Crystals, life and life-forms

All of life is a miracle…. You are a miracle…. You are a miracle of unfolding vibrations and frequencies in multiple hues and colours and you are a magnificent soul, with many faces…. You are a loving and creative Being and one who has infinite abilities in expressing the Cosmic Energies wherever you go…

If you think of yourself as being this absolutely wonderful creation, who has a mind, body, spirit and soul, then extend your own thinking: – imagine that every single plant, organism, elemental, and mineral has its own body, spirit, mind and soul.  To us they might seem dead things e.g. rocks, but they are not….

Within all things ever made or created, there is a soul, a mind and a form of the life-force, the very same that stem from our Creator God.  We will have to move into a phase of our beingness that we truly realize that trees, animals, plants, etc, have as much intelligence – albeit in a different form than we have, and then to start honouring the SOUL in ALL of CREATION!

I have always been drawn to crystals and have them all over my place of work and my bedroom etc.  I love picking them up, wearing them on my person, and simply keeping them close to me. 

The main reason for this, is that I have always inherently known that crystals enhance our lives in many fascets…. They are multi-dimensional and they have within it the patterns and purpose of ALL of CREATION.  They are powerful tools and they are transmitters of high frequency energy and most of it cosmic…

The higher our own frequencies and vibrations go, as our 12,24, 36 strand DNA gets activated, and our 12 to 24 and higher chakra systems are opened the more we will have the ability to appreciate the power of crystals and how to harness this, for the HIGHER good of ALL… Yet, know: – within each and every crystal there lives a LIVING SOUL or entity, and if you do not honour that soul, you will not be able to utilize this power and energy.

The Ancients knew this.  That is why they invariable ASKED the Soul of crystal that they wish to harness and use: (even before removing it from where they found it) and to silently tell it what they wished to use it for and then ask it to WORK WITH THEM.  The best way to do this, is to simply go into a meditative state, holding the crystal in your hand, or on your lap, and then ask to get in touch with its soul.  You will sense this… ask your Guardian Angel to assist you… and then tell the crystal that you wish to use it in LOVING SERVICE AND FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL….. AND IF IT WOULD CO-OPERATE WITH YOU in this regard…

In this way, you will find that you start working WITH THE CRYSTAL AS ONE…. always holding the intent TO ASSIST OTHERS AND THE PLANET AND WORK FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

If you upset this soul, it will simply not co-operate with you and will withdraw its power and energy….

To me the lesson with crystals is vital for us to understand, as we will have to work with this Kingdom more and more, in order to heal our planet.  Yet, they are not the only ones…. there is the Animal, the plant, the  five elements, etc. that we will have to start honouring as having SOUL, and as having the right to live along side of us, and ENHANCING our life…. as WE ARE ALL ONE AND THE SAME….. ALL IS ONE!

We cannot harm ANYTHING without harming ourselves!

As a whole this planet needs to be healed, and with it our whole attitude towards the planet and ALL OF LIFE and the LIFE-GIVING SOURCE…



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