The Mass Movement of Energies and Mass Awakening Awareness of Man

1bodyMovement, mass movement of energies are now pouring onto the earth and from the inside of the earth those pyramids and those energy centers are now starting to reactivate which have lain dormant for billions of years, as the greatest epoch of change ever experienced by mankind now rises to the fore.

This year will be a Rubicon year for many, for it is bringing together those forces, those souls, those combined pooling of soul resources on a global scale.
We have to understand just how important this is: – for the first time since Atlantis, we are standing on the threshold of immense earth changes, and changes in human awareness and the way they live their lives.

We have to understand that what has been closed down for so long is not being reawakened.  It never left the planet, but rather, as mankind deliberately wanted to destroy itself (Atlantis and what went before); these mass energy centers and energies were shut down, as the veils of amnesia were put down, in order that mankind learnt the lesson of power.

The Energy of Power is NEUTRAL – it is what one projects onto that power and the way one uses power, that ultimate can build up or destroy.

I have been working intensely with earth energies and energy fields and what is now awakening in the last few years.  I have been shown what is coming for mankind and how this all fits together.  Indeed that is what my soul has come in to do.  More than this I will not say, for the time is not right for me to do so.

At the moment mankind’s understanding and that of science is still too primitive to truly understand that which was put into place billions of years ago on the planet, in the form of energies and energy fields, that it will have to come as a total paradigm shift in their whole thinking and believing, before they will start to grasp what this all about.
These mass energies now being released are like a Tsunami, earth quakes, cosmic fire – the whole works will hit us at once, and shake the foundations to the very core…. indeed, most those foundations will start crumbling and all that has been built upon it that has been false, will disintegrate.
It means that certain souls have been closely working together, monitoring the situation, and have returned since the last World War, to bring about this massive change and to help humanity to bridge this immense epoch – the like of which has never before been experienced by mankind.
A lot of this shaking up is going to happen on the INNER planes, before manifesting on the OUTER planes, because, remember we are working here with ENERGIES and ENERGY FIELDS. These are more subtle forces, than that of brute force.

I have witnessed myself the immense power of such energy vortexes, in dissolving what no longer serves us, and all I can say is that humanity has not even tapped in a fraction of the power of energy and energy forces on this planet.

In that the mass movement of energies, are now disintegrating that old world, those old structures, the old way of thinking, acting, being, this is going to cause havoc in a lot of soul who have as yet not been aware nor awakened.  It is almost like they suddenly realize they are on the sinking of the unsinkable ship – like those who were on board of the Titanic all those years ago.

Think of the unthinkable starting to happen, and there you get a glimpse of what is awaiting us now in this immense shift which will take about 100 to 200 years, before all is in place.
As the souls now become like magnets to each other, and start working in tandem to do the work they are destined to do now, a core group will form, who will form the nucleus of those who will hold the light steady for the rest of humanity, and then MOVE humanity into that new way of life.

They were hand-picked for this immense task, and indeed have formed part of this task force since the creation of this planet.  They have had had many incarnations, existences in life and forms, dimensions and planes of existences all over the cosmos, and therefore have all the knowledge and tools inside of themselves.

Some of these were the twin flames who were on planet earth in what was the first civilization and even before that in what humanity remembers as paradise.  They were the first and will be the last – they are the change and all the keys and codes are encoded within them.
They already know who they are and therefore this is now the year of coming together and doing the work that needs to be done. In such important calling there is no place for ego.
All is in total higher service and with total dedication.

This is a time of expansion – expansion of the mind, for science has to stretch its boundaries into infinite cosmic space.

The old ways of thinking, believing, proving things no longer serve mankind.  It is time for breaking the rules, for breaking the old institutions and those faculties of learning that kept mankind prisoner for so long.

It is time to break through all barriers, and into a totally new science!

A higher science is emerging which is firmly anchored in cosmic understanding and therefore always steeped with the energies of the heart and mind.

More than this, humanity at large will start growing in awareness of their own place in under the cosmic sun and will start remembering what went wrong in Atlantis and will become conscious of their own role as co-creators.

As all the souls who were involved in Atlantis have returned, there will be a mass awakening of their own karma and karmic links which they now have the opportunity of rectifying and therefore bringing into higher alignment again with their true souls and that of the greater soul of the planet and the cosmic soul.

It brings immense opportunities for souls to expand beyond all norms of society and all norms of what is possible and impossible.

It brings in immense higher illumination of the heart, for the true cosmic sun resides in the heart and it is the Sun of Illumination.

This is the rising of the Cosmic Sun and it is the rise of the true illumination of mankind!

Let those who have ears, hear.

Let those who have eyes, see.

Let what is written stand for all eternity.

This is the hour, this is the day.

(Judith Kusel)


18 thoughts on “The Mass Movement of Energies and Mass Awakening Awareness of Man

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  3. Judith, I had a strange download last night (I call them Divine Downloads). I receive what appear to be encoded messages from time to time. Sounds crazy, but it is quite real. Last night’s included Angels within the coded field. It started at 11:11 pm–I kid you not. I don’t know what’s coming, but it’s big. Met my twinsoul a little over ten years ago, and he set off the “active” part of my awakening in a dream on 2/22/12. If anyone told me that they had been through, I would think they were nuts, but it has happened to me and it’s real. The phrase “Hold on to your hats.” comes to mind.

    • Dear Ellen, yes, it is happening. The true awakening of mankind has begun in earnest now, and it has to do with keys and codes being activated from deep within. These keys and codes have lain dormant in our genetic engineering for some time. Some are the keys and codes of the energy fields that contain ALL information, and some are the keys and codes of our own souls.

    • Omg this sounds exactly like me!! I think there is a great push for twin flames to come together, I thought I was going crazy, but it seems to be a common trend.

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  6. Getting Downloaded with Holographic Pictures where events have already happened in our Infinite Cosmic Soup. Each of us in our souls pathway connecting us together in crystalline form. Experiencing the infinite eternal vortex of light shining from within “our” core. Thank you for being aware of who “we” truly “are”. Love and Light Robyn


  8. Judith, thank you. I feel so happy and tingly to finally see some truth being written about what Twin Flames TRULY are. I felt today to see if maybe now someone has spread some true knowledge of what twins are. I am smiling from ear to ear to finally be able to see that TRUE knowledge is available. Thank you for speaking to me, I am brought to tears of joy to finally see that someone is spreading knowledge of that what I know but that very few can understand. Words will still only remain words but the knowing has been encrypted within your expressions. Thank you for joining us, I am so joyed to connect with you again down here and know we are truely doing it.
    I didn’t know how to email you but if you would like to reach me my email is i love you my dear sister. I have no words for what I want to convey. I hope you can still feel it through this transmission ❤️

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  10. Since the moment of knowing and meeting my Twin Flame, it’s just causing me confusion for what truly is the mission of the twin flame and how the concept of twin flame originated… It’s almost a decade now, when I met my TF 2010… but I couldn’t still figure out the real reason of Twin Flame existence, when it only causes confusion and torturing to the minds and hearts to both parties- man and women- involved in Twin Flames.
    Upon reading this article, it really helps me to ease the pain and confusion I’ve been experiencing for so long years. I found no one to talk about this matter with my family and friends coz I know no one can understand me, however, deep inside my heart whispers that I can and will find an answer somewhere here in the internet..
    A great blessing that I came to this site of yours Judith, your truly like an angel to me. Reading your other articles really helped me to understand more the purpose of my existence and why I had to experience these trials and tribulations in my present life.. THANK YOU so much!!!!

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