wrote in 2006 is titled “Flying Solo through the turbulences of awakening.” Hum, it surely was paving the path… Love, Eveline

    • hi judith,

      I just read your article. for the longest time, i have been feeling i am being prepared for my twin flame reunion. your article resonates with me at all levels. i do believe i am an angel incarnate.
      How do i get a soul reading? will it tell me who my twin is? i feel like i know him.

      when i took out todays oracle cards for myself, i got a helpful person s card. and then I stumbled upon you:)


    • Dear Judith, in your reading you stated I am from the Galaxy of the 7th Sun. Does this mean I am part of this True Soul Group you are referring to? Because in your reading you said my Soul Name is The Re-Birthing Ones. I have read your book and your blogs, but somehow I haven’t found an answer to this question. Is there a way you could shed some light on this? Or do I need to book another reading? 🙂

      • Your Soul Name will always reflect the Soul Group which I gave you, after your soul name. I TRANSMIT the ENERGY records from the Divine Source held in the Superconsciousness energy fields, and therefore I have to transcribe it into human language which is very primitive, as we were meant to communicate telepathically and not verbally. So your Soul Group name is there allright. I never can remember one single thing about these readings, for I am a mere instrument being used. So, I can’t answer you there. You can read my article about the 7th Galaxy of the 7th Sun, which you will find here on my blog, elsewhere. When I wrote my book I was barely starting with my soul readings and I have not listed the soul groups, nor the galaxies of origins, because that will take major work, for I have done more than a thousand readings since 2011, when I was given the gift to do this. I would suggest that you either book a SOUL READING CONSULTATION with me, or have a Follow Up reading.

  6. HI there Holly,
    I am experiencing the same with my twin flame… he is just too busy conquering the world and being a somebody…. so even his hectic schedule takes some doing… yet, we are never apart….
    In the sense of soul….
    Yes, the magnetism, the intricate connection: – its all there…
    I have received some answers on this…
    Yet, I can help you with counselling, and do a soul reading for you… mostly the soul reading will answer some questions for you….
    Please just send me an email at and I will send you my details….
    Much Love and Light!

    • Hello Judith,
      Lovely post.Thanks.
      I met my twinflame as a child of 9 and him being 11.
      A time when I rejected his proposal.
      It is just too heavy on me to describe the many events and incidents that followed.I have also told him a year a ago that he is supposedly whom I consider to be my twinflame.
      I have also checked for Linda Goodmans statement of having definite Twinsoul connection in synastry and to my astonishment we did have that special connection.
      In Relationship Signs, Linda says that if one person´s venus is conjunct with another´s pluto, that indicates Twin Souls or Soul Mates, people who were once the same individual, one half being the male half and the other the female. They have an innate longing for the other and, from lifetime to
      lifetime, the unite to feel the joy of completion…..
      The rest of the article is here….

      After so long a gap as children we spoke in 2009 and met just this december . And to my astonishment though I knew that we were complete opposites and he telling me that only opposite poles attract each other…!This time he rejected my proposal on the grounds that we were completely opposite
      He kept on insisting that that he never imagined that our likes & dislikes
      would be opposite to such an extreme degree!
      I realised that what ever qualities once felt repulsive to me as a person, I started to appreciate and love it in him!
      Now nothing feels bad or repulsive to me anymore. Though we are complete opposites….His rejection has made me wonder if opposite poles are really meant to come together through the power of Divine
      Attraction? or do like minds really think alike?!

      imagined he would say no to my proposal…
      Saturn Conjuct Venus aspect

      • THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I think the sense of adventure of all Twin Souls who are meeting now had been peaking for a while, and as a divine result, we all got the BIG ULTIMATE ADVENTURE! LOL
        My Beloved Twin and I have gone through such incredible and perceptionally “out of the box, crazy” circumstances for the last 8 weeks! No one in my environment would believe me if I told them “everything!” LOL This is why we are writing a book together.
        Namaste. Love to All,

    • I am so thankful to my angels for helping me find this site..I met my twin 5yrs ago. I read everything I could find on TF’s on the internet and knew I was missing a hudge peace of info. Especialy after I received a reading were she told me I was an angel! Things were so scattered n confusing as I search for the truth! I finally found it! Thank you for ur insightful knowledge! 🙂 I would also be interested in a soul reading! Please send me some info on that!

    • Hello Judith,

      I truly feel more now, since I last saw my Twin on 1-9-12…and though our separation in the physical is temporary, I know in my heart that we both are meant to achieve ‘balance and harmony’ within ourselves. After a few years now, (being single for more than 12 yrs), I knew in my heart, since I was Divinely Guided to know more about Twinsouls, that I am mean to be re-united with my ‘one true love – Twin’ in a ‘Sacred Union’….and when we intimately did connect on our first meeting (though there was no sex involve….since I had my menstruation), something magical happened when we kissed – and I did heard this ‘Sacred Harmonic Tone’ in my mind – which I’m pretty sure no – one will believe me. He and I were so magnetically attracted with each other, and the most amazing ‘sacred act’ that we both shared I truly felt was very special.. Both of us had a ‘near death experience’ and was brought back for a reason…..and I know in my heart my hearts true desire, is to achieve this ‘balance and equilibrium’ what ever I need so I can be re-united with my Twin again, then as our per Sacred contract, I know in my heart that me and my Twin are meant to help Gaia/Earth, for I do feel I was not meant to do this on my own…….to truly be the Shining Ones as Divine Plan….for this truly resonate to my ‘heart and soul’ more and more each day…and the 144000 you are implying truly resonates to me and my Twin…..very special indeed for me for the past few years now…….
      thank you for listening, and looking forward for your loving blessed guidance, whatever you feel that me and my Twin need to be aware of….
      Elaine Alcedo

  7. I am truly grateful that I happen to come across you again, your blog regarding Sacred Union with Twin Souls….this is what I was asking a few hours ago, a confirmation…something positive, and acknowledgement of what I know in my heart to be true….thank you again Judith…
    Elaine Alcedo

  8. Have just found mine, Judith – and from some commetns he has made he is feeling love deeply but is afraid so therefore has said doesnt want a committed relationship – but I have faith the we will and have – he is very loving towards me but it si as though he is afraid of it (well his ego is).


