Mysticism – Awakened Codes

leo-radiance-from-your-heart-holemanThe higher paths of Mysticism have to do with the preparedness to delve ever deeper in the depths of Being – that state of Being which is the Unknown, the endless infinite realm of the Gods and Goddesses – the Mystery of Life and the Life Force itself.  It delves deep into the cosmic consciousness which is sublime and which is the creative force itself, yet is within all Beings and all that ever was created under the Central Cosmic Sun.

It is the highest calling of the Illumined State.  It takes total commitment and dedication to this path.  It is the highest path of supreme purity and it will demand that All.

According to the Oxford dictionary a Mystic is a person who devotes their time to profound thought in order to become closer to God and to reach truths beyond human understanding.  Its root is the Greek word “mustes – initiated person.”

Mysticism is then path of supreme Enlightenment and it is no accident that we inherited the Greek word for this, for in the Greeks always had a great respect for those who sought the ultimate state of Being.

In the last few years I have always been led back to Delphi in my own research as to trying to link the Cathars, my own findings, and the Goddess returning, with my own emerging greater picture of the true history of the planet and the Super-consciousness energy fields.

At one stage interesting personas started to emerge from the Pyrenees, far more ancient than that of the Cathars and understanding dawned that what they knew, or practiced was something was older and something steeped in the Ancient traditions of Mysticism itself.

Interestingly the great fortress of Monsegur, the last stronghold of the Cathars, was a temple dedicated to Artemis, as temple of the moon, while further alongside it was the temple of Sun, dedicated to none other than the twin flame of Artemis – Apollo.  It was via Apollo that the lyre, that instrument played by the Troubadours came into being, as a gift to the nobles of that region, for Apollo is the custodian of the vibrational frequencies of SOUND.

It moves further than this for none other than Pythagoras had his training as High Priest Druid in the Pyrenees and then went on to the temples in Delphi.

Moreover interesting the Visigoths of the Pyrenees, later laid siege on the temples of Delphi, where a great treasure was housed.  It came to pass that they managed to gain access to the strongholds of those temples and then took that treasure to the Pyrenees.  However, a great plague then occurred and people were dying like flies.  It was then that the Druids found that this was connected to the treasure and then the whole of this treasure was thrown into one of the lakes in the High Pyrenees.  The Druids sealed off the whole area and interestingly nothing grows there.

Is it not interesting that the Cathars have also been associated with treasure – a lost treasure.

In essence then Delphi held the keys to Mysticism and the Ancient Mystery schools of the Greeks, which were linked to those in Egypt, Haran, and then also the Himalayas.  In that then the inner schools were always off limits to those outside of these inner teachings, mainly because of the stringent higher pathways of Mysticism itself.

It was no accident that world famous oracle of Delphi formed part of the Ancient Mystery School there.

It goes back to Atlantis and what went before Atlantis, for the High Priestesses were highly trained TRANSMITTER channels and had the ability to tap into the Super Consciousness energy fields and transmit the information directly from the Divine Source.  They acted then as oracles for the people – but only after they were carefully selected for this task and had to go through intense and immense initiations into the higher paths of Mysticism.

Later in Greece as mankind started falling into forgetfulness the role of the High Priestess became watered down, as the male dominance took over.  Yet, these Priestesses were also highly trained in the use of sound in higher healing with crystals – more than that the High Priestess of the Temple of the White Flame held the whole energy grid of the Central 7th Sun under her jurisdiction and she could activate this at will.  She acted as the Guardian and Keeper of this grid, and she held all the crystal keys and codes.

The priestesses also recorded information in recording crystals, which during Atlantis, then were taken underground in order to preserve their knowledge – the Goddess knowledge, the High Priestess knowledge as the female path of Mysticism.

The Cathars themselves had two separate branches:  they had the lower branch, which was the ordinary man or women and then higher trained parfaits, (and that mostly recorded by the Inquisition because they never gained access to the true teachings of the Cathars, despite burning at the stake thousands and torturing them to death)  but another part of these, the upper crust, were carefully trained in the old Goddess pathways of mysticism, and with it the higher understanding of the Teaching of the Sun.

The Sun as in higher pathways of Illumination.  This linked up with the ancient Druidic teachings, but was even more ancient than that – for it linked up directly with Ancient Ones – a hidden Ancient People who live underground.

Monsegur itself is a portal to this underground world – for the Ancient Ones never left the planet from the first civilization, and they act as higher teachers, mentors and guides.

The Cathars understood that the highest pathways of Illumination, were the paths of Mysticism, and therefore one had to go through initiations in the inner and outer planes.

