The Way of the Mystic – Sacred Union

There are always those who seek the higher pathways in life, rather than the lesser.  They seek the ultimate state of Being, which then becomes the quest to experience the Divine essence, the infinite state of bliss, or existence itself, through the medium of going ever deeper within.

It is that reconnection with the soul, the soul group, but more than this, the reconnection with that energy which is the pro-creative energy, the alchemical fusion which transform the mundane into the extraordinary, the sacred, the magical, and therefore the sublime.  Once one experiences the supreme state, one cannot walk the lesser pathways for one has spanned the higher octaves of Being, and therefore has glimpsed the ultimate bliss – that state, or consciousness of the Divine.

The Ancient Mystery schools knew this, and therefore the High Priestess at the birth of a child, would not only read the soul records, but would confer with the Astrologer Priests and birth crystals were programmed to accompany the child for the rest of its life.  With this reading it was already defined if the child had incarnated to be trained and to contribute to humanity by serving in the temples themselves.

There were certain pathways within Mysticism which followed the higher pathways of sacred sexual union in what we would today understand as sacred marriage, and they were trained from an early age, in the various branches of the mystic paths. They would however only fully merge in sacred union when the call for higher service was there.   It was understood that the sexual energy itself, could be channeled in a supreme way, which not only ignited the fires of illumination, but ignited the higher pathways of service.  It was considered the ultimate union of male and female, as their two flames merged, into the ultimate third, and it was then that they certain portals opened up, which ignited the service work being done.  One then became an expanded being – thus one’s soul purpose and mission became ignited, and expanded beyond the norm.

In these schools from an early age then one would be already identified as being called on this pathway in order to serve, and one’s soul partner would be identified as well, and thus trained, would then merge in alchemical union, which was a deep honoring of each other, and very deep and profound union of body, mind, spirit and soul.  These two would share thus the greater calling, vision, and most of all, the higher service to the Divine.  Here two souls were on the same frequency band, and anyone of lesser would distort the energy, and most of the energy would disperse and not ignite the fires of Illumination, but quench it.

The Mystery Schools had their own distinct branches and each one had a symbol worn in the form of adornment or bracelet, and in the case of those who were trained in this mystic art would wear an arm bracelet in the form of a serpent – depicting the spiralling energies ignited, as in the kundalini energy but in a different form in the course of orgasms the female would erupt in a writhing movements which was serpent like – the result of alchemical fusion as she transmitted the higher powers into him, for she was what ignited the fire of illumination and higher service in him.  In this way both of them literally fused into one and entered that state of Divine bliss – the marriage between the masculine and feminine – the God and Goddess as in the Divine, the supreme state of Being and consciousness.

The female was considered to become the Goddess – thus merging with the Divine Feminine and in these transmitting immensely powerful energies through her, and into the partner.  In this way, he, if he was a Master Alchemist or Teacher, would be ignited and his mission illuminated – through her.  The one ignited the other and thus their calling to higher service became AS ONE.

This higher pathway is not for everyone, mainly because it strips open the soul to the very core.  There are not hiding places anymore.  As much as one is naked in body, one is naked in mind, in spirit and in soul.  All that is not loved within one will come to the fore, until it is loved and only in that it is loved, one can open to the other totally.

It was known that there were 7 gateways to sexual alchemical union, and each gateway represented both the shadow and light within oneself.

Very few people can reach these higher states of alchemical union, and it is a path of dedication – not only to each other, but more than this to the highest service, for here one ignites the fires of Illumination, and if not in highest integrity these fires burn – literally singe what is not of the purest intent.

The greatest gift of union, is that experiencing of Divine joy, the delighting, and the supreme bliss, euphoria, and that utter At oneness with the cosmic energy field itself, that Divine state of Being, consciousness – thus that Christed consciousness, the ultimate state of Being.  When this is used in higher service, something profound happens and more than this it was known to be an elixir for rejuvenation and life expansion.

(For reference read “The Magdalene Manuscript”, The Gnostic Hieros Gamus, Isis Initiations, Kabbalistic Higher Sexual Practices etc.)

In Eastern tradition, more or less the same practices were used but differentiate from those used in Atlantis, Egypt, etc.  It is the path of Tantra that originated in India and dates back thousands of years, and incorporates practices such as yoga, meditation, visualization, ritual, transformative touch, and spiritual sex.  Tantra as Sanskrit word, has been interpreted to mean “a loom” or “to weave.”  Such definitions speak to the fundamental Tantric concept of continuity between an individual’s energy and the Universal energy.