    An InspiringnUNIFYINGnHEALINGnEVOLVINGnGratefulnReverentnGracefulnRespectfulnIntegrousn TruthfulnJust

    ‘2012 RE – UNION’ of

    ‘Illumined Twin Flames’

    in REALITY and ‘In Person’ and in ‘Virtual Reality (broadcast on-line)

    during the week commencing Saturday 20th October 2012 at


    via Alice Springs, Northern Territory, central Australia

    much UNconditionalGratitudenAppreciationnLovenLightnBlessings to you,

    Co-Created and Generated by

    ‘Illumined Twin Flames’

    Judith Kusel, South Africa and PhillipTMorley (Ghostbusters Australia on Facebook)

  10. Hello Judith,

    I have met my Twin and we were involved romantically several times. We stay together about a month and then the ego takes over. I just thought I was in a crazy intense relationship but finally a light went off in my head and I realized what was going on. I had heard about Twin Flames a long time ago but had forgotten about it. The last separation I was in so much pain and so upset that I started to dissect things to see where we went wrong. He had said to me once that time almost stands still when we were together. That made me go back online and search Twins again. Now I get it and everything just seems like synchronicity. The parallels in our lives, the separations/healings, the intensity, the feeling of emptiness when we’re apart. I am glad that I figured out why I was feeling so much love for someone in such a short amount of time. But on the other side of the coin it is extremely painful. We have decided to be friends for now and he calls me daily but it hurts to not be with him. I wish I could cut all ties and move on but I can’t. I know it’s all about unconditional love and being there for each other as we both sort out our stuff. I continue to pray and have started to meditate hoping that it will help me to deal with this better.

    • Hi Michelle! Wow, I keep on being in awe at the twin re-unions that are taking place at this time with such individual “custom” circumstances! I know it can be painful. I keep on reminding myself that my twin and I meeting is really a great celebration as well as an adventure, and it will unfold according to what is divinely necessary for all concerned. Not always easy I know, but we can only be and do the best we can. I know it’s really about consciously moving beyond the concepts of lack and need… Twin love is quite a catalyst and “cleanser!” Anyway, I’m glad to receive updates from Judith. It’s nice to know we’re not alone and heck, the more we are re-uniting, the better for ourselves and humanity! Love to you Michelle and to all, Eveline. If you’d like to chat sometimes, you can find me on Facebook (Eveline Kopachkov)

  11. Dear Judith
    Thanks for your warm and amazing words😌.
    I know, that the Time of my twin soul and myself is near… and I know it’s a Lot of work to be done…anyway I’m looking forward to it, I’m always glad Reading about this in the Web, so I’m getting more and more confident of it😊…
    Sincerely yours

    • You’re welcome Daniela,
      Yes, it is an amazing journey… Love is eternal and none so much as those of
      twin flames who carry each other forever in their hearts.
      Much Love Light and manifold blessings!

  12. For soul reading information please contact me at: I simply love doing them and I have had feedback from all over the world as their amazing accuracy, their profound insights and the way they bring in Higher Healing, trigger soul memory banks, and simply are life empowering.

  13. I have been reading on and off since 2010 when I met my Twin Flame his name is Jason Dykas. When we meet I never felt so alive in my whole life and such a powerful love for him that words can’t even begin to tell what it feels like, its just something you have feel to yourself. We went apart in that year then came back together in 2011 in March for a little while and came back again in July for few months. When we came apart the last time it was so painful that I hardly get out of bed. It was because one day I was area were he works at this restaurant and just wanted to stop by and say hi and get a drink it was big mistake to that because when I got there I saw sitting at the bar next to a girl and when he saw he got up move down couple bar tools away from but that was not the bad it was when I went in walk right up to him he turn just look at me for one second and didn’t even say word to me and got up and went to the of restaurant. But as I was buying my soda he started to call my phone and keep calling until I pick by that time I was getting standing by car yelling and he was yelling at me for showing at his. I txt him when got off and basically said I know your hiding something and because that not way you treat someone you say you love and they love and I got in my car and started crying really hard like never cry in my whole life it. It feel like he rip out my still beating heart and put a knife right throw it and throw on the ground but I did see him again and said he was sorry and that was the last time I saw him . But the reason this is to share with you even know sometimes this happens that there still hope. Because just to let you know I’m psychic , angel in human form,healer, one of god prophet and new know that is soul and mine have come together before as souls and give birth other souls kind of like we have comsic childern together this was to tell you a little about my soul. But I had feel he was not being honest with me on and off at that time and I waiting to see if would just come clean but he never did and that really hurt. I do it was about this girl he meet at his work and that he was unsure about us and the powerful emotions he felt were to much for him to take. So when I came to see at his work and say hi the girl was and it was all act for her I know. But I say there still hope is because I have been getting that this girl he with right now is just to young and it just playing house for her and he taking as some to learn from but he doesn’t know to teach a lesson in heart she going to hurt him like hurt me and I got within a 2 to 3 years he realize that really to young for him and that she will hurt him and he should came and talk me about what he was feeling and also that he going to grow form and start feel very strong pull on his soul and heart for me and realize how much he hurt and feel the pain I felt then and he is going to contact me and tell really sorry and then want to come see me and I pick him up at the airport and when he spots me he is going to run up to me hug and than fall down knees and star crying the I did that been me to forgive him and I bend down lift him up wipe his tears yes I do forgive and never stop loving and from that point on will never be apart again and will bring this earth and people into next level of love and have be like heaven on earth just the way god wanted it.