A lot of this has never been understood or misinterpreted – for in essence it is no accident that the Cathars were also known as the PURE ONES.  The inner rites of Purity demanded this.

In as much as the higher pathways to Mysticism was always held by the Ancient Mystery Schools, it now is a fact that the gateways have opened up so that those souls called on these highest pathways, will now start coming together.  They know who they are.

They shall come together from east, west, north and south and they shall be the fire of Illumination which shall light up the earth.

They are ancient souls, and have been involved with the co-creation of this planet from the very beginning.  They have incarnated again, to bring about immense consciousness changes in humanity and they will lift humanity through the octaves of Being, into that higher conscious state.

Within their own souls are encoded and enshrined all the keys and codes for true Illumination and they are all now being activated with the return of the 7th Sun of the 7th Galaxy and the high codes of 777.

It is time.

The ultimate gateways of Illumination have now been opened up in the last two weeks.

It will open up immense inner gateways and portals, within those called to carry mankind through and it will like a massive wave of energies surging through with the fires of Illumination.

Let those who have ears – hear.

Let those who have eyes – see.

Let those who need to step out – step out.

The time has come.

(Judith Kusel)

32 thoughts on “Mysticism – Awakened Codes

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  3. Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    I can only support this in saying that many interesting events are taking place not only on the outside across the planet, but also deep within many people right now. Things have changed to the extent that to ignore these changes, for myself would be extremely uncomfortable and possibly detrimental. This is a sure sign that the changes taking place are ones we should now flow with and resist no longer. Much joy and happiness and enlightenment will be the result of flowing with all that feels right with the unknown

  4. I always look forward to your writings, Judith. Thank you once again for those points of light that exist within us that you seem to always link together. I Love that and I love and appreciate the commitment you give to understanding this great Cosmic Mystery we call ‘ Life’
    With gratitude,
    Suzanne ❤

  5. Good evening, dear Judith. Thank you very much for this beautiful post which, as you can imagine, warmed my heart! I am planning to translate it into French, and will post it on my blog. This is indeed an important message, and many cannot fully respond to it, if not in their mother tongue.

    I assume this would be OK with you. Please let me know.

    Love & Light my dear


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  10. Wow. So profound and insightful. I saw a documentary recently about a famous case of a psychologist who had a number of patients which he deduced were reincarnated Cathars. In a manner typical of mainstream TV documentaries, it barely entertained the validity of this case before rationally dismissing it. I actually believe that it may have been a genuine case of a soul group being reborn and drawn together. Here’s the doco if you are interested. Despite it’s findings, it’s still worth a look.

    • Thanks, dear Leeby Geeby,

      I watched the whole documentary and the least I could say: intriguing, if not fascinating!

      While a scientist may be doubtful of the “revelations” of an English patient to her psychotherapist (after two years of therapy), the last few minutes of the documentary touch one on a very different level (emotional, that is) with this Irish woman sharing her feelings of guilt 760 years after the fact….

      That is really something, and just looking at her face is very convincing.

      I look forward to climbing the pog of Montsegur one day, sooner than later!

      Again, many thanks and good luck with your healing endeavors!

      Love & Light, Gilles aka new desert

      • Thank you for taking the time to watch the doco. Yes, there is some convincing evidence on other levels, I agree. If you look at it with the right kind of eyes. Warmest regards.

      • Thanks dear Leeby. For one thing, Cathars do not need to be convinced. They know. And they know who belong. As to the so called scientific community, what can I say? As you well said, there are other ways to know. Love & Light my dear

  11. Thank you for your post and for showing the interconnectedness of events in “history” that are playing out in the ever-present now. I recently explored a life in a QHHT session of an Erythraean Sibyl. Erythrae was part of the Ionian League of city states in Ancient Greece (on the coast of Asia Minor, at the Aegean Sea). The sibyls were women oracles who gave their messages in the form of acrostics written on leaves. Prior to this I had heard of Delphic and Pythian oracles. I was interested to hear that Pythagoras got Druidic training in the Pyrenees. The Ancient Greeks anchored a lot of mystical knowledge from Atlantis learned through their Egyptian connections, Etruscans and Cretans, and the whole pantheon of Greek gods goes back to Atlantean times, I believe.

    • Dear Ma

      It is more than that. The Greeks go back to even BEFORE Atlantis, and they had mystery schools which were part of Egypt (and what came BEFORE Egypt) long before Altantis.

  12. Reblogged this on rosepetalsonthepath and commented:
    I have been reading Judith for a long time now….Cathar days were brough to mind through her and I appreciate this. Look for the truth in her writings, you will find many as you read with your heart. For those who have eyes, will see….

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