It is a spiritual system that sees sex as sacred.  In fact, the act of sex is worshipped as a path to the Divine.  During Tantric sex, lovers harness sexual energy to merge not only with each other’s bodies and beings, but also with the Divine Cosmic Consciousness.  They reach a state of ecstasy that is a sacred experience.  Sex therefore has a spiritual dimension, leading Tantric lovers to the ultimate experience of the Divine.

In Tantra, sexual union merges the masculine and feminine forces in the Universe by bringing together Shiva, the Hindu god, and Shakti, the Hindu goddess.  When the separate energies of these entities unite, they assume wholeness and commune with the cosmic consciousness.  In the way when a mortal man and woman come together sexually, they become one with each other and the cosmos feminine as much as the masculine, it has helped many women achieve harmonious sex lives.  The unique and egalitarian sexual union leaves lovers with profound respect, deep trust, understanding and enjoyment of each other, thereby strengthening the integrity of their intimate relationship.

When one seeks the ultimate union, one seeks a partner who is on the same frequency band and therefore the same octave of Being, and more than this the sacred path which leads to the highest states of conscious awareness, as one becomes the God and Goddess.


For Twin Flame Soul Readings which focus on relationships, and Soul Readings which focus on your own soul, its gifts talents, abilties and higher soul purpose and calling, please visit

(Judith Kusel)

25 thoughts on “The Way of the Mystic – Sacred Union

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  2. Namaste Judith! I was wondering if you have actually met, taught or read any ACTUAL, TRUE TWIN FLAMES as the ones you describe in your writings? You are one of my most trusted teachers and I truly look to you for answers and information. True twins or Twin Rays from the first ray of St. Michael that were born in the angelic realms. While one is incarnated on earth and awakened by twin in heaven so that they may unite in divine timing. The twin in the higher realms incarnates or soul braids on earth to prepare for union when the time is right. I have a few friends who claim to be twin flames but do not experience all that you describe. I feel that they are truly only twin souls or soulmates. None claim of being divinely guided nor having to do all the inner work before uniting. I find it truly interesting and would really appreciate your input. I was curious as to how and where you receive this information on twin flames and if it comes from Channelling God or the Angels, etc. Thank you Judith! I really appreciate your comments! Blessings of Love and Light! XXOO

    • I have met my Twin Flame and am in Divine Union with him and I do Twin Flame Soul Readings which have proven to be very accurate and I have had feedback from all over the world confirming this. I suggest that you read my book “SOUL EMPOWERMENT” where I go into details about souls and soul groups, and where they originate from and what soul is. It will give you all the information. I share from my heart and soul, and most of what I write about is what I experienced myself as soul and within the Illumined Ones soul group.
      Every soul group is different for each group reflects a different aspect of the Divine.
      There is so much hype around Twin Flames and a lot of writing which is all romantic and makes out that it is all bliss. That is very far from the truth, for no one will challenge you more than the Twin Flame.
      I personally have found with my Twin Flame Soul Readings that a lot of people think they are with the twin, when they are not. However all relationships, whether they are Twin Flame or not, teach us about love and loving more deeply profoundly and unconditionally.
      All relationships are about support and challenge – pain and pleasure and one lives in an illusion if one expects anything else.
      Most people think that physical sex is the only way to have or experience sexual union. It is not true. The sexual energy is ENERGY and one does not even need to have a physical body in order to unite and sacred union pinpoints that. Very few ever get to that understanding, for it is that higher octave of understanding that only comes with Enlightenment.

      • Thank you for the wealth of information Judith! I have read just about all of your posts in the last 2 years and I will most definitely look into your Soul Empowerment book soon! thanks again and God Bless! XXOO

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    • Dear Sui – Marriage is a very personal thing and something which has to be discussed from the heart and soul by the two souls involved. There are many forms of marriages and many forms of commitment. Just follow what is there in the depth of your soul and Being and express that. There is no right nor wrong – merely a unique way of love and loving.

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    Thank you to Judith Kusel for this blog, which is such a lovely and illuminating summary of the path to mystical union through sacred sexuality! It provides background understanding and structure to the soul-baring journey described in my memoir “More . . . Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane.”

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