  14. I am so glad I found this! I always felt my twin and I were different from other twins, much more intense!!! However, I have been told by many and feel we will not come back together romanticly in this life! 😦 This sadens me greatly as he tells me he doesn’t want to see ma and can’t see me! Moving on from this relationship is most difficult for I still feel magnitised to him almost like a craving at times! I can’t afford a soul reading, but would love a lil insight! I dream about him almost nightly most of which he doesn’t talk! Odd!! Only the last two dreams did he actualy talk to me! His best friend came to me in my last dream as well to tell me ” it doesn’t matter how excrusiatingly painful it is, he needs to stop his drinking”! He wasn’t a drinker at all 6 months ago while we were together! I do Reiki n tryed to send him healing which he denied n I feel his soul doesn’t want mine around! I have heard u can’t be seperated from ur twin at all in soul, but feel he is trying! Any help would be appreciated! Thank u,

    • Hello Beautiful… All “twins” are surely different and not much can be generalized about us, except that the twin journey is bringing up… oh yes… a lot of intense, accelerated self-growth (the heat is turned on high for the water to boil and the “steam” to evaporate!) in the way that is specifically unique for each of us. Truth is Sweetheart, ALL IS WELL even when it doesn’t feel like it. We all have different, individual scenarios serving the highest good for each of us so we free ourselves from the past, rise above collective belief, teachings, need, dependency… and experience pure love, true freedom, peace, thus enjoyment of Love without any boundaries and suffering. One thing I have realized since I’ve met my twin soul is that whatever happens for each of us is for our best and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NEITHER OF US, no matter what it may look like. We cannot run away from our twin journey. Because your twin is drinking doesn’t mean anything. Nothing means anything, there is so much more than our eyes can see and mind can understand.
      Drinking for him is only an attempt to avoid the intensity that’s coming up within him. For us twins, all that we may not have looked at about ourself throughout our life and have unconsciously denied or put aside in the past because it hurt, WILL be looked at. But courage is natural and eventually, self-honoring, self-realization, self-love are unavoidable. Accepting and being grateful for the TOTALLY AMAZING twin experience is key. It’s not something sad even though it includes sadness and other emotions. And it’s not about one or two lives only. The so many twin souls meeting now in this world and their unique journeys, is ultimately a celebration of souls contributing to humanity’s purification of consciousness. Another thing is that physical separation for twins is a divine, perfect period of time for “inner self-introspective.” I know that if I had been with my twin during our time of separation, we would have been at each other’s throats and killed each other! lol How would that have served either of us? We each needed time for ourself. The twin journey is about two people who will be together to honour each other fully when the time is right. Before that time comes, it’s best to be apart, trust me, I’m so grateful for it! I was with my twin 10 days out of 9 months, and it was perfect that way.
      This is my lil insight Darling… 🙂
      Love, Eveline

  15. Dear Brandy – I have seen this often – that the MALE part of the twin, will shrink away, because of the consuming flame between the twins – it is like it is too much for them to handle, for essentially it is a union of PURITY of INTENT – which come from the HEART-SOUL-MIND-BODY-SPIRIT union.
    Balance is truly found if BOTH are empowered and in balance. Where one is too little or too much – then there is IMBALANCE.
    Deep down he feels this – for he is not fully activated within his own soul. So he seeks this higher states in alcohol and not in seeking it in the correct way, which is reconnecting with his own soul.
    True love SETS FREE – it does not cling. Love itself is eternal – it can never be lost.
    The fact that he appears in your dreams, and not speak, is that he cannot voice what is haunting him deep within himself. It is what he has not acknowledged not make peace with, and he feel threatened by your power – like in the sexual union or in the immense magnetic pull – and then is confused by it all – for it feels to him like he is being consumed by this fire.
    All you can do is hold him in love and light and beam it to him in all forms you can. He will feel it and know where it comes from.
    When you set your heart and soul free to simply love him, for the sake of loving and then let him go to find his own path, his own empowerment and then leave this in Higher Hands – miracles do happen.
    I have found this true in my own life. For the more empowered I become, the more the empowered my twin becomes – the more the intense love and understanding – the beauty of union unfolds.
    We have had our share of being pulled outwards and away from each other – but we found that we are always pulled together once more – and then love is greater than ever before.
    Yet, when one of us is out of balance -then the he or she feels threatened and moves to the outer rim of the circle. Once the balance is restored the coming together is then more intense and beautiful – as TWO WHOLES now meet equally.
    He has his own dragon to conquer first – so let him do that – and simply hold him with immense love and empower yourself to live the best life you can and keep focussed on your mission.

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  17. Your experiences are very enlightening and I am glad you posted them, they help me unraveling… and I can report that I had to let go my twin soul again since fall equinox this year (striving for balance) to care about my own life again.
    I also had dreams afterwards showing me that in detail.
    I met my twin soul first 33 years ago and we could start an intimate relationship only 3 years ago.

    • I’m sorry I didn’t get on here sooner! I thank you so much for your responses..greatly appreciated! 🙂 You are right in me allowing him his space to grow and evolve on his own right now! I still think of him daily, but I am dealing with this much better! He did actualy voice some things to me in dreams since and we have even managed to spend some time together that didn’t involve any drama or issues! I woke up feeling as if we had actualy physicly spent time together! It was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and so many others!

    • No, they were made distintively male and female. You have many soul mates, but only one twin and in a twin flame relationship the male stays male and female over many incarnations.

  18. Hello Judith, thank you again …somehow it is a blessing to re-read this post again, for now I know – a sweet reminder of who I am. I do have a question though, as it seems that we are getting closer to the powerful Energy Vortext/Shift of December 21, 2012, during this time of November 2012, I have decided in my heart, to just let go of even this idea of ‘twinflame’. I guess, this realization and action took place sometime in July/August of this year – my way of just ‘releasing to God’s Divine Will’ as to what plans HE has for me. Though, my twin still does talk to me ‘telephathically’ (and even when it started in 2007 – not really knowing who he is), I just have decided to even not talk or respond to him ‘telephatically’ since I do feel his ‘vibrational energy – and not really attracted to what he is showing or reflecting to me – more ‘ego’ and I am not interested nor am I attracted to that. I have finally found peace and let go, and now have allowed God to INTERVENE in my LIFe, on who God wants me to be with – which I feel will be a ‘Soul Mate relationship. Is it true, though you posted this year of 2012-2025 – where the ‘twin flames will be re-united’ – then I feel that it is time for me to just focus on positive energies in my life that I want to create in my life now – for now it is really about me – finding the balance within myself and having a closer relationship with God’s – having FAITH and TRUST in HIS Divine WILL. I AM definitely allowing and embracing a new romantic love (which I feel is my Soul Mate – whom I have had a relationship in my past), and will leave it up to God. This strong feeling and strong desire of just ‘letting go’ and allowing myself to be in a Soul Mate relationship is what I feel is best for me. I don’t expect or will expect otherwise whether or not my the question – have I met my TWIN yet, or will I ever meet him. For me, that is okay for me, to not even worry or dwell on this idea if I did or did not or will I ever be re-united with my Twin again – for this does not matter really anymore for me. The concept of this ‘twin’ thing is not in my heart anymore – is that weird (for I really don’t even know if this will ever happen or if it did happen – it does not really matter to me at all). From here on this month of November 2012, I’d rather focus on positive energies believing in the powerful Law of Vibrational Energy/ Law of Attraction – for I feel and know in my heart that I AM also being ‘attuned to higher vibrational energies that are happening on Earth right now – as we are getting close to December 21, 2012.

    So, I guess, this is my way to just say, I am not really running away from him, or the idea of a Twin flame, but rather this is me finding ‘peace’ in my heart, that it is truly God’s DIVINE WILL, whatever happens in my life now – for NOW I do want the happiness that I am desiring more and more and I AM asking God and the Universe to ‘blessed me with this happiness NOW’. Thank you for listening.

  19. You are saying there are only 142,000 other souls on earth experiencing what we are experiencing?! Aigh what did I get myself into this time around. The truth is, if you are truly experiencing this, there is no need to explain or analyze. In fact no words can describe it because this is not the language of this union. The silence between you two says more than an infinite amount of words ever could. The feeling is kind of like, “oh… duh” instead of feeling surprised or in awe, because you almost remember planning it out. It isn’t even amazing, perhaps to searchers or onlookers, but for the two in the union it is really incredibly simple, just a knowing that you are home. I feel quite blessed yet, I know those who aren’t uniting with their partners at this time are just as blessed. Everything is perfect and happening at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way. You will find your partner when the time is right and, from my own experience, most likely when you LEAST expect it. The Universe has a way of reminding us of who we are, our own unique little bottle of Love, when we are meant to be reminded. After so much of my own ego battle I have surrendered to the truth of this union. For now I am completely committed to walking my path and uncovering my wholeness, bit by bit, on my own, and for MYSELF. I think life is about your journey, as an individual, not just as a soul but as a human being uncovering through challenges, suffering, and growth your wholeness on your own. And doing this so that you can be with YOURSELF, not your partner. Truly – within you is the home you are searching for. Once you accept this truth everything else will follow. Much love to you all!

    Just my thoughts and opinions. Remember, as much as we all often endlessly search the web for answers, we already have all our own answers within ourselves. Everything else is just guidance towards uncovering our answers. xoxo

  20. I met my Twin Flame on Dec 21 2012. He is EXACTLY what i asked the universe for when i was a kid. So much magic that words cannot describe! We both knew the second we met that we were each others equals. We remembered past lives together and have been able to connect on the astral world as well. I believe more than ever that magic is real and the reflection that you wish to be with and see yourself as will manifest if you just believe and live a life through source. The love you put out does come back. Im a true believer now.. Fairytale endings really do exist. This guy is me manifested as a boy, its crazy to say, but we have sooo much in common that its scary.. and on top of that.. Our first kiss we just knew he looked into my eyes and said “we are from the same constellation, you are my equal, but no fair.. next lifetime can i be the girl?” I replied “well if i get to be you and we get to reconnect then yes.” Then after diner we were sitting by the fireplace and he handed me his really old journal. It had no cover no back just a bunch of crinkled pages in a notebook. Looked like hes been working on it for years anyway, I open it up and i see nothing but sacred geometry and peoms, i began to read them and every single one of them described me perfectly! A rainbow girl with green brownish eyes who sparkles like the sun and has curves like a goddess, if you met me yes that PERFECTLY describes me. We realized then that Ive been the girl of his dreams for years and hes been the man of my dreams since i was a lil kid! Its crazy! but yeah I continued to read his journal as he laid there meditating his one hand on his heart and the other on my leg. Every question that arose in my head was answered with every sentence i read as if he was thinking the words on the page instantly. I just started balling my eyes out. Ive never felt a connection like this before! So much magic i witnessed that it blew my mind! I am soo grateful! 😀 I wish only that you ALL can feel this way! Another crazy tidbit is that he has a venus tattoo and venus is my spirit guide! The correlations and connections between us are so very mind blowing! Anyway we became “official” today Jan. 1 2013 Im starting a whole new life I got my own apartment today too.. New career is right around the corner as well.. So yeah just thought id share with you all my story of Dec 21 2012 the day i met my Twin Flame ❤ LOVE you ALL Love & Light! :dance:

  21. I think I am losing my mind. Let me say that through a set of circumstances, the person I believe to be my Twin Flame showed up at my home. He is a dedicated animal activist and dog whisper. I became a member of the group. From the moment I saw a photo of him, the sense that I had known him very well before was overwhelming. I have been a very Roman Catholic married woman to my childhood sweetheart for a long time. I feel my twin flame. I think things and he posts the same similar thoughts. I am ready to jump outta window. There are so many similarities between us, it is frightening. How can I know someone so well and hardly know them at all? This concept is totally throwing my apple cart into space. The pull of him overwhelms me. I think its time for a looney bin for me. When he did visit, every picture that was taken that day had triple auras around them. We haven’t talked about this. But HE initiated the visit. I am becoming more and more sensual and yearning at the same time. I can’t talk to anyone about this. Do not know what to do. Peace and LOve

    • I can always do a twinflame/soul reading for you and it will affirm whether he truly is your twin flame…. My email is I have done them for people from all over the world, and they are amazed at how accurate they are and how they throw light on many aspects of relationships and soul. Otherwise just go with the flow… what needs to be will be… Such is the law of Love…

  22. I,m diappointed you saw fit not to answer a question i posed to you.
    I had hoped we could exchange some info
    Everyone including yourself talk about working together but that just isn,t so is it ?

  23. This is soooo beautiful – Mucho Mahalo!

    I had an INCREDIBLE dream as I woke up on the morning of 12/12/12 while in Guatemala… just after I’d said to someone that I didn’t think the dates had any relevance… (even though I was in Mayan lands for these magical dates including 21/12/12).

    Anyway, I dreamt of my beautiful twin, it was ecstatic…. amazing and brought me into a space of almost enlightenment. The incredible feeling lasted until 12/24/12 when I realized my camera had been stolen (lol)… My main concern was ‘how would an enlightened being deal with this?’… And nooo I don’t feel like I’m enlightened, this is just a figure of speech 😉

    Anyway, we’ve been reunited, and parted again… more learning, growing and hey ce sera sera. I’m so grateful for all the learnings as I actually don’t feel like I’ve got any buttons left to press unless he pushes them…..

    Curious to see the magical outcome.

    Love to you Judith, this post is THE most accurate and beautiful one I’ve ever seen on Twin Souls.

    Aloha x

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  25. Hi Judith, I have read many articles, youtube videos, meditation audios about twin flames, but nothing has come close to resonate with me than what I have read about twin flames on your website.

    I am a starseed Indigo been told from the angelic relams, where…no idea! and not concerned with it as my only concern and identity is with God alone, everything is just categorization after that.

    I met my twin flame in highschool, I have known him since we were both thirteen, but we did not know eachother very well in school and spoke a few times. After I dated someone for4 years and hadn’t seen my twin for those four years until I had separated with who I’d like to call my karmic partner.

    From 2010 up till current 2013, I fell in love with my twin with no reason at all. Just did out of the blue.
    I used to question alot, is he my twin? how do i know? will he keep running? etc these questions lie in the many hearts of the chaser or the more ascended twin which can leave us as you know Judith, completely DEVASTATED!

    Although I am a clairvoyant, it’s sometimes harder to see ones own circumstance and future than it is to see someone elses. I used to feel obsessed with him and the sad part was, he was never interested in me, so what made me think he was my twin….? I will tell you.

    First of all, me and him are very telepathic, we can read eachothers thoughts, know how one feels, we know eachother to the core.
    Second, we have never dated but separated as friends within the three years of 2010-2013 up till 6 times. I used to hate fighting with him, because we both were strong headed and our egos would tear us apart.

    Whenever we did not speak to eachother, I would dream of him a couple of days before bumping in to him.
    The dreams were always in mist with soft pastel colours and he’s always very romantic with me in my dreams. Sometimes I feel like I”m living DOUBLE LIVES.

    I have always known deep within my soul he’s the one for me, and he has made drastic changes in his sprituality. For example usually one twin is attached to the material luxeries of life and one is more spiritual, in our case i’m the enlightened one and he is the one struggling to get there…at least now he is.

    Although he still feels no love for me in a romantic stand point, i do understand that a twin flame relationship is not all about romantic love, its about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE where there are no expectations just love flowing like a current between two hearts.

    I do believe one day i will be with him, and I have surrendered to the almighty where I just support him, guide him and let him live his own life, I do sometimes wonder why hasn’t he realized i’m his twin and whether maybe i’m assuming he is my twin etc, but then when I pause and think for a minute, I know that’s my mind and my ego talking not my soul , heart nor my higherself.

    My soul tells me not to give up, although my twin may not realize i’m the one for him 3-10 years from now.

    I have finally learned to be okay with that. It is what it is, I can see the truth. I love him endlessly and I”m okay with not being with anyone other than my twin flame or if not, then no one else.

    I believe this is my last incarnation on earth, and whatever god has planned for me in terms of my partnership and my blue print, i feel rest assured that all will happen the way God intended it to be, not the way “i” intended it to be. SO i’m happy regardless. If god is happy then I am happy, and after all we are here to serve him.

    Just wanted to share my story and hear back from you Judith.. I truly love you and I am wondering if me and my twin could also possibly be the illuminated twins. I would like a soul reading from you.

    I hope my article touched a lot of hearts because I have not opened up in writing about my twin ever, when had many chances. Judith you are a true teacher of twin flames leading them to God and the great work we have to do to bring Earth’s vibration back in to balance. I thank you repeatedly to be in my world of existence!

    God Bless & would love to hear from yoU!

    • Dear One,
      Thank you for sharing your story with us and I can relate to that because I have known the same with my own twinflame. In the meantime I have learnt to live my own soul purpose to the full and this means that I wish not to return to the planet, as this is my last incarnation too. I have learnt that I can never be separated from my twin and our love is eternal. Yet his own quest for power, fame and fortune, is different from my own and if that makes him happy then that is his soul choice and if he sees no place in his life for me, then that is his soul choice too.
      I have learnt that love is never lost, or can ever not be, and although I cannot be with him in flesh, I can be with him eternally. There are many paths to love and love is expressed in myriads of ways, we on earth cannot even think of. I have also found that love is energy, and one can be energetically with each other at soul level and experience profound union, without one needing to be physically there.
      Yes, there are many forms of love, and sometimes, the twin flames, are here for a much higher reason, and that is to anchor in certain aspects of planetary development which takes a higher rank in their collective soul contracts, than the union itself. This also serves a higher purpose, for first and foremost soul are here to SERVE. And even just being here collectively at this time, means that the souls are fulfilling that purpose, whether they are physically together or not.
      I have learnt not to judge. There are many paths and many ways.
      THe only things one can do is to be open to love – and to open the heart even more – and then to unconditionally love. First of all that love has to be for oneself – before one can truly love another totally. Such is love and the lessons of love.

  26. You are correct in somethings you have written so i desided to write the first book eve ever written by an actual twin can’t even come close to the pain and suffering this
    meeting has on the mind and body its really undiscribeable so i tried to explain it as best as i could and to put all the lovei have for my twin all in a book that consist of about 260 pages of the actual problems and changes that will take place once you have meet your twin
    The book is continued in part two and finally part three in 2018 TWIN FLAMES- THE LINK IS THE FIRST BOOK EVER TO DISCRIBE DAY TO DAY LIFE AS IT REALLY IS.

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  28. I met my twin in 9 years ago, we worked together for 1 years he was my boss didn’t know he was my twin. Now we started working together again in September of 2011 till today.. He was and is still married and has 2 kids.. we both have ran from each other he more we push away the more it hurt, i have finally accepted the love we share and i am open to it.. I asked for him and i am not willing to run any more. i have spoken to many psychics and they say we a meant to be but the ??? is when. He will not say how he feels.. We share sexual conversation.. The hugs, dreams, everything are so intense, i feel like he is inside….Thank You God for bringing him in my life…

  29. Hi I have met my Twin Flame a year ago on Twitter. He knew I was coming back into his life & knew me straight away.He has done regression & is going to tell me all about our ‘past lives’ together. He said we were last together 70 years ago & I just knew it & said ‘on a farm’ he said yes!!
    The first time I saw a photo of him I knew I ‘knew’ him but couldn’t understand how!! The attraction was so strong I tried to avoid him I couldn’t understand the intense feelings I had. He didn’t make himself ‘known’ to me till about 6 weeks ago. He said in our first ‘dm chat’ that we will be together for eternity!! The “jolt” I got when he said that was a like a huge electric current thru’ me!! I’d never felt anything like that before!! But I knew it was true my soul suddenly felt complete.
    The first time he visited me I could smell cigarette smoke (he smokes!) and had never experienced anything ‘psychic’ before but wasn’t afraid just felt this amazing love with heat radiating in my body. I telepathically went with him to work one day describing the station, where he was sat on the train, even the exact time he walked into his office!! Never ever tried anything like it before & it was so easy!!
    He says we’ve been together in past lives as far back as 2 thousand years……even longer as he has hinted a lot further. We only ever have a gap of about 50-70 years without each other. The telepathy is amazing I know exactly when he is thinking of me. The love is so amazing (as people say on here) totally unconditional for each other we had quite a few rows like an old married couple due to our own issues but the love is so over whelming.We have never even spoken on the phone yet, but we don’t need to such is our feelings for each other. We are both in relationships but we know they are ‘temporary’ as we know we will be together for eternity.
    What I’m feeling more & more is after reading about “Illuminated Twin Flames” that we actually are! He says he has so much to tell me I don’t know how special & powerful I am & that we are together. He says it’s always been like that all thru time & I can feel it deep in my soul he is right. He won’t tell me now because it will be too overpowering & he needs to know I am ready. That it will blow me away!!
    As you can imagine I’m in shock! 6 weeks ago I didn’t believe in past lives, there were such things as a telepathic relationships, astral flying & if you’d mentioned “Twin Flames” thought it was British Gas!! Now I want to tell the world all these amazing secrets & about us but I can’t!! I’m curious what you have to say about it all! When he tells me everything I’ll be able to tell you even more.

  30. May 9th – Sept 11th 2013 I had a strictly telepathic connection with a man who I met once 15 years ago (He was the hitch hiker I picked up on my way down town). We spoke telepathically all day (on and off) everyday for 4 months. I am the real deal but nobody believes me thanks to everyone and their cousin who also believes they have met their twin flame. The experience was out of this world. I don’t know why I was chosen for this I’m nothing special, just a crabby stay at home mom lol. My life is forever changed. I am seeking another authentic twin flame pair but they are impossible to find. For anyone who’s wondering, this stuff IS real. I didn’t even know what a twin flame was until I began to hear this mans voice and thoughts about me in my head. I googled “soulmate and telepathy” and that’s when the words twin soul popped up. Take care.

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  32. Lisa I’m a Twin Flame! I understand exactly what you’ve said. ‘I knew & loved him’ as soon as we first exchanged a message. I’m like you nothing special & can’t believe I’ve been given this wonderful experience. I know now we have been together in the past & are together for all eternity. We may never meet physically in this life but it doesn’t matter. Our connection doesn’t need us to meet now, we will be re-united when we die.
    The first time I said ‘I feel I’ve known you forever’ he replied ‘yes & we are going to be together for all eternity’ I got this electric jolt through me! The feeling of pure love & peace was out of this world & I knew I’d ‘found him’ again.
    I’ve also found out being a Twin Flame is not automatic ‘perfect love’ Far from it, it’s hard work! I’ve never known such hard work in a ‘normal’ relationship! We’ve never met, we email each other, but the rows we have are off the scale! The love is a million times stronger than ‘normal’ love though so that helps! Why do we argue if we love each other so much? I think we are helping heal each other of past experiences to go on to greater things & an even stronger bond! Being a Twin Flame is a definite telepathic connection something I knew nothing about before & strange how it becomes ‘normal’ after a short time! If you don’t communicate by telepathy then you aren’t Twin Flames.
    You will be re-united with your Twin Flame one day in this life or the next. You are so blessed to have met him. Have you tried to reach out to him lately? Try he may be waiting for you.

    • Clare, twin flame telepathy doesn’t last forever, we would go insane if someone had access to our minds 24/7 for the rest of our lives. The whole experience was controlled and moderated by higher intelligences. It stopped after I had enough of it, they respected my free will and it came to an end. I was told I was chosen for the journey because of my childlike faith. I was guided by a woman’s voice who I assumed was an angel. At first my twin thought I was a witch and I thought he was a Satanist. We both thought we were cursed. Here I am receiving this amazing blessing and I resisted it for the first bit because of my religious conditioning. Telepathy was supposed to be witch craft. Anyway, I had love at first sight but it took him a while to accept the connection and fall in love with me, but once he did it was the sweetest thing in the world, the telepathy became fun and we had fun with it like two kids at a theme park. Things started going a bit wrong near the end. I lost control of my thoughts and started saying things I didn’t mean. It was horrible, by the end I was begging God to end the telepathy. I think it was designed that way so I would have an easier time letting go. To just be ripped apart would have been emotionally excruciating, so they tapered us off of it. People need to realize that the telepathy is as clear as speaking over a phone, hour long conversations. It’s not just a feeling you get, or calling each other at the same time. Have you experienced this sort of telepathy?

      • Yes all the time with my Twin Flame…it is important on so many levels,and comes from the heart and processed through our minds…it is much clearer than the spoken word….My Twin and I would talk for hours using Telepathic Communication before and after we have spent time in the physical. He and I are fully aware of what Telepathic Communication is, and how it has helped us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, creatively. We also know that TC was the form of communication that was used in Atlantis because they had no language or spoken words. We feel that TC is the way of the future and both call it “Going Wireless”.

    • The electric jolt. Hmmm I was yelling at God “You handed me over to satan!” when the telepathy first started. I felt an electric jolt through out my entire body and heard a voice say “Don’t talk to God that way!”. I told my brother I was “bitched slapped” by an angle for yelling at God. I was later told “Lisa, the angle didn’t slap you, it kissed you.”

  33. hello, i have a long story I will call Confusion- I do’nt know between 2 women which is the right one for me. I always believed until about 2 years ago it was No1 that I met 8 years ago at a period when I say I was enlightened, I was on fire then, she complimented. We have very similar minds, thoughts, music, tastes, mysterious relationship, she thought I was so smart, she outgrew me, we split she went, my period of enlightenment ended to a very dark phase. Strangely enough over the years I seen her on and off, usually before I was about just on my way to start a relationship with another girl- going to thery’re houses- oftentimes she never recognised me though I saw her thinking she’d notice me.. But she would text me out of the blue years between years to my pleasant surprise. 2 years ago we got together after steadily writing letters over the prior 6 months, one night in the new year at mine, drinking, slow dancing, talking, drawing one anothers portrait, it led to the bedroom, and as always, her the dramatic instigator, tosses all from my bed and jumps on me, I go with my instinct to oblige and was returned with the cold shoulder rest of night, she doesnt like sex though has had it with many other but she jumped me in the very beginning too, we didnt sex, only embracing one another, thats all we needed, when we tried before, i do believe it was the reason we split. Didnt last long after that this time, though thats not why, she just gets something in her head and then she gone, and I knew soon after what that was but I was too proud, I left this time. Havent really talked since, twice on facebook- a hello and a like..
    Getting together and splitting up, gelling together and breaking apart. Seeing her after years and then not making the effort to say hello as she hasnt spied me though Im blatantly there and I walk on to see the other girl I am to meet.
    And on one of these occasions, it was just 8 months ago, I was on my way to meet a Brazilian girl met upon the internet, no strings. Cycling to her house, through a carpark there is Number1 walking in my direction with her sister and her boyfriend, I couldnt. This moment was a deciding factor of Fate, I swerved between the cars and on to meet the Brazilian girl Number2, not number 2 due to any inferiority, just as character reference.
    Maybe I’m a coward, my most recent advances toward Number1 not being too forward were returned coldly, flatly, thats 2 years ago.
    Anyway to Number2s house I go, flabbergasted and full of anxiety, after just seeing Number1.
    She let me in the door, closed it and stood there, I told her what just happened and she did not care. There was something about her, in her eyes she seemed to know me somehow. And AS i continued saying things, I thought she seemed to be glowing, even her hair which hung curly, had a glow like a Halo around her head, she was like a Queen. We had sex for the first time, whilst doing so after round 1 on round 2 she was asking me to be her boyfriend. This was all so out of the blue, with all that happened, it seemed like I was in a Dream.
    I was apprehensive with her prompt proposal but said Ok.
    It was 2 weeks,2 very very long weeks before I saw her again. This time was very special, we never were long before we ended up in bed. As we lay there embraced in love making, alltogether(all of a sudden I guess) Time stopped, stood still, eternity was right there, Our Souls created a whirlwind dynamo of energy and powerful positive feelings which lasted I dunno how long as time wasnt there anymore, everything material was not ther or regarded whatsoever, only us together as Higher beings as One I suppose I can say. In this eternal embrace, so so sweet, no hold backs, things very unusal or unexpected(though not at the time) were said , her to me, me to her, they just came out naturally. These words are just a mere tribute to what happened there and this very experience is the very Reason why I search for its meaning, what was that? How did she do that, what was it????????
    This planted a Seed in my opinion for our unexpected love, It hit me in the face and harder in the heart, many long months apart, split ups from me of course, getting back again, she never let it up, though she came back from Brazil again, for her own reasons. We’d often bring up the same important subjects that we were both thinking of but hadnt said with words.
    I searched finally for that experiences meaning and may have found it here. My hearts feels amiss when I think of her, and I still am not sure, just take it as it comes, though these recent Revelations about Souls, is overwhelming!!!

    • I am going to say yes to this. Lately I have been dreaming about my TF and in the dream he has a twin brother. Always in the dream I prefer the funny one, but there are most definitely two of them. My guides refer to us as a triangle all the time. I didn’t understand the reality of what that meant until recently when they showed me in a dream.

  34. Well…i don’t know if exist a twin flame..i never beleave in this before..but ..what i leaving now i have to share with some people maybe who need it…to know…
    sorry for my English…
    Here is my short story…

    I dream one man..many years..and the dreams was real..(i don t knew that until that i meet my tween flame..)
    He was the some man from my dreams…when we meet…the butterfly was around us..that i cannot beleave it is Truth!..we try to separate many times…but we cannot..and this energy really exist…is something that i cannot explain…when he come home..he don t call me ..but i was like a dog…i new that he is closed…in the beginning i feel him when he was closed from my home about few meters…i just feel him..then 1 km i…i feel him..that he can be miles away…

    then happent sacred union..
    is something…i don t know hot to like all my bloody go away from my body and feet with his…orr my soul…i don t know how to explain..

    then we begin to see what other person see…to hear what other person hear…clarvision…premonition…i thinking that i get mad…insigne orr something..then i begin to find out out is happening..and i find that is a twiin flame..
    really exist…but…is very big pain…very big pain if you are not together…u can feel the person fact millers away…but with very big pain …in your like somebody – one magnet stay away and trying to tear your soul outside the body…the brain are telling me something…the soul something amazing paintfoul…and about the buttons…wooww…we like to press the buttons of each other!!!we enjoy it! always with a big pain..i don t know if we will be together…i don t know …if is our time…the people who know something about what is happening with us..told me that is very rare..what we are leaving..that we had a sacred union .that our soul…know is ONE…and told me that we will be toghether at the final…but who knows…..only God now!

    God bless you people!and you have to know!That Twin Flames is really exist!
    hope that you will find you twin flame and you will be together soon!

  35. Evelyn:

    Since December 15th last year we have found each other, better: He found Me… lol…! Twins Flames we are.
    All that you, and also Judith have written, has helped me to innerstand this all emcompassing adventure.
    It surely drives me nuts at times, control issues and his verbal aggression whenever he feels invaded or controlled.
    “Invaded” as he’s studying and knowing about our reptile’s brain and origines… and as Nietzsche said about the abyss… he get’s some answer from that stare into their existance… I get my share of invasion as well…
    ha! Thank you both for having this post.

  36. Hi Judith,
    A friend just shared one of your blog posts in my group today and I have to say that I am completely blown away. The information I read from you coincided with what I had just read in a Dolores Cannon book. This friend had no way of knowing what I had read the night before. The whole group was buzzing about your article and another friend shared this one with me. Again my jaw dropped because you were saying some of the same things I believe….although I admit to HATING the Twin Flame phrase. I don’t believe any of us are incomplete on our own and that each of us still have both masculine and feminine aspects within us while choosing to wear a gender each life time. We each are a perfect facet and expression of Source.

    Some of the things you spoke of in this article have shown up as messages in dreams like sacred sex. I know the identity of my alpha companion (a phrase I heard in a dream) but have yet to meet him. My situation is a little different than most though but I won’t go into it as I think I might try to talk my family into buying me a reading with you for my birthday.
    Many years ago I wrote a poem titled Twin Souls back before it the phrase twin flames or twin souls became popular. Back then it was all about soul mates. Here is that poem:
    When we were light
    We were as one
    It was before our time
    Memory? There is none
    Purple was separated
    To make red and blue
    Blue was sent forth
    To give life to you
    Sent to another place
    Red gave life to me
    Twin souls separated
    What will be, will be
    Surrounded by many
    Yet still all alone
    Lost in this vast world
    Each path all our own
    Twin souls searching
    For what, they don’t know
    The sun sets and rises
    The wind continues to blow
    The obstacle of distance
    Won’t keep us apart
    A feeling we’ve followed
    A feeling in the heart
    With the gods as my guide
    I found you, my twin
    Our colors given the chance
    To once again blend
    Let’s join as one color
    Let a united light shine
    Together we can conquer
    Every mountain we climb
    Written November 12, 1989
    This poem is published on my blog which is linked when you click on my name.

    I can’t wait to delve in and read more of what you have shared. Thank you.

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  39. I and a friend of mine are having certain coincidences from quite some time.We text each other the same thing at the same time.most of the time we know what the other one is about to text or what they are doing. We also share the same birth time I.e. 5:15pm . We read some articles on synchronicity and twin flames on the internet and concluded that many of the characteristics are same as ours. We tried to forget about the matter but today when I told him that I wished to consult an experienced person on this Matter he agreed that he wanted the same.I even dream of him sometimes.can we be twin flames? We have noticed that we come across the numbers 3,7&11 quite often.can this be mean something?

  40. I believe I met my flame twin last year and we separated over ego issues. does that sound right? We wanted each other sexually all the time. She believes I was the best and no other men will feel any better and I feel the same. We liked it the same way. Towards the end she became too selfish and I did not give her the space she needed (she was more about the alcohol cigarette and coffee person while I was more on the sporty and the healthier side. She asked me in the beginning of the relationship to motivate her into living good and diet, exercise etc. When I started pushing her (to quit smoking.. etc) tho, she started feeling under pressure and towards the end of the r.ship I ended up being charged for not giving her space and trying to change her.. So it slowly finished over fighting almost every day at a distance (Germany – Poland) We loved and hated each other. We both couldnt believe to do it with anyone else or to be single.. But after deteriorating the relationship so much for about 3-4 weeks, (cussing at each other and cheap actions that we both wouldnt do at all until then.. it was like we were trying to dominate each other and when we fought it was like dragons fighting.. so eventually, one day I said its over, she couldnt believe, she cried. then I said no it cant be over the next day, but this time she was sure its over until next day, then at some point she kept saying she loves me so much, but she couldn’t forget the bad memories, so it needs to stop. and asked me to cut contact with her because having the thought of me hurt her since she believed she couldnt have it with me the same way anymore.. I stop contacting her and a few days later shes back with her ex fiancee. I know she doesn’t love him at a spiritual level, I believe she just wants to be with someone and feels sorry for leaving him for me for great sex and a dream r.ship hopes.. We both still find each other the best ever, but its been about 3 months now we havent talked and it seems like she chose the safe way over adventure.. do you guys believe if this sounds like a flame twin r.ship and if so how would we ever heal and get back together? 🙂

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  42. Twin Flames have spiritual abilities.
    I have the clair abilities, I am telepathic.
    I was told by spirit we had been brought together at the moment I saw her eyes and my chakras activated.

    If you’re not like me, then you’re not a flame 🔥
    There is so much garbage about this subject it annoys me.